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Avatar m tn t ask for any particular generic brand. But what I got was Mylan. I have taken Teva and other brands before, but the mylan seems to do next to nothing. if I were to take one mg of Teva my anxiety woud be relieved for the morning. I cant tell that mylan is doing anything. Can I take my bottle back and demand another brand. They can throw the mylan away and give me something that works or Ill find another pharmacy.
Avatar f tn I have recently started the patch and have found a difference between effectiveness of the two brands TEVA and MYLAN. First I had Teva 12mcg/72hrs (twice) then 2X 12mcg/72 (twice) and then went to 50mcg patches on the 72hr interval, so far twice. The 25mcg patches are Mylan brand and I noticed, pretty quickly, a decrease in effectiveness. Has anyone else? My pharmacy says I can specify... otherwise the script will be filled with Mylan.
Avatar m tn January 3, 2008 — A new beta-blocker, nebivolol (Bystolic, Forest/Mylan), has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of hypertension. The drug is a selective beta-1-blocker and has the added pharmacological properties of producing vasodilation and reducing total peripheral resistance brought about by modulation of nitric-oxide release". It sounds quite interesting.
Avatar n tn I have taken been taking Alprazolam .5 mg Mylan brand for years. My drugstore recently switched to Sandoz brand which gave me heartburn. The drugstore switched again to Dava brand which brought on anxiety and nervousness. One last try with the pharmacy and they gave me Greenstone which is causing sleep problems, mainly insomnia. Is the Mylan brand no longer available? And are the side affects above possible since they are supposed to all have the same active ingredients. Is it the filler?
Avatar n tn I use to take Levothyroxin 125MCG tab mylan One and One/Half Tablet six days per week and One/Half Tablet one day per week. This was bought at Walmart. I started to obtain my Medication from the "VA". They sent me Levothyroxine NA ( Synthroid) 0.025MG Tab. Take One/Half once Daily. What is the differance between 125MCG and 0.025MG ? Will the dosage be correct ?
Avatar f tn I started with 12.5 mcg mylan patches every 72 hours about 1 month ago. While the dose is not yet correct it is obvious this treatment is a vast improvement to anything else ever tried, while still completely disabled I am able to imagine leaving my home for the first time in years! Very encouraging and exciting! So, last week Dr increased to 25 mcg patch every 72 hours.
Avatar f tn The gel I believe is the name brand and I know some do prefer this one and the other generic some prefer for its even release of medication. The gel or brand name is more powerful I believe but the generic has staying power. Someone will be along shortly and correct me if I am wrong as there are several people here that do use the patch and know the exact differences between the two.
Avatar n tn Perhaps someone at Valeant winked at someone at Mylan and the person at Mylan nodded and winked back. Whatever happened, the prices of both the branded and generic versions of BenzaClin have gone up dramatically since Valeant acquired the branded version. There is another manufacturer, Stiefel Laboratories, that makes a branded version of Clindamycin + Benzoyl Peroxide called Duac Topical Gel. Duac comes in a 45g size. BenzaClin comes in 50g, 35g and 25g sizes.
Avatar m tn Insomnia is terrible. And definitely can leave you fatigued. Things that help me with it are physical activity on a regular basis during the day, good sleep habits like a regular schedule of going to bed, white noise like a fan, a cool and dark room, not eating or drinking too much before bed. Sleep aids are helpful short term for some but I've always tried to stay away from that. So, your doctor prescribed you something. Have you ever considered melatonin?
Avatar f tn indeed. these meds have become quite scarce. i almost ran out of mine at a point, but luckily found a pharmacy in lagos stocking 300mg generic tenofovir manufactured by mylan.
Avatar m tn Just nothing out of the ordinary.My moods are either depression with anxiety/panic attacks or really bad depression with the anxiety panic attacks and just not wanting to live.Never does my anxiety go away or the constant brain fog. Im scared to try another ssri as i know for sure those feelings are gonna come back.Does anyone have an explanation of the 'jumping out of skin' feeling when on a ssri?
Avatar m tn I usually get the Mylan brand but this pharmacy had the Mallinkrodt only. I also used another brand once Teva I think it was, large Pink patches and had no problem. After about 18 hours after switching to the Mallinckrodts I started to feel badly and the pain was increasing. I checked the adhesion of the patch and it was fine. I actually have a call in to Mallinckrodt to ask about this.
Avatar f tn Continue to make your doctor aware of your anxiety, and maybe a need for medication will be found in the near future to assist with the relaxation. I Hope This Helps. Good Luck, and Have A Wonderful Night!
Avatar n tn If you take off a Mylan Brand patch and you stick it to something, Can you reuse that same patch days later? Someone has advised me to use two old ones at the same time to equal one new one, but this definitely didn't sound right? If anyone can help I would be most grateful. I am on vacation and our trip has been delayed I cant get home for a week! I am scared to death and there is absolutely no way for me to get a new script here!
Avatar f tn As Sara said, Mylan makes a different type of patch. I use the Mylan Brand Fentanyl Patch 62 mcg. I just added the 12mcg to my 50mcg 2 days ago. They are the smaller ones and don't have the gel filling. They're the only ones that I have used and I love them as there is VERY little chance that you can get too much in your system at one time, unlike the gel filled which people have had many problems with. Did your Dr.
374225 tn?1269899262 I was getting the Patch by Sandoz which was working great and then the Pharmacy decided that Sandoz was too expensive and restocked the shelves with the Mylan Patch. After refilling my scrip with the Mylan I had noticed over the next day that I had increased pain and felt fluish. I brushed it off and chocked it up to me just not feeling good. After putting the next patch on I had noticed the samething going on and reaized that the patch was not preforming like the Sandoz.
667078 tn?1316000935 Mylan a big maker of generics like Teva has teamed up with Natco an Indian Pharmaceutical, who makes a generic of Copaxone. They have been fighting with Teva in U.S. Courts over patent infringement for years. PITTSBURGH, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mylan Inc. (NASDAQ: MYL) today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted for filing Mylan Pharmaceutical Inc.
Avatar n tn Then about two weeks latter I started suffring basically full blown attacks almost, my syomtoms started returing ( this is two weeks afther frist dos of the Mylan genric from walgreens). so at that point started reading online and it turned out that I Had recieved a genric that every one was complaing about I think it is called Mylan something like that. Never the less gave that stuff back to my doc back on this tuesday and got a script for the name brand.
Avatar f tn In addition to Tirosint, I also take a generic T3 med and I will only accept pills from Mylan, because they gave me pills from a different manufacturer and I went downhill within 3 days. The pharmacy has my account flagged. I've done really well on Tirosint, but some others have not. Because it's a gelcap, it's more thoroughly dissolved and absorbed better than pill type medications.
Avatar n tn One size definitely does not fit all where any medication is concerned. Try not to be too frightened of the future. Your doctor should have a plan to taper you off and perhaps include some comfort meds such as those mentioned above. There really isn't much you can do to avoid a certain amount of withdrawal. If you use the Mylan generic fentanyl patch that looks like a clear piece of tape rather than the more common gel pouch patch, you can slowly taper by cutting it.
Avatar f tn I just.
Avatar n tn I have been on the Mylan Brand patch now for 7 years, just recently changed to the Johnson&johnson brand due to having no insurance, because the Mylan were $270 per month and the J&J are at no cost to me. I'm having a hard time finding this brand in any drug store in my area. I live in Southern Maine, South Berwick, Maine to be exact. Do you know what pharmacies in my area have this brand of Fentalyn Tr. P 75 mcg? Thank you, M.
890900 tn?1284577303 Hello, my doctor just recently put me on the 50mcg Mylan pain patch and I was curious if anyone has any experience with wearing one of these and exercising enough to where you sweat and raise body temperature? Is it safe to still do activities where you will sweat, or is that dangerous while wearing the patch? I did ask the pharmacist and he looked it up and only found that you shouldnt heat the actual patch up itself.....but it didnt say much about the strenuous activity part.
Avatar m tn First, congratulations on beating cancer! We all understand how constant pain can wear you down and hope you find the patches effective. The fentanyl patch is no better or worse than any other narcotic. Yes, it's very potent but that's why it's dispensed in micrograms rather than milligrams. There are some pros and cons to the patch. On the pro side, it's really nice to have three-day (or two-day depending on how your doctor prescribes it) coverage.
Avatar f tn I need to suggest that you speak with your prescribing physician and be honest, let him/her know what is going on with you and tell them that you want to be off of the medication. Perhaps they can suggest a proper taper schedule and that may include a different medication. Glad you found your way here. Let us know how you make out with the doctor, we can guide you through the withdrawal process with moral support and some home remedy suggestions.