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Avatar m tn I have recently been prescribed Ativan for a social anxiety disorder but I am concerned that this medication will cause me to gain weight and seems to have much more side effects than Wellbutrin, so should I request to be changed to Wellbutrin which does not have as many side effects - mainly causing weight gain.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome to the Anxiety Community! How long have you been on the Ativan and how do you take it? Do you take it regularly every day or just "as needed"? That makes a big difference in the effectiveness. Short acting benzos like Ativan are best taken "as needed" as a rescue drug or for a short period of time. The longer one takes it regularly, a tolerance builds where it becomes less effective. It is certainly worth discussing with your doctor,.
Avatar n tn s a lot of noise or comotion and i am scared to be alone and drive. What is the best medication for me. Does anyone one else have stomach trouble from anxiety??? Give me some help :) I am scared on what to do.
Avatar n tn Hi: I take Ativan for sleep. It works great for sleep. My dosage is 1mg. I noticed you had blood work done and a brain mri. I am scheduled for a brain mri. Can I ask you how easy/difficult it is having a brain mri as I have never had one done. Thanks.
Avatar n tn You definitely need to be SLOWLY tapered under the guidance of the prescribing doctor. You can expect an increase in anxiety and some rebound insomnia while discontinuing Ativan. This really isn't the most optiimal choice as a treatment for insomnia, and most Rx's for insomnia are supposed to be short term only.
Avatar m tn I've had anxiety and depression since I was little. I am now 25 yrs old and I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I've gone on and off anxiety and depression medication for my whole life, and I was medication free for a few months before I got pregnant (I didn't want to deal with pills anymore- needed a break). Now I am experience shortness of breath, I feel like I can't breathe in all the way like I'm suffocating- it makes me tingle and dizzy.
Avatar n tn Right now I feel I can manage my anxiety without taking anything extra. When my anxiety becomes bothersome I drink Kava tea and take a hot bath. When I was suffering from debilitating panic disorder years ago, I took the lorezapam once or twice a day until the Paxil kicked in. My panic attacks this time around were benign compared to those of years ago. The 12.5mg of PaxilCR has done wonders for me.
Avatar n tn I had anxiety before going to bed so I took ativan. I also took my seroquel and trazodone. Will I be ok?
377600 tn?1225163436 Hi, chigirl. Ativan is a great medication for an as needed basis but you really shouldn't take it for too long because it loses efficacy too quickly. For example, if you currently take 2mg a day, in a year the 2mg won't be enough. I find that clonazepam is the best benzo for long term treatment of panic/anxiety. It has a very long half life and will not lose efficacy. The target does is 0.5 mg b.i.d.
Avatar f tn It is slow to work, and it is often difficult for people to connect the improved anxiety to the medication. So this is the classic medication that is associated with improved outcomes but which patients don't think is working. "I feel better but I don't think it is the medication." 4. Other medications - gabapentin (Neurontin), other anticonvulsants, other antidepressants... etcetera.
400350 tn?1201711682 s probably better to look into a long-term medication. Ativan is the kind of thing they give you if you go into the emergency room having an anxiety attack. If you just have the occasional anxiety attack, Ativan is probably fine, but if you have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), then a long-term medication is the way to go.
Avatar n tn In my experience with this, the medication is going to allow you to confront and learn about your anxiety with a level head, so I would not be worried about medication covering up your anxiety in respects to hindering your progress during counseling. In fact, I believe it will have the opposite effect. I believe it will actually help with your progress confronting it. Keep us posted!
Avatar n tn While rebound anxiety and panic are kind of unavoidable when discontinuing an anti-anxiety medication, those symptoms can be minimized some if the taper is done properly. Hang in there!
780665 tn?1239026549 i will be starting on medication soon... i gather medication will help with anxiety(ie. its purpose) but does it help with palpitations, both categories of it - quickened heart rate and ectopic beats which my doctor diagnosed as being benign and down to anxiety? anyone take anxiety medication and found that it helped to reduce or eliminate these?
Avatar f tn Well, Ativan is FOR anxiety and is a short acting medication. If you have a chronic anxiety problem, there are better choices and classes of medication to consider. They may have some start up side effects or transient side effects associated with them, but they do peter out as you get used to the med. The thing with intermittent Ativan usage, taken when needed, it's not going to be that same kind of situation as a drug you take on a regular basis. So, getting used to it . . .
682098 tn?1236908245 If you have only been taking the Ativan for two weeks AT THE DOSAGE your doc prescribed, you should have absolutely no problems simply stopping it. You would NOT have built up a tolerance to this med at this dose in two weeks. said that you found yourself "taking another one and another one........" EXACTLLY how much were/are you taking? I'm going to shake my finger at you for two reasons here......
Avatar f tn i am back on my meds for anxiety 1mg ativan. lately they seem to give me headaches which before havin my son it never did!!! also i am suffring from lower back pain nd in my shoulders which makes it hard to hold/ feed my son at times :/ i am wondering if any1 knows of a medication that will work instantly for my generalized/ social anxiety + for my pain ( maybe even a muscle relaxer?
Avatar f tn This is from a guy who is nervous about taking pills due to potential side effects, so it carries a lot of weight! Ativan is a wonderful medication for calming me down when I am anxious or panicky. My only caution is that 2mg might be a bit much. I have 1mg pills and sometimes only take half if I only want to take the edge off. So if you have 2mg pills, you might consider taking half. It should last a few hours. Best wishes!
Avatar m tn I asked for help with this before, and only received one reply. I have awful anxiety and take 2 ativan a day and still can't stop crying. It's been about 43 days since I stopped suboxone after only taking it 5 weeks. Does any one have any answers?
Avatar m tn im wondering if the doc will give me clonazepam in exchange for the ativan. or valium or something. has anybody switched from ativan to clonazepam? or from ativan to valium? if anyone has, or has information. it would be greatly appreciated. thank you guys.. you guys help more than doctors do..
Avatar f tn Ativan is great for acute anxiety. I took it for a month to calm me down and help me sleep. I was concerned i would get hooked on it. I am happy to say it worked well for me and i now take it maybe once or twice a month. (.
Avatar f tn I just started taking Ativan as needed to control my anxiety. Has anyone else taken this? Good or bad results? I personally don't know anyone who has so I thought my fellow community people may have!
Avatar f tn i have been on ativan for 3 weeks 2mg a day. i wont to stop the medication.