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233488 tn?1310696703 This material is from the April 1, 2018 issue of Ophthalmology Times medical newsletter. The title of the article is "Migraine Pain More Than A Headache" and is based on The Hoyt Lecture given at the 2017 meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology by Kathleen B. Digre, MD a neuro-ophthalmologist from University of Utah. Patients with various forms of migraine have an increased incidence of "visual snow".
233616 tn?1312790796 this applies more to the USA than elsewhwere, but similar things are worth being aware of in other lands; Your right as a patient is to see all your medical records. You will really want to do this now in that your rights to be treated as an individual are about to take a huge nosedive.
Avatar f tn Toughed it out and went to see my PCP and met with same lecture and of course no detox meds but obtained a work excuse for the five days I called off. Fourth day I enrolled in Gateway outpt rehab telling them I had detoxed at home. Today day 6 I am in terrible shape. I bought a pint and did 2 perks which didn't touch me. So my first day at the outpt rehab is tomorrow for and of course I will fail the UA. Then report for work for 8 hours. I am shaking like a leaf.
Avatar f tn I'm one of them. I was switched to Prozac from Lexapro during my pregnancy (for an anxiety disorder) and it helped a lot. I too was not functioning well and that just wasn't ook with me. This is something you can discuss with your OB. I would recommend going to see your OB first, decide what you want to do about medication, and get that ball rolling. Your symptoms are definitely severe enough that medication would be warranted. When you see your OB, also ask for a referral for therapy.
Avatar m tn amitripline 3 x 50Mg tags at night for over a year and stopped them 3 weeks ago but the symtoms was there when i was on them.
Avatar n tn I started lex for a combination of post concussive disorder, and anxiety. within a month of being on lex my anxiety was incredibly better. I didn't worry or over analyze, both things I had a nasty habit of doing to death. Killer on a personal life, but great for who I was professionally. Pretty quickly, I lost the ability to be an executive assistant and office manager. I actually forgot an important location had been switched, sent people to wrong place...
16776862 tn?1452781276 My son was put on drugs for his anxiety. He learned how to deal with his anxiety by breathing exercises, nd mostly talking about it to loved ones. He got terrible ticks that from the medication that he was given, and to him, it was worse than the original anxiety he felt. So it was pretty uncomfortable for him to get off the meds for awhile. He did it though, and now would be hard pressed to get on any meds again. (although of course he would if he could not handle the problem any other way).
198419 tn?1360245956 She even gave me a copy and I made copies and handed them out to my co-workers whom I in return gave them the same lecture on anxiety, lol. You know its tiime to move on from your doctor when your doctor (neurologist) tells you "Pathology is black and white" (all my neuro exams came up normal with the exception of the EMG on my right foot was abnormal). I proceed to tell him "my pathology is not black and white, its grey and off white.
Avatar n tn I feel uncomfortable throughout my lectures in school and can't concentrate. I went to see a therapist a while back who told me it sounded like an anxiety disorder. So I started researching anxiety and started doing daily exersize, breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, etc. It helped IMMENSLY and I thought i was cured. Now it has started to come back and it is happening in more and more situations.
378497 tn?1232147185 and I would have been happy, but before the question was fully out of my mouth, she laid into me with a huge, patronizing lecture about anxiety. No ambiguity in HER message, and the same with other PCPs. That was the day I realized I cannot talk to doctors anymore, because whatever I ask is interpreted as anxiety. The label is a permanent taint.) Also ditto on the lack of explanation for Lhermitte's.
Avatar f tn All my pains and muscle weaknesses due to permanent damage from combo of difficult preg years ago and Old spine injury and current bulging discs, The thing that freaks me out the most - and I actually asked a doc to test me for early onset Alzheimer's 2 years ago - is short term memory problems, I can't remember what I just said. I can't remember the second half of a sentence I start. I can be giving a lecture and look down and have no clue what I just said.
Avatar f tn My physician was actually the first person who ordered the MRI, because of the paresthesia, electric shock sensations in my hand, extreme fatigue, weakness, trouble swallowing, and feelings of paralysis in my right hand, but I never had the vertigo as bad back then, but in my journaling of symptoms, I do have days where I remember the vertigo. I became aware of the paralysis feeling in my hand while trying to take notes in lecture classes for school last semester (October).
446896 tn?1237806342 Post in the forum for that. Of course if your anxiety disorder speeds up your blood pressure then that's another issue but both need to get under control. But I never found blood pressure machines unnerving. Many things that were unnerving I got used to such as weekly bloodtests from Clozaril (which I was on years ago). After a while they were just a fact of life and I would get them once a week and head off to work. As for blood pressure I have a blood pressure machine.
Avatar f tn That form of depression you mentioned that was what he said, first time it was major depressive disorder but not now i've had it too long. I thought suicidal thoughts were more present with major depressive disorder but they must be present with depression in general. I don't know why i couldn't post on the forum or log in but i hope this works ok. I hope all is well with you, have a good day.
Avatar f tn Occasional noticeable tremor is common in people of all ages, and very common in older people, and does not necessarily mean that you have any sort of medical condition. It can be caused by tiredness, stress, anxiety, or anger. A raised level of adrenalin in your body, which can happen when you become excited or angry, can often cause a noticeable tremor. Essential tremor is where the normal trembling of your muscles is regularly exaggerated so that it becomes frequently noticeable.
Avatar m tn When I goggled this it was somewhat connected to chronic fatigue syndrome which she doesn't have. She does have anxiety and there is a family history of anxiety. Also, her grandfather has restless legs syndrome and Parkinson's. I have slight restless legs syndrome. She went to an eye doctor who looked at her like she was speaking a foreign language then ignored it. Her neurologist didn't have any idea what it was and suggested she google it and she found all of your comments.
Avatar m tn Just sorting through some of my notes. Pedia says they can do the western blot test again (my ex is going there tomorrow so told her to just order it if insurance will pay). Asked him why is too soon? " Well the disease could still not show up and then reinforce the idea that she doesnt have it and give a false sense of security (that's a paraphrase but I think I got the gist). So I think he gets that part. Still not sure why we cant just start on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I located Dr David Wilson aka Wilson's Syndrome. There are not many docs trained to understand this disorder, but it is REAL! Let me tell you I was freezing all of the time, sleeping with blankets year round, going to a DRY HEAT sauna at over 140+ degrees for 30 minutes several times weekly...not one drop of sweat! I would go outdoors and living in the south we have some warm summers. My skin would be very hot, yet no sweat. At the most, a slight clammy feel, but this was rare.
Avatar f tn Some of them are migraine headaches, joint pain, shooting leg pain, a weird kind of foggy blurriness, fever-like sweating hot and coldness, extreme fatigue, anxiety, and photo- and skin sensitivity, bizarre intestinal distress, immense spinal pain, and a particularly nasty feeling of having been poisoned.
Avatar n tn mitral valve prolapse (no meds), hypothyroidism (synthroid), depression (Wellbutrin), anxiety (Xanax--occasionally), and recurrent UTIs for which I'm on a maintenance antibiotic and flomax---just in case that provides any clues. Oh... and I HAVE been very stressed over the last few years, to the point where I've been concerned it might affect my health.
620923 tn?1452919248 i am so frusterated, because nothing is being done, and dr's want to give you meds for what they think is anxiety, i mean you know when something is not right!i have had sympotoms for almost 6 years now,starting when i was about 21 yrs old and about 1 1/2 years ago got dx with chiari malformation,saw a neurosurgeon, but did nothing for me.did not tell me what the outcome could be or even to ever follow up on it.they just told me the only thing i could do is take diamox.
Avatar n tn As I had mentioned in my earlier posts I am already taking an ammino acid high potency complex which is really helping reduce my anxiety and also allowing me to sleep. When I mentioned about the continuing muscle weakness, she has suggested A.O.R. brand magnesium Malate Renew which is used for fibromyalgia and other neurological problems. All of these are totally natural ways to help the body to heal itself.
Avatar n tn I said had because my reaction to other reaction was extremely severe. I still suffer from anxiety attacks of thought of having to meet new people and i have reconfirmed and have to go through the motions but how i deal with this now is, I know what to expect and i've come to point in my life where i can't let this stop my living. I've also noticed the some people will get over those ill feeling and get acclimate to my presence.
Avatar n tn My grandmother had stroke and now shes talking crazy thins and cant recognize people.Im afraid if its a long term effect of stroke or Is this just tempory side effect ?