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Avatar m tn I have constant 24/7 shortness of breath, breathing in and not being able to get good breath.I just got to use this medication and hope to use it when my breathing is really bad. Is this a good medication for me? It was perscribed by my doctor as I asked him for something temporary to use when I feel my breathing is bad.
Avatar m tn I didn't ask for any particular generic brand. But what I got was Mylan. I have taken Teva and other brands before, but the mylan seems to do next to nothing. if I were to take one mg of Teva my anxiety woud be relieved for the morning. I cant tell that mylan is doing anything. Can I take my bottle back and demand another brand. They can throw the mylan away and give me something that works or Ill find another pharmacy.
Avatar f tn heart palpitations, nervousness, dizziness when bending over, erratic sleep that seemed like it might be a blood sugar problem, and muscle spasms. I had been doing well on 50 mcg T4 and 25 mcg T3 from Mylan labs for about a year. I cut the T3 in 1/2 w/ Dr.'s permission. In about 5 days, those symptoms went away, only to be replaced with crushing depression and brain fog as well as difficulty focusing my eyes. WHAM!! After 3 weeks, I had gained 15 lbs.
Avatar m tn I am increasingly anxious and sweat excessively and feel a racing pulse. Could there be any connection with my thyroid? I've always had anxiety but this feels unusual. Thanks for any input.
Avatar f tn It seems a bit like you think your anxiety is being caused by your medication. Is this so? Have you discussed coming off your meds with your doctor? You should! Only he can give you good instructions on tapering off your meds. What do you think your current bad anxiety levels will be like coming off your meds? Withdrawing from them can be a process. It should be a slow tapering off over a long period of time until you are completely off.
Avatar m tn I asked my pharmcist if he can order the Mylan if I like them better and he said he can no long get the Mylan. This is at a Rite Aid pharmacy. If it turns out I dont like this brand, Maybe next month I'll call ahead and see if they can order the Sandos(sp) brand everyone speaks so higly of. I havent tried the gel type,well, once in the hospital, it was only a 50mcg, not the 75 that I take now.
Avatar m tn Just nothing out of the ordinary.My moods are either depression with anxiety/panic attacks or really bad depression with the anxiety panic attacks and just not wanting to live.Never does my anxiety go away or the constant brain fog. Im scared to try another ssri as i know for sure those feelings are gonna come back.Does anyone have an explanation of the 'jumping out of skin' feeling when on a ssri?
Avatar f tn Continue to make your doctor aware of your anxiety, and maybe a need for medication will be found in the near future to assist with the relaxation. I Hope This Helps. Good Luck, and Have A Wonderful Night!
Avatar f tn I understand that you should not heat the patch at all because of the risk of the medication dispensing to quickly and it can cause death. This scares the he** out of me btw...... Does anyone here / has anyone here removed their patch breifly to take a hot bath and then put it back on your body when the skin is at the normal temperature? I have very bad muscular pain that is eased by moist heat therapy...and from what I am reading I can not use this mode of therapy while wearing the patch..
Avatar n tn One size definitely does not fit all where any medication is concerned. Try not to be too frightened of the future. Your doctor should have a plan to taper you off and perhaps include some comfort meds such as those mentioned above. There really isn't much you can do to avoid a certain amount of withdrawal. If you use the Mylan generic fentanyl patch that looks like a clear piece of tape rather than the more common gel pouch patch, you can slowly taper by cutting it.
Avatar n tn I have been on Generic Klonopin (Clonazepam) for over 10 years for the treatment of anxiety. My pharmacy switch from TEVA to MYLAN. The MYLAN does NOT work anywhere near as well for me period! I do not have experience with the other generic brands. Hopes this helps some people avoid the same problem I had.
Avatar f tn Depression, muscle aches, sleeplessness improved within 3 days. Felt better than I had in 9 years. April 2009 T4 50 mcg generic Mylan, Cytomel 25 mcg The best I have felt in at least 10 years TSH .005(L) T4 4.7 Free T4 index 1.2 T3 242 (H) T3 Uptake 26 did not test for anything else May 2009 Put on Armour, April7-June 26, felt HORRIBLE. Went to new Endo, said to stop all meds immediately.
Avatar m tn She just slows her mind, relaxes her body and tries to relieve the stress. She has a small prescription for anti-anxiety medication which she uses in emergency situations. My moyther has a mild case and has chosen to grit it out, no meds at all (her personality) but she is the least affected of us all, and it works for her. Be open with your doctors, about your fears, expectations, and needs. It took a long time for me not to be afraid of them (dr.
7001009 tn?1386967533 It lasted ~2 days and the effects felt almost identical to that of MDMA. -After 8 days on 150mg I bumped up to 300mg SR from manufacturer Mylan. I was on 300mg SR for 14 days (we're now at 22 total days on Bupropion, disregarding dosage). This was a rollercoaster - some days I felt fantastic while others I felt like a hermit and wanted to do absolutely nothing.
Avatar m tn After stopping the antidepressants two years ago, i got diagnosed with chronic hbv, and i've had severe anxiety and depression since then. My anxiety which is about just anything and depression are getting worse for each day that goes. I'm having really bad thoughts about ending my life, as i've lost almost all hope, and have lots of physical aches that don't go away.
Avatar f tn My doctor tells me my levels are fine and that I am just having anxiety. So I call the drug company and they tell me that this is what happens with this type of drug if you change from one brand to another and there is nothing I can do until that medication is completely out of my body which can take about 6 weeks from when you stop taking it. So my question is... Has anyone else experienced this? and what did you do to get through it?
213972 tn?1206053788 The only thing i can say about people gaining weight is they feel better on the medication (relief of anxiety), therfore they tend to eat more. You just need to watch your eating habits, if you are at all concerned about weight.
Avatar f tn How long will the worst of it last? I don't mind the physical symptoms as much as the mental ones...Anxiety, depression, etc...I have enough to taper..but that is miserable too..I watch the damn clock..I live for my next dose. But I'm afraid going CT will throw me into some sort of depression I can't climb out of..The pills make my life tolerable...I get no high from them...Any and every though/reply would be most appreciated...Oh..Once you quit...does it ever get better...
Avatar f tn As Sherry mentioned, the gel patches seem to cause more trouble for patients than the Mylan generic in which the medication is embedded in the adhesive. My personal experience was that the adhesive in the gel patch caused burned and blistered skin. It also dispensed too quickly leaving me dizzy and out of it the first day, fine on the second day and beginning withdrawal on the third day. There is also more potential for abuse with the gel patch (which I won't enumerate here).
15073429 tn?1515153637 Doctors prescribed anti-depressants which I refused to take knowing this was only to do with my thyroid - I have no problems in my life to cause panic attacks and most certainly do not suffer from depression. Then blood work showed my thyroid levels went crazy so my medication was changed to .
Avatar f tn I use the Mylan patches so I can cut them myself. I am doing so-so. I am in quite a bit of pain but it doesn't feel like w/d pain (or at least not all of it), it feels like my old, reliable bone and joint pain. I am ready to drop down again and this time I will be going to 25 mcg every other day. I have tried going three days on a patch instead of 2 but that doesn't seem to work for me for a few reasons.
Avatar n tn I am on my sixth day without any fentanyl at all. I have been on it for almost 5 YEARS. I had a terrible car accident in 2003 and have been on as much as 75 mcg. every 48 hours. I have been tapering down since about March of this year, and did the "cut the patch" thing (with MYLAN only) on the 25's for about a month and got it down to about a third of a patch for about 2 weeks and then nothing. I am miserable.
Avatar f tn Abbott - Synthroid Alara - Levo-T Jerome Stevens - Unithroid Jones Pharma/King - Levoxyl Lloyd (distributed by Forest) - Levothroid* Genpharm Mylan Institute Biochimique - Tirosint Vintage - Levolet (not marketed in the US) Brands of desiccated natural thyroid available for use in the United States: Forest Pharmaceuticals - Armour RLC Labs - Nature-throid, Westhroid Acella Pharmaceuticals - NP Thyroid Erfa - Thyroid (available outside of Canada) * "Forest also said it stoppe
1364139 tn?1280794944 I read online people have called the manufacturer of the patch (mine is by Mylan) so I did call them, but the adhesive that they have for customers is out of stock. They recommend using the Bioclusive transparent dressing, but I can't find them at a medical supply store near me. I have found other brands of transparent film dressing, but I am wondering if anyone has had any experience using these brands other than the Bioclusive.
Avatar n tn but after reading all the terrible things about this drug.... I discussed with my pain doctor about going off this medication as soon as possible. I decided to go cold turkey. Today is day 3. The last 2 nights have been absolute hell. Skin crawls, stomach feels like I have hundreds of worms just sqirmming around, legs feel like I have restless leg syndrom, only 3 hours sleep in the past 50 hours. Last night I prayed for over 2 hours and cried until I fell asleep around 2:30.
1486919 tn?1289851143 PLEASE do not cold turkey off the fentanyl patch. I am in pain management, on the patch, and currently tapering off. I do think that the lack of energy and motivation you're experiencing is due to the drugs. Don't worry. You're still in there and the real you will be back. The highest dose I was at was 75 mcg about 3 years ago. Like you, I said, "to hell with this" and asked to drop to 50 mcg. It was pretty darned ugly.
Avatar f tn I obviously have a high tolerance for medications of any kind. Since then, I have chronic everything it seems. Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, PTSD, fibro, arthritis of an elderly person and I'm only 37. If "itis" is at the end of the word, I have it. Tendonitis and bursitis in both knees and shoulders. Plantar faciitis that won't go away. I've been injected with steroids and the shots don't help.
Avatar n tn I met with my endo, and we decided that I would switch back to levothyroxine (manufactured by Mylan). This is the same medication that I took when I was first diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism in 2009. I thought that switching back to levo might make me feel better. My endo had no objection to the switch because she feels that there is no difference between Synthroid and levo. My levo dose would be the same as my Synthroid dose: (137 mcg, 2 times per week) (125 mcg, 5 times per week).
Avatar n tn I want off of this drug, but every time I start stepping down to get off the medication I begin having severe muscle pain in my legs and something like restless leg syndrome. I was wondering if this is a normal side effect from getting off of the Fentanyl and if so, what can I do about it because the pain is pretty severe. Thank You!
Avatar n tn Honestly dry eye presents far different from occular herpes. Don't let your paranoia and anxiety get the better of you.