Anxiety medication not working

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Avatar f tn I still have bursts of anxiety some days but I have very severe anxiety. If your epileptic, I am not sure if you would be able to take this. Because it is also a seizure medicine as well. It also treats Bi-Polar disorder. I am not epileptic, I was a bit weird about taking an anticonvulsant but when you think about it, the medicine really just slows brain activity down to mellow you out. It doesnt mean you'll start having seizures. I hope this helps...
Avatar f tn It's hard to understand why you weren't tapered off Zoloft before going on wellbutrin if the Zoloft wasn't working -- when you augment, or add another drug to what you're taking, it's because the drug you were taking is working but not quite well enough so you add another. If it's not working well there's really no reason to augment it -- you stop taking it by tapering off to prevent bad withdrawals and then start the new drug when you know you're free of withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn I suggest that you take Zoloft for anxiety and not to add any other combo to overcome depression for which you can try rtms Just google it you will get more info
Avatar n tn I am on it for bipolar depression, and it is working very well for me. I am not psychotic, nor does my psychiatrist think I am.
880512 tn?1249088722 While not very common, some people do and can take two different Benzos together. What I think your doctor may be trying to do is combine the Klonopin (long half life) with the Xanax (short half life) to give to a steady flow and lasting anti-anxiety effect. I only take Xanax at 3Mgs a day. (thats enough Xanax to put most people in a coma) But I have built a very high tolerance to the drug. Just be careful and don't get addicted like me.
Avatar f tn I take Hydrocodone (Norco) also. If I think it's not working all I have to do is skip a dose or take it late and I realize how much it really does reduce my pain levels. I don't know if that's true for you or not. You might want to consult a Pain Management Therapist. Sometimes they can help you reach goals without medications. I didn't have axcess to one so I just saw a great Therapist with some grief and loss background. It was extremely helpful for me.... it might be for you.
Avatar n tn Also, since one of the biggest causes of this problem is medication, did you take or are you taking any meds that might have caused it? As I say, as an anxiety sufferer, every med I've ever been told to look into or take has dry mouth as a possible side effect.
Avatar f tn it lifted the depression quickly, after 1 month id gone from moderate to mild anxiety but 2 months on and its not helping much with the anxiety. The doc increased my dose to 100mg after a few weeks and then to 150mg because he said by now he hoped that the anxiety would have improved, That was two weeks ago and at first i thought it had taken the edge off and now im not so sure.
Avatar n tn The fact that Effexor is not working does not meant that the others will not. Each person reacts differently. ASk your doctor about Wellbutrin in order to avoid the sexual side effects. Try to keep your medications at the lowest dose rather than raising them too much if not work. Combine drug treatment with psychotherapy..its the only real way you are going to conquer your social anxiety. You can get some help with that at www.masteringstress.
Avatar f tn You saying you are an impatient person does not mean diddly. Just because you are impatient does not mean the medication is going to work faster for you. The reality is because you are impatient, you need to find things to occupy your mind. Start an exercise program, practice meditation, get outside and chop some wood. Anything that is going to take you away from sitting in your house feeling sorry for yourself. Like I said, we have all been where you are.
Avatar n tn i have been taking prozac for about 3 years, and it is currently not working. my doctor, who i love to pieces, usually has me stop one med cold turkey ONLY if i am starting up on another one. i know from past experiences that your medication stays within your system for awhile, but if you are feeling really crappy, you should contact your doctor, especially if you aren't taking another med now....
1348086 tn?1370786785 I know my Cymbalta is not working anymore. I am at 120 mg per day and my depression is so overwhelming I cannot think clearly. No appetite, crying, fatigued. My doctor, around three months ago, suggested I be put on Effexor along with slowly tapering off the Cymbalta, but I had a very bad reaction with taking both meds and we decided to just keep me on the Cymbalta. Something else has GOT to work. I can't live like this. Has this happened to anyone else? What did your MD's suggest?
Avatar m tn Has anybody experienced that when taking thyroid meds for hypothyroidism, the levels do not change in line with the amount of medication you are taking? I am on meds but the TSH and T4 are barely elevating despite taking a high dose or 2 x 88 mcg per day.
Avatar n tn In my experience with this, the medication is going to allow you to confront and learn about your anxiety with a level head, so I would not be worried about medication covering up your anxiety in respects to hindering your progress during counseling. In fact, I believe it will have the opposite effect. I believe it will actually help with your progress confronting it. Keep us posted!
1438412 tn?1315511519 It may be time for a med change. I am on zoloft and it was working OK but not completely so my pdoc added Abilify to it. It has made a huge difference for me. I feel completely normal again - no depression or anxiety!
Avatar f tn If, after 6 weeks, your anxiety is still out of control, you need to revisit your doctor as this medication may not be for you. Which is also another common "side effect" of psychotropic meds. Sometimes we have to try several before we find one we can tolerate. Don't be too quick to assume they aren't working. One thing those of us with anxiety or depression absolutely must learn is patience! And we must be prepared for things to get a bit worse before they get better.
3183328 tn?1351187117 What works for one person may not work for another. Anxiety medication is a tool, not the solution. It can be a helpful tool, but ultimately this is yours to conquer, and there's no right or wrong selection across the board.
Avatar f tn My therapist recently suggested the idea of going on some medication for my anxiety. Thats something I have thought of for a while but am nervous to go forward with. I am nervous about the side effects that come along with the medications. I am looking to hear some other people's experiences with medication and what the pros and cons are.
Avatar n tn "Most of the ssri's have an essential stimulant effect which is not good for anxiety" is not entirely true. I take Lexapro for anxiety and depression and it work quite well. I have never had a "stimulant effect" unless having less anxiety and depression is a stimulant. The anxiety and depression relief was enough to make emotional space for attention to other issues.
Avatar m tn By nature I am not an anxious person. But lately I suffered from anxiety, low energy, fear, and low motivation and stress, in addition to depression. I believe that my family has a role in me bieng in this position. My father and eldest brother are alcohol addicts. This is one issue. My mother is extremely suffers from menopausal symptoms (always angry and looking for troubles). So this created a sort of unstability in my life.
1497650 tn?1289236725 I've been on various anxiety and depression meds, but all made me feel like a zombie. They made me super tired all the time. Anxiety medication only seems to sedate you so much that there doesn't seem to be a thought going on in your head! Clonazepam is the only medication that I took that I can remember the name of (that right there tells you how sedated the meds made me!) Are there any anxiety medications that don't turn you into a zombie? Any you'd recommend?