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8405366 tn?1397980185 took forever to quit, made my anxiety worse in the end. Buspar - requested for anxiety bc I read that it was non habit forming/non-addictive -was a giant disappointment, didn't do sh.
Avatar f tn Im afraid of becoming addicted to them, and from what I hear most anxiety medication is highly addictive so I have put off any sort of treatment for my anxiety.
1322152 tn?1282511146 Hey im hannah and i need to find a non addictive Anti-Anxiety,if you have read my posts before you already know my brother passed away this year on accidental OD/Car Crash On anxiety meds so my mother is completely convinced i will pass away also on addiction. MY anxiety is so bad i cant even leave my house, im 16 i should be out having fun not having 54 panic attacks just leaving the house (i count them) anyone know what i should take it is getting very very unbearable!
Avatar n tn Sounds like Tramadol is addictive from what I have read.. I am off the Vicodin for 3 days now. My doctor said I could take a Tramadol a day to help with pain. I took one the other day (not everyday). But wow..I asked her if it was addictive because I want to be totally off the Narcotics. She said no It is not addicitve... WHat the heck... Anyway I am dumping the Tramadol..I have come too far to let something else take hold of me. Also I read that Xanex is addictive..bad.
Avatar f tn both Klonopin and xanax are addictive. Xanax is more addictive and troublesom because it has a short half life, and you have to take it more often meaning that your downward spiral of tollerance and withdraw will happen allot quick, and to more of a higher degree then what it would be with klonopin. If you do decide to get off the xanax, you should taper to either Klonopin or Valium because of its long half life. If you try to taper with xanax.......
Avatar f tn This prompted me to ask my pharmacist if they were, in fact, addictive. I was told that technically they have recenty found out that yes, it was, however since they were not the kind of drug that causes drug seeking behavoir (in other words they do not get you high,) they do not fit the catagory under FDA standards for an addictive drug, even though they do cause severe withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn Never stop any SSRI cold turkey. Since these drugs are non-addictive people assume that you can stop and start very quickly. See your doctor and explain what you did. Perhaps he can prescribe something to take the edge off.
1836925 tn?1318365873 ) But I have experienced the worrry, and stomach butterflies, and things you have described. Another non medication way to help is to just take a quick breather...sounds stupid, but it works. I got into Reiki a few months ago, and it is quite calming. I use it on myself, and quite often my he is one of the more anxiety prone breeds. It has to be terrifying to be in your shoes, I couldn't imagine. But know you're not alone!!!!!
Avatar f tn I wish i as able to take an anxiety anxiety medication. I am a recovering addict/ alcoholic and believe it or not i turned to drugs after a ptsd trigger when i didn't have enough ativan to make me 'high.' I can't take antidepressants they trigger my bipolar and other non addictive anti anxiety pills or what i was using for that nozinan i fainted twice as i have anorexia and chlorpromazine after 1 month i had constant shaking in my hands.
Avatar m tn about BuSpar which I've researched that it's non-addicting, for mild anxiety and can be used effectively long term. I'll let you know. I enjoy your conversing with you as you make alot of sense and you seem very sincere and concerned. Not too many people are like that. Take care!!!
Avatar f tn one is pharmaceutical, and there are very good non addictive and non narcotic meds that have been used successfully for anxiety such as Paxil and Buspirone and others; the other approach needs to be therapeutic to deal with the underlying cause of anxiety and teaching you skills to deal with it on a day to day basis without medication eventually. I hope this helps and good luck.
398624 tn?1266273049 The only medication I take is Xanax. I take one a day. I used to take Ativan and I took 3 a day and my body got immune to those. Xanax does help some, but I can still feel the symptoms some and then, it all comes back when the Xanax does wear off. I am on the computer probably about 2-3 hrs a day. I used to be on the computer ALL day with my job and it didn't bother me then.
Avatar n tn He wrote a prescription for Klonopin, which seems to be mainly an anti anxiety drug...? It also seems to be in the same "benzo" class as xanax and valium, which I know are quite addicting. As I said before, I'm looking to relieve my pain, not get hooked on some other medicine that won't do much good....does this sound like a better approach than changing to something like vicodin?
Avatar f tn I wa just wondering if anybody has managed to combat their anxiety without medication. I ask because I experience symtpoms everyday but my mom won't let me take the xanax that my doctor prescribed for me. I really want to stop feeling horrible all the time so i was wondering if anybody had any success with any thing else besides medication.
1549092 tn?1297049911 hi as far as meds a doctor can prescribe cloadine with\ch is a B/P med is the only on thats non addictive some doctors will write you a script for xanex mabe give you 12 pills to help with the anxiety but there highly addictive and shouldn't be used more then a couple of days if you look to the lower right of the screen you will find something called the thomas recipe it has a lot of stuff that will help you threw withdrawals theirs no magic cure but with a little help form this site we can get
Avatar n tn The some lady with an additive personality overused her medication, wrote a book, the medication became taboo. Ask your hmo for a few valiums now and check out the looks that you get. It is my prediction that the current wave of new age medicine that messes with the levels of naturally occurring subanstances in the brain will be the worst medicine that this country has ever known. What is the difference if you HAVE to take every day for the rest of your life and addiction?
3060903 tn?1398568723 // Authors: Melinda Smith, M.A., Lawrence Robinson, and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. Last updated: December 2012 . Medication can relieve some symptoms of anxiety, but it also comes with side effects and safety concerns—including the risk of addiction. Non-drug treatments may not relieve your anxiety as quickly as medication, but they can produce lasting results.
Avatar n tn As for sleep aides the medication Rozerem works exactly like melatonin to adjust the sleep cycle but is safe and non addictive. You could ask your psychiatrist about all this but in the meantime google "Depression Central" for more information on mood stabilizers and mood disorders in general.
694947 tn?1227991027 I am kinda wanting to shy away from the pain meds and deal with the pain, but instead go on an anti depressant, anxiety medication. I have symptoms of dresion an anxiety. At this point as well as getting rid of pain, I am just looking to get my self level. I have no motivation, no love or joy to do anything. typical depression and anxiety symptoms. But also the symptoms you get after being off meds. SO!
728480 tn?1312063530 Hello there, Since you mentioned that your are prone to addiction i won't recommend you start using a Benzodiazepine ( anti-anxiety, panic attack ) class drug. They are highly addictive and can be really hard to quit for someone that is prone to addiction. I would go with an anti-depressant like SSRI class like Lexapro or SNRI class like Cymbalta. Both drugs showed great results in recent studies.
5890854 tn?1377268232 I also required a mood stabilizer that helped a lot with the anxiety. A lot of the newer AD's help with the anxiety. Be honest with your doctor and remember it can take up to 2weeks to a month to get the full effect from them. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn Just a comment I've been reading alot of posts on here where people are dealing with anxiety while going thru detox or taking suboxone and just wanted to share my experience, 7 years ago after taking narcotics and getting addicted, I went to a doctor who introduced me to suboxone, but the one thing I had really bad was anxiety and the last thing I wanted was to get benzos and she gave me a medication called Vistaril, it's not a benzo, it's not addictive and it works great for anxiety.
Avatar f tn I did find Rozerem which adjusts the sleep cycle like melatonin but is an FDA approved medication that is safe and non addictive to be relatively effect but each person responds differently to each medication. Xanax has a higher potential for addiction than other benzos and is generally used short term and longer lasting ones such as Klonopin generally used long term but that's a doctor's decision and some won't use benzos at all so it depends.
Avatar f tn Since pot is non-addictive and the Oxys are I feel better smoking than taking pills. If you want to know more about your state and the laws pertaining to pot visit NORML.ORG. It has alot of information. Good luck to all. I will repost to tell you guys how the surgery tomarrow goes.
Avatar f tn I'm already on Lexapro (depression runs rampant in my family) and it is supposed to help with anxiety but this has put me over the edge. I have some valium so just took one to try to relax a bit and, although I hate to admit it, washed it dwon with a Coors. I just can't keep chasing my kids out of the room because I can't handle their noise. A little calming sedation was in order. I would just like to know how long this will last.
Avatar n tn Since I can't take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and I can't take aspirin, my doctor said it was fine to take a nightly dose of Tylenol as long as I don't mix it with other drugs, alcohol, cold medicine, etc. Like don't take Tylenol with another liver bad type of drug and just stick to the normal dose of Tylenol at night with my shot (when I was treating). I'm not particularly worried about the Tylenol.