Anxiety medicine and pregnancy

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450578 tn?1281870686 During this time my husband and I werent doing that great, could that be the cause? And yes I went and saw a shrink but she did nothing for me. All I did was talk for an hour while she sat and listened and said to do relaxing techniques. Which I dont feel helped me at all. I could of told myself that. Please I need some advice!
Avatar f tn Have you tried exercise? It is said to test better than anti-anxiety meds for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn Have any moms been put on depression and/or anxiety medicine during pregnancy?
Avatar n tn This is my first pregnancy, and I'm having some problems with anxiety and nervousness. I worry myself sick over the smallest aches and pains, but at the time I feel totally right for worrying. Is there any way that I can relieve stress? A few friends and family members have suggested yoga as a distraction, but were saving money for a baby and the last thing I need is to spend money on yoga. I just can't stop worrying and keep myself up at night sometimes.
Avatar m tn I too had OCD/anxiety problems during pregnancy. Can I ask how far along in your pregnancy did you start the celexa and go back on the ativan?
Avatar f tn In your descriptions of what you tried you never mention therapy -- particularly something like CBT that is done by therapists who specialize in anxiety treatment (most therapists don't actually specialize in anxiety and aren't very well informed of techniques to help). That should have been your first stop way back when. Nobody can guarantee you anything will work, only things to try. There is also natural medicine, though some of that will also be out if you're trying to get pregnant.
Avatar n tn now im scared about going into hospital because i fear being left unsjpported with my anxiety when my husband and mum and turfed out the hospital. i have become very depressed and can feel myself spiralling at a loss what to do?
Avatar f tn Hi I read your post and wanted to share my story with you. I have suffered severe anxiety and depression since my first child was born 19 years ago!! I have a 19 year old and 14 year old daughters from first marriage and 7 month old from second marriage . I have been on at least 8 different meds that I can remember through these years and with my last pregnancy I was on wellbutrin when found out I was pregnant with my now 7 month old daughter.
Avatar f tn which in turn affects anxiety. please don't be afraid to ask me questions. I am a mother of a 5 year old and one on the way. My husband is in the military and is gone for up to 6 months at a time out of the year. Its hard but I manage. I wasnt diagnosed with the anxiety disorder itself til I was married to my husband over 6 years ago. But when I look back I can see that I had it all along.
Avatar f tn Before my first pregnancy, I suffered from anxiety in the 1st trimester. I also suffered from post partum depression after his birth for several months. As soon as I got pregnant with this baby, I began having anxiety attacks again. Hormones are crazy!!!!
5528454 tn?1384296152 Id you tell your Dr he or she will give you something to help. My anxiety attacks are really bad. I am on my 6th pregnancy btw and is a very high risk one so i have alot of stress and anxiety but three pills do help. Hope you start feeling better.
7552207 tn?1427024003 After baby is here, will I be able to take my depression medicine and breast feed? I have my heart set on breast feeding and I feel selfish if I cant just because of my own reasons...
Avatar n tn Any ladies have severe anxiety before pregnancy & still on medication for it while pregnant? I'm not on any but my anxiety is out of control & I know with only two months til my baby is due I'll be freaking out a lot more. Any meds you know of safe for pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I have medicine for it but cannot take while pregnant. So I go to my bed and lay down with no noise and take long deep breaths. If my fiance is home he will hold me and that helps at times too. There are times when I can't be touched so I need to be alone or it makes it worse. Best thing is to call Dr and figure out a plan of action. Be it medication, breathing techniques, etc. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Has anyone gotten anxiety and depression well pregnant? I started getting anxiety attacks at night and now I get them day and night. I'm starting to get depressed over them. The doctor wants to put me on anxiety/depression medicine but I don't want to take any medicine well pregnant. I also read that it can cause heart problems for the baby. Have you taken medicineand did it affect the baby? Are there natural ways to help with anxiety?
Avatar n tn She was born at 26 weeks so I don't suggest taking medicine for any illnesses. Meditate to try and keep your anxiety at bay.I'm on my 5th now and that's exactly what I'm doing, little steps, breathe and think about calm happy things. Hope this helps.
14530476 tn?1435074197 I too have anxiety- I just recently was doing research on anxiety and natural ways to help it, and I came across taking Niacin which is a vitamin. This is an all natural approach to dealing with anxiety that I have used for about 1 month now and I don't even get slight flare ups. Even though some anxiety pills are safe to take while pregnant its scary that your baby is getting that harsh medicine too. So the Niacin is a HUGE help! I take 1 a day, and i haven't had an attack in months.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have anxiety or panic disorder and feels like it has worsened during pregnancy? Mine has got so bad i cant even drive alone anymore and i hate being by myself. I had this with my first pregnancy as well but just wanted to ask other mothers.
3178266 tn?1344539916 Clonazepam: "PREGNANCY: Clonazepam and other benzodiazepines have been associated with fetal damage, including congenital malformations, when taken by pregnant women in their first trimester. Clonazepam is best avoided in the first trimester and probably throughout pregnancy.
Avatar f tn any of you ladies suffer anxiety? I was diagnosed about 8 months ago with anxiety and prescribed medications. I didn't take the meds because I wanted to fight through it knowing I was ok and it was all mental. On occasion I would take the anti-anxiety meds on nights I couldn't sleep at all (that was a total of maybe 6 times in the last 8 months). Anyways now I'm 7-8 weeks pregnant with my third baby and recently started to feel my anxiety symptoms again.
2110589 tn?1334784177 I know that there have been lots of advertising about pregnancy and anxiety meds being harmful. These options can help you without the risk of birth diffects. To suffer with anexiety isn't good for your baby, try some options available to you.
10743983 tn?1440213810 Others will talk about having anxiety, but mine is so bad it literally controls me and will happen at random times sometimes and I have attacks. Which before the pregnancy, I rarely had attacks, I have one at least every day or every other. I feel alone often, because I dont have friends and my boyfriend is so normal. It is hard when someone doesnt understand and all they/you want is for them too.
Avatar f tn ) i try to keep positive thoughts going but when my anxiety kicks in i stop what im doing and breathe and focus on something else doesn't even matter if youre shopping at the store and set something down and walk away you can always come back to it later. I also keep cheerful things in my room like cards with loving words on my message board and fresh flowers :) i go to Walmart or h.e.
Avatar n tn With all these tests that have been normal can I relax and accept this as anxiety and know it is not my heart. Would these tests have picked up whatever could have been wrong? I have been extremely worried about this. I dont think I have that much stress in my life.I am a 30 year old female, I just quit smoking last week,slightly overweight which I am also working on. I have 4 children 10,7,4 and 1. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me an RX for Welbutrin, but he's an internist, and I don't think he knows much about anxiety disorders, and I keep reading that WB doesn't really work for anxiety. For some weird reason, even with all my anxiety and panic, I love public speaking! Can't drive on the freeway, but can talk for an hour in front of 400 people--this disease is just strange and disconcerting.
1399033 tn?1449591379 I actually went on a half of the smallest dose of proza c because I couldn't function I feel so much better my anxiety still comes here and there but I am more level headed and I can sleep and eat now. I have tried everything and struggled with my decision. I went off then in the beginning and started back in my second trimester. It was horrible. Much happier momma and baby is growing healthy just about 30 weeks with baby girl.
Avatar f tn The day I found out I was pregnant I quit taking it. and I didn't think I n I didn't think I needed the medicine I started gettin I started getting the anxiety back so my ob put me on zoloft. I'm scared to take it. Anyone have advice for me? My anxiety level I'd very high.
Avatar f tn I have been having bad anxiety and panic attacks on and off for over a week. I am 6 weeks pregnant so I can't take anything other than Zoloft. Hope it helps. They say it's all the hormones and change my body is going through. Just haven't felt myself.
Avatar f tn I'm currently 6 weeks n couple days pregnant I found out at 5 weeks that I was pregnant at that time I was prescribed 3mg klonopin day I got down to 1/2mg within 3 days but my Dr said I did it to quickly n withdrawal was worse for baby so put me back on 1mg day I'm so worried and scared BC everything I read says this is dangerous medicine to be on while pregnant this is my 1st pregnancy ever n I'm 34 years old someone with any advice or comments please help I just wanna go to Dr on April 6th n h