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Avatar n tn Hi: I take Ativan for sleep. It works great for sleep. My dosage is 1mg. I noticed you had blood work done and a brain mri. I am scheduled for a brain mri. Can I ask you how easy/difficult it is having a brain mri as I have never had one done. Thanks.
Avatar f tn i have been on ativan for three weeks for anxiety,. im taking 2mg a day .i would like to know how to stop the medication.
Avatar n tn Hello there, Ativan can lower your blood pressure and anxiety can increase your blood pressure i think the problem is related to anxiety. The relation is anxiety and not Ativan. ''my anxiety has been pretty bad to the point of taking 2 or 3 pills a day.'' thus affecting your blood pressure. Please consider that i'm not a doctor and you should see a doctor about that since a constant 140/88 blood pressure is borderline to the need of a medication to lower your blood pressure.
212161 tn?1537898045 Hey I seem to be having some anxiety, I have a old bottle of Ativan from 3 years ago, took .
377600 tn?1225167036 Hi, chigirl. Ativan is a great medication for an as needed basis but you really shouldn't take it for too long because it loses efficacy too quickly. For example, if you currently take 2mg a day, in a year the 2mg won't be enough. I find that clonazepam is the best benzo for long term treatment of panic/anxiety. It has a very long half life and will not lose efficacy. The target does is 0.5 mg b.i.d. I'm no doctor but I do know a bit about this stuff and only want the best for you.
Avatar f tn I love this from the other thread you posted in. I think your doctor tell you what sort of anti anxiety medication you are on. ' do not take any benzodiazapines. they are addictive and withdrawal is terrible. ' Sorry if it disappoints you to hear that that is exactly what you are taken for you anxiety. They are addictive. Was on Xanax for years. Hooked on them. But am off them now.
Avatar f tn I was recently prescribed Ativan for my anxiety, was told by my dr to take 1mg in the am and 1mg in the pm, my question is if i am fine during the evening hours do i take it? I don't want to get addicted to these pills as i just battled opiate addiction (200 days clean). I actually asked the dr for xanax and he told me this would be better since i am having the anxiety all day and that the Ativan can stay in my system without all the highs and lows.
1348686 tn?1310657843 so I have been really trying to not have to take medications but after a week of high anxiety and repeated panic attacks I couldn't take it any longer and I went to the ER tonight. The doctor prescribed me Ativan. He gave me one before I left and now I am really sleepy, is this normal? I am hoping that this is a medication that I only have to take if I am feeling really anxious and not on a daily basis....Can anyone answer that for me?
Avatar n tn i want the old me back and a life i can bloody enjoy! im only 19! i havent been given any medication for my anxiety yet..but i know u really SHOULDNT mix it with alcohol! the best advice i can give to u is not to take it..just go out there and try to enjoy yourself as much as you can! and yes i know its definetly easier said than done because i cant even do it myself but if ur gonna suffer from effects after because of the alcohol and med its not really worth it is it!
Avatar f tn Ativan is great for acute anxiety. I took it for a month to calm me down and help me sleep. I was concerned i would get hooked on it. I am happy to say it worked well for me and i now take it maybe once or twice a month. (.
400350 tn?1201715282 Depending on the case, it's probably better to look into a long-term medication. Ativan is the kind of thing they give you if you go into the emergency room having an anxiety attack. If you just have the occasional anxiety attack, Ativan is probably fine, but if you have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), then a long-term medication is the way to go.
Avatar m tn I am currently prescribed both xanax and ativan. I took an ativan at 3:30 and my anxietyty hasn't subsided. How long should I wait ti take a xanax?
Avatar f tn ya i do i take lozapam its cheap ativan this morring i woke up having anxiety i know how you feel my doc switch me to klonopin 1 mg. i am still have to take the lozapam befor i take the other.i know there are times where i dont need it and here comes my anxiety and it sucks.let me know how it goes.
Avatar f tn i have been on ativan for 3 weeks 2mg a day. i wont to stop the medication.
1021784 tn?1306366611 I went to see my pdoc today about the Ativan. I told him about how I didn't like having to have to go around with the 2nd/3rd dosages at times when traveling around. So he suggested how about trying 2mg AM/PM. I said ok and he wrote a script for 1mg Ativan 2pills 2AM/2HS. Later on in the day (ride home from program) I thought about how the medicine would be sedating (like he mentioned), but even bigger I worried because of my past brain seizure.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was recently put on ativan for anxiety. I take .25mg as needed. I am REALLY med sensitive and REALLY scared to take almost anything!! They had to give me the ativan in the ER the first time to get me to take it at all LOL!! I just wanted to let you know that it does help!! I know it sounds crazy and I hated it when people would say it to me... But breath!!! It does help too!! Talk to yourself and tell yourself Im ok, I am calm and clear headed.. while breathing.
Avatar n tn I work in a peiodontal office where we do a lot of surgeries. We do not use IV sedation, but what we use in place is Ativan. Ativan is great for anxiety, but should not be taken for extreme periods of time. We prescribe it because the pt. will feel relaxed and when they go home and after they sleep it off will HAVE LITTLE TO NO MEMORY of what went on.
Avatar f tn I have insomnia due to anxiety am was on and off on 1mg ativan for 1 month I went to the ER because of insomnia doctor prescribed me 2mg of ativan and it worked Now I am on 2mg for a few days and start worrying about the drugs is it safe to taper off it now by reducing the amount 0,5mg everyday, will smaller amount still works please let me know.
7680419 tn?1399060411 I will make sure to do some research also but I wanted to know if ativan can help with coming off pain meds. I was prescribed this for several months a while ago but canceled it because I was talking it and nervous to take it. I did taken it a few times for anxiaty. Literally only a few. I don't even remember the last time i had one. And only twice the first time I tried to come off the norco before joining this site. Is it addictive? Can it help if not abused.
Avatar n tn You can expect an increase in anxiety and some rebound insomnia while discontinuing Ativan. This really isn't the most optiimal choice as a treatment for insomnia, and most Rx's for insomnia are supposed to be short term only. You're going to need to research and discuss with your doc alternative ways for you to get to sleep after you come off the Ativan, because like I said, rebound insomnia is very common.
Avatar n tn Xanax is a good medication for anxiety. So is Valium. They are prescribed for anxiety disorders. If I were you, I'd ask the doc if the Cipralex could make the heart palpitations and anxiety worse, and I would also ask if he/she has ever used a betablocker to help treat symptoms of anxiety and whether or not you might benefit from one. Low-dose betablocker is frequently prescribed to help treat symptoms of anxiety (fast heart rate, palpitations, premature beats, anxiety attacks).
Avatar n tn Right now I feel I can manage my anxiety without taking anything extra. When my anxiety becomes bothersome I drink Kava tea and take a hot bath. When I was suffering from debilitating panic disorder years ago, I took the lorezapam once or twice a day until the Paxil kicked in. My panic attacks this time around were benign compared to those of years ago. The 12.5mg of PaxilCR has done wonders for me.
Avatar f tn wuold you recommened clonazepam for anxiety and wellbuturin i have tried to deal with anxiety without medication and am having a very hard time. are there any side effects from the clonazepam that i should worry about because i took a half of ativan and gave myself a panic attack thinking it was going to cause me to have a heart attack. i want a little relief i have a fear of taking medication but i think i am ready to try something.
Avatar f tn Hi, It is possible that the ativan suppresses your anxiety symptoms when you take it at night and then when you wake up in the morning it has worn off... It is also possible that you were experiencing anxiety without knowing that you had it.. a lot of people have physical symptoms and don't realize that they have anxiety... I was prescribed ativan after experiencing my first panic attack but only took it for a few days..
1538831 tn?1294202802 Im not sure if this is just do to anxiety or ativan withdraw? Ive had very bad anxiety in the past and was able to get over it, ever since i had a panic attack about 2 months ago ive been feeling bad anxiety except when i take ativan, then i function great and almost all the symptoms go away. So .... my question is, i dont want to take anymore ativan but i need relief from this anxiety, and unreal state that im in, any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Ativan for my anxiety attacks about 2 years ago, I was having them sooo bad that I was in the ER every other night because I thought I was dieing or having a heart attack (silly, I know). But I have about 2 bottles of Ativan still, since I have overcome my anxiety about 6 months ago. I am wondering, when ive tapered low enough, am I going to get these bad axiety attacks again?
Avatar n tn I've been taking Zoloft for about two months for anxiety and depression. My doctor recently increased my dosage of Zoloft from 50mg to 75mg. I'm taking 50mg in the morning and 25mg at night. What I was doing was cutting a 50mg tablet in half for the night time dose. I did that for a week and a half and started to feel better. Here is the weird part, because of insurance reasons when I went to refill my Zoloft they gave me a bottle of 50mg and a bottle of 25mg.
Avatar f tn I'm diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and I need to be on some kind of medication. I cannot take SSRIs because every time I have taken them in the past, they have led me to become manic (though the diagnosis of bipolar disorder has been ruled out). Does anyone know of any medication I could take that is a mood stabalizer that wouldn't harm my baby?
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been on paxil for about 4 yrs,for my anxiety and depression, it has worked wonders for my anxiety, but lately my depression has got worse and just feeling uneasy,unmotivated. I go to my doctors in a couple of days and want to try a new depression med,but am afraid my anxiety will come back. What meds should I try. Ive been on Lexapro twice first time it worked quit it and started it again when I had my first anxiety issues,didn't work for my depression.