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449946 tn?1205493932 I was told my two doctors that I am suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and I would like to know what the symptoms are.
Avatar n tn My son is almost four years old, and i know that he does things that are just not normal. I have been told by others that he may have an anxiety disorder. He clams up when we are in a social situations. He will want seperate himself from others when we are in a group. He throws tantrums when put in a large group. We have not been able to fully potty train him because, he hold in his bowel movements to point where we have to give him an enema. I thinks it because he is afriad of pooping.
Avatar m tn I suspect the above poster, robrob76 is correct - probably separation anxiety is the issue. I might suggest you google the phrase "separation anxiety and children" or "behaviors of anxiety in children" or "anxiety disorders and children" or similar words/phrases. There is lots and lots of information on the internet re this topic with many suggestions of excellent books that are available on-line, in bookstores or your public library system.
Avatar f tn Am I wrong to make him play? -- your question No. But, by your own words, "it's the same process every year". I feel that your son suffers from an anxiety "disorder" (probably social anxiety) which is different from being anxious or shy. Anxiety disorders affect the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person and as thus, requires specialized help in learning how to "manage" one's fears/anxieties.
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Avatar n tn how hard is it to diagnosed? what is the prognosis? what are some potential treatment options? I can't find any decent information about this disease on the internet except for the wiki entry which sounds chillingly familiar and also fairly dismal!
398624 tn?1266273049 GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) lasts lifetime if not treated. klonopin is better than xanax. but dont get addicted to benzos.
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Avatar m tn In my opinion, HIV Panic Disorder deserves its own seperate category in the list of anxiety disorders. It evokes curiosity that many of us develop the same symptoms in a similar time frame. Upset stomach, lymph nodes, the infamous tingling sensations, fatigue, mouth ulcers, mysterious body aches and pains, etc. are very common among people here.
Avatar m tn For the past several years, and up until about 6 months ago I suffered from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, a condition which dramatically lowered my quality of life. To all intents and purposes, I am now cured of my anxiety condition. I can say this because I no longer have panic / anxiety attacks and it does not control my lifestyle in the way that it used to.
Avatar n tn Anxiety can be a difficult disorder with which to deal but it is highly treatable and prognosis for early intervention is excellent. I wish you the best ...
Avatar n tn Anxiety is a disorder that is highly treatable and the prognosis is excellent for early intervention. Your daughter will need help in learning how to manage her fears; she will not outgrow her anxiety nor will it go away.
Avatar f tn There are many books, as well, on this topic. Severe separation anxiety is called separation anxiety disorder - whether this is the issue with your son or not, I'm not sure. Whatever, rest assured that anxiety is a very common problem with children and with proper intervention the prognosis is excellent.
Avatar n tn First of all, the prognosis is very good, and that is most important. Yes, anxiety can cause a tachycardia and arrhythmias, so if your internist does not have any other physiologic reason for the tachycardia, that is the best bet. Regarding sleep, yes, it can definetly wake you up, just like a scary nightmare can wake you up with a tachycardia, here you have the effect without any memory of the image that caused it.
780665 tn?1239030149 My symptoms haven't gotten worse but also haven't gotten better and I'm beginning to feel frustrated, I am also fearful and am starting to think that this won't go away and I'm going to feel this way forever. My question is 'does anyone ever REALLY make a full recovery from anxiety/panic disorder and if medication is taken do the symptoms just re-appear once withdrawl starts?
4173379 tn?1355360151 He also found out during the geno-typing that his internist did that he has a hereditary genetic metabolic disorder that causes him to store excess iron in his body. He has been doing so since birth. All this iron built up, first it deposits on liver, causing much damage to organs, in particular the it is very likely that the damage to liver could have made his immune system weak due to underlying systemic condition that he was not able to fight off the Hep C virus.
Avatar n tn What is PAT? Are you born with it? What is long term problems or prognosis with it? Can it go away and not return? Stress related? Can all these symptoms I have be stress related and due to too much adrenaline? When I do take a beta blocker I still feel adrenaline surges, but my heart does not respond to racing with it. I feel well otherwise, just troubled by what any, if at all these mean. All readings in summary, I have been told I have nothing to worry about, just relax.
Avatar f tn I know of course that it depends on the individual but I wonder if someone could give me an overview of what Borderline Personality Disorder is?? I've always suspected my mother had some kind of mental health issue but she has never acknowledged there's a problem so will never get a diagnosis. I don't 'need' her to be diagnosed but certainly feel like some information would be helpful in accepting/understanding some of her behaviour over the years.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old has been diagnosed with obsessive/compulsive disorder. He also has violent mood swings. He has tried Risperidone and he is now on Prozac along with the Risperidone. Tell me, will he be on Prozac for the rest of his life, if he does not side-effect from this med? If this curbs his anxiety and helps his violent side, will he need this forever?
Avatar n tn Panic, Anxiety, etc. I'm wondering whether my son is having panic/anxiety issues? Or is that too early?
Avatar n tn Dear Jill: Adult Onset Still's Disease (AOSD) per se does not cause panic disorder, however some of the treatments for Still's disease can. Is your husband taking intravenous immunoglobulin, cyclo- phosphamide, azathioprine, alpha-interferon, or any other medications? I can give you a better answer if I have this info.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 33 female, I suffer from panic disorder and PVC's. I have been to a cardioligist who feels I am OK but scheduled me for a 24 holter and a stress echo. I have a family history of heart disease - my mother had arrythmia and passed away last year from a heart attack. That's part of the reason I am worried there is something wrong with my heart.
Avatar m tn For the week after surgery and the 2 weeks in rehab I had very little anxiety and no fear of panic attacks. The anxiety only returned on the last day of rehab. My headaches have returned also. It is very frustrating to have gone through brain surgery and come out worse than before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
1006035 tn?1485579497 So shyness tends to wear off eventually (spoken from a shy person as well). Social anxiety is different and is a psychiatric disorder. When my son was just a little younger than yours, he started preschool. He had some articulation issues with speech which made things difficult for him. If people couldn't understand him, he didn't want to speak. It made casual conversing difficult.
Avatar n tn We are all anxious and anxiety and panic attacks can be quite a problem but ordinary doctors should think twice about giving this ruling unless it is obvious. There are anxiety/panic disorder specialists and they are the best one to make that determination. Taking anxiety medications without a diagnosis can cause damage. Some of these medications can be a nightmare to get off of. Even if and when you are properly diagnosed for anxiety certain medications will work better then others. 2.
Avatar n tn 11 years ago I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder,after fainting with seizure activity and then for an entire year I had anxiety out the yang. Anyway,it comes and goes.Well I thought maybe the fainting was a one time thing.I was checked by doctors a neurologist and had a MRI,EEG,BLOOD TESTS,CAT SCAN.I was fine for about 5 to 6 years not much anxiety and no fainting.Then it hit me hard I fainted 4 times in a year and a halfs time.
Avatar n tn I too have suffered years of anxiety, panic attacks and a type of health anxiety. I am no longer pregnant (as I posted this query on here a couple of weeks ago stating I was 3 months pregnant) as I lost the baby last week. I am now able to start taking some anti migraine pills. I will let anyone who is interested in the results know what happens.