Anxiety attacks while pregnant

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Avatar f tn But medication is usually a last resort and they will prescribe you meds that are safe for you and the baby. Anxiety attacks are no joke while being pregnant it stresses the baby out because he/she knows you are not feeling well so being as calm as possible will always make it pass a lot faster. I hope my advice works & good luck.
Avatar f tn I am certainly NOT a doctor or nurse, but, when I had panic attacks while pregnant and could'nt take regular anxiety medications I was told to take Benedryl. Yes it is an allergy medication, but, it also effects our anxiety level by providing calmness. If you have no allergy and are taking no other medications that may interact with it you might give it a shot til you see a doc?
Avatar n tn Needless to say, my husband drives mostly. I guess my question is, is this normal while pregnant? It was bad with my first son. My pregnancies arevery close together and rhis time its even worse. But why?
1500294 tn?1290275809 so i did, but it kind of just stayed there because i'm not into taking alot of meds while pregnant. i was on paxil for 4 years, but switched to zoloft because of the pregnancy. anxiety is horrible and it really seems like it will take over your life!
377012 tn?1283969035 Panic attacks in a NON pregnant individual can happen at any time without rhyme or reason - there isnt always an obvious cause although more often than not there typically is a trigger (it could have occurred weeks or months earlier though). In a pregnant individual, hormones can trigger panic attacks and some women that have never had one before experience their first attack during pregnancy. Are you on any medications to control the PA's when they occur?
Avatar n tn Ive had horrible attacks while pregnant but I dont think its affected the baby. Im getting better at controlling it to.
Avatar n tn She's had multiple tests run on her heart and they have found nothing. She's been told it's anxiety attacks. Now that she's no longer pregnant and her son is almost 8 months old, she's still having the same problems. She breast feeds and they put her on a low dose Xanax. However it doesn't help her. My older sister told her that she thinks it's just mild asthma attacks. Is this possible? Are there any other options to getting help with this problem she's having?
Avatar f tn So I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for about 8 years. I used to be on medication for them for a long time til I finally realized I didn't want to be dependent on the medications. I had became addicted and eventually weaned myself off of them completely. It's been about 2 years and I've been fine without them. But here lately I've been having a bit of anxiety. My fear is when I go into labor I'll have a full blown panic attack and that scares me to death.
1614183 tn?1305049300 i have to be accompanied by another adult just to go outside... plus i have asthma... but can the therapist prescribe me wit anything while I'm pregnant...??? And will i get medicine on my first visit...???
Avatar n tn What kind of tests did the doctors run? Did they do blood work? Did they give you a cardiogram or an echocardiogram? Did they say anything about a stress test? It can be related to anxiety, but more tests would have to be run in order to rule out the heart. If the tests were completed and everything was normal then it is related to can do that. It is a terrible feeling.
Avatar n tn Any ladies have severe anxiety before pregnancy & still on medication for it while pregnant? I'm not on any but my anxiety is out of control & I know with only two months til my baby is due I'll be freaking out a lot more. Any meds you know of safe for pregnancy?
Avatar f tn For the past week I have been suffering with what I can only call sleeping panic attacks. While falling asleep, my body twitches, jerking me awake. This goes on for a 45 minute period until I am awake enough to begin to feel the panic take over. I don't know if this is a result of being without the meds, but it is the scariest feeling I have ever felt.
2117757 tn?1335968878 Alright so I'm pregnant & suffer from severe anxiety & panic attacks. I just found out today I lost my job because I've been waiting on the doctors to get back to me because I'm literally scared to go to work. Every time I get ready for work, I have a massive panic attack & have to be taken to the hospital. I can't take any meds while I'm pregnant, so that doesn't help at all. What should I do now?
Avatar f tn I suffer from anxiety have for years now. If you have questions about anxiety I probally have an answer or know where to find it just drop me a note. I also suffer from PTSD. which in turn affects anxiety. please don't be afraid to ask me questions. I am a mother of a 5 year old and one on the way. My husband is in the military and is gone for up to 6 months at a time out of the year. Its hard but I manage.
2110589 tn?1334784177 Anxiety while pregnant? Does somebody have this too because i feel so horrible .
Avatar n tn I know you posted about your anxiety on a couple of other boards, but you can talk to your doctor about anti-anxiety meds. There are some that you can take while pregnant. Pregnancy hormones can drastically increase anxiety and if you need something to help that, talk to your doctor.
3168206 tn?1348667062 hi, i was pregnant in2010 and during my pregnancy i started developing a breathing problem, yes im a smoker but the problem has never been there before, i was at work and didnt start feeling well, i was hot and dizzy and found it very difficult to breath properly, i could only take short breaths, it feels simular to when you breathe then while u breathing someone comes up and chocke you, i got so scared at times that i started crying but then it only got worse, ive been to doctors and they at f
Avatar f tn I'm nearly 23 weeks and have started having anxiety attacks. I've bee very emotional but put it down to hormones until the anxiety started, does anyone know anything I can do ??
Avatar f tn None of my babies had any issues with me being on it whatsoever. Please however avoid the xanax while pregnant as it is not a safe drug at all. You need to see your doctor or even Obs and tell them how you are feeling. Coming off the meds right away was probably very harsh to your system and you are likely having withdrawals as well as anxiety.