Anxiety disorder in kindergarten

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Avatar n tn It does sounds as if your son is suffering from anxiety - probably social anxiety. The fact that your son "shuts down and refuses to participate" - (your words) could indicate an anxiety disorder that may require professional treatment. By the way, when your son "shuts down"; if he is suffering from anxiety, he is not refusing to participate but the anxiety renders him incapable of participating.
Avatar m tn Anxiety is a funny disorder in that the child will appear to display two personalities - one in a safe environment as the home and another one (usually opposite) in a perceived unsafe environment as the school. I know - as we have lived this. Please look further into "anxiety" as a child will not outgrow anxiety nor will it go away; however, anxiety can be managed and controlled. I wish you the best ...
Avatar m tn Thankyou for your feedback. Tha psychologist has diagnosed him with anxiety from being in a large noisy classroom, as he is an audioty learner, he absorbs a lot of fstimulation thorugh his hearing and can sometimes be overloaded in this area. I have seen this in him when he first gets to school he has to calm himself befoe first reaching the playground or classroom. he has also told me that he chews on pencils, rubbers etc beacuase he is bored.
Avatar n tn You might also consider having him evaluated by a pediatric mental health professional to consider the possibility of an anxiety disorder. It may be that he is simply sensitive by temperament (see The Challenging Child by Stanley Greenspan).
Avatar n tn My son is in kindergarten as well----- a portion of his report card is behaviorally oriented. I think because developement is important in those years . . . to learning. If his behavior is not condusive to learning, how will he learn, right? This will only get worse and worse as he gets older and more is expected out of him. So the evaluation sounds very necessary. I think I would think about the words the teacher has used. He is not academically where the other kids are.
Avatar n tn She also has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and has been on Luvox for about 6 months and it has made a world of difference. Last year when she was in kindergarten she had so much anxiety she would not even speak most of the time at school. Before she started the Luvox we knew that something was wrong so we had her tested thinking that she may have a learning disability.
Avatar n tn The teacher doesn't have to single him out but tell the whole class that they will have a cool down spot (a small pop up tent is good, a barrel that a child can crawl in, under a table, a bean bag in a corner, a rocking chair in a corner, etc. are all good in a classroom) and if a child feels upset, they can go there and not be bothered for a few minutes while they get themselves calmed down.
Avatar n tn My son is in an ecdd program through preschool and his teachers are recommending he stay in the program for another year because they say he is socially imature for his age he has a seperation anxiety problem and has just been diagnosed with adhd/anxiety disorder by his psychologists and they want to start him on the medication ritilan and possibly a med for his anxiety.
Avatar n tn Don't forget that his world has been turned upside down, and this occurred at a critical point in his development - i.e., just as he was adjusting to kindergarten. The most significant challenge as children adapt to kindergarten is being away from their parent for so many hours. This is not at all easy for many children. In addition, adjusting to life with peers and being under the direction of different adults pose big challenges as well.
Avatar n tn unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that most likely she does not have the resources to help him. children in kindergarten are expected to be able to sit and listen without being disruptive or aggressive. there is one teacher (and maybe an assistant) and 20-25 kids.
Avatar n tn It also appears from your posting that your daughter is unable to eat properly or learn in the classroom (symptoms of severe anxiety). By the way, hoarding is one symptom of OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder so it is possible there is more here than just "separation" anxiety. Whatever - the first step is always to consult your family physician. All the best ...
Avatar f tn 5 yr old son whom was diagnosed about 6 months ago with ADHD, and in last 3 months wiht OCD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. He has been seeing several medical professionals weekly for 6 months. He had terrible reactions to stimulant ADHD meds, thus bringing out the worsening OCD and anxiety issues. He has been doing OT, behavioral cognitive therapy, etc with minimal change in behavior.
Avatar f tn He has meltdowns over minor things, whines and cries regularly, and hides when he gets angry. I suspect that he has some type of anxiety disorder, but it hasn't been diagnosed yet. Our youngest is 6 years old, average height but a little "chunky". He is a very sweet, polite, well-mannered little guy who loves to help me with household chores. He began having fits in kindergarten last year.
Avatar n tn Dear Monique: The description of your son reminds me of our son (he is now married with two children). He, too, was a bit shy and showed some elements of an anxiety disorder (not sure which one) when younger. In high school, he still was quiet but a "social butterfly" (if that term can be used for a fellow). He blossomed in college. Our eldest grandchild does suffer from a severe form of social anxiety.
Avatar n tn Did you mean GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) or SAD (seasonal affective disorder)? Does she show anxiety in other areas? My own oldest son has anxiety. He's 9 and it shows itself in different ways. He's a perfectionist at school and elsewhere and will tear up things that don't look just right to him. He can also be slow to finish his work being extremely meticulous and also needs lots of reassurance.
Avatar n tn Our son is 11 years old and has been classified with ADD - learning disability. My husband and I noticed his issues when he was in kindergarten. By third grade he was classified in the school district and has received quite a bit of help. He is doing fine in that respect. What we are really having an issue with is his clothing. We have had issues before but were able to adjust/correct...them. Most recently, his underwear (boxers) and pants are giving him quite a bit of trouble.
Avatar n tn She has always been a bit of a worrier, sometimes needing reassurance, but in the past month or so she is showing signs of seperation anxiety when going to school in the morning. It usually manifests itself with belly pain and tears. When we ask her what is making her upset she admits to be frightened that something is going to happen to myself or her Dad when we are at work. There have been no changes in our lives, no recent losses or injuries,and no changes in her school routine.
Avatar n tn I will be getting a student in my class who has been diagnosed with Situational Anxiety Disorder. He's 13, can speak in sentences and can do academics between kindergarten and second grade levels. He has recently really gone into a "shut Down" mode his dad said. He would not participate in his former class, covered his head alot, wouldn't look at or talk to anyone. Any words of advice.
Avatar n tn That being said, birth didn't go anything like we told him (The baby will come after Christmas, mommy will be in the hospital for two days, etc), he is slated to start kindergarten in a few weeks, and is very anxious about this. I am beside myself, please help me!
770551 tn?1305582501 Update on my update: Caleb is officially suspended until Monday for trying to choke another child. My daughter on the other hand won the peace builder award for her grade for this week. What a world What a life What am I going to do Anyone have any Ideas on what to do for punishment. He's 5 and even though I think he has a medical problem !!HE TRIED TO CHOKE A KID!! I don't want this to be a vacation for him. He's in his room now only allowed to leave for restroom breaks.
973741 tn?1342346373 My son has a friend with adhd that says he hates ALL sports as he was put in things when he was in the toddler years through kindergarten and it made him feel bad about himself, like he couldn't do it and hence, now protects himself by saying he hates all sports. It is unfortunate because boys on our block play sporty games and he will not participate. granted, some kids don't like sports but pushing when they are little or struggling with the idea of it can leave a bad taste in their mouth.
Avatar n tn Panic, Anxiety, etc. I'm wondering whether my son is having panic/anxiety issues? Or is that too early?
Avatar n tn Sounds like anxiety to me. You might wish to google the words/phrase "childhood anxiety" or "anxiety at school" or "social anxiety in children" or similar words/phrases to see if any of the descriptions remind you of your son. If you feel anxiety is the issue, the next stop would be a visit to your son's pediatrician or the family doctor. Hope this helps ...
233782 tn?1265130367 old with anxiety in a different way. He is a special needs child and has many issues. I do have an appointment with a child psychiatrist to consider medication. He has severe behavioral issues. The point is..I would definitly take your daughter to a child psychologist or even have her evaluated by a psychiatrist. Have you talked with the pediatrician about this situation? They may be able to give you names of doctors and some advice in the meantime.
Avatar n tn I suspect that your child is suffering from anxiety - perhaps separation and/or generalized anxiety. If you google the phrase "separation anxiety" or "anxiety in young children" or "school and anxiety" or similar words/phrases, you should find information that should help you. The fact that your son is able to "be fine" at school after you leave is a good sign.
Avatar n tn I suspect your child has mild anxiety, but I do not see any signs of an anxiety disorder. I think you are doing well - you cannot "remove your child's fears" - she has to face them and each time she faces her fears (going to school), it will become less and less. Of course, this may take weeks, months and in some cases, years. In your daughter's case, I don't think it will take "years" as it did in our child's case.
Avatar n tn We are also living overseas so are limited with our doctors in regards to getting second opinions. My son just turned 5 last week. He is very sweet and loving but when his moods change he can be very challenging. Here is a breakdown of a list I have already discussed with the doc: hyper fidety distracted easily OCD tendancies/obsessive behavior- such as he will only want 4 grapes and then 4 more/ only 4 at a time. If you put the left shoe on before the right shoe he does not like that.
Avatar n tn us/pmwiki/MedClass/Anxiety But all in all these are strong meds and certainly would be a last resort. However, if nothing else is working then the doctors goal makes sense. You said he is, "still crying at least 3 times a week for the same reason." What is the reason? I also assume that you have ruled out anxiety causing things like AD/HD or Sensory Processing Disorder?
Avatar n tn While you'll have to monitor her as the years go on because of the genetic vulnerability she might have to developing bipolar disorder, there's no indication at this point that she is displaying symptoms of such. In your role as parent you can help her to see the connection between her somatic symptoms and her worry, while at the same time not allowing those same symptoms to interrupt her mastery of the daily demands of a four-year-old.