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Avatar f tn I have had anxiety in my life for the last 10 years. I am 55, recently found out I had a misdiagnosis of Transverse myelytis! after living with it for 2 years... I know I am going through the menapause, am anxious about the future and am noticing changes in me. My memory is appalling, my balance is poor and my daily routine ( motivation is nil) is unrecognisable. I can sleep for the Queen, for hours without stirring.
Avatar m tn well i have this fear that when this hat thrown by my cousin touched my penis area when i felt i had masturbated in my pants and than my cousin put it on the couch left and than sat were he put it. The fear is that after he got up and than like sat on other places and i feel like everything is infected. And when my family sits and like scratches there buts or something or touches the couches and chairs with there hands and eat stuff they can get a std.
Avatar m tn After reading a lot of forums, I am finding that the increased anxiety, terrible headaches, loss of appetite and the wired, jittery, trembling is normal for a few weeks until it gets into your system. I will stick it out. My question is this, I had a very strange thing happed a few nights ago. I woke up and started to go into a panic attack because of my headace.
Avatar f tn I feel anxiety is like a switch: on or off. The 'off' position is guaranteed, but you don't always have the luxury of knowing when this will be. But I have faith that whenever it is 'on' that it is not permanent and I just need to wade through till it switches back. I have general anxiety disorder, so can't speak for others.
145992 tn?1341348674 We spent thousands of dollars on getting him well. He almost died on us a couple of times. He is the sweetest pitbull in the world and I love him to death...I just want him to stop going to the bathroom in the house. I will try the 5 minutes in and the 5 minutes out and see if that helps. It's rough because I work 9 hour days and my fiance is in and out of the house throughout the day because of his work so it becomes confusing for him.
358304 tn?1409713092 Or are been so nice and telling us first before you let your doctor in on the secret? Yes they are all common symptoms of anxiety. But you may need a little help in getting over them. Hence doctor first and us later. We are not doctors. We can't send you for tests to rule out anything medical. Then decide it is all just anxiety. We are just people on a forum.
Avatar m tn I've felt I've had anxiety for sometime is started after drinking on the weekends and having the hangovers in fear I was gonna die. I haven't drank since November of 2015 nor do I smoke. Every now and then it will be there. I think to much, fears bad thoughts. I started going to church and praying about it. I just want to feel normal again. I'm a father of four kids and want to be in the lives and function normally!
Avatar m tn maybe it's because you have the entire day ahead of you feeling like you have to accomplish all these things...but you are early on, day 7 is amazing! But the anxiety does take awhile to even out...but that acute anxiety you feel now..that will get better and easier as time goes by. Exercise does help. Even if you can squeeze in a 30 minute walk. Great job and keep posting!
Avatar f tn Congrats on 15 days.Hopefully you will be over the worst of the anxiety sooner than I am. I am glad to say that it is much better than in the beginning but it is still a struggle.
Avatar m tn I can see where ur coming from man, Im 22 and loved to party, until I started having panic/anxiety attacks. Ive cut down on the drinking a lot, but thinking I was fine drank the last few weekends. Wasnt smart been waking up in the middle of the night again and last night I was having aching pains in my arms. I definately think you should take it easy on the boozin, I was supposed to go out partyin tontie but I will pass on that now after I didnt get any sleep last night.
931584 tn?1297177822 The things you're experiencing must be very disturbing to you and produce a lot of anxiety in themselves, especially if you haven't talked to anybody about it or are anxious to tell anyone. The symptoms of anxiety,the manic and/or psychotic episodes can be well controlled with the right medication. But you need to seek medical advice from a well experienced psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn I also can't gain weight either, it makes my TSH level jump around. I am on Armor thyroid and doing well. I just have to much anxiety with my two boy's, I feel like I snap to easy over little things. I don't like crying all the time or yelling. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Dr. J. R. I too, was on Paxil last year for anxiety. It helped a lot, you just have to give it time to kick in. My main reason for responding is, I had the throat tightness also. Not from anxiety, but from the Paxil. It is listed as a side effect, but, it will go away in a few weeks, and is nothing to be concerned about and I would not stop taking the medicine because of it. Your anxiety is just making the feeling worse. Hang in there, it will get better.
Avatar m tn i also started grounding standing outside pair foot and walking in the grass barefoot for about 45 mins in the morning.
Avatar m tn You never know what's in "weed". Chemical analysis on grass bought on the street has included all sorts of toxins and dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde when you are taking into your system. You need to see a Eye MD physician-ophthalmologist. Find one at www.aao.
Avatar f tn for three months now I've been suffering with constant anxiety, it started off with a back problem then I started to look on the Internet which started off the worry.
Avatar n tn I was scared at the time because I've never been like this before (when I was not on medication) and the 2 friends who also smoked the same as me with me, felt calm and sat eating, chatting, watching TV, but I had to lie flat I could not sit, nor stand or walk, so I went up to bed. What do you mean by "catabolized by the same cytochrome p450 isoenzyme system and this could have been responsible for some of the symptoms that I had?" Would you say your symptoms same as mine?
Avatar f tn I previously posted this on the Anxiety forum and it was recommended that I come over here-- Is there any relation between anxiety and a Vitamin B12 deficiency?
Avatar m tn I was walking, minding my own business, a woman with a baby in the stroller and the dog tied to the stroller on a leash came the opposite way, I was neither looking at the dog, the woman or the baby, but that dog felt like he had to jump me and bite me in my lower arm. I had to have several stitches. 15 yrs ago I was bit by a lake, again minding my own business, it was a stray dog and I had to have SEVENTEEN raby shots. I know EXACTLY how you feel.
Avatar n tn It was all anxiety. Now i am off the blood pressure pills and only take citalopram (celexa) for anxiety. It has helped alot, my blood pressure is normal usually around 109/69 and heart rate is usually 60-72. It's hard to believe that it's all anxiety but i guess it is. I still have palpitations all the time and i'm always aware of my heartbeat, it's all subconcious i guess.
Avatar f tn Sorry for the late response though but I was engrossed compiling a digital photo album for my family. This was unusual for me as I normally go on the computer to check on the medical web sites to fulfill my daily hypochondriac needs!! As to meditation, well I have been meditating for about a week - similar to what osceola does. Even though it is early stages, I find myself looking forward to sitting in my special chair to meditate for only 10 minutes.
Avatar f tn All that came to an end eventually, gladly i'm making a decent living for the time being from home, but you know what, grass is alway greener on the other side, doesn't matter how much I accomplish in life, i've never been so depressed, as i'm just alone at all times there's really a need for human connection.
Avatar f tn its rlly scary. My friend said I was laying on the ground I was screaming and ripping the grass out and tugging on my face. While this was happening I had no idea what was goin on- I feel like I'm dead or losing my mind and im pretty much not in reality at all. (this has happened a few times before i ever took prozac) afterwards, I am almost speechless- kind of stunned and still feel some anxiety. It takes about another hour to completely wear off.
Avatar n tn Another doctor that I've seen tried to put me on paxil, he said that the passing out episode caused my anxiety, but I refused the prescription I would rather talk to a therapist before I dive in to mind altering drugs, besides I have read that there are alternatives like vitamin b complex and some herbs like kava kava, passion flower etc. that can help. Because if it is anxiety it's not severe, I can still go to work and function I just don't go out to clubs like I used to.
931584 tn?1297177822 I also have bad panic attacs sencs i was like 10 that im dieing some times I cant leave a room becouse I dont want people looking at me the other day my wife kids and i wear at a pizza place and the kids had to use the bath room so I took them and I had this bad attaic I sent them out but I could not leave the mens room this happend at my sisters house I couldnt leave the bed room? what is going on I am not on any meds.
Avatar f tn Eventually I was referred me to the mental health team and I didn't even know I had anxiety until I saw it on my notes. I tried really hard to get back to normal, but the more i tried the worse it got until I had A total meltdown just after Christmas and my husband said enough was enough and got me a really great therapist. She does clinical hypnosis and EMDR and counselling, whatever I need that week. But the treatment is expensive and I am lucky to be finally getting the help I need.
Avatar f tn I am reading many articles and research on the internet . At the moment the only thing that relieves my symptoms are chamomile tea and lemon grass . otherwise I can not identify the problem. already cut various foods and nothing improves . please if someone have some remedy or to indicate any tips , please contact because I am in need of help . paoolo.
Avatar m tn after around 10 days I saw that I had a rash on the outside of my right forearm (under the hair). I had been laid on the grass in the park using that arm the day/day before it appeared. The rash was not present elsewhere on my body. I'm hoping it's a grass/garden rash but scared it's ARS. It's still not completely gone if I look at my arm in the correct sunlight, 3 weeks on.
Avatar f tn The more you spend time thinking about this, or searching the internet about rabies, the more it will fuel your anxiety. If you feed the thoughts, you will have a much harder time putting this fear behind you. Best of luck...let us know how you're doing!
1306034 tn?1277545091 even thought about suicide cause i felt so bad,used to i never wanted to come home,loved chillin with my friends now that i got like this i feel like i cant even leave town because ill start to get anxiety,then light headed,and eventually i will feel sick to my stomach...almost like homesick.