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Avatar f tn I usually have heart palpitations and loss of appetite what could be the problem?
Avatar f tn I don't think you need to go to the hospital. Palpitations are very common when you have anxiety. Of course if you're feeling very scared and think it could be more than anxiety then think about going. I truly think it's anxiety though. Since you have been diagnosed with anxiety are you in therapy and or on meds?
Avatar n tn Since April I've had anxiety but I've been pretty good recently with it and i can control it now. And i've always had heart palpitations once a month or so, but recently i've been having them quite frequently, about 20 a day or so, and I've spoken to my doctor before, and she said not to worry because i had anxiety. However when i;m having my palpitations i'm under no stress or anxiety. I do not take any medication, i'm not overweight, i dont have caffeine.
8342885 tn?1397704523 Hi, the commonest cause for palpitations is anxiety. Palpitations are usually not related to posture. Besides anxiety, palpitations can occur due to hyperthyroidism( overactive thyroid), arrhythmias (altered electrical system of the heart), certain medications, heart failure, anemia and low blood sugar. So, if your symptoms persist consult your doctor for an evaluation. Regards.
Avatar f tn I believe getting your anxiety under control will reduce you heart rhythm problems. I believe many people don't feel PAC, the atrium chambers are the smaller upper chambers. PVC is usually felt, because it is a "real" extra beat, that is the beats we hear and feel are the ventricle contractions, and PVC is a ventricle contraction. It may be that they are sometimes coupled, that is a PAC causes a PVC.
Avatar f tn oh i am so worried, i need reasurance i think, i know i suffer with anxiety and have been tested for my heart before,etc, heart scan, ecg, 24hr tape but i have been having palpitations after eating certain foods, i am so worried so i went to see my doctor and she told me to go on beta blockers but i wont take them, my friend said that she had a 31yr old girl come into a&e and she had a cardiac arrest and died and she was complaining of palpitations, my friend is a nurse, oh that worried me s
Avatar m tn .Hi. In my case i was suffering from palpitations with no dizziness or breathing difficulty. the holter recorded a max rate of 158. Till now i have contacted 3 cardiologists, two told i have anxiety and one told i have psvt. all my test i.e ecg,echo,tmt are normal. no bp or i am on beta blockers. still i feel that my heart beat increase and when i chk the pulse it will be between 90 to 108. So i am just trying to concentrate on my daily life and avoid getting anxious.
Avatar n tn I know that while xanax will not resolve a heart issue, it does relieve anxiety...and many times panic attacks and anxiety brings on palpitations and skipped beats. I took xanax for a few months in 2005 after I had a SVT episode and I thought my world was crumbling. I was having rapid beats (not SVT) skip beats and palpitations that was related to anxiety. Xanax did absolute nothing for my I can say with great certainty xanax will not resolve a heart problem.
Avatar n tn Recently about 2 months ago i started having these crazy heart palpitations where i would feel like my heart is squeezing really hard and it would take my breath away while its doing it (5 seconds usually). I have been really fatigued, grumpy, dizzy, left arm numbness, right shoulder tingly sensation, trembling body, sweats, and all around body weakness. So back to the doctor i went.
Avatar f tn Exercise, Anxiety, stress, fear, Fever,Caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, diet pills, Overactive thyroid, Anemia, Hyperventilation, Low levels of oxygen in your blood, Medications such as thyroid pills, asthma drugs, beta blockers for high blood pressure or heart disease, or anti-arrhythmics (medications to treat an irregular heart rhythm can sometimes cause a different irregular rhythm) Mitral valve prolapse -- the valve that separates the left upper chamber (atrium) from the left lower chamber (ve
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Avatar n tn But after that, I know from personal experience and from alot of study on this, that it is the anxiety/obsessive disorder aspects of the patient that need to be addressed, not the heart at that point. Not unlike people who get headaches and are convinced they have a brain tumor (despite MRI's and seeing many doctors to r/o that as the cause) the anxiety-worry-stress-obsessive worry-anxiety cycle needs to be identified, acknowledged, and worked on with a good cognitive therapist.
Avatar n tn ESPECIALLY since more than one has given you the okay. Anxiety can make you really think you have a heart problem when in reality you don't. The more you worry the more you'll feel those symptoms. Easier said than done but you just need to relax. If you are still worried about your heart visit your GP and request a holter monitor and stress test. These will show you where you stand in heart health.
Avatar f tn I always get palpitations but the past week I have been getting them every day all day long on and off. Today I have pains in my chest and my chest feels tight... logic is telling me its just anxiety, Im worried though its something more serious. I know worrying is probably making it worse. Im wondering if what im experiencing can be a sympton of stress and anxiety?
Avatar f tn It really means you feel aware of something irregular with your heart rhythm. So many things can cause palpitations, such as anxiety or even drinking caffeine. What you need to do is establish if there is a serious underlying problem by perhaps organising a holter monitor through your Doctor. You wear this for a given period of time so it can record a trace of your heart rhythm during the palpitations.
Avatar f tn With regards to your son, I think that an ECG and blood work are good starting points for evaluating palpitations. An echocardiogram of the heart is likely to be normal but is important for ruling out underlying abnormalities in heart structure or function. I hope that this information is helpful.
2010625 tn?1329375656 Have any of you had heart palpitations without feeling anxious, or with no anxiety attack? I did an experiment and took an Ativan (I only take them as needed) to see if it would make them go away. That was an hour ago, and no change they are still there. I have been to the doctors a couple times recently, and they saw nothing abnormal. I guess anything is possible, but this just seems odd to me??? So what do you guys think?
Avatar m tn mine come and go, but sometimes they come for 24/7 and are every other heart beat so so scary, i have the flutter/ skips/ hard beats /fast beats/ etc and lots of anxiety to go with them been on a bb for years it helps but none stops them , they have a mind of their own they say stress causes them, foods etc etc, i have never been able to pin point why mine start or what stopped them so i feel your pain.
Avatar f tn Anyone else getting bad heart palpitations? They always say its normal but its getting really annoying. I even got sent home from work (Forever21) cuz I started crying. Its just really hard and loud. Makes it hard to sleep. How do you make it better?
Avatar m tn i started having anxiety and palpitations at the age of 15, i have been to more cardiologists than most people that actually have heart issues. i have palpitations with excersise and without. just depends. i dont have thousands like some. mine are just worrisome. like today for instance. ( im not going to be graphic) i was having sex which increased my heart rate. well then i got a palipitation. got scared stopped. continued and had another. then short time later another.
Avatar n tn I've been dealing with my heart palpitations on and off for 10 years or so. I've gone to a cardiologist many times and he can't find anything wrong with me. I even had a nuculear stress test to rule out blockages and echo test and was told I had a normal, 40 year old heart. The doctor said it was PVC's and PAC's which were documents on holter monitor. It only happens maybe once or twice a day, but it is ungodly scary when it does.
1373434 tn?1284824369 Hi there. I'm suffering from anxiety, and for the last 6 days I've had none stop heart palpitations. Does anyone else ever have this? Is it part of my anxiety? I've been to the doctors and they say there isn't anything to worry about, but it didn't help. They are worse when i wake up in the night for the toilet and it's really upsetting me. When i got to the doctors my heart stopped messing about. Typical.
Avatar n tn Doc says I have anticipatory anxiety. This sounds like the anxiety disorder and not your heart is the primary problem. Have you tried any medications for anxiety? I know the doctor is sick of seeing me about the same thing. What should a person do?? She already told me there is nothing wrong with my heart and every get palpitations but I can't accept that answer especially after getting the v-tach results years ago (1996).
Avatar f tn Can you tell me if it is a normal finding that a person gets either excited or stressed and they can feel their heart beating kinda of irregularly? I get that quite often and HATE the feeling. A for instance would be if I am stuck in horrible traffic and start to get aggrevated I can feel it kind of skipping or fluttering. I am a long time sufferer of PVC's and PAC's but I have be reassured by doctor after doctor these horrid things are NORMAL and everyone gets them.
Avatar m tn I don't know if its anxiety making it worse or it actually being worse and causing more anxiety. I think about my heart all the time. Even with medicine I am continually anxious. The idea of going back to the doctor to have him repeat all of those tests is terrifying, too. Have always read posts and never have done this before. I am so tired of living in fear every single day. I am on Xanax and Lexapro--but they don't help much. Just really needed to let it our.