Anxiety attacks while sleeping

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1238554 tn?1339423716 I thought I was doing good no panic attacks for like two whole months. Awesome. Now randomly have sleeping panic attacks. I am on 150mg of certrlene. I do take it at night and maybe that helps not have the night attacks? I Work out every weeknight at 430-530, and eat good, Try not to eat red meat I don't know if it helps or not but when I eat red meat i think I feel more tense. I Try to get done with all eating before 700pm. I don't know what to do any more.
Avatar f tn For the past week I have been suffering with what I can only call sleeping panic attacks. While falling asleep, my body twitches, jerking me awake. This goes on for a 45 minute period until I am awake enough to begin to feel the panic take over. I don't know if this is a result of being without the meds, but it is the scariest feeling I have ever felt.
Avatar n tn Many people actually only have anxiety like this. During the day they are completely fine, but while they are sleeping they have these experiences. Unfortunately, I am not sure if there is anything that you can really do to stop them. However, you may want to talk with your doctor about taking like .25-.5 mg of xanax half hour before bed and this might help. However, the only downfall with this is is that you usually sleep longer and can be groggy when you wake up. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn your brain needs to know that it is safe in there now so you may need to do some things to the environment to make it less scary or sleep on the couch for a while, the acute anxiety will eventually go through the extinction phase.
Avatar f tn I suffer panic/anxiety attacks as well, the only thing that helps is anti-depressants, take a small dose or half to a quarter of the dose if you dont like taking ADs, just enough to take the edge off. I tried stopping ADs after tx, but the attacks were still there. Its now 3 yrs since tx. I take prozac, half tab every 3 days and it helps.
Avatar f tn I can only say that I suffer from panic/anxiety attacks which started a couple of years ago. I get the 'fight or flight' syndrome, my heart beats fast, I break out into a sweat, start to panic for no apparent reason. I had to seek psychiatric help and my doctor put me on Clonopin. It is similiar to Xanax but not as addicting. I take one tablet before bedtime and not only does it help me sleep, it helps keep the anxiety under control.
Avatar n tn Now i've had anxiety and panic attacks for a while and i can handle it pretty well, usually. When I feel like im going to get a bad attack I take a Zanax that my family doctor prescribed me. But for the last two days i've had these bad anxiety attacks when i'm asleep. It happens whithing the first two hours of sleep and I wake up scared and that feeling stays with me for a while. The anxiety is centered around me getting a fatal disease, if that makes any sense.
Avatar m tn I have had axiety attacks or atleast what I think is anxiety attacks while sleeping. I wake up out of a sound sleep with my heart racing and feelings of great this a panic attack or is it some other type of sleep issue.
Avatar n tn The night before work i have severe panic attacks while sleeping in which i awake every hour with my heart pounding, sweating and incredible anxiety. Most of the time I can't get back to sleep. The most severe night is the day before the work week begins. What causes these panic attacks and how can i prevent them. Any advice?
1423902 tn?1282669702 It sounds like you are having a panic anxiety attack. They frequently happen while sleeping or falling asleep. All the symptoms your describe are very common symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. Are you anxious? Do you have stress or other problems during the day? Get a good physical exam and discus these symptoms with your doctor. Check out the anxiety forum for more info.
Avatar f tn Hi, its me again, I am having some very trying times at the moment, with panic and anxiety attacks, how do people with this disabeling condition manage theirs, I have the ectopics, and on top of that I have the anxiety attacks which last for hours or even days, I get pins and needles in my stomach, and at the back of my neck, also light headedness, and constantly urinating, I feel terrible, I am on medication (Avanza) for this, but, why do I still I feel like committing suicide, thats how bad I
Avatar f tn So I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for about 8 years. I used to be on medication for them for a long time til I finally realized I didn't want to be dependent on the medications. I had became addicted and eventually weaned myself off of them completely. It's been about 2 years and I've been fine without them. But here lately I've been having a bit of anxiety. My fear is when I go into labor I'll have a full blown panic attack and that scares me to death.
Avatar f tn This is most often associated with daytime sleep attacks or attacks of sudden loss of must power (what is termed cataplexy). It could be something as simple as your awakening was preceded by a nightmare that woke you up. As you can see there are a variety of potential causes. Discussion of your symptoms with your primary doctor/family physician is recommended, with evaluation by a sleep medicine specialist and a sleep study (polysomnogram) as indicated.
Avatar f tn I cant stop having night time panic attacks while i am a sleep . I wake up out of a dead sleep thinking i am having a hart attack or cant breath and have been felling dizzy . How can i stop this if any one knows please help me.
Avatar n tn WOW!! I thought i was the only one in the world that experienced these god awful attacks during sleep. Ok so this is what happens to me! I fall asleep then wake up several hours later and go straight for my pulse, cause i know its racing. I get all the way up to heart rate of 200 for sure. I panic and pace around like a fish out of water. I dont normally get short of breath but notice a huge sweaty palm response. It has been happening for a couple of years now and i am in my 40's to.
Avatar n tn A lot of my heart racing I'm used to due to anxiety and panic attacks. Now this is the main problem....I returned to see my Dr. for a follow up appointment and had another EKG done and it was not bad but said it was not good either??? He then proceeded to ask me how I was doing on the Beta Blocker. I said, Dr., you released me with NO medication. He said, oh, I probably forgot or something to that affect.
1837563 tn?1339907400 i went to a new doc on nov 1, they said it was a combo of stress, iron defiency and vertigo. But what I did notice is , my anxiety and panic attacks, with lightheadness get alot worse around my period and as it ends. Im doing so much better now, i have even joined the gym! This new doc gave me more blood work and this time tested my ferritin levels, my ferritin level is 15 as of nov 3. the lab range is 8 - 300....
Avatar n tn i also sometimes vibrate or get a sudden jolt through my body and feel like i suddenly slipped in black darkness while i m sleeping...i also get short of breath while sleeping and feel like someone is strangling me and when i say Allah help me and God is Great then that force lets loose...
Avatar n tn i can right away say 2 u that it can definately b anxiety and more of about panic attacks? im precscribed xanax and well 2 me im not really addicted 2 them i really take them as i need them and the side effect well 2 me they suck cause i mean i tried 2 stay away from my own pills but cant becuz i have a side effect of somthing messing with my heart which kind of scares me...
1867019 tn?1353471140 I lately started to have these anxiety attacks, too. It started about 2 weeks ago. It gets really bad when I go to sleep, whith these same sintomes you experienced. It's like I'm having a big discharge of adrenaline, like falling out of a high build or in a roller coaster. It wakes me up several times during the night. Last week I went to the doctor and when I was there I satarted to get really sick. I stoped to feeling my arms and though I was having an AVC.
Avatar n tn This past week I have had three episodes while sleeping - 3 nights in a row. After reading so many stories of people with the same situations, I wonder - should I see a doctor????
Avatar f tn I have also experienced night terrors, basically panic attacks while sleeping, could that be a factor into the brain shake even though it's been 2-3 months this since my last night terror
Avatar n tn I was fine at first but I am starting to have panic attacks now. I am trying to do with out it but I am not sleeping and I sometimes have these unreasonable thoughts that i just dwell on and that sends me into one of my panic attacks. I was wanting to know should I talk to my doctor about this?
Avatar n tn Soon after high school it was way different. Bad Bad anxiety attacks! I have been on lots of benzos since- But the panic attacks stopped when I finally quit smoking pot. I am now 30, and have many friends who experienced the same scenario; when entering adulthood. Though, not as many people experienced anxiety quite as bad- as I. No E.R. trips, but same shift from: Fun Buzz to...Tachacardia!