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Avatar f tn My therapist recently suggested the idea of going on some medication for my anxiety. Thats something I have thought of for a while but am nervous to go forward with. I am nervous about the side effects that come along with the medications. I am looking to hear some other people's experiences with medication and what the pros and cons are.
520191 tn?1355639002 the reason i like this doc is because she isn't all about medication and will give alternative to medication such as supplements which i like. If my bloods are checked will that make sure the side effects will be picked up earlier and so wont get so bad?
Avatar n tn I am a drug addict. Ive been taking drugs (pain meds,anxiety meds and antidepressant meds) for at least 10 years. Ive been in and out of detox programs several times with no success. My question is : Do the withdrawals from opiates(morphine, oxycontin, etc) get easier each time you try to detox?? It seems that each time I try to come off of my morphine, the withdrawals are much easier each time I try. I guess I just like the stuff too much to stay clean.
Avatar n tn Since the change I feel very tingly all over,arms and feet are cold,Penis when erect fills very different and have erections for prolonged period,dizziness, muscle aching, Insomnia and when I go to sleep my head will jerk 2 or 3 times. I have high Anxiety that is the reason for the medication as mentioned. NO Panic Attacks! In your opinion which drug or drugs is causing the side effects?
Avatar f tn Most chronic pain patients are dependant on their opioid medication such that if the medication is abruptly stopped, withdrawal symptoms would occur...the same symptoms happen to an addict as well. Difference is chronic pain patients in withdrawal don't crave their medications psychologically for the "high", they simply don't feel well.
Avatar n tn i have tried everything and the best and safest i found was oxycodone15mg works almost allday long four me
Avatar m tn My abdominal pain was almost completely gone, and any anxiety/panic I had was mild in comparison to what I had faced previously. Then in mid-December, I had a SEVERE bout of abdominal pain during and after going to the bathroom one day. Both sides of my abdomen (about where each kidney is located) felt incredibly cramped. My stomach felt nauseous for the rest of that evening, and I think I might have had nothing more than a coup of soup and some water that evening.
Avatar n tn I am sorry you have so much on your plate right now. I would not do anything medication related without the advice of your doctor first. Playing around with these can be much more of a problem than it is worth and can be dangerous depending on what you do. Do you have access to a therapist? I know for me, this was the most important step I took in dealing with the anxiety.
440680 tn?1205685975 i was very keen to start the medication because i didnt wanna feel depressed anymore and i really thought it would work. the zoloft had its ups and downs. the side effects were kind of scary at first. a couple hours after i took the pill, my hands and legs started shaking alot. i had diarrea, a really bad headache, and felt extremely sleepy which really sucks cause i get up at 6am everydday for school. however, zoloft benefited me in a few ways.
Avatar f tn Wondering what the difference is between physical dependence and addiction (if there really is a difference). I take xanex for my panic attacks and anxiety and am definitely dependent on it. However, when a person is physical dependent on alcohol, they are an alcoholic - or tobacco, they are addicted to it. So why is there a difference?
Avatar n tn I have never had an anxiety problem or history of panic, stress or anxiety. My first cardio called it at anxiety and gave me xanax and then Lexapro. I tried about a week of xanax and felt horrible afterwards and about four months later tried the Lexapro for about nine months. The Lexapro never took care of my chest pain/weirdness. I have had 3 cardios and most recently spent a good deal of time at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.
Avatar n tn cetopram and anti depressant and anxiety medicine for like depression and anxiety
Avatar m tn The fears can be about rational things but the irrational part is the way we deal and obsessive about them. Has he been diagnosed with OCD or generalized anxiety? What your son has tried are SSRIs or serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Cipralex is another one of the SSRIs. It is thought that the serotonin in our brains is taken up leaving a deficit that our brain cells need to communicate and regulate mood, etc. Each medication works differently for each person.
Avatar m tn I could be anxiety, porn use, or a combination of both. Here's a simple comparison test to check for porn-induced ED: 1 - Masturbate to your favorite porn. 2 - Try to masturbate using no porn and no fantasy - only sensations. Masturbate with same speed and pressure as you would during intercourse. Compare one and two. How erect was your penis? How long did it take you to reach orgasm? What was your level of excitement?
778037 tn?1377989800 I am on four different medications for bipolar disorder, and despite taking the pills every day as directed, I still had breakthrough anxiety/depression/panic yesterday morning, to the point where I needed to take an additional medication prescribed to me for panic attacks. Should I call my primary care?
784382 tn?1376934640 i dont really know whats going on or why i have been picked out of a hat to have this problem. i had been going through those damn dizzy spells for months and wasting all my money on dr's (that i dont have) for them to tell me im perfectly healthy. Great! so why do i feel so ****** everyday??? this brings me to this panic disorder the therapist are telling me im having. i believe her. but shyt everyday i feel just constantly worried about another attack coming.....
Avatar m tn Research Hyperalgesics, this is where your brain amplifies your pain enormously from discontinuing certain opiates and anxiety medications. What they did to me was immediately discontinue the use of Xanax, they said that this medication was the DEVIL FROM HELL. It has such a short Half Life, it goes into your system fast, and the effects of it leave very quickly as well that is why you have to keep taking it.
Avatar n tn , said I have anxiety - put me on Celexa (3 mo's now) but it has done nothing. Tried breathing exercises, meditation, etc - none of that stuff helps. And can't really exercise because I'm scared I'll drop dead! Please help, this is ruining my life, hurting my marriage and my job. The chest pain is very real and painful to me, but the Doc is telling me it's a chemical imbalance and basically all in my head... ???
Avatar f tn The day following the surgery, I began having severe panic attacks and anxiety. I did have some anxiety problems before the surgery but had never suffered a panic attack previously. I am now taking medication for this anxiety that still hasn't subsided following this surgery. I have read in some places that N2O is contraindicated for those with anxiety/mental disorders, and others that say it is not. Is anyone familiar with this and could offer an answer? Thank you.
612551 tn?1450025775 Maybe there's help -- if you mean Abilify, it's not an anxiety medication. It's only approved use is as an adjunct medication when nothing has worked for depression. Just who prescribed this as a stand-alone drug for anxiety? There are many anxiety meds that aren't still on patent that are much cheaper.
Avatar n tn you've probably done enough research and reading to know about your risks so i wont try to repeat something that has been said a million times already in these forums. But yes, anxiety related to hiv scare is a very serious disorder. It's been a hellish ordeal for me and I did have a real risk. Sooner or later you will have to accept the fact that you are negative. For your sake, I hope it's sooner rather than later.
1342640 tn?1276185528 Bupropion is an anxiolytic (medication used to treat anxiety). Moreover, even though you state you have no intention of quitting smoking, this medication also has shown success in helping people with smoking cessation which, in your case would be a very good idea, considering the fact you are using Advair.
Avatar n tn Hello, everyone. I believe I'm having a little problem with Anxiety and Derealization. From my online research, I'd guess the anxiety is very mild to small compared to what others have gone through that I've read. The derealization, even smaller. Ok where do I get started. Here's a little about my dilemma, and where I believe the "source" of my problem is. I'm 26, never worked, and have been in and out of college ever since high school.
Avatar m tn I haven't really had a history of major mental distresses or illness, outside of panic attacks and general anxiety that set in when I was 19. I've never been on medication for any anxiety, and I've maintained and controlled my relatively mild anxiety for the past few years without much issue (managed to graduate college with great grades, no real impact on friends and family, etc.).
Avatar n tn I have to remain strong and am just seeking advice from professionals to give me the tools to overcome this, because she means to much to me to lose over feeling someone is better than me when she reassures me they're not. I just want to know if medication would provide some anxiety relief to rationally think about this?
3060903 tn?1398568723 As you practice and prepare for situations you’re afraid of, you will become more and more comfortable and confident in your social abilities, and your anxiety will lessen. Medication for social anxiety disorder / social phobia Medication is sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of social anxiety, but it’s not a cure for social anxiety disorder or social phobia. If you stop taking medication, your symptoms will probably return full force.
Avatar n tn im 25 and have recently been precribed xanax, and i have to agree with you that xanax definately stops panic and anxiety dead in its tracks. i had to visit the cartiologist yesterday which gave me overwelming anxiety and about 30 mins after i took xanax (1 mg) my body definately felt loose and i just didnt worry as much about it..i , like the previous poster only take it when needed so i wont become dependant on it...
Avatar n tn given for a physician to prescribe them. They are classed as an analgesic, or pain medication. They would not be allowed to Rx them for anxiety or depression. Not without a lot to answer to, possibly with risk to their license and DEA number. That would be like a doctor precribing Xanax for a yeast infection. The diagnosis and medication have to be compatible to some degree, especially with controlled substances.
Avatar f tn I have gone to the ER, cardiologist, and bloodwork and NOTHING is supposedly wrong. The Doctors just want to put me on anxiety medication or tell me to be calm or see a psychiatrist. I SWEAR nothing is out of the normal or wrong outside of my physical symptoms. It HAS to be hormones and someone should come up with a test to see the problem to correct it. I just posted to too. I love Lila's idea.