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Avatar f tn I've found that with Xanax. You might need to switch to another anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication and see if that helps. Also did you ever recover from your illness? It sounds like anxiety. I've had the same symptoms with mine. But just to be sure. Why don't you have a complete physical and have your doctor do some bloodwork just to see if there's anything funky there.
Avatar n tn I do admit I have been an anxious person, and have had a few doctors tell me it is all from stress and anxiety. I have also been diagnosed with visceral hypersensitivty, tension headaches, etc. on the physical side. Although it may be true, I am having a tough tough time believing that all these chronic physical symptoms are as a result of anxiety alone. If I am treated for anxiety, I am wondering if they will improve or if the physical symptoms will linger and if so for how long?
1611340 tn?1298262863 I have been dealing with some strange thoughts and feelings that I am no longer sure are just anxiety. I was even diagnosed at the hospital as having 'complex anxiety disorder' with OCD tendencies? What does that even mean? Sounds like they couldn't come up with a proper diagnosis. And that is how it has been with the many psychiatrists/counselors/etc. that I have seen.
Avatar n tn For 5 years I was on a medication called Doxepen and it really helped me gain weight. I have now been off of that for 2 months and 2 1/2 weeks ago I started to take lexapro. I am also taking right now clonzapen. Because I have been just a nervous wreck. When I was on the doxepen I still only weighed 108 pounds but I was healthy. For the last few months. My appetite has really been up and down. On good days I eat normally. Breakfast lunch and dinner. and I feel great.
Avatar f tn If there's not the possibility of something kicking in it almost seems hopeless. My anxiety seems to not go away for a couple of hours when I have no anxiety medication. I used to do body scan as a form of meditation but I cannot do it now that I'm on the Effexor 112.5 it seems to take away concentration. Also I am not on withdrawal right now. The last time I withdrew from Effexor was from 150 to 112.5 and I suffered for 7 to 10 days until that day was kicked in.
5268376 tn?1406183312 my anxiety did get worse but i don't wanna be on medicine my entire life especially for anxiety
Avatar m tn Hey there :o) Young, healthy men sometimes experience collapse in one or all lobes of the lung. This is more likely to happen if you are tall. It is also possible that you have a lung infection and the gunk in you lungs (consolidation) actually rattles when you breathe. Go to your doctor to have him listen to your lungs with a stethascope. He may send you for a xray. Here is an explanation of your symptoms.
Avatar n tn It is 98% gone now and only acts up occasionally after doing certain abdominal exercises. The pain felt visceral and hurt constantly, so I was convinced it was something severe (pancreatic cancer or something).
Avatar f tn visceral and somatic. Visceral pain comes from the internal organs, including the heart. It is an odd kind of pain--very difficult to localize precisely because of the way the nervous system is wired. You literally cannot put your finger on where it hurts. It has a deep, strange, often nauseating quality, and nothing you can do in the way of body positioning changes it.
86075 tn?1238118691 WEDNESDAY, March 5 (HealthDay News) -- Mice given the weight-loss drug rimonabant became resistant to alcohol's fat-building effects in the liver, which suggests the medication may help fight alcoholic fatty liver in humans, says a U.S. study. Alcoholism is the leading cause of liver disease in Western societies, according to background information in the study.
Avatar m tn Of course, some of us can have atypical side effects and reactions towards meds, but that's rare. SSRIs are effective in treating anxiety. Your anxiety will be a bit worse in the beginning, but after 2-6 weeks it will slowly reduce. Xanax does not treat anything (it just temporarily gives some relief) and is highly addictive. It's not at all a good replacement for Lexapro. If your BP should increase, just ask your doctor for a dose adjustment on your BP meds..
709686 tn?1277435759 I started taking Buspar 7 days ago and cant really tell a difference which made me ask the question. What causes anxiety? 100 years ago did people suffer with anxiety like we do today? Is our food supply to blame? How about air pollution or noise pollution? Is our environement so polluted that we are suffering? WHAT CAUSES THIS? There has to be an answer besides medicating ourselves with poision. I dis notice that it can take buspar up to 30 days before improvement is seen.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm a 45 year old male with a history of drug use alcoholism depression and anxiety. 6 years ago i was diagnosed with diabetes and stooped drinking beer, as my diabetes was under control (and now is 'gone' due to weight loss) on weekend i drank 5 large bottles of wine. The following Monday I noticed i was shaking inside.which ive never experienced before. so i went to my Dr. and they put me on .25 mg of Xanax . Another Dr. put me on 300mg of Trazadone which did nothing as did Proxac.
Avatar f tn The increase in this sensation, (which she describes as like a swarm of bees), coincided with a change in her medication. Around June last year Jeanette stopped taking Venlafaxine, which gave her bad withdrawal symptoms. She has been taking a combination of Citalapram and Mirtazapine since. The query is this:- 1.Are you aware that a buzzing sensation in the chest can be related to, and directly effect heart rythem. 2.
Avatar m tn person and maybe a very competitive (argumentative) person subject to high internal stress and even anxiety/panic when pushed too far. The medication you mention, is that an anxiety med? If yes, that confirms the diagnosis in my mind. Try to force yourself into a calm and open mind state when you engage in competition..that my make you loose some games, but it may bring better balance to your life.
544292 tn?1268886268 I just took vitamins and a big cup of Lecithin granules which are supposed to decrease anxiety. I feel frightened and alone. These are DRUG THOUGHTS. But they get scary. It's like randomly losing your mind, and then suddenly; "POP" you are back to "normal." This is like running a marathon and then, when you are done, they say, "OK! It's time for the Marathon!" You say, "I just ran one?" And they say, "Phish phish no no, it's time for the marathon!
Avatar m tn The treatment regime in 1980 was lithium carbonate, an antimanic medication for the treatment and prophylaxis of BPD. Lithium had not been approved by the FDA in the USA until 1970 and only in 1974 as a preventive treatment for manic-depressive illness(MD). 2.3 Lithium was the first really successful mood stabilizer used by doctors beginning in the 1970s to treat MD. In the 1980s and 1990s MD came to be called BPD.
Avatar f tn I saw my primary care doctor and a cardiologist. All are stating that I have anxiety which I think can very well be. I had a stress test, numerous ECGs, blood work and everything came back normal.
Avatar f tn This sounds like an anxiety attack to me. I am diagnosed with Anxiety. I would so do some research on Anxiety and Anxiety attacks and ask him some questions that would help you figure out if this could be what he has.
Avatar f tn g. cardiovascular and visceral organs). It also has a prominent central blocking effect. You would be better off trying to tolerate the Dostinex if you can. It seems to be more effective than Biperiden. See your Doctor and see what he/she says.
Avatar f tn It sounds to me as if you are depressed in addition to the anxiety. My doctor started me on antidepressents a month BEFORE I started treatment. The interferon can really cause serious problems with both issues and I agreed to start it prophalactically. It helped me a lot. Are you on any AD? Has your doctor discussed them with you? If he has not I would contact him immediately as this is a WELL known problem and can be remedied.
Avatar f tn I am also on a dosage of as needed anxiety medication, which helps me so much with the nervous/shaky feeling. It has really been a blessing for me. I am so glad to meet you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you will find answers. Keep us updated please.
Avatar n tn Feels like fear, but I'm not afraid of anything. Could this just be anxiety? I wasn't feeling worried about anything until some of these symptoms, then got worried about my heart and entered a vicious domino circle. Doc gave me klonopin to take at the onset of anxiet, but I think I'm more afraid to take another pill than I am of the adrenaline surges. Do you have an explanation for such consisten adrenaline surges?
Avatar m tn the skill of the physician and his/her ability to do 'vocal anesthesia' 7. whether pre-laser pain or anti-anxiety medication has been used 8 the condition being treated and whether it also produces pain.
Avatar f tn And then I got a super sized amount of anxiety from the whole ordeal. Do you know how hard it was to spit it out? And she left some, what a friend. Huh? This shows me that this will be a life long battle. I'll be two years clean august. You'd think I wouldn't even think of doing that again, So, I cleaned. And cleaned, and still am. Out with the old and in with the new. Thanks for letting me vent. Let's say the presidient could show up at my house it's that clean.
Avatar n tn The heart rate changes that you describe are not very large and could reflect increases due to exertion, activity, change in position or anxiety. Sometimes having pain can increase the heart rate.
Avatar f tn - Calling at the end of office hours demanding more pain medication (1) - Looking unkept (2) - repeated loss or stolen prescriptions (3) - requesting a certain medication by name and stating that it is the only one that works (4) From what you wrote in the post, your doctor probably thought that you met drug seeking criteria (1- possibly), (2- possibly) and (4).
Avatar f tn This is why having a good doctor who is aware of all the sides of this medication is so important. Sub can become your DOC. I also have a visceral reaction to doctors prescribing sub to people long term if their goal is to just 'avoid withdrawal'. This is what happened to me. I searched the internet for an inpatient detox center for my 300+ mg a day habit.. I was completely ready to quit and just did not want to have miserable withdrawal without help.
Avatar n tn I also took half a pill extra yesterday and today.Funny thing is (and good thing) I really didn't NEED to,I just felt like I ought to........but I havent been as moody for the last 3 days ,like the worst of the cramping,anxiety and stuff is done,the L-tyrosine & B6 seem to really help.I still have anxiety isn't pleasant,kind of like a feeling of being very unsettled.Have a good night and take care.