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Avatar f tn If, after 6 weeks, your anxiety is still out of control, you need to revisit your doctor as this medication may not be for you. Which is also another common "side effect" of psychotropic meds. Sometimes we have to try several before we find one we can tolerate. Don't be too quick to assume they aren't working. One thing those of us with anxiety or depression absolutely must learn is patience! And we must be prepared for things to get a bit worse before they get better.
Avatar n tn Seven months later I relapsed and have been back on Lexapro 15 mg for 1 year. Lexapro works wonders for my anxiety and panic however, my problem is the fatigue I experience on Lexapro. I thought this symptom would go away, but it actually seems to be getting worse. I can easily sleep for 12 hours a night, and could still take a nap during the day. I used to have so much energy, and now I am just constantly sleep and almost apathetic.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone had any information about withdrawal information about the anti-psychotic medication Rexulti? My psychiatrist prescribed this to me unfortunately not telling me how expensive it was, and that it was typically only prescribed to schitzophrenic patients and those with Major Depressive Disorder. I've never been diagnosed with either of those disorders, only anxiety disorder.
Avatar f tn I have suffered with anxiety for about 20 years - I have been on and off medication for about that long. I feel like my anxiety and hypochondria is getting worse as I'm getting older. I feel like it's out of control!!! Every ache and pain is "something" and in my rational brain I know that it's just my 'problem' telling me that. But my irrational thinking seems so much more powerful... I can't get it under control!!
Avatar n tn Im not sure if you can or cant but im sure it cld be possible. I know there is medication out there that is directed toward anxiety that you take 1 a day. Its hard for me because my anxiety is not full blown its that im anxious all day pretty much! A lot of times depression and anxiety come together in a pair. When i went to the ENT i told him my meds and i was was on xanax as a prn at night because i cldnt sleep but to take as needed.
Avatar m tn What can be happened if didn't take any medication for A Fib? I have a pacer too. The medication (not BB) didn't work. It makes me worst so I stopped it by myself. Any comments appreciate. Thanks Pika.
Avatar n tn I suffer from severe anxiety from PVC's (which I have had for years and you would think that I would be getting used to them). I have tried Buspar (which gave me headaches), and tried Paxil (which made my PVC's worse). I have also tried Beta Blockers and Calcium Channel blockers but they didn't seem to help much either. Beta Blockers gave me terrible headaches as well. I think it is because I have naturally low blood pressure anyways.
Avatar n tn (It's better with stretching) He said this was anxiety and I should take xanax. A few days after that the headaches were gone, my hands and feet started to tingle, my face wasn't stiff, I had random twitching, chills, random red burning blotches that came and went. My gyn put me on 150 wellbutrinxl and suggested I switch doctors, so I started over with a new internist. By then the headaches were back. We talked, she doubled the wellbutrin, said to come back in a month.
Avatar n tn 1) UNPROTECTED INSERTIVE ANAL/VAGINAL SEX WITH AN HIV+ PARTNER 2) SHARING DRUG WORKS, (NEEDLES) WITH AN HIV+ PERSON 3) AN HIV+ MOTHER TO HER UNBORN CHILD You don't need to get anxiety medication from your doctor. You need to get retested at 3 months, which will be totally conclusive and then you need to get educated and then you need to follow the rules and you will never have to freak out about HIV again........or have to withdraw from a benzo!
Avatar n tn Fortunately, my son is on the other side of this problem now. He had the same anxiety problems that each of the posters have talked about. I myself have major anxiety and have a long family background of anxiety behavior. After my son turned 9, I finely had enough with it. I took him to a child psychologist and he put him on a low dose of Prozac. It took about 2 1/2 weeks and my son was a different child.
Avatar f tn I wake up with stuffy nose everyday not runny but stuffy when i feel the sinus coming i get weird vision my body feels tight uncomfortable,and fuzzy in the head.i know this sounds like anxiety which i have severe for past week right now but i was just curious does bad sinus also give u this crazy body symptoms? And 1 more question what is the best meds for Anxiety mainly not depression.
Avatar m tn I can let you know what I did but I have already posted on here a couple of times lately with a website and book that REALLY helped me understand my condition but I don't want to look like a pusher or rep for these.
642393 tn?1227036256 I took Effexor for quite awhile. For depression/anxiety. I sweated constantly, loss of appetite, and lowered my libido. I just recently saw an ad for Abilify I was curious about that medication. Depending on how chemically imbalanced your body is the Effexor for me worked in a matter of a few days I could tell the differnce. The doctor says it would take up too 3-weeks for me to notice a change, but I was seeing a difference as well as my family in a matter of a few days....
1741471 tn?1407162630 Neck pain is caused mainly for aging, bad posture either when seating, in front of the computer, walking or even sleeping. Stress, Anxiety, Muscle tightness, cramps and stiffness are minor symptoms that can lead to a more recurrent and serious neck problem. That is why this week exercise will target those muscles supporting the neck improving flexibility, strength and posture alignment From a standing position and holding a towel between both hands at a shoulder width level.
400867 tn?1371756694 So my doctor let me go back on Paxil because nothing else seems to work the same way. He has also prescribed Abilify for my horrible anxiety and OCD. Apparently, it's a medication for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia but he seems to think at the low dosage he prescribed (2 mg.) that it will help to "calm my brain down" and my OCD thoughts. The paxil is for my anxiety and I have Klonopin for my "freak out" times which are quite often lately.
1565754 tn?1295482382 I agree that you need an anxiety medication along with therapy. You may want to think about trying a new therapist because it doesn't sound like you've accomplished much with this one. Most people who have anxiety have "triggers" for a panic attack, and driving is a common one. You're definitely not alone with this, just read some of the posts here and you will see that many are suffering with you. Medication seems to be the best thing for controlling panic attacks.
Avatar m tn The episodes have gradually increased. {20x per day) I understand the most common causes are stress. I also do some low weight high rep. weight training which I understand might also be a factor..
Avatar n tn I suspect that your husband was given the Klonopin for real anxiety issues. The problem is that Klonopin isn't the best drug for chronic anxiety issues. All benzos have their place, but it's for more acute issues, not for long term chronic issues. The addiction potential, along with the tolerance issues, makes it a terrible drug for this. Your husband probably needs a first line drug made for chronic anxiety issues. There are tons of drugs that are great for this (non-addictive ones at that).
Avatar n tn When I was younger I never used to believe in anxiety and panic attacks, until I had my first one a few years ago when my Mum died of cancer. Since then, I've been battling mild anxiety. My Dr prescribed me with Zoloft almost 4 months ago. I started at 50 mg together with Xanax 4 months ago. The first 2 weeks on Zoloft were terrible - I had diarrehea, nausea, hot and cold flushes. But I rode this out and I got rid of the Xanax 2 weeks into my treatment with Zoloft.
Avatar n tn i think that medication in relation to anxiety disorders should be used to aleviate the bad symptoms just enough so that you are open to learning ways of changing thought patterns and learning coping strategies i think just relying on medication gives you a crutch that will only make things worse in the long run
Avatar f tn org and benzobuddies if you are taking any type of benzo's (benzodiazepines). They are prescribed for anxiety. They are only for short term use. They will quickly make you more anxious and you might end up taking more of them just to feel better, not even realizing that it's the drug making you feel that way. They are very addictive and cause a lot of mental and physical problems. xanax is expecially horrible! Believe me, i've been there.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Paxil for social anxiety. I get hot very quickly and after any small situation where i am dealing with people, i feel myself going red. Anyhow, i have found they somewhat help my situation, but they have caused me to gain some weight. I have come off the tablets, do you think i will lose the weight? And is there any similar medication i can take that does not cause weight gain?
Avatar m tn My depression began as a result of having severe acne which caused me much anxiety, worry, and sadness because of the way that I looked and the way that people treated me because of it. Eventually my depression got so bad that I began cutting myself and eventually developed an inferiority complex; but as time went by I never got over this and I kept distancing myself from all social activity, friends and people that I knew even after my acne got better.
Avatar n tn but now, 6months later...I WANT to get back on the drug, my depression is back, my anxiety, problems with not being able to loose weight, I want to get back on it, my dr put me back on at 150mg but it elevated my blood pressure so badly that i had to stop taking it, I was getting chest pains, problems breathing and a rapid heart beat....
Avatar f tn The one thing that makes me slightly suspicious is that she had a stack of samples of it on her desk and she declared she had JUST got them from the rep. I just can't help but wonder how "in the pockets of the drug companies" some of these people really are. I know that if it's a new drug, it's going to be expensive. HOWEVER, IF it works...I'd pay a million dollars to have my life back...blah blah blah. :) Anyone tried it? Any reviews? I've read some online.
393685 tn?1425816122 Had to book a later time to get home and on that flight, LOW and BEHOLD - I meet an X- Pharmacy Rep from Forest Pharmacuticals, makers of the desiccated thyroid medication - Armour Thyroid. Well, I am sure you can imagine I am just pumped with questions talking to this guy - who left the company due to the cash-driven - stress he was under working in the sales end for them.
Avatar m tn As far as the Xanax - I hate to sound like the doctor who you feel is brusing off your symptoms, but i have found that most things like this are resulting from the anxiety, not the medication. Now, this is not saying that it is out of the question, but I have found that Xanax has been one of the most mild and effective medicines that I take. I hate taking medicine and refuse to do so unless there is no choice, but I have no problem with taking my Xanax. I am prescribed it the way you are - .
736475 tn?1281262927 the doctor put my husband on seroquel for anxiety. i was on them last year from my psychiatrist for sleep. of course i can't gauge how they worked because i was just adding them to the stew as it were. his are extended release. mine were not. the doctor gave him samples to last 1 month. he seems to be doing well on them, but i know my husband. these are going to be expensive even with insurance.