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Avatar n tn One reason I can see sense in perscription drugs over OTC. They work and you aren't getting crazy with anxiety and pain. When you're body is getting better, it's easy to stop because TAKING them feels unatural, uncomfortable. I know the idea of putting that **** in your body almost hurts, but in the long run, it may work out better. Major stress will never be good for anything (not even SVR). Okay, my speech is over!
Avatar f tn I'm really anxious about taking medications for anxiety, but after having limited success with counseling, exercise, etc. only to be caught back up in another anxious cycle I'm giving an SSRI (Prozac) a try. After reading the VERY LENGTHY patient inserts from the pharmacy, I'm troubled by whether there are any 'unlisted' drug interactions or something like that that I'm missing. The doctor is aware of daily medication that I'm taking (ex.
Avatar m tn For the sweats just stay as comfortable as possible, use Immodium for tummy, Melatonin for sleep issues(OTC), and eat lots of bananas and take hot baths for the leg problems. The worst days will be 2 and maybe 3 and it's like having a bad case of the flu. In fact if you need an excuse and you're not comfortable telling anyone what's really going on then use the FLU excuse, it works wonders.
Avatar m tn I have access to Xanax and Klonopin to help with the anxiety and sleep issues, but what can I buy at the drug store, OTC, to help relieve the withdrawal symptoms? I tried to detox and was on day four without anything but couldn't take it anymore.
Avatar n tn Still the Immodium helped with the bathroom issures and the otc pain meds and benadryl. You will prob. sneeze alot any yawn like crazy at times, it is normal. Heating pad for the RLS will help Best wishes on your quit,............
365103 tn?1203283268 I dont think taking the codiene is a good idea when you are coming off opiates, just take some nyquill "without the codiene". Try some melatonin or something like that for sleep. I would take a hot bath in the wee hours of the night just to get some more sleep before i had to up. Good luck to you staying clean again, it's so worth it.
Avatar n tn My husband uncovered his addiction to me of use of Seed type pills OTC, by making unethical decisions concerning his job, losing his job, thankfully not going to prison or facing other charges by the state, had the police and the drug dogs search our home while telling me it was to train the dogs, having 2 of our grown sons buy the otc drugs because his purchases were too frequent and it was turned in to our local police, we lost our home due to no income and now he has depleated what little he
Avatar n tn good medical team .some sorta support,total commitment to doing the trx-Gotta gear-up,clean-up and straighten-up and are going to need all your strength&mental clarity-GOODLUCK!!!!!
256607 tn?1248903104 I just wanted to comment on the anti-anxiety drugs you were prescribed. Is it Xanax or another type of Benzo - I just wanted to warn you that if you do decide to take them - BE VERY CAREFUL!! They are addicting and the w/d's are worse then opiate w/d's. If the pill alone is working for you then that is great! I have very bad periods too - pain wise and emotionally. Once I get my next check up I am going to consider the pill. I quit smoking over a year ago now - so I think it would be ok.
Avatar n tn Most of us addicts can not taper period! Unless we have someone hold the drugs for us and dole em out as planned. I know i could not! Peace...
Avatar f tn Wondering..... Does anyone know if it is okay to take homeopathic OTC drugs while taking Armour? I am not talking about homeopathic to aide in Thyroid function, but for other reasons, like anxiety, cough, headache or whatever the problem may be at the the time. I just bought some "nerve tonic" for my PMS. Are there any herbs or homeopathic remedies I need to stay away from while on Armour Thyroid?
4626633 tn?1382600722 I want to try natural. Anyone with severe anxiety find anything OTC or herbal that truly helps? Or is it a lost cause? I would strongly suggest never using benzo's to help get off opiates. Not what I used them for, but I see people do. Detox off benzo's made opiate CT seem like a Sunday walk in the park...
2010625 tn?1329375656 I also hope the meds you took to help get some sleep were just OTC products. The very last thing those of us with anxiety need is to get involved with street drugs. I sincerely believe that if you put your energy into this, you will find someone willing to help you.
Avatar n tn The medical community is doing a diservice to the public if they do not recognize depression anxiety as a side effect for taking these drugs and state or state so on literature.
Avatar n tn The problem is, any sort of drug -prescription, OTC, or street- is the main cause of my anxiety! I have ALWAYS felt like I am going to have a strange horrible (and usually deadly) reaction to medicine, even if I've taken it before. But then it ACTUALLY happened. I had seizures from my birth control patch, which has never happened to anyone else (and there are a lot of claims against the patch). So now I'm afraid to take anything.
1508698 tn?1360219310 If u r having issues sleeping, there r some OTC drugs/supps/like valerian root that can help alot....small doses of valerian can help during the day as well with nerves. Theanine, which is in real green tea also helps. 5htp and magnesium at night can help too. I wish u luck.
534800 tn?1217170959 I have literally tried just about every product on the market, both OTC and prescribed, and they all work at first (a few days) then - nothing. Anti-anxiety meds help a bit with the racing heart and white noise in my head every night because I can't fall asleep, but I've become rattled with the idea that over time, I'll actually be decreasing my life span from not getting enough sleep, aging faster than I want to and stressing my heart (all downsides to poor sleep for years).
674555 tn?1272603976 my questions are my resting heart rate is now around 64bpm (used to be around 80-90bpm resting) and its kinda freaking me out ( i check it usually 10-15 times a day) should it be this low i dont take any beta blockers or other drugs that would lower heart rate, however i was recently prescribed vicoprofen (7.
1700643 tn?1464850282 I think that's why I'm all the sudden feeling awful,unmanageable anxiety the last3-4weeks.It makes sense.Im gonna call the doctor right now.I do need otc anxiety meds regaurdless though so please all recommendations r very appreciated.
Avatar f tn do NOT take the ST. Johns Wort in conjunction with any prescription drug, as it can cause reactions that you don't want.
Avatar f tn The problem is EXTREME ANXIETY and irritable to the point of losing it. Please any suggestions on what I can take that is natural would be a blessing. I really need help. I'm very scared.
Avatar f tn there are rx drugs that are not habit forming that can help...some use benadryl which is otc...some ADs are good for anxiety...buspar is what i used a while is not habit forming and it kinda works fast unlike ADs that take weeks to start working...another drug called dilantin in small doses is used for anxiety and is not habit forming ..
Avatar f tn I may want to mention that I rarely sleep on my back, but that night I did. And, I had a small anxiety attack before I tried to fall back to sleep that morning. I am also currently taking .5 mg of Ativan before I go to sleep and during the day when I need to.
Avatar n tn You did a bunch of drugs and believe that is what triggered your anxiety. You have tried to eliminate certain things to see if that would help your anxiety. Now you're thinking your masturbation should be the next item on the chopping block in case THAT is the cause of your anxiety. It's not, OK? You might as well blame the fecking lettuce on your BLT. I believe the last time you and I talked, I suggested that you would definitely benefit from therapy and I'll say that again now.
Avatar n tn My thoughts on why - First lots of people in this country with anxiety compare all anxiety drugs to Valium... and, unlike Valium, Buspar doesn't have any immediate benefit, isn't sedating, in fact may even be associated with some increased alertness, and doesn't make you feel any kind of buzz. The most typical side effect that we see with this medication is a transient flush or energized state that lasts for perhaps 20 minutes after a dose.
550027 tn?1215770864 I have been on various medications for a genralized chronic anxiety disorder. A few days ago I was unable to refill my prescriptions, and find myself unable to for a while. I have been on Cymbalta for at least 2-3 years, within the last 8 months adding Wellbutrin to the mix. I take Klonopin tablets as needed. My question is how long should I typically experience the effects of the withdrawal of these medications?
Avatar m tn Concentrating on the positive is certainly more productive than allowing the negative ones to control us....I have not had to go on anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressants, nor do I take anything to help me get to sleep..I have enough medication in my system...I recently (last month) had to give up my job and go on disability..After working for 33 years, that leaves alot of "Feel Sorry for me Time".....
Avatar n tn I had been a daily smoker (2-3 times a day of high grade MJ) for the past 4 years. I loved it until I started to experience anxiety and paranoia when I would smoke. So, I decided to go cold turkey. I also just ended a pretty toxic relationship at the same time. This relationship was filled with verbal abuse and constant mood swings from my very unstable EX-girlfriend (no wonder I self-medicaed with pot)..