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Avatar n tn A friend of mine began having breathing problems on Saturday night. He said it felt like he couldn't get enough air. He felt dizzy and at one point even said his left arm felt a little numb. The thing is, we were sitting perfectly still and watching a movie. There were no stressful physical activities involved. On Sunday he seemed to be feeling better, but ever since Monday night he has been having the same breathing problems, possibly worse.
Avatar n tn most of my symptoms have gone away i have them every now and then.i was wondering can anxity cause serious breathing problems with out any other symptoms.ive had everything checked and comes back normal.but almost every day i cant breath.feel like im smothering.and also i gasp for air .sometimes all day .its scary.i have felt like i just stop breathing every now and then.and it scares me so bad.can anyone help.ive been on every kind of depression med there is.they all make me very very sick.
Avatar f tn How can you distinguish chiari breathing problems from panic disorder?
Avatar m tn i visited a doc n i explained to him on my breathing issue n how ive been having abit of discomfort in the heart as well n i explained to him that both my mom and my twin bro have been having anxiety problems then he gave these pills n to get back to him n the pils that my dad dosnt want me to take do ther sideeffects n that there for adults... however im gonna go for second opinion one of these days. So he thinks it cud be from anxiety but i dont know about that.
Avatar n tn Many of us that have anxiety and depression have problems with breathing and weakness. It would'nt hurt to get more testing done to rule anything else out. Are you seeing a therapist? Are you taking any meds for your depression and anxiety?
Avatar f tn , but I have been on Celexa for months and am still having problems. Nothing about my personality or life situation suggest anxiety issues, and I have a difficult time believing that someone who has never had anxiety problems could get a bad cough and suddenly develop anxiety issues so severe that they cause daily, persistent breathing difficulties. If anyone has suggestions as to what I can do next, I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar m tn What happened is, and I know this sounds crazy, but your body has probably forgotten how to breathe. Since anxiety makes people have bad breathing patterns, even when you're not anxious, you can feel out of breath. I laughed when I was told to go to a speech therapist but I was oh so wrong. It won't get better right away though.. I did breathing exercises for about four months until I felt my problem completely subside.
Avatar f tn A couple of weeks later, I was in the emergency room with breathing problems, and I have been having breathing problems ever since. I have had asthma since I was very young, but it has been very well controlled for the past 12 years (no trips to the emergency room & only used a rescue inhaler a few times per year). My peak flow readings have been good (550+) throughout this entire process, even when I am feeling my worst.
Avatar m tn I have been having my anxiety problems for about 5 years, but the breathing is pretty recent to my knowledge. For some reason when I "beat" my anxiety which I have done for periods of time several times, I forget my old symptoms. My concern is I am unable to determine when the breathing problems are occuring. Meaning I can't figure out if I have breathing problems, and then work into a panic. Or am in a panic then figure out its hard to breath.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply , and i guess it could be anxiety. I justdidnt know if any one could develop heart or breathing problems such as asthma from withdrawing or maybe i just covered up health problems i was developing while on pain meds. Just gonna hang in there and try to get better. Good luck and God bless!
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing breathing problems for the last three months and I am hoping and praying someone here can provide me with some answers. I have chronic shortness of breath. The problem seems to come when INHALING. A lot of times I feel like I can't fully inhale and I also feel light headed when inhaling. I have noticed that the problem gets worse when I concentrate on it at all. If I am distracted (hard to do when you feel like this) it does lessen.
Avatar n tn I went to my allergist, who confirmed my peak flow was fun, lungs sounded good, and suggested (as did the cardiologist) that my problems could be entirely anxiety-related. This makes some sense to me, as I've worked long hours (and pulled 3-4 all nighters in the last few months, for the first time in my life). However, I want to make sure. My breathing still feels 'lower' in the stomach than normal, even when I don't feel anxious. Any ideas? Is this entirely stress?
Avatar n tn I have a 15 year old girl and she is having breathing problems and chest pain at school when it happeneds it is pretty bad but they go away in 15-30 mins and I don't know what it is from could it be she has too much stuff going on?