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539549 tn?1315985262 yes i've had this happen. I have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder, mood disorder, in the same family as bipolar) and have attemped suicide a few times and have been hospitalised for it. if i watch a movie with someone who attempts or succeeds suicide i get a lump in my throat and then it's like my emotions go back to those times that i attempted and get depressed all over again... :( I don't know if this helps or not, but you're not the only one, you are not alone! good luck, stay strong!
Avatar f tn A quick reply because I'm on a public computer. Thanks for your replies, I definitely appreciate it! First of all, I have a pre-existing anxiety disorder that I've had all my life, so what you say about twitches makes sense in that regard. I should have mentioned though that although the twitch started when I was in a state of anxiety, it continued for ten days whether I was anxious or not.
Avatar n tn Makes sense - Prozac is SSRI and is used for anxiety disorders. OCD is an anxiety disorder. By the way, I know of several children who have been mis-diagnosed with ADD and/or ADHD when in fact, the correct diagnosis should have been an anxiety disorder. Severe anxiety will mimic behaviours of ADD and ADHD. I wonder if the dose of Prozac is correct or if the medication is correct. Some of the newer SSRI's tend to give better results - you might want to discuss this with your psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn hi i'll try to make it short- well ive had anxiety disorder since this january. and i havent taken any medications (yet!) i do get very dizzy or feel like im running out of breath whenever i get nervous, scared.etc and Yes, is ometimes do feel like its not the stress or anxiety, but some brain issues, anyhow, im trying to overcome these problems by myself, without taking medications. i strongly believe that u should take some time and try to relax...
1348086 tn?1370786785 You've asked the million dollar much anxiety is situational, and how much of it is related to your anxiety disorder? We all have those struggles, for sure. That's the thing with having anxiety, we are always overly focused on how we feel, we analyze everything to death, and sometimes, we're our own worst enemy. Stress is a normal human reaction, and NO doubt, anyone who would be dealing with all you are would be stressed, anxious and/or depessed to a point. Who wouldn't be?
Avatar f tn Hi i am 20 year old female and i have been suffering from anxiety for the past four years and its really taking hold of my life and relationship with my bf...I am looking for some answers..i keep thinking something elsa is wrong but i have had many test done and nothing has shown...they put me on e medication called welbutron cause i suffer from depression to because of my anxiety...
Avatar f tn I was an anxious kid during my whole childhood, and did later on end up diagnosed with panic disorder, but my anxiety was unrelenting and nothing my parents did made a difference. It wasn't a fleeting "here and there" thing. THAT kind of chronic anxiety (typically) would be a daily struggle and very obvious. Like the others said above, many times for a child, anxiety can present if there was a trigger. I'll give you an example.
398624 tn?1266273049 GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) lasts lifetime if not treated. klonopin is better than xanax. but dont get addicted to benzos.
Avatar n tn You should talk to her pediatrician. You need to find out if she has a severe case of anxiety or some other condition causing the restlessness. I don't know if they do sleep studies on kids or not. She could easily have a food allergy - the symptoms from food allergies can be weird like this.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have a 7 year old son who started having fears and anxiety of movies on tv and in the theater around the age of 5. He refuses to watch any child movie such as Toy Story, big hero6, lego movie etc. I don't understand it. He also refuses to play sports as well. At school he is very smart. He does well in math, spelling and reading. He also has had a nose twitch that he has been doing for about a year and a half.he has a "nervous" energy. We live in a stable home.
782818 tn?1298268188 I've been diagnosed with Rumination Syndrome (involuntary and effortless regurgitation of food/drink within the first 30 minutes of digesting) and my GI doctor suggested I see a counselor at my university to see if I have an anxiety disorder. he said RS has been linked to that, but I don't know if I really need to see anyone about it.
Avatar n tn It is scary to think you have a personality disorder, but you sound more like social anxiety to me. I also have struggled with this and my friends have called me a hermit at times. It is a result of low self esteem - now, my goal is to figure out why my self esteem is so low, and work on it. This is what you should focus on also.
Avatar n tn She has some concerns over other's people's germs, but so far has not interefered with her daily life. However, she has periods of anxiety (usually in the fall), whereby she'll obsess over something (eg. worms, or rabies) and gets many stomach aches at school. This past fall the stomach aches were so bad, she was given Reglan which helped but caused acute OCD and depression. It took 2 months to resolve and she's back to her old demanding self.
Avatar m tn I mean I think I like a certain movie and someone will say it's full of evil meaning or illuminati symbolism. I've found that having an anxiety disorder so many years has stripped my confidence and trust in my own self, and this stuff is depressing and gets me tied up in knots. And no, I don't have delusions, it's just I try to stay interested in things and this stuff is everywhere and makes my anxiety worse.
1041243 tn?1375234120 , I won't go into detail because I don't want to trigger anyone else's anxiety, but I'm sure you can see how many of the popular movies this time of year would bother me. Today there was a slasher movie marathon on that after a month of prodding my family got me to watch.
Avatar n tn In the past three years it has become apparent to me that Sabrina has some other form of mental disorder, I just couldn't put a name on it. Because the downward spiral kept getting worse, I took Sabrina to a psychiatrist. I emplained to him that I am CONVINCED Sabrina has a mental illness besides ADD, and that I need help in diagnosing it and treating it. Without even saying anything really, he set up an appointment with someone in his office and gave me and Rx. Then he left.
Avatar n tn Another possibility - GAD - generalized anxiety disorder. You might wish to google the phrase "GAD and children" or "children and anxiety disorders" or similar words/phrases to read more about this issue. If you think this could the problem, write back and we will be able to guide you toward finding help.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone. New to this site. Well I fear that I have health anxiety. It all started of wiht a Kidney Infection. And now I fear I have cancer. I have a bump on the inside of my nose and am constantly worrying over it. The fact that my left eye also feels a bit weird. Cant really describe it but am worrying that its related to that. I just turned 20 and fear that I'm going to be like this the rest of my life.
Avatar m tn Still not on facebook I havent had time with this panic anxiety disorder always on the hospital... mom sick there just hasnt been time in my life for me.
Avatar m tn There's still no guarantee that you've got anxiety and/or panic disorder. Your doctor will help guide you to a person who can properly diagnose you. Your issues may stem from something else, or they may not; regardless, help is out there for you, as is this place.
574118 tn?1305138884 the author continues to describe euphoria and depression and says the latter sometimes produced by influenza and certain drugs especially the sulphonamides even anxiety follows head injuries i can relate very well. all started with me after the car accident in 2002 when my head hit the glass shield as i was sitting beside the taxi driver. directly after, i couldn't stand on my feet lost 10kgs of weight and broke into tears and serious depression.
1492418 tn?1289152863 I too have a stressful appt tomorrow and feel myself slipping into my crazy panic thoughts and movies in my head. What the heck, I've been doing pretty well but this is getting me. I've been sick for 15 days with a cold that is getting better but my ears are still getting plugged which is making me dizzy which is one of my big symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone I was wondering is someone could help me figure out if I have OCD or another anxiety disorder or if I have some other mental health problem. My problems seem to have started earlier this year when I started talking to a girl. I have always seemed to have trouble talking to girls, especially ones I liked, and it was hard at first talking to her. Long story short she became my girlfriend and I ended up having sex for the first time.
Avatar m tn They can be a combination of things - for instance, I am bipolar with anxiety disorder. You may have a similiar problem but first you need to get your mother to listen to you. You need to make it clear to her that you want/need to see your family doctor because there IS something wrong. Perhaps if you share the some of the things that go through your head with her, she may take you more seriously. It may be difficult for you to share but sometimes it's the only way to get people to hear you!
Avatar n tn Things that other children find 'exciting' eg school fair, movies, birthday parties, going to the football, really cause a lot of anxiety in my son, even though, sometimes I know he wants to do these things. We went to the zoo last year and he was petrified, screaming etc. I know how hard it is, I find it quite socially isolating as alot of people assume he's just being naughty.
Avatar n tn I am told that it will take me 18 months to see a neurologist. If this is anything beside anxiety disorder, I'll be dead in 18 months. Should I ask for meds from my doctor? At least if they work I'll know for sure that it is anxiety disorder. Also, should I use my employee's assistance program to see a psychiatrist? I have no idea what to do next.
Avatar m tn I was on 5 mg of norvasc and i started feeling worse. I started having crying sp[ells and extreme anxiety and a feeling in my chest as if there was sand in my heart real strange. So when i started crying uncontrollably i knew i needed help i called up a phsyciatrist and made an appt. he gave me 10 mg of paxil and that was that but i was still having problems, of lethargy, dizziness, shortness of breath and sleeping problems. I took blood work and it came back positive for Lupus.
19264658 tn?1474865461 and I went straight into a better hospital but they told me I had an anxiety disorder and gave me a prescription for ativan 0.5. Which I only took half of a pill and completely knocked me out, so I refuse to take it. I slept at the hospital that night and the next day I went to feel up my prescription to a pharmacy literally 3 minutes away from the hospital and I started to feel anxious but I managed to go in the store and had 3 panic attacks while waiting for my meds..
Avatar n tn I don't feel that I'm afraid of relationships, I just feel that being on my own is preferrable to even what would qualify as a good relationship. I don't think those feelings fit anxiety, I've had anxiety issues in the past and its just not the same because before I had a physical reaction to how loud and crowded places seem to be and now it's just... indifference.