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Avatar m tn Thanks. I'll post to the HIV Anxiety forum. I think the therapy is helping..I've only been in therapy for a month and a half. I know it's not a miracle cure and takes time.
Avatar m tn Honestly, I don't know much about exposure therapy for sensorimotor OCD. I have used exposure therapy for other types of irrational thoughts and it has helped. Have you been to see a psychologist about this or are you just doing internet searches?
Avatar f tn Hi, It started 6months ago where i had protected sex and unprotected oral sex with escort girl. I had done three tests from exposure. 1st 3rd weeks of exposure, 2nd 15weeks and 20weeks and all non reactive. After 4months of exposure i felt muscle aches and after 6months i felt itchy over my body. And today i felt my nerves pain. I had done 3 test which shown all non-reactive. The Dr tolde the STD tests are conclusive. Does anxiety can make nerves pain?
Avatar f tn A few months ago I had to be tested for hepatitis c due to possible exposure during an accident. I had to wait for 3 months for the all clear, which was awful. Now I can't seem to accept that I'm negative and worry constantly about exposing my family to my blood. Also, as my exposure was to dried blood I panic every time I see possible blood stain I panic. I have had PTSD in the past and OCD so I don't know which is causing this.
15695260 tn?1549593113 Avoidance is a very common coping mechanism. With exposure therapy which is a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT, a mental health professional will create a safe environment for their patient to begin to have brief encounters with their triggers.
Avatar m tn If your awakenings are 3 am or later, you need to shift light exposure to the evening since the morning light exposure could make your early awakenings worse, not better. The more effective approach to all types of insomnia, including middle of the night awakenings, is cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which I have discussed at length in most of my prior posts. Dr. Jacobs www.cbtforinsomnia.
Avatar f tn You did just fine thank you! I have been in therapy and it hasn't helped. Don't say it's the therapist, cause I've tried all sorts of them. I am working on exposure, etc. I know you also got off meds. I just really want to know if you or her Greeness are doing better with or without meds I guess. I know what I have to do to get better and I'm fighting the anxiety monster all the time through exposure, meditation, etc.
Avatar f tn ve been clearly told that HIV is not a reality for your situation, you need to talk to your medical care team about treating the anxiety. How anxiety is treated is based on the individual and depends on things such as how much the anxiety is impacting your day to day life. Some can control their anxiety through use of coping skills and lifestyle things. That would include meditation, mindfully distracting yourself, deep breathing, regular exercise, healthy diet, good sleep, etc.
Avatar f tn I want to get back into therapy and NOT be on medication again. Just wondering if a Psychologist or Psychiatrist would be better.
Avatar m tn Suffering from severe anxiety. Obsevilly dwell on what if and keep thinking the worse. My hiv anxiety has come back and it's haunting me. I can't sleep my son got sick and wife started thinking what if I got it and passed it to them. I mean my wife would make since but my son don't but I still in my head keep playing out what if's. My exposure was work related and you can read my post on hiv prevention forum.
Avatar f tn t let symptoms define ur exposure and also, if you have anxiety seek help. I will be searching for a good therapist to help with my anxieties and phobias. Once again thanks to the people that answered my questions and doubts. God bless all.
Avatar f tn If you want a more active anti-anxiety therapy, you can try cognitive therapy, which will offer specific anxiety treatment and exposure therapy. No technique is proven to be better than any other, but cognitive therapy is believed either rightly or wrongly to be the quickest treatment for anxiety. And also remember, all therapy will take some time, and each patient will need a different amount of time than another patient.
Avatar f tn Before three month, i was very stressed and afraid that i caught hiv from non risky exposure. One day, i felt something rush from inside to my shoulders and start getting very hot and i felt a sunburn sensation on my shoulders. This feeling remains till now and has spread to my arms, fingers, back, neck and my legs. I feel the burning sometimes under the skin and sometimes on the skin. I wake up every day with redness around my neck and red dots. Can this be anxiety?
Avatar m tn Hi There, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Therapy is not readily available here and it is quite costly, so i need to find another way to get help to alleviate my anxiety. the link that you give me is spot on. Guilt and Doubt are my main factors in my anxiety. I doubted myself what if i "accidentally" repeated my exposure without having any knowledge of it.
Avatar m tn I've been dealing for a few days with anxiety about a possible exposure. I have been able to do my work, but I don't know how long I can cope before my next test at 6 weeks. I've been taking Citalopram, but my anxiety only seem to worsen. I have a long story of health phobias. I've been referred to a psychiatrist due to my history. Anybody has some helpful tips on how I can cope better? Should I continue with Citalopram?
Avatar f tn Hello. I am suffering from a great deal of anxiety right now and could use some support. A month ago I may have had an unprotected vaginal exposure, but not sure due to drinks being involved. I may have had something put in my drink- and while I do recall certain things, I can't recall all. While waiting to test I keep thinking the worst, prepare myself for a life that will be cut way short, and have a hard time functioning. I have a young son and am married.
Avatar m tn How does therapy help anxiety? Is that really any different than talking to a friend or family member?
Avatar f tn In ocd basically the things which make you panic or anxious, you need to get more and more exposure of these things ,this is called exposure and response prevention therapy, so if all those thoughts which embarrass you , you need to think of them again and again, all those things which remind of you those thoughts like his songs, videos you need to get exposure of all those things , at first your anxiety will shoot up but then with time it will come down and you will feel better then.