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Avatar m tn Should I be placed on disability if I've been diagnosed with -social personality disorder, -Paranoid anxiety disorder, - bipolar. Im always depressed or agressive. Im on meds, zolaf, risperdol, valproic acid, and ativans?
597160 tn?1254502507 I have Borderline Personality Disorder with Post Traumatic Stress and Severe Anxiety. I'm on Geodon, Lexapro, and Nurontin. I have been fired or had to quit several jobs because of this disorder. I just simply can't hold down a job. I want to apply for disability but am afraid to for fear of going through that long process and paper work and telling people that I can't work at the age of 28. I'm afraid of being turned down and having no way to support myself.
Avatar m tn I seem to show all of the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder as well and it seems that depression and anxiety stem from that. I just want to know if any one out there is on disability and if they can tell me how good my chances are of getting it. I just can't stand this anymore! Everything in life is such a struggle and I feel like I'm going to snap on someone. I feel like I can't do anything.
Avatar m tn Hello everybody. I'm just wondering how many of you are on disability for bipolar. I've dealt with it practically all my life, but was just diagnosed.
Avatar f tn I am to the point where I have no patience and am angry a lot of the time. I applied for disability almost 2 years ago and I had to go thru being turned down twice and now I have a hearing to see if I can be approved. Does anyone on here get disability for these nasty life destroying creatures? If so, any advice on how to convince a judge that they are real and disabling?
1396846 tn?1332463110 She said the my neuro didn't put any information in that area for disability (and I am the one who can't remember lol) Anyway, I went to see a psycologist today and had a long conversation wilth him and answered some questions that he asked then went on to the testing part of the appointment. That test made me feel stupid to say the least.
Avatar m tn Anyone here have an anxiety disorder and on SSI or Disability and if so how did you get it? What the hell do you have to say to your doctor or the SSI Admin/Gov. to make them understand how bad you feel & that you cannot work? I do not understand is there something im missing? In 13 years ive been in & out of the mental hospital to,countless appointments ive takin a bunch of meds & nothing seems to help (except the addictive ones). I even got a lawer & went to a hearing.
127512 tn?1193745816 I am just curious. Is anyone getting social security disability for anxiety attacks? I have suffered for many years.
605458 tn?1539232408 This person how no idea what they're talking about. Many, many people with bipolar disorder do require disability. I work but I know I struggle, especially when I'm having episodes. Right now I am okay enough to work, but who knows what is in the future for me. We all just have to do our best with what we have. You had to do what was right for you, and your family supported you in that. They could see you needed it. Some people just need it.
Avatar n tn She can go weeks without having a tic and then she can suddenly develop a new one when she becomes stressed. She also has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and has been on Luvox for about 6 months and it has made a world of difference. Last year when she was in kindergarten she had so much anxiety she would not even speak most of the time at school. Before she started the Luvox we knew that something was wrong so we had her tested thinking that she may have a learning disability.
Avatar f tn My diagnoses are the same as yours I think. Bipolar 1, General Anxiety Disorder, PTSD. I think the depression is just part of the bipolar disorder. Anyways I hope you get it...good luck.
Avatar n tn How can I find a psychiatrist and/or counselor who knows both ADD in adult women, and Social Anxiety Disorder well enough to help a person who suffers from both to get through the Social Security Disability process? This will be in two parts because I exceeded the maximum length.
1515545 tn?1291399364 I finally found a psychiatrist who actually listened to me unconditionally and he diagnosed me with social anxiety disorder and he prescribed Abilify in addition to my Wellbutrin but he decreased the dosage from 200mg to 150 mg and also I take klonapin when it's necessary and it's quick relief but I cannot drive after consuming it because it makes me sleepy I sure abilify will work quickly.
Avatar n tn Cancer, diabetes, type 2 diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, Lupus, crohn's disease or crohns, Multiple Sclerosis or MS, rheumatoid arthritis, diverticulitis, back surgery, heart surgery, high blood pressure (hypertension), hip, neck, shoulder, ankle, wrist, back, or other joint problems, disc herniation, hydrocephalitis, interstitial cystitis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rsi or repetitive stress injury, inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, Parkinson's d
Avatar f tn ( you can help when your going to have a seizure) Anyways years go by still same stuff and I try to get on cpp because I have seizures, anxiety, personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, copd and other kinds of anxiety disorders,and cpp denied me saying it wasn't a prolong illness but I applied when I was 24 now I am 27 still with all the same ****, but then find out why I am always in pain I have fibromyalgia.
147426 tn?1317269232 I'm the undiagnosed, but one of my first symptoms was left sided weakness/spasticity in my arm and then it soon went to my left leg. I couldn't do a thing with it. I kept dropping things. Then I was having trouble with my fingers wanting to clasp down, and my arm drew up. It was a fight to keep it straight. This weakness and spasticity has been present since it came on in 2007, the only difference is, at times is the severity of the symptoms.
1174019 tn?1269856599 Hi, Well, I am BP 2 diagnosed last year, but I'm sure I've had it since childhood. I also have anxiety disorder and BPD and some other issues. I work full time as an office assistant in health care. I am the only assistant in my office and position and I have a lot of responsabilities.
672839 tn?1305796547 Employing People with Disabilities Companies were asked, “To your knowledge, do any of your company’s current employees have a physical or mental disability?” Table 2 provides the number and percentage of companies that currently employ people with disabilities. These statistics are provided for all companies and separately by company size and then by three broad industry types. Among companies in the United States, 471,562 companies (19.1 percent) report employing people with disabilities.
1515545 tn?1291399364 Do you have a history of anxiety at all? Has something happened in your life recently that could possibly trigger anxiety? The best thing you can do is get into your doctor. Get them to test for any possible medical causes and then if they feel its anxiety they can go from there. My anxiety began in a very similar manner and I remember how scary it was. So I really hope that you are able to see your doctor soon. You will find lots of support and advice in here so stick around.
Avatar f tn The reasons given for my approval were, impaired vision, bending lifting and driving restrictions, bulging discs in my neck, seizure disorder, anxiety and depression and social phobia I just had my first year review and had to see the disability doctor. I know I failed miserably, especially the eye exam. But....... Believe it or not,,,,,, I was now denied.
Avatar n tn Was told that my adrenal gland was not producing any cortisol, and also had candidiasis, after more blood work was told I had a blood disorder called monoclonal gammopathy. I have lots of anxiety and CFS. The pain got worse as time went on, I had to quit my job of 15 years and now have applied for social security disability. Oh ya I forgot to mention that my memory is not so good, I have to write things down or I will for get them. I get confused easily and have a hard time making decisions.
689528 tn?1364139441 So my son (almost 4) has been diagnosed recently as having social anxiety disorder. When we are in public situations like a fair or even a small room with plenty of people he either acts out or cries. It takes him a VERY long time to warm up to some people, especially other kids. I think his teacher thinks he's autistic because he doesn't acknowledge the other kids. I run a home daycare and he will play with the kids here. He also talks to adults that he knows well.
1263071 tn?1270297845 My MRI is clean and I keep hearing you might want ot consider conversion disorder over and over again. I am discouraged though because I have been to a psychiatrist that ruled that out. So I have half drs saying MS and half saying conversion disorder. Has anyone every experienced this and do you ever feel like you leave your dr office like you have just had the wind out of you? How long have some of you had to wait for your diagnosis? Did people say you were nuts?
Avatar n tn I am 24 years old and suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I am unable to hold a job because of my severe "outbreaks" of anger or anxiety. The longest I have held a job is maybe no longer than 6 months. I have not been able to be on medication for my disorder since I was 18 because my Medicaid insurance expired. I live in a small country town in Alabama that refuses medical treatment of any kind if you do not have medical insurance.
Avatar f tn I'm actually on disability for Major Depressive Disorder (the fancy official diagnostic term for clinical depression). I'm not sure what state you live in or if it matters. They should all offer some level of disability insurance. The answer is "yes" in California. You have to meet the criteria of course which is under the care of a psychiatrist, med compliant, unresponsive treatment, ect. and be incapable of performing the duties required for your job.
Avatar n tn am currently being treated with Zoloft/ativan for panic attacks, agorophobia, depression, and OCD's. I also have depersonalization disorder, which I feel is my worst symptom of all because it's constant, but my psychiatrist seems to shy away from acknowledging that as a seperate entity from the panic disorder. I have had these symptoms for about 2 years or more.