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Avatar f tn If you are not, I would absolutely suggest getting involved ASAP. If you can't afford or find therapy, a self-help workbook on anxiety will also help you. Learning about how to manage your anxiety works, but everyone's management techniques are different, and you have to try and find things that work for you. Good luck, and welcome to the board- you're not alone here, and there are plenty of people here who want to see you feel better!
Avatar n tn The most important thing to remember is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! It seems that many people feel like they are going crazy WITh or WITHOUT medications. I got extremely sick on Zoloft. I thought I was dying. Nausea, dizziness, shaking, blurred name it!! And I took this medication just to help me with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I discontinued it after 18 days because I was so sick and becomming depressed (which I wasn't before) and worse.
Avatar f tn Like JS...I've been there, done that. Oh my...I remember those first panic attacks. The one that made ME take that left turn was in college (even though I'd had them all my life). My silly mind then associated the panic with my dorm room (which is VERY normal in panic disorder)..and other to pack my junk..I never went back. What you describe is "agoraphobia"...forget about the fancy name...what it boils down to is "fearing the fear". Wherever you have a panic attack...
Avatar f tn If you have insurance you could seek a few sessions of counseling focused on anxiety management. (If you live near a university with a psychology clinic you may be able to get low-cost treatment.) Or you could do yoga, deep breathing, meditation, etc., depending on your interest. There are some good workbooks available through Amazon, or at a bookstore. Ex: Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick by David Carbonell or The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund J.
Avatar n tn This spring and last (at the same exact time, when oak pollen was strong) I got the constant burping and anxiety. For me, taking some Tussin product helped somewhat. Anxiety and allergies seem to go hand-in-hand for me and can produce some weird symptoms. Sometimes it helps just to know that's all it is. Hang in there!
Avatar n tn The best self help book i have have ever had recommended to me by a shrink is The Anxiety and Phobia workbook by Edmund J. Bourne, PH.D. You can find this book at any barnes and noble or other book stores. The Fourth edition is the best!! You will need to make it a part of your life and don't self doubt it!!!! It will Help if you follow it everyday!! I was diagnosed by many psychs and I know there is a way out!
Avatar n tn Hello and welcome! If you've been diagnosed with GAD, then medications would be appropriate. It sounds like you've had some long standing anxiety issues, and THIS particular exacerbation of anxiety is presenting itself with the jealousy and insecurity. Catastrophizing is definitely an anxiety behavior. I think you're on the right track.
Avatar n tn i recommend the anxiety and phobia workbook. it should be available through any town bookstore. it has good distraction methods which seems to me would help you. if you distract your mind from the pain, it goes away. eventually it will just stop coming back. every time you feel anxious use one of the distraction methods, such as saying the alphabet backwords in your head. hope it all works out.
Avatar m tn When I say issues I mean I just still have certain things that cause anxiety, or I still have some ocd things like someone tapping makes me explode, I can't read a magazine without re reading the last few words on each page about five times by turning the page, turning it back and reading the last words and do that five times or so. I still have to check and re check locks and stuff. And I have recently read that the dosage should be higher for ocd.
Avatar f tn Hello again. I'm going to copy/paste all of your different questions here, so we can reply to everything in one thread. Like I said in one of your other threads, it's much easier and less confusing to have one thread going with your concerns and questions versus multiple ones. That way, the responders have ALL the info they need in one place. To your questions.... Hi everyone I am new to this forum and I just wanted to share my story and get everyone thoughts and opinions....
Avatar f tn It may be worth seeing a psychologist to see if you can't learn some skills to help overcome the anxiety. The Phobia and Anxiety Workbook is a good book as well. Hope this helps. I know it is a little long. In a verbous mood today I guess.
4334575 tn?1403832612 Hello and welcome! I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time. Hopefully we can give you some ideas, and in the least, support. You're far from alone, so many people live with anxiety every day, the GOOD news is, it's absolutely manageable. So, what do you do?
4113881 tn?1415853876 Anxiety Intolerance Anger Defensiveness Mood swings Isolation Not asking for help Not going to meetings Poor eating habits Poor sleep habits The signs of emotional relapse are also the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal. If you understand post-acute withdrawal it's easier to avoid relapse, because the early stage of relapse is easiest to pull back from. In the later stages the pull of relapse gets stronger and the sequence of events moves faster.
6726276 tn?1421130268 I told him that I was dealing with a large amount of stress and anxiety was a huge problem for me. He told me that until I got control of my anxiety, my pain would control me. In that first month of taking his meds, my pain was not relieved, but worsened.
Avatar f tn CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is ideal for management of anxiety disorders, you can ask your doc about finding a therapist who is well versed in that method of therapy. As for the bradycardia, continue working with your doctor to see if they can determine a cause. Once in while, something like that will happen out of the blue, with no cause or reason. Just an an example, there is something called a vagal response, which involves the vagal nerve.
Avatar m tn Completely locked up in fear, despite the HUGE workload that I'm behind on (some my fault from missing work due to OCD related episodes, some just because the management here is horrible). I managed to get out of the house today only mildly late, I had to do all my checking of power sockets, stove, front door, but I did it, I said I did it out loud to myself that it was done and I just drove away and swallowed the urge to go back. I felt like this morning can be good...
97676 tn?1340408973 And you can find the same techniques, for a lot cheaper in a $30 workbook called The Anxiety Disorder and Phobia Workbook. Also, if Lucinda's program works so well for overcoming anxiety and depression, why did her husband kill himself? It/she didn't help him.
Avatar f tn yes.. i am a patient at a pain management clinic.. they are really great.. the neuropathy pain is very difficult to treat unfortunately.. i am taking effexor for the neuropathy and anxiety but it isnt helping as much as i would have liked..
Avatar m tn The sloshing around of the fluid inside the human ears is what creates the dizziness in many cases while driving or being in motion . . Stress and anxiety are aggravating factors . Please consult a physician and ENT surgeon for the management of the symptoms . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar n tn I was thinking of going to a doctor to get some drugs to control my anger and anxiety but lately i have been feeling that my condition is here to stay. I dont think i can improve the quality of my life or that of my family. My usual recourse was to plan an escape plan by which i would just disappear and leave my business to my brother and the house to my wife. That would just leave me to worry about myself. I dont know whether you have an answer to my problem but i sure hope you do.
Avatar n tn In PANS/PANDAS, sudden onset of irrational anxiety, esp. separation anxiety, OCD, (including needing to confess), anorexia, and frequent urination (even new bedwetting), and behavior regression are common symptoms. The cause is an antibody attack on the brain, not anything anyone did - not her, not you, not classmates or anyone. If it is this, then anti-anxiety meds, prayer, meditation, sleep, won't take care of it; needs medical treatment for whatever underlying infection.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks later I went in and he told me that my results were negative for both meds and my anxiety med that I take 1-3 times daily he said he had to discharge me. i begged him to give me another test and showed him that I had my patch on. they let me give another urine sample which again was negative. they said they could not prescribe me any more but did find a place that would take blood for a serum drug test. what withdrawls symptoms will occur and why would they not show up in my urine.
Avatar m tn Disaster psychiatry now plays a vital role in the evolving structures for preparedness and response in the fields of disaster management. Science and experience now address the tragedies of mass catastrophe with new systems. The challenges are massive for integrating mental health contributions into the practical requirements for survival, aid, emergency management and ultimately recovery.
Avatar n tn I was wondering what could that be from, I recently went to the emergency room, the doctor perscribed anxiety, but this feeling is worse than that, i'm very fatigue can someone give suggestions please. I' ve been taking the medicine perscribed and it doesn't work at all.
Avatar n tn Once I started to consider the idea that I had anxiety, things were in perspective for me. I bought an anxiety workbook and started seeing a life counselor. (Check with your employer - most companies have an employee assistance program) Since then, my symptoms have almost all disappeared. Every now and then I get a little shaky, but I take deep breaths, find some peace in the chaos, and balance is restored. Don't give up on the idea of anxiety just because YOU don't see your life as stressful.
Avatar n tn The fact that your ectopics have been visualized and deemed benign should be extremely reassuring. If it isn't, then you have a different issue, which is anxiety. I understand where you are coming from, as I spent years worrying myself (literally) sick over benign ectopic heartbeats. Sometimes I can go months with none, other times I am having several a minute including other atrial arrhythmias like SVT. Ectopic beats are not deadly in a structurally normal heart. Even a lot of them.
Avatar n tn The positive of drug is that it took away my anxiety and I felt great despite getting fat! So, I choose to be anxious than fat... what a shame. I guess all meds for anxiety do this. Wish the doctors told us all the truth before we took it. Hope this helps someone before taking this drug!
Avatar f tn I asked a neurologist and he said that he doesn't know what it is but is a common complaint among new mothers and people that have a lot of anxiety. I wish I could get to the bottom of this because I'm really getting sick of living like this. Has anyone had any luck healing themselves from this?
199177 tn?1490502134 it was very expensive so I am working on putting a free workbook together for those that cannot afford the Hazelton program. The steps did not provide me with a false personality, they changed my perception, I am no longer the same person, and if you are clean today, know that you too have become something better. My clean date is 8-23-04.
Avatar n tn I have not had advanced testing done in terms of CT scans and such because I have had enough anxiety about this. I guess eventually, I might if this non-sense continues. It's semi-comforting to know that other people have experienced this because most people think I am just being an old biddy about my issues and complaints. Haha.