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Avatar n tn Majority of anxiety/panic attacks is caused by an individuals thought process, then turns into a physical symptoms. Before having body parts removed. Doctors would try to find the root reason for anxiety/panic attacks, and medicate. Such as if your adrenal function was diagnosed abnormal, they would medicate first, before surgery. If your 23 and healthy, consult with a therapist to figure out why, your having anxiety/panic attacks.
Avatar m tn No risk even if the tissue paper had blood spots or strains of an HIV positive person. If HIV would have spread externally, I bet ever 3 in 5 person would have been HIV positive now. HIV virus outside human body can only survive under clinical conditions in a laboratory. You dont need testing absolutely.
1282335 tn?1275356215 Hello, i just read your post, you poor thing. I was just recently diagnosed with GAD (general anxiety disorder) I've been struggling with is since end of May, I've lost weight and all. I've been too many many docs, and it's all anxiety. So, I went to an Internal Med doc today (best advice yet), and she said many people struggle with anxiety, depression, etc, due to the lack of Magnesium. If your mom goes to a all natural food store, home health store, in that range, she needs to pick up Mag.
Avatar f tn hi i had a problem, i wanted to study medicine but i quited and studied engineering whicch i feel i dont like it and i regret it always in addition when i had a problem i keep blaiming myself that i am not intelligent i should be smarter to know this problems at work i had problems there were no projects but since i started i dont feel myself in, and motivated, in addition i always hate job and like own business, i am not sure if this is a true feeling or this is a mental health problem i f
1515545 tn?1291399364 I finally found a psychiatrist who actually listened to me unconditionally and he diagnosed me with social anxiety disorder and he prescribed Abilify in addition to my Wellbutrin but he decreased the dosage from 200mg to 150 mg and also I take klonapin when it's necessary and it's quick relief but I cannot drive after consuming it because it makes me sleepy I sure abilify will work quickly.
Avatar m tn It is hard to believe that anxiety can do that to you but reading your statement, it seems that all the things have been done on your check - up to rule out any serious illnesses that could cause the symptoms you are experiencing. If you already feel that Zoloft is working for you, then that confirms even more so that the symptoms were caused by anxiety. These medications usually start showing there full benefit in about 6 to 8 weeks. The Doc.
1515545 tn?1291399364 Do you have a history of anxiety at all? Has something happened in your life recently that could possibly trigger anxiety? The best thing you can do is get into your doctor. Get them to test for any possible medical causes and then if they feel its anxiety they can go from there. My anxiety began in a very similar manner and I remember how scary it was. So I really hope that you are able to see your doctor soon. You will find lots of support and advice in here so stick around.
Avatar m tn My doctor explained to me that it was an excess of oxygen in the blood from hyperventilating when I begin an anxiety attack. I began doing the whole "breathing in a paper bag" thing when that happens and seems to help a lot.
Avatar m tn paper cuts are normal, dont get me wrong- getting paper cuts from the same source as maybe 6-7 other people is not normal, that is what im saying
570240 tn?1232858026 First of all, my mom and her dad are both Bipolar. My dad has depression and some type of anxiety disorder. He said he doesn't know what it's called but when he described it, I could relate really well b/c it sounded like me. The part that sticks out to me is the anger part. I've always had a had a temper, but my parents and I just thought it was normal, but it seems like the older I get, the more out of control it gets. Something else I've noticed is my dad's dislike to answer questions.
689528 tn?1364139441 So my son (almost 4) has been diagnosed recently as having social anxiety disorder. When we are in public situations like a fair or even a small room with plenty of people he either acts out or cries. It takes him a VERY long time to warm up to some people, especially other kids. I think his teacher thinks he's autistic because he doesn't acknowledge the other kids. I run a home daycare and he will play with the kids here. He also talks to adults that he knows well.
1263071 tn?1270297845 My MRI is clean and I keep hearing you might want ot consider conversion disorder over and over again. I am discouraged though because I have been to a psychiatrist that ruled that out. So I have half drs saying MS and half saying conversion disorder. Has anyone every experienced this and do you ever feel like you leave your dr office like you have just had the wind out of you? How long have some of you had to wait for your diagnosis? Did people say you were nuts?
Avatar n tn He/she should be able to give help with this disorder. If not, then ask for a referral to a specialist with experience in anxiety disorders in children. Three years old is not too young to have this issue addressed.
Avatar m tn I agress with you, most of the PDoc, Doctors and Psychologist will put the blame entirely on the anxiety and say that it's only severe panic disorder with agoraphobia and OCD about my heart, they will say that it's normal that i'm exhausted cause the anxiety overactive my cardiovascular system and my minds are always running fast so that's why i'm tired all the time, but I don't stop to complain and told them that it's not normal to feel like I feel now!!!
1379808 tn?1279331310 Anyways my mother has terrible eating habits she eats basically nothing and I have adapteded to this the only difference is I am replacing food with non-nutrious objects such as plastic, paper, cardboard ect. I just don't know what to do to stop this I don't wanna bring my self to eating because I don't wanna put on weight but I wan't to stop this because I'm scared the chemicals might hurt my body. Please help me what do I do? P.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 years old and I think I have a compulsive scalp picking disorder. It all started with just a little scab on my head, about three year ago. I couldn't stand the little imperfection so I used my long finger nails to pick it off. Then I noticed all the other little perfections on my head and all the little chunks and flakes of dandruff. Now I have several scabs and sore spots on my head and I can't stop picking! I think that the habit is disgusting!
Avatar n tn He said something about a flow line being flat--which led him to the diagnosis of Vocal Cord Disorder. Wrote a script for an anti anxiety drug--with referral to Child Psy and vocal training. Gave me the medical literature-about VCD but the whole picture doesn't fit for me. I took her off the advair he had her on and went back to her old meds. Called our GP in the am. he was concerned because I had made additional changes in meds and felt that it could be a problem.
572651 tn?1531002957 And major depression is often accompanied by chronic somatic pain (ie, somatic pain disorder). But somatic pain disorder is just one type of somatoform disorder. Conversion disorder is another type. And there are other types, as well, and each type is very different from each other. Moreover, it is important to remember that the term, "somatoform disorder," is not equivalent to "dissociative disorder." I hope this was clear.
Avatar n tn I have had panic disorder many heart rate was a common complaint but in all my years I never noticed the skipping til one day I was ehausted and dehydrated.. I am getting better and have learned to ingore them..I still do tend to notice them after excercise. I have just come to the conclusion I have probably had them but neve noticed them before. I am managing panic/pvc's without medication but it is so hard when your heart is racing close to 160 bpm...
Avatar f tn Migraines can also be triggered off by stress and anxiety, glaring at a computer screen for too long or by flashing lights. He needs to get a brain scan done to find out if there is a problem with his brain or whether the migraines are caused by other reasons. People who suffer from migraines do experience sensitivities to sound, touch and smell. People with depression are not always aware that they are suffering from depression and will get engrossed with "their own" thing.
Avatar f tn In order to explain my difficulties, they came up with somatization disorder. I spent yesterday researching somatization disorder, all over the world wide web. I then RE-researched the neuropathic pain which brought me to them. You know? The ones I didn't know existed when I went to the doctor to ask what was up. I've been treated for neuropathic pain for three years. Trigeminal neuralgia and severe rib discomfort and pain (like I'm being vacuum sealed from the inside).
4059843 tn?1541422896 I have taken many tests online, and the mostly said i have paranoia. And anxiety. Well i definately know i have anxiety. But anything else i want to find out,.....
Avatar f tn hi, i know how bad this can be! I have had anxiety on and off for about 10 years. Once it starts it is hard to stop. i am currently on zoloft and wellbutrin and have been panic free since i started the meds, but it has not done much for the depression. i know one thing that really helped me is realizing that anxiety attacks are experienced by alot of people, perfectly nor,mal healthy people. knowing you are not alone is a good first step.
7603392 tn?1393176350 I'm not sure if this is what you have, but I was diagnosed with GAD. GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) causes me to over examine situations. When that happens my mind makes the situation seem bigger than what it actually is. For instance, if I have a simple dizzy spell, I get this rush of fear and truly believe that I must be dying of a horrible misdiagnosed disease. I have insomnia every night, and when I do finally fall asleep, my body wakes up in 4 to 5 hours and I can't fall back to sleep.
Avatar m tn You have certainly got a lot to be proud of given how hard it has been for you to deal with your depression, anxiety and frustration. You may not be surprised to learn that there are not simple answers to the problems that you have had to wrestle with your entire life. When I approach someone with a story similar to yours I find that I need to take a lot of time doing an assessment.
Avatar f tn And the blasted subconscious can then cause a person intense anxiety, that can morph into a full blown anxiety attack, because the body reads this as a "flight or fight" response, and pumps out more adrenaline, etc. This is at the heart of many anxiety attacks, phobias, etc. If you ask a person why it is they are phobic of spiders for instance, they can't tell you from a logical standpoint.....
Avatar m tn I over-analyze everything such as my pulse, funny feelings in my arms, my eyesight blurring, etc. I went to a few doctors and they told me I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. They prescribed me pills to take but I quit them all because they all cause horrible sexual side effects that just create more problems.
Avatar n tn Although associated genes for bipolar disorder and autoimmune thyroiditis have yet to be identified, autoimmune thyroiditis may be an endophenotype for bipolar disorder. However, many factors act together to produce the illness. People with bipolar disorder often have abnormal thyroid gland function. Because too much or too little thyroid hormone alone can lead to mood and energy changes, it is important that thyroid levels are carefully monitored by a physician.
Avatar m tn If your all the investigation reports came back normal, then it is likely that it could be a panic or anxiety disorder that you have faced during last event and currently experiencing. Cause of such panic disorder mostly remain unknown but in this disorder you may feel symptoms like shortness of breath, feeling of choking, pain in the chest, nausea, stomach ache, feeling dizzy, tingling or numbness, chills /hot flashes, bounding heartbeat or fast heart rate, sweating, shaking etc.