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173939 tn?1333221450 I agree with jdtm's comment. All of have an individual learning style and many of us are "hands on learners". There is a good deal of information on the internet about this and you should check with your local library for books on this topic. To start, you may wish to do a google search "children's learning styles". In additon to this, we are all hardwired with our own individual temperment. The environment we grow up in certainly can and does shape our temperments.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Best of luck to all who suffer from anxiety, it's a lot of reading, I'll give you that, but being informed about our mental health is priceless~ Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Learn how to break free from this common anxiety disorder that involves chronic worrying, nervousness, and tension. Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder – Learn about the causes of panic attacks, how to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of panic, and regain control of your life.
Avatar n tn But offcourse its not a big deal blame it on anxiety. Everything i get should be blamed on anxiety. WHat if its a real thing?????? PLEASES SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.
184674 tn?1360864093 Herein lies the problem we're having with his homework anxiety. If he has math homework or some kind of hands-on project, we're all good. Even reading isn't too big of a deal most days. But writing, spelling, and phonics? Heaven help us all. Meltdowns are starting to get pretty regular--about as regular as they were in kindergarten before I found out how severe his vision issues were. He doesn't want to write his paragraphs because he doesn't want to constantly correct his phonetic errors.
Avatar f tn Absolutely! When I look back at my childhood I see the same behavior patterns that eventually led me to a pdoc to find out what was wrong with me. Back then I did not know why I acted like I did and my condition was untreated.
Avatar n tn Amphetamines withdrawal These following symptoms started after I stopped using amphetamines Symptoms - Fatigue - Imaginary disorders - Irrational worry about my health - Disturbances in sense of touch - Various aches and pains - Stomach and digestive disturbances - The conviction that i'm frail and suffers - Sexual difficulties - Problem maintaining attention - Irritable and out of sorts - Difficulty breathing - Easily becoming tired - Uneasiness - Tight muscles - Sleep disturbances - A chronic
Avatar m tn anxiety state or (d) depressive disorder. I know nothing of the mental health of my mother’s parents or grandparents and so am unable to draw on what could be a useful knowledge base to explain the origins of my BPD. 1.3.
752574 tn?1265477208 OCD is an anxiety disorder. Frankly, your description of your daughter does make me wonder if anxiety might be the issue - not necessarily OCD but one of the other anxiety issues.. I mighht suggest you google the phrase "anxiety and children" or "anxiety and teenagers" or "anxiety and perfectionism in children" to see if any of the descriptions remind you of your daughter. If so, there should be some advice re this issue from your reading.
Avatar n tn but when a person resists carrying out a compulsion, anxiety is increased. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is disabling and often time consuming and interfere significantly with people's normal routine, occupational functioning, usual activities, or relationships with friends and family members. Well-controlled studies that medication and behavior therapy or a combination of both is effective in significantly reducing the symptoms of OCD.
4059843 tn?1541422896 I have had so many people tell me that i am going to get there, that i am going to get over this perfectionism thing, and that i am going to have a successful future.... I believe them but at the same time i dont believe i will ever get out of this. I have even thought of leaving school in year 9! I mean that is sort of crazy, but i am so bad that i go to sleep every night at 12, and by doing homework my latest was 3:30am. i cant do it anymore, i feel stupid and know i am.
Avatar f tn Sorry you are having a time of it with panic just now. When a person suffers from an anxiety disorder, it is important to accept and learn to deal with it. My psychiatrist told me several times to 'go slow', or 'go with the flow'...things like that. It isn't about time so much as it is about our anxious thoughts. Try to leave early for scheduled events. When I worked I always left before it was necessary, and tried to enjoy the drive, instead of stressing about traffic.
Avatar f tn Yeah thanks man I really appreciate you replying, and just to clarify I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety. I have been diagnosed with OCD though. I have a problem with perfectionism with my OCD, along with excessive hand washing and a complicated "germ" phobia. I sometimes have to have everything absolutely perfect in my areas and if they aren't I start to freak out. Also it just happens randomly sometimes too, like it can take tens of minutes just adjusting one thing in my room.
Avatar m tn My son has sensory integration disorder. We've worked on it for a long time so to most, his issues aren't even noticeable. (yeah). He can have some quirky things that he does too. He and I talk about things rather openly. We work on what is not great in terms of friends. The good news is that so far, no kids seem to be noticing or making fun of her for this or excluding her. Sadly, that stuff does happen.
Avatar n tn A couple of things run through my mind. First, with the idea of pressure and perfectionism. Perfectionism is one of the leading causes of people being unhappy. No one is perfect and if that is one's standard, they never feel good enough which is sad. One thing you can do is think about how you handle things yourself. Are you a perfectionist? Or your spouse? What we can do is talk about our own failures to our kids.
Avatar n tn Because things can be harder for him but he is also quite intelligent, he also struggles with perfectionism. Perfectionism is a rough way to go for kids (and adults---- many depressed adults have perfectionism as a side issue). Being perfect is impossible and a standard that sets one up for failure their whole life and in everything. So, try to help her with it, Here are some age appropriate things to do with an 8 year old.
Avatar m tn Would all this fall under anxiety, ocd, or perfectionism??? I would say for me..probably mostly perfectionsim..i like things to be organized,except for the last 3 months...i guess i am taking a break on all of it!!!...because of lack of energy and motivation.
142354 tn?1228250348 I take wellbutrin and have had no depression while on tx, but I did experience a one day bout of anxiety that almost flipped my lid. I was ready to go to the ER. I waited till the next day and saw my doc, by then it passed. Good luck, best wishes and continued success!!! Keep killin' those little critters!!!
Avatar n tn no one can say for certain why one person who is exposed to certain stressors (abuse, perfectionism, depression) will develop an eating disorder and another exposed to the same thigns will not. Wish we knew. We would be closer to a cure. In the mean time it is so important to embrace feminity and the natural curves that go along with it.
Avatar f tn From a lay perspective I expect the connection between the two could be stress and anxiety related. Perhaps relaxation exercises would be helpful? Have you spoken to your dentist about the TMJ? The expert on the dental health expert forum here is very good and he has had a previous interest in psychology. It could be worth posting there as well. When we feel vulnerable we also tend to percieve pain as being more intense. That doesn't really help when we already feel stressed and tense.
12182312 tn?1427687556 Arthritis, asthma, allergies,Bipolar disorder, behavior and learning disorders – ADHD/ADD, autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases, cancer, depression, high anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, perfectionism, panic disorder, addictions, PMS, chemical and food sensitivities, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), infertility, hair loss, anemia, elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, memory loss, violent behavior, hypothyroidism, skin rashes, he
Avatar n tn Hello, I wanted to know if anyone might be able to help, I have a 9 year old daughter who shows signs of rigidness, black and white thinking, uncontrolable impulsitivites, hates changes in routines, poor social skills, fixations on details, along with depression, perfectionism,attention problems, and other behaviorla issues as I am sure you can imagine the ones that go with a few of these, she started at age 4 with these, has seen a PSYchatrist, and 2 neuros, I said she had ADD, maybe a PDD, ano
1036540 tn?1252767731 This original posting does not sound like OCD or any anxiety disorder. Many anxiety issues do have perfectionism as one of the behaviours but the more common "anxiety" behaviours are not present in your description. Hope this helps ...
Avatar m tn We took her first to therpay and then to a psychologist at Children's. She was diagnosed with OCD, high anxiety, innate perfectionism and sensory integration disorder. She is in fourth grade now, on medication and doing wonderfully. She have found the happy, social girl who was smothered by that mess of anxiety. Often, these behaviors don't present until they start school and have to spend the whole day trying to fit in and meet expectations. An evaluation couldn't hurt.
1574975 tn?1317075690 A loss, an extended period of high stress, a major life change. This little gene then comes to life. And anxiety/depression/any other mental disorder is set in motion. People who do not have the defective gene tend to self-recover from crisis, people who do have the defective gene have a harder time because there is something wrong in our very biological make-up that prevents us from becoming well as fast as others.
Avatar n tn While it fairly common sometime during the pre-school years to show such perfectionism and intolerance of obstructions, the degree to which this occurs with your niece is not within the normal spectrum. These may be early signs of an anxiety disorder, and at the very least indicate a problem with management of frustration.
674607 tn?1240020832 Does this have anything at all to do with BP2 ? Or am I dealing with a totally separate and additional symptom or disorder here? Either way, what can I do about it? Hell(p)!
414333 tn?1226195093 I am taking the benzos for an anxiety disorder(obsessive compulsive disorder) but ever since i started taking the benzos which was over 4 1/2 years ago I have gotten mentally sicker, do you know if benzos can make you feel like you are going crazy? I also feel very physically sick.... And I don't know what to do.... My psych told me to come off of my ativan 2mg over the course of twenty days, and I have been on and off of them for 1 1/2 yrs....
Avatar f tn Anemia, Blood sugar instability, Bone density loss, High blood pressure, low sex drive and/or difficulty achieving orgasm, Joint pain Thyroid disorders, Aggression , Anger, Depression, Inability to handle stress, Guilt or feelings of worthlessness, Excessive sleep Mood swings, Slow thought processing speed, Forgetfulness Attention deficit disorder, Hyperactivity Failure to finish tasks.
Avatar m tn My twin brother has ocd also. In my teenage years, I developed social anxiety disorder and cleanliness phobias. I no longer have those. My condition morphs/changes. My main symptoms are perfectionism, neatness and list making. I will spend hours making lists. Everything needs to be planned so that I don't forget anything and things are done "right". I don't really have germ phobias anymore. I am constantly thinking/planning and analyzing. My brain NEVER stops!!!