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Avatar m tn i informed my doctor he said it anxiety disorder and the nurse i meet yesterday said it s also anxiety guys is possible that anxiety could give related symptoms like that?
Avatar f tn I don't know wat it is but I feel like I have an anxiety disorder. I feel like I have broken relationships with ppl which leads to probs in school. I worry a lot and it takes me about four hhours to ccomplete homework. Idk if that's normal. I barely take time off. I get mad over everything and have mood swings. Nd I don't want to seek therapy unless I really have to.. I don't my parents would want to take care of two therapies now. I'm not interested in the things I used to love. I need help.
Avatar m tn I have read many posts on this site of similiar situations, however he differs in his adamant denial of the anxiety disorder. He will not take his meds, he will not go to therapy because he doesn't think it is in his head. He sleeps all day when he is not crying his eyes out. He can't work, he is falling behind on his bills. He has been to a mental health hospital twice for two weeks each time and basically that was because he said he would commit suicide if he has HIV.
Avatar f tn I have been told I have general anxiety disorder for over 10 years and really have not done much. When I exercise alot I feel better so I assume that helps. I have read waht it says about it and I do not worry exessively, it does not interfere with my job, but lately in the last 3 years, I can tell i am changing.
Avatar f tn By the way, anxiety disorder is a common side effect of HCV. I developed both anxiety disorder, and mild depression from the virus, before I ever was aware that I had the virus. I also developed vertigo, which I never had prior to having HCV. I think that it is interesting to read Naomi Judd;s accounts of having HCV, and her anxiety disorders, agoraphobia, etc. that developed along with her HCV disease.
Avatar n tn hi i'll try to make it short- well ive had anxiety disorder since this january. and i havent taken any medications (yet!) i do get very dizzy or feel like im running out of breath whenever i get nervous, scared.etc and Yes, is ometimes do feel like its not the stress or anxiety, but some brain issues, anyhow, im trying to overcome these problems by myself, without taking medications. i strongly believe that u should take some time and try to relax...
Avatar n tn My boyfriend suffers from a general anxiety disorder and I need your opinion. We are thinking about moving in together and getting married but we are not sure because of his anxiety. It's somewhere in the middle in terms of how bad it is. Some days he is all fine and some days he is all messed up - usually he gets all irritable, has to run somewhere and do something just to try to get rid of feeling anxious, he gets stomach problems, sometimes mild panic attacks, depression, fatigue...
Avatar f tn hi i too have a anxiety disorder i know that because of it you can get scary thoughts like loseing ones you love something not going right and that can turn into panic attacks sometimes when i need to go to the food store i get so stressed because of it and before i even get there
Avatar f tn im 17 and well im asking because well the past week there was a boy who like me was coming to talk to me every week and I started to get belly ace wanted to faint nausea and being scared of him (although I like me too) then I did something to get him upset I was mad at myself then looking at a form about imaginary friends ( I was trying to give up on them but it was hard the person who was getting the same trouble as me a doctor told him that because he cant give them up because he have social a
Avatar n tn She has a mom who understands it and can help her deal with it. My mom also suffers from anxiety and panic disorder and she has been my rock in dealing with it. In college I would call her at 3:30 am and she would talk me down. Breathe with me, teach me calming tecniques and most of all love and support. Over the years, she has helped me deal with this disorder in so many ways. I agree with suzi-q. Let her know you understand but keep down-played.
Avatar f tn My anxiety attacks usually come out of nowhere. I'm always asking myself...Is this an anxiety attack or something else?! From just what you are describing, it certainly sounds like anxiety to me! Are you taking any antianxiety medications?
453798 tn?1262637021 Keeping control of the anxiety seems to be just as hard as keeping control of the sadness. I am about to jump out of my seat today. I am full of excitement and just feel so good about this month. During ovulation, it seems to be such a high! I love this feeling! Then the 2ww is about up and down, feeling this twinge, that twinge, this cramp, that cramp, whether bbs are sore, nauseated, and so forth. Not knowing whether it is AF or BFP. Then comes the day of the test.
Avatar f tn In the beginning I went to a psychiatrist who assessed me of having a borderline personality disorder and emotional instability. I took many pills during the treatment such as Dianxit and Cipralex which didn't work on me, then Afeksin, Faverin, Sedoxil and Nodiril. However, I was not getting better. Around December I changed my psyschiatrist and he told me that all I had was Anxiety only.
Avatar n tn I am 29 years old and have been taking Effexor (75mg) for about 2 years now for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and was diagnozed with PCOS a year ago when I stopped having my period. My husband and I want to start a family in the next year or so. My doctor said that I must start weaning myself off the effexor as it can be harmful to a baby. Secondly, she said that I will probalby need fertility treatment in order to get pregnant because of the cysts.
Avatar m tn You don't have anything more to fear from anxiety disorder then thyroid disorder. Both are illnesses that need treatment and if they are left untreated will probaly bring you more serious problems down the road.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am newly diagnosed with OCD and an anxiety disorder (generalized, I think). I was prescribed Zoloft 50 mg about three weeks ago by a psychiatrist my therapist sent me to, but I have been too anxious to take it (worried about side effects freaking me out). I have recently become very anxious that I am possibly having a heart attack. Last Friday, my best friend called 911 and they hauled me off to the hospital.
Avatar m tn i have wicked bad anxiety i had a therapist and i have took meds my whole life i was wondering can a move trumatize you i seen a movie when i was 10 and that move scared the crap out of me it was sick and descusting now im 19 and i can still see it in my head and it cuse me too have panic attcks it was the movie hannabli lector i hate that movie to this day i see it in my head and i wanna throw up i refuse to watch it again this happens to me once in a while idk what do and i have a colpusvie th
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from Anxiety disorder for the past 30 yrs.. I have been in therapy, and have had bio-feedback. I can't take "any" antidepressant drugs because I have a terrible reaction to everyone that I have tried. And my doctor has tried all of them from A to Z and the same things happen, my tongue swells, my throat closes up and my blood pressure drops really low just to name a few of a list of side effects. My doctor has been treating me with Xanax 1mg twice a day.
1348086 tn?1370786785 You've asked the million dollar much anxiety is situational, and how much of it is related to your anxiety disorder? We all have those struggles, for sure. That's the thing with having anxiety, we are always overly focused on how we feel, we analyze everything to death, and sometimes, we're our own worst enemy. Stress is a normal human reaction, and NO doubt, anyone who would be dealing with all you are would be stressed, anxious and/or depessed to a point. Who wouldn't be?
3166043 tn?1514263618 I've had a panic / anxiety disorder for over 13 years. About 3 days ago or so I started getting heart palpitations while laying down after I took my Serequel to get ready to sleep. They would last about a half hour to a hour and 15 or 20 so palpitations I would eventually fall asleep. I thought nothing of it but then it happened again the next night and the next ect. I started developing panic attacks cause I was concerned that I had a heart problem or something was wrong.
2005453 tn?1328242171 How long did you stay on anti depressants? I had all of those symptoms before being diagnosed with server panic disorder & anxiety. I'm currently on Fluoxitine (prozac) and it started working within days but i wasn't completely feeling better (not all the way normal) again but WAY better after 4-5 weeks after taking the meds, I also take 2MG of Xanax extended relief!
Avatar n tn I've been DX'd with panic disorder and general anxiety disorder, with a chronic fear of cardic disease, making me cardio-phobic. With therapy and Klonopin, my panic attacks are under control, however, my chronc anxiety and hypervigilince of heart diesease remains, even though my cardiologist says my heart is fine. I'm also on Toprol and a diuretic for mild HBP, again, caused by my anxious state.
Avatar m tn Ive been dealing with anxiety for many years now and within the past couple of months I get a feeling like my heart isnt beating fast enough. I dont know if im holding my breath or what but when this happens if I breath more it seems to beat faster. Usually with anxiety I thought your heart rate rises but with me it seems to slow. Ive been to a cardio and had every test done and the only thing found was benign pvc's.
Avatar n tn I think you might be dealing with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I might suggest you google the phrase "anxiety and children" or "GAD and children" or similar words/phrases to see if the description remind you of your daughter. If so, then the next step is a trip to the family doctor. I wish you the best ....