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1348086 tn?1370786785 The shortness of breath has not been found to be related to cardiac heart, or pulmonary lung abnormalities. Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks, although the relationship is not clear, many MVPers suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. The symptoms described are more consistent with panic disorder, the anxiety disorder studied most often in MVP patients. People have recurrent, spontaneous anxiety attacks that consist of various combinations of symptoms similar to some MVPS symptoms.
Avatar f tn numbness on both hands i panic thinking stroke or heart attack i went to the er got a ekg came back fine doctor told me it was anxiety n panic attack, a week later i went to primary doc, she said it might be hyperthyroid, because i lose weight n get shaky hands, so she prescribe beta blockers, i took them n cause some chest pain so i stopped taking them, so she said it might anxiety, plus my blood results came back normal, after i started getting pain on my right temples, headaches, pain on che
671285 tn?1292663761 My heart was racing and it didn't stop for a while so I went to the ER. The staff ran numerous bllod tests on me and gave me an EKG which indicated that I was having a sinus tachychardia attack. I was also given an IV with some fluids to prevent me from dehydrating. After several hours I was sent home with a case of "ANXIETY". I felt very sick. And my heart tacing has caused quite the stir in me. It was beating rapidly and uncontrollably. I am only 27 years old.
Avatar n tn In all that I read, many symptoms of anxiety/panic are the same as heart disease/attack. I know many of the posts I read mention anxiety as the diagnosis of the cardiac symptoms. I had the SAME symptoms 9 years ago and was treated for anxiety for 2 years. Now, they say I have paroxysmal a-fib and have probably had it all along. So my concern is, have any of you ever been told of a way to tell the two (anxiety vs. a true heart problem) apart... while you are at home...
Avatar n tn I am female 21, years of age, about 125 pounds, and a couple nights ago, I had what I think was a panic or anxiety attack. I had rapid heart beats and started hyperventilating. I had a throbbing pain in my chest and thought I was going to faint and/or throw up every time I stood up. I was really restless and couldn't stay still. After i calmed down a bit I would either be sweating or had the chills. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking I would die if I did.
Avatar f tn How to tell it is panic attack or heart attack? I been having chest pain on and off for 2 years, but recently i felt my chest always very heavy and the pain in the left breast and my back , sometime my heart pound very fast for a min, and i would took xanex to relieve my symptom, it's go away but my chest still feel very uncomfortable and tired.
Avatar n tn I'm afraid to go to sleep...afraid that I'll never wake up or I might just have a stroke or heart attack or even die of my next anxiety attack!
88793 tn?1290230777 1. Could anyone tell anxiety or panic attack can cause heart or valves damage? 2. Why can't the palpitations cause us anxiety or panic attack? Why have to be the anxiety or panic attack caused us get into palpitations? 3. What are the long term patient associated with anxiety or panic attack would end up with the diesease? 4. Is that when the dr unable to find the palpitations origin came from then the "anxiety or panic attack" diagnoses were given?
447939 tn?1235065543 Of course it's going to be high you have convinced yourself that you have had a heart attack. Its so high not because you have had a heart attack but because you think you have. Our BP goes up and down all of the time so stop taking it as everything effects it, leave it to the GPs office they'll tell you if its something to be concerned about. Think that you should put your BP machine on Ebay today and go and buy yourself a treat with the revenue generated from the sale!
Avatar n tn Anxiety kicked in since these symptoms apply to women having heart attacks. No chest pain or difficulty breathing. No nausea or sweating. Just this alignment of discomfort. My pulse rate was between 60 and 66 the times I took it.
716924 tn?1235873079 I can sympathize with the emergency room visit. I thought I was having a heart attack or I was going to pass out, but when I got there and they ran all the tests I was fine. My physician couldn't explain the symptoms I had so he told me to just ignore them and breathe into a paper bag. I eventually went to a therapist who told me I had anxiety and panic attacks. It was upsetting that my physician didn't diagnose me because panic attacks are as real as any other disorder.
Avatar f tn I can tell you one of the biggest red flags for a woman however in a heart attack situation is shortness of breath no matter how small or large the shortness seems to be.....but that is only one of seven.....if all women recognized that fact it would not be the number one killer of women....we tend to explain everything away or wish it away.....look at those two sites and if you say yes to even a third of the symptoms i would want the answers.......
1854248 tn?1319601029 Lots of things can trigger anxiety, often it can something subtle that we may not have given a lot of thought or perhaps the anxiety works as a distraction from having to deal with whatever is weighing on your mind.
Avatar n tn Anxiety and panic will NOT make your heart stop or make you stop breathing, no matter how scary the sensations feel. There would have to be a very serious underlying heart condition to cause your heart to stop, and in almost all cases, you would have symptoms that something was wrong. Are you having problems with anxiety that we can help with?
Avatar m tn If you had had a heart attack or were on the verge of having one, or were heading in that direction......those tests would have shown that and they'd have you in the cath lab for the same procedures I had! Now stop all the "what iffing" and second guessing the doctors. If you're still bothered by chest pains, see a cardiologist if you haven't already. I'm betting it's FFD............Fast Food Disorder.
Avatar f tn Im having a tingling in my left arm and i feel kinda funny behind my left breast could this be a heart attack...i do hae small vessell ichemia,,,and i also have bad anxiety,,im on ativan,risperdal and remeron.....
2005895 tn?1327725390 my 14 y.o. niece is suffering from panic attack or anxiety attack. she has a history of malingering when she was 5 y.o. as a result of her parents separation. my question is, is this forever? shes taking exulten a muscle relaxant. shes banned to take caffeinated food or drinks. sometimes she ate white chocolate. she said lately that before her attack she'll feel sudden thinning of her breathing.. thin air and short air and chest pain. im a bit confuse why her doctors..