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Avatar n tn this happened on a night 6 months ago after i drank alot of alcohol and was trying to repay my sleep debt the day after. since then, these twitches have been keeping me awake. i went to see a doctor and she said that it's most likely anxiety due, something i probably inherited from my mother.
306867 tn?1299253309 Hi Allaboutmary. I'm awake as well. I'm keeping watch over my 10 year old son. He's been quite sick with cold symptoms & spiking fevers for the past two days. Ugh! I was one of the people who posted, asking about lack of motivation, energy. I was using Tylenol #4 (Tylenol w/codiene) It's only been about 5 weeks clean for me, after about 13 years of daily use, so it's still early. However, one man wrote that he's still struggling with this after being clean two years.
Avatar n tn Nothings EVIL that keeps your mind on a drug free life...a little hipocritical coming from me, but work is what is keeping my mind off the Vicodin!
656198 tn?1226790436 What Bon-Bon said. Plus support from my family, church family and other friends who are rooting for me. But I would say that the biggest coping tool has been a medicine called Lexapro and also weekly counseling from a great psychologist. I tried Wellbutrin first and I totally came out of the shell i had drawn into and became my old self. Bright and happy and out-going. But then I was told that I was being laid off and my world came crashing down around my ears.
Avatar m tn Led on her lap and she was olding my hand keeping me aware off everthing making me sqeese her hand and started talking about what to do when im older keeping me awake then the ambulance came i kind off felt better The man said okay whats your name i said my name date off birth said it he shoon the light in my eyes Than he wanted me on the ambulance but i had no energy in me to move i was to sceard So thay carryed me on there!
4341997 tn?1514592288 but that worked best for me for sleep. Valerian worked for my anxiety, and made me a little tired, but didn't really help for sleeping.
Avatar n tn ) I experienced anxiety everyday for every hour I was awake. Not a good feeling to be tired and have anxiety. I let my anxiety overtake my life and used sleep as an aid to escape the feelings. That didn't work becuase the anxiety caused me to wake up periodically and I isolated myself to my home because of fear, which is a symptom. Isolation caused a lack in support. I held in my anxiety which therefore led to my panick attack and a cycle began. It just got worse! Until one day...
398624 tn?1266273049 If you feel you need a med everyday for anxiety then Xanax is the wrong choice. Let me know what you think......
2021910 tn?1339900286 My anxiety has been awful and keeping me awake at night, but i just deal with it because i know my meds aren't good for the baby. My ob never said anything about an alternative medicine i could take for my anxiety, but i do see my psychiatrist today about all this, so maybe rid has a good suggestion.
Avatar m tn The doctor did not examine me and simply told me that the steroids in the meds and the possible reverse reaction to Benadryl are keeping me awake and prescribed temazepam to help me sleep (which it did/does). I was detailing my problems to my mother that weekend when she suggested I speak to a client of hers. The woman is married to a chiropractor who practices natural medicine.
209987 tn?1451939065 We've all heard of seasonal depression, but is there such a thing as seasonal anxiety? Every winter it's the same thing...I don't get depressed, but I get anxious while being awake when it's dark. I've never been afraid of the dark...but for the past few years, I feel myself starting to get closer to panic attacks when the sun goes down, or before it comes up. Today was such a blessing...because of the time change I was able to wake up as the sun was just poking it's head up.
Avatar n tn You definitely sensed anger in my tone. Now you are sensing anger and frustration. Of course meds are a short term fix. That is (or should be ) class knowledge. However, as an RN and a third year pysch major I can tell you this with complete confidence. The meds will help. Let me put it this way.... remember when you were a kid and your mother (or somebody) would say "Keep making that face and it will stick that way forever"? Well, anxiety works similarly.
Avatar f tn I've had 2 psychiatrists and 2 Dr's say they can't help me as I'm not depressed and sleep well. I took all their prescriptions (SSRI's) which made me sicker than I could handle. Xanax is the only thing that helps take the edge off. The panic hits when I awake from a sound nights sleep. I'm on 4 mg from that time until Noon. The afternoons and evenings are fine. Then it starts all over. No one can figure out this pattern as yet.
358304 tn?1409713092 I'd explain it as an adrenaline rush of some sort feeling? My symptoms that started were the following July 30th (filming a wedding) took a quick break, felt my left thumb and lips tingling. This sent me into a panic attack for a second/then just straight anxiety. Slowly more symptoms came on: 1.Lightheaded (constant almost) 2. Visual whooshing/motion (when making fast head movements, looking up really fast, or down etc.) 3. Off balance (pretty much constant) 4. No appetite 5.
148057 tn?1231430591 I also cry at the slightest thing (which is probably a bit more normal) - but the anxiety is keeping me from feeling excited about my baby - which is a vicous circle because then I have anxiety about not enjoying him! I didn't have anxiety before the baby - do you think this is PPD? My OB started me on celexa 3 days ago - anyone have relief with celexa in association with anxiety, and if so - how long did it take to start working?
Avatar m tn Thanks rocket, I've pondered bringing up the suggestion of klonapin or a low dose of alaprozam for the anxiety attacks, but it seemed my doctor was even hesitant to start me out on 50MG Zoloft, saying thats the highest dose he gives to first timers to Zoloft, which is understandable. I might give him a call in regards to somehow asking for a low dose of Klonapin, though I don't want him to take the wrong impression, because of him thinking I'd abuse it.
Avatar f tn Are you in counseling for your anxiety right now? For me, individual or group therapy helped me confront and learn about my health anxiety...a little knowledge about why we are thinking the way we do can go a very long way in dealing with it, in my opinion.
Avatar f tn I really am looking forward to getting this test done to see if it answers any questions for me. So if I'm glad to finally be getting this done , why would I be having any anxiety? I have hardly eaten anything in almost 2 years, I just don't want to never or rarely hungry. If I do get hungry then I worry about how bad I'm going to feel after I eat. Could someone share with me if these BM and stomach problems are normal or not? They seemed to have gotten worse starting last week.
1139187 tn?1355710247 My depression went away and my jittery anxiety left me. I also had a lot of general muscle aches and bone pain (fractures and pulled muscles from the wreck), so I also asked my neurology doc to increase my pain drugs, which took care of that less problematic pain. In my opinion, when Hydrocortisone causes any of the side effects I had, you may ask your endocrinologist if he can give you one or all of the drugs I mentioned, depending on what your symptoms are.
Avatar f tn I can be sitting on my bed or something literally not thinking about anything and it will happen. To me this doesn't sound like normal anxiety, is it? I've had really bad anxiety for over a year now and I used to have panic attacks all the time. I still really don't have any idea what brought them on. I am really afraid that there is something wrong with my heart. I just don't think it's normal for such severe symptoms to come on so suddenly for what seems like no reason.
1319752 tn?1274429691 yes caffine does have a link to anxiety,especially if u r prone to anxiety caffine can be a trigger.. so u are not alone!!! just check u have no other issues with ur doc tho..
Avatar n tn My doctor is an addiction specialist and I know she will not let me get addicted to it. She said two perscripeiotn would help me through the rought spots. You might want to talk to a dr.
Avatar m tn 30 or so, only getting around 4 hours of sleep. I tried to get back to sleep but the people around me were up and keeping me awake. After a while of me laying in bed, everyone left except one friend, and me and him layed around all day being too tired to do anything, but not wanting to sleep the day away. That whole day I felt pretty normal.
363281 tn?1518219421 but reality is that I try to do my best and keep on going. I exercise alot..that helps!!!! Trust me. I know what triggers my anxiety and with this knowledge I keep myself away from those situations. Try keeping a journal it works for me. My finace helps me out alot too...when I feel one coming on he can see it even if I don't say anything....he holds me and tells me it will all be okay. I do yoga..relaxation exercises and those are very helpful to me..
Avatar n tn I am now on 10mg a day of Paxil and it is doing me no good. I feel a little better but the anxiety is still there. So, yes it does happen and No not to everybody. I have friends that are still doing E that ws doing it with me, at the same doses as me and are still doing it. No axiety at all. Ive read many things on the net and there are people out there like us whose heads get ****** up on E but i believe it is just a small percentage.
Avatar n tn However the rest of the night I found myself unable to sleep as I would awake with a strange start everytime I came close to drifting off. I did manage to sleep eventually. I post this here because lately i've been much more aware of my heart. It generally beats 90 a minute (15 beats every 10 seconds), and slightly faster while simply standing. I went to the doctor last year to get checked out and they didn't mention anything heart or blood pressure related.
Avatar f tn I dont want to take any more pills because the side affects are worse than the condition its self. I know its my anxiety keeping me awake and I cant take it anymore. Anyone have any advice?