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746512 tn?1388811180 Completely stressed out and guess what, breathing is ten times worse now. I've hit my maximum insurance coverage for chiro and it doesn't reset until July. That means it costs $59 and I'm going every week. This means that my roughly I make $800 a month and have $760 in montly expenses. And yes I still live at home. At the same time I'm looking at another $5000 for a custom orthotoic for my jaw that isn'y healing after the surgery. And I still owe my mom $600 for my jaw surgery.
Avatar n tn You need to see a doctor to determine if there is something besides anxiety causing this. If everything checks out okay them it may be time to determine if it's anxiety. We tell everyone to rule out other causes first. If it turns out to be anxiety please let us know, there are lots of nice people here who understand and can help you thru this time.
Avatar f tn Breathing problems can be associated with any number of ailments including anxiety. Since it happens when you are sitting still and when you are cleaning it possibly could be anxiety. I too suffer from anxiety and have had to go on medication for it. If I were you I would see your family doctor and explain your symptoms. Let him/her determine if your problem is from anxiety or from something else. It is so hard after having cancer to not think every little pain is from cancer.
Avatar f tn I have been having breathing problems for three months. I am not having panic attacks but this is real. I smoke And have been getting lots of phlegm I also can't breathe at night as well as all day. I have had other symptoms before the breathing issue started and it started in my neck. The breathing problem only stated after a whack load of symptoms. I feel like I'm tucked into a ball trying to breathe and tightness in my back and neck and rubs. I also get very weak and cannot hardly walk.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your having some anxiety. Anxiety can sure make things worse. Are you able to take anything from your dr. for it? If not you could ask for something to help you through these rough spots. Hang in there- we're here with you.
Avatar n tn hi im 20 years of age and 4 this last wile im having problems breathing...i can be fine 4 days on end but then all of a sudden i start thinking im not breathing and then i dont and hav to do heavy breaths for myself ,but i still feel like i cant breathe...i get then light heads pain in my chest and i feel like im going to pass out...i also get few skipped heartbeats and im getting worried...but the weird thing is when i forget that i think i have to do my own breathing, i go back to normal.
Avatar n tn most of my symptoms have gone away i have them every now and then.i was wondering can anxity cause serious breathing problems with out any other symptoms.ive had everything checked and comes back normal.but almost every day i cant breath.feel like im smothering.and also i gasp for air .sometimes all day .its scary.i have felt like i just stop breathing every now and then.and it scares me so bad.can anyone help.ive been on every kind of depression med there is.they all make me very very sick.
Avatar f tn to have breathing problems....The fatigue and depression are common side effects for those in treatment. The ribavirin can upset the stomach and should aways be taken with a high fat content food. Face burning can be a symptom of fever which is another common side effect on tx. Staying well hydrated helps with those side effects. The shortness of breath could be attributed to anxiety or a more serious problem like anemia. I hope they are keeping a very close eye on his blood work.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am Pauline i had a radical mastectomy five months ago and i am having breathing problems i have been told that it's all in my head and that i am having a anxiety attack, i can just be sitting still or cleaning the house. Can it be something bad? They found the cancer early there were two nodes taken and there was no signs of the cancer all my test were clean i was told that i did not need any treatment or medications, so why am i having this problem?
Avatar n tn A friend of mine began having breathing problems on Saturday night. He said it felt like he couldn't get enough air. He felt dizzy and at one point even said his left arm felt a little numb. The thing is, we were sitting perfectly still and watching a movie. There were no stressful physical activities involved. On Sunday he seemed to be feeling better, but ever since Monday night he has been having the same breathing problems, possibly worse.
Avatar m tn You do not say what type of medications you were prescribed, but if they are not working, you do need to go back to the doctor for further investigation. Anxiety and stress can cause breathing problems with chest discomfort and make you feel weak. Are you suffering from any anxiety at the moment? If so, try and relax and calm down. Breathe in slowly through your nose and then very slowly breathe out through your mouth. Do this as often as you need to help you to relax.
Avatar f tn There are many breathing exercises and your therapist will no doubt teach them to you. Yoga has excellent breathing techniques and is very relaxing. There are many good books to learn basic Yoga at home. But first you need to see your doctor. Let us know how your're doing, OK?
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, I've been having some breathing problems as of yesterday. I'm a 22yr old healthy female, don't smoke cigarettes, smoke hookah on a social basis (2-3 times a month) for the last 3 years. I've had a history of wheezing when I was a child and was put on a nebulizer. As of yesterday, I feel like I have to take deep breaths to breath normally and my heart feels like it's racing but when I take my pulse its 80beats/min which is normal.
Avatar m tn i visited a doc n i explained to him on my breathing issue n how ive been having abit of discomfort in the heart as well n i explained to him that both my mom and my twin bro have been having anxiety problems then he gave these pills n to get back to him n the pils that my dad dosnt want me to take do ther sideeffects n that there for adults... however im gonna go for second opinion one of these days. So he thinks it cud be from anxiety but i dont know about that.
Avatar f tn How can you distinguish chiari breathing problems from panic disorder?
Avatar f tn Ever since then we have been having a lot of chest pain that comes and goes along with breathing problems that come and go. Is it possible it could be from pulling up that carpet? Could the bad allergens and what not be causing some problems? If so, should we get checked out, it been over a week since then? And how would it cause problems? It would be greatly appreciated for some insight, considering we both have anxiety and these chest pains and what not have been making us over worry.
Avatar n tn You might see an improvement in your breathing if you change your diet this way. I never had real trouble breathing. When I used to yawn, it was anxiety-related. But I did notice when I stopped eating dairy, I had a lot less mucus and I didn't need allergy pills anymore. I could also breathe better through my nose when I went gluten-free.
Avatar n tn For the past year and a half ive been having major breathing problems it fells like i cant get enough air and i have to breathe really heavily. I cannot breathe through my nose or i feel like im sufficating. Im 15 years old I have been to 3 different doctors and they all say its anxiety. I have nothing to be anxious about; it hits me at any given moment even if im having a good time.