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Avatar f tn For most of my adult life, I've been on a weight loss & gain yoyo w/ a BMI of 25 to 30. When I set my mind to it, I lose weight healthily (1-2lbs/wk) via weight watchers, but I constantly feel starved & eventually fall off the wagon. I've always (for as long as my memories go back) been inflicted w/ a consistent & persistent large appetite for mostly healthy foods (just too much of them). I previously combated that w/ regular vigorous exercise 30-90 min/day.
148354 tn?1211237506 I tried yogurt but I cant exist on such limited diet anymore and my dr is no help just tells me I can do this on my own,I'm very tired most of the time,rapid heartbeat and weak (alot of anxiety issues too)will I ever get my appetite back and be able to eat right again? Any advice appreciated,ty!
Avatar n tn s have done all blood work for liver disease and they are all perfect, the Dr said. But this loss of appetite, it kind of started a little before pregnancy too, one day I would eat a huge meal all day long, but other days when my anxiety was really bad, I would not get hungry. That is the time I did all the bloodwork and everyhting was perfect, Thank God. COuld this all have been caused by my severe anxiety?
433485 tn?1321816990 They are often caused by anxiety medications themselves, but are also caused by the anxiety too. I have random nausea with my anxiety and often have a loss of appetite, both of which are neither helped nor worsened by my medication. It's also possible that you could have a hint of acid reflux (commonly paired with anxiety) and that is causing some nausea. Sometimes acid reflex helps cause anxiety while anxiety causes acid reflux. Good luck and hang in there!
Avatar f tn She has been seen in our local hospital (we don't have a family doctor) and therapy with Mental health has been arranged starting in a month's time. One of my big concerns right now is her loss of appetite. The mornings are absolute hell, trying to get a couple of mouthfuls of food into her. One of her most prevalent reactions in her attacks is stomach pains.
Avatar n tn She was seen by a cardiac electrophysiologist and an ablation was done on 10-22-07. Since the ablation she has continued to “feel awful”. She is extremely shaky, weak, has loss of appetite (she eats very little but has not missed any meals), and seems almost like a caged animal (pacing/ can’t be still) at times. She returned to the ER (her internist and the electrophysiologist were not available) on 11-8-07 with same type symptoms along with head/face ache.
Avatar n tn I have had night sweats, sore upper back, lump in throat, a feeling of falling backwards (dizziness), nausea (esp in morning and before meals), an electric buzzing feeling, loss of appetite, gagging on food, weight loss (funnily enough). I found paxil worked well. It didn't remove all symptoms but I cared about them less and some went away after a while and some I realised were normal but harmless. Good luck.
Avatar f tn For most of my adult life, I have been on a weight loss and gain yo-yo with a BMI range of 25 to 30. When I set my mind to it, I can lose weight healthily (1-2lbs per week) via weight watchers, but I constantly feel starved and eventually fall off the wagon. I've always (for as long as my memories go back) been inflicted with a consistent and persistent large appetite for mostly healthy foods (just too much of them).
Avatar n tn It was quickly followed by an inability to focus, concentrate, or remember things. The came the headaches maybe in March. On an off for a few weeks I've had strong loss of appetite, and it's odd because I'm a diagnosed compulsive eater. I'm not morbidly obese, but I am obese. Previously I was diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, but after taking meds for a few months and still feeling terrible all the time I stopped taking them, and never tried anything new.
Avatar n tn Hello Trixb, I have had the same problem for a long long time. I have had chronic sickness, loss of appetite, and was also told I could have BS or Crohn's Disease......I have been back and forth to the hospital for 2 years havin CT scans, X-Rays, Bariums, Ultrasounds, Camera's down my throat and up my back passage also. Still nothing!
901807 tn?1287019388 All of my anxiety / brain fog is GONE! Just a word of caution...lyme is very controversial. The mainstream doctors and infectious disease guru's deny that Chronic Lyme exists and feel it is easy to diagnose with good tests and easy to treat with 2-3 weeks of antibiotics. This just isn't true and there have been no double blinded studies to show that lyme is eradicated from the body with a short course of antibiotics. This is why you need an ILADS trained doctor.
Avatar n tn They can sometimes produce a transient loss of appetite. SSRI medications can have drug interactions. You should consult with your doctor or pharmacist prior to mixing them with other medications.
Avatar n tn I take an anti-depressant/anxiety medication, and one of the side effects is an increase in appetite. That might be beneficial for you. I don't think you are losing weight because there is anything else wrong with you, but to be reassured this, it might help to see a primary physician. I think you are suffering from anxiety, I really can relate with always thinking about my health. It is kind of like a flight for life experience.
1806721 tn?1554337007 Can you please share what can be done to stimulate appetite? I'm starting to become symptomatic from the rapid weight loss - dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue...... Please help me!
Avatar n tn I'm never tired. Not all year. The only kind of weird thing is I have no appetite as of around 1 month. It's really hard to eat enough food. My family doctor has not given me any thyroid hormone because of my weird TSH, and sent me to a specialist. I just saw him today, and he said that I should be cold, miserable, with flu-like symptoms, unable to exercise and rapidly gaining weight. He has absolutely no idea why I am showing no symptoms of hypothyroid.
Avatar m tn Possible Adverse Effects Headache/ nervousness - common Insomnia/anxiety - common Nausea/diarrhea - common Weight loss - common Drowsiness -rare Sexual dysfunction -rare Rash -rash This information is from The Canadian Guide to Drugs and Supplements. It is been compiled by the Canadian Pharmacists Association and published by Reader's Digest.
Avatar n tn very bad social phobia (became apparent during middle school and has continued), depression, unusual hair growth on face and body, fatigue, muscle aches, trouble sleeping, acne, headaches (they come with the social anxiety i guess), migraines (though not many), low appetite, weight loss, im not sure about menstrual irregularities i have't noticed.
Avatar n tn Has also had some sort of severe sleep disorder. Takes ambien now to sleep, for he talks about having out-of-body sensations upon trying to fall asleep, that his body is slowing down and is afraid he won't be able to breathe. I'm a bit concerned about ambien dependence, though he takes only 10 mg a night. Has also awoken up twice with the loss of ability to move fingers on his left hand. Doc says he may have carpal tunnel.
1448936 tn?1363209946 I'm in counseling at the moment and my therapist is not too concerned about the weight loss. She said once we tackle the anxiety the weight will come back with my appetite. So if my therapist isn't concerned I didn't think I should be. She doesn't think I have an eating disorder, she thinks I just need to get the anxiety under control so I can start feeling better. She suggested snacking on small meals throughout the day instead of eating larger meals.
Avatar n tn dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, vomitting, stomach ache,flushing,head ache or migraine,loss of appetite,weight loss, anxiety or restlessness,shakiness,increased sweating,ringing in the ears,strange taste in mouth,or weakness. I haven't experienced any weightloss, or decrease in appetite, in fact, I'm always hungry and I've gained a ton of weight, but that may be because of taking both drugs together.
Avatar f tn no sleep, nausea, vomiting, panic attacks, loss of appetite, irrational thoughts, feeling of losing control, or that something really bad will happen, etc. I then decided to take the Remeron again and the Klonopin only as needed. I did that the day I relapsed and the next day I was already doing much better. I called my OB and told him what happened and he said to get back on Remeron but not the Klonopin and then see what the Specialist advises me.
Avatar f tn - constant internal shaking/vibration (upper body); - palpitations; - fatigue; - difficulty sleeping; - anxiety; - tremor; - weight loss; - appetite change (decrease) Test Results: - Ac. anti-Thyroglobulin(TG)= 146 (range: <60) - Ac. anti-Peroxidase(TPO)= 39 (range: <60) - TSH= 3.63 (range: 0.55-4.78); - T4= 18.4 (range: 11.5-22.7); Medication: - Alprazolam (0,25mg)= 1/2 morning & 1 night What it could be? Any insight will be gratefully received.
Avatar m tn Depression Hypo Mania and Mania then there is BP 1 and BPII Depression is the slumps can include loss of appetite or excessive appetite, low energy, loss of interest in things that used to interest you, loss of libido, increased or decreased sleep, feelings of low self worth, shame feelings, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of hopelessness and despair or thoughts of the previous mentioned. Can include thoughts or plans for self harm.
Avatar n tn I experience all different kinds of physical symptoms due to my anxiety.... Upper abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, chest pain, dizziness, and just plain crying....oh, and yes..l weight loss.... Honey, I'm sure you're fine... The fever is probably nothing to worry about because I get them sometimes too... You will live and you'll be there for your kids. DO YOUR BEST AND TRY TO STOP THINKING YOU HAVE CANCER!!! And another tip....
Avatar m tn And yes, I eat more than enough protein. (I eat normally now). I have severe fatigue, brain fog, no libido, loss of interests, darkness under eyes, dry mouth, irregular appetite, tooth enamel erosion, slightly decreased vision, and always weak. I also undergo a strange change in symptoms whenever I physically exert myself too much for a number of days in a row, or become extremely stressed.
118074 tn?1228332603 The day after I took it I was VERY hyperactive, had a loss of appetite and had problems sleeping. These side effects were gone within a week. After two weeks I started on the 50 mg dosage and had the same side effects for 1 week. After that, no noticable side effects. I also wanted to mention that I have LOST weight on Zoloft despoite the fact I have not modified my dietary or exercise habits.
Avatar f tn You report being depressed with rapid weight loss, loss of hair and recent loss of menses. You have symptoms that could reflect criterion leading up to an eating disorder. I would seek medical, psychiatric and psychological help now. For more information on eating disorders, visit our website. Take our free confidential female survey with instant results to explore whether you have an eating disorder. Best, Dr.
Avatar m tn After reading a lot of forums, I am finding that the increased anxiety, terrible headaches, loss of appetite and the wired, jittery, trembling is normal for a few weeks until it gets into your system. I will stick it out. My question is this, I had a very strange thing happed a few nights ago. I woke up and started to go into a panic attack because of my headace.
Avatar f tn Concerta is the same drug as Ritalin, I believe, and could well be the cause of your wakefulness and loss of appetite. I take Adderall, a similar drug, to cope with fatigue, and it does dampen my hunger, for sure. It's a good consequence for me, if unintended. I take 20mg of the extended release type each morning, and can feel it wearing off by mid-afternoon. It doesn't affect my sleep. It's possible your dosage is too high, so a consultation with your doctor is order.
Avatar n tn my concern is though that im losing weight despite still eating the same amount of food. can anxiety cause you to lose weight even if you're eating the same food?