Anxiety attacks vs heart problems

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Avatar n tn and that's all it took to get rid of the out of control panic attacks. It took them a LONG time to rehydrate me, my heart would not slow.. Yes, I am deep in the heart of bronchitus now, but it's much more bearable than the later. *this* is why they should not just try and treat the panic attack and ignore anything further..they could be happening for a reason. The first 2 ER visits made this mistake and thr bronchitus finally showed itself. They said it's been working on me a long time...
Avatar f tn For 18 years, I've had heart junk. Started with flip flops and they thought SVT but could never catch it. Now I've been diagnosed with PVC's and PAC's and tachycardia. Through all of this, I started having anxiety. Everytime I would have a heart "episode", I would be diagnosed with anxiety. A few years ago I started having panic attacks, with the first one coming on after a heart episode.
Avatar n tn The most likely diagnosis is anxiety attacks, and this is just the way they start and play themselves out. The best treatment is a combination of medications and psychotherapy...much better than either alone. Re medications, you might want to stop Xanax and switch to a longer term medication like Klonopin. Stopping Xanax is tricky...should do it slowly over 3 week period to avoid seizures and withdrawal symptoms. There are other anxiolytic medications so you should see a psychopharmacologist.
Avatar f tn Now, to your question. Anxiety is to babbling brook as panic is to FLOOD! Anxiety -as a disorder- is a gnawing sense of uneasiness or nervousness that occupies the emotional background more or less constantly and keeps us from taking part in activities, or attempting to meet new challenges we might otherwise freely take on, even with the possible out come of results we don't want.
4046749 tn?1357107596 Believe it or not listening to my husband's heart beat calms my anxiety
Avatar n tn Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are the same thing with different names. The reason for them can be from many social anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD, Post-traumatic stress..etc.
Avatar f tn Hi again ;-) I agree with you, with all that anxiety problems that I have since more than one year, I tend to be very agressive and negative against the benzo meds and their use and I think it's because I realise that it was a mistake to take those med for me... BUT I agree that those meds help A LOT of peoples in a long-term view and save their lifes!!! What you mean by a PMM???
Avatar m tn This isn't really a question, it's more or less a walkthrough of what I am going through with anxiety problems and alcoholism in hopes that it might help someone out there. Had I read online about how common anxiety attacks after a night of drinking are, maybe I could have started my road to recovery sooner, and maybe some of you can.
Avatar n tn I have been having weird heart problems for roughly 5 years now. It all started one night years ago with an episode of My heart racing, I had been sitting in a relaxed position, doing nothing out of the ordinary, I think maybe surfing Facebook or something. All of a sudden I had a feeling that I could only describe as, it felt like my heart had stopped. So I jumped up telling myself no no no. And then for about the next 2 hours, My heart stayed at a steady 150 ish beats per minute.
915775 tn?1243253530 I have had anxiety ever since. Some heart arrhythmias can mimic anxiety attacks and are really hard to diagnose because they can be paroxysmal (suddenly start and suddently stop without warning). Often times, you can be having an issue with your heart rate, but it will only last 3-4 minutes and its not happening by the time you call an ambulance or go to the ER, the EKGs always come back fine...
Avatar n tn Welbutrin gave me anxiety attacks as with many others, but it works well for many. It's a game, you have to just play it out until you find the right combination. I am very frustrated now beacause I don't think I have another drug to even try...
Avatar n tn I had physical symptoms of the digestive systems that they can't seem to link to anxiety - before I had anxiety attacks. The anxiety on-set was after these physical symptoms became prominent enough that they made be start to think I might be seriously ill.
Avatar m tn Many people have difficulty starting anti-depressant meds. They can work for both anxiety and panic attacks when they reach full efficacy. Everyone is different and there are many anti anxiety meds (ie: buspar). Talk it over with your doc. I'm sure he will have some options for you.
341953 tn?1209485491 I don't have panic attacks, and I don't have anxiety like issues on a daily basis. It is more like, I do internalize stress, and at times it resurfaces making my conditions trigger pain, sickness, etc. She did have me do a depression test just to make sure that wasn't it, and that came back negative. I have horrible TMJ, so I tend to get tension, almost migraine headaches a lot. The headache I had with the Buspar was along that line....and I couldn't do much but lay down.
Avatar n tn I had gastric bypass surgery and since then I have been having what I thought were heart attacks but after going to the emergency room my heart was fine and we kinda of fiqured out that they were panick attacks.
Avatar f tn Some people tend to lose/gain weight hypo or hyper. Panic attacks and anxiety can be symptoms of both. Would you give us some background? Symptoms? Any meds you are taking? Recent labs?
Avatar n tn I am on Ativan 0.5mg as needed for anxiety attacks. I find it works wonderfully...I am just praying it doesn't poop out on me. However, I've heard that Ativan is not nearly as addictive as Xanax, Valium, or Klonopin. Reason doesn't give you the "high" that the aforementioned drugs do. I am about to start tapering my dose (I can't take the wretched side effects anymore...haven't slept in 3 days...I feel manicky).
Avatar f tn When I was switched from Cytomel to the generic I had a gradual deterioration of my previously good state and had symptoms of hyperthyroidism (dizzyness, heart palpitations, anxiety, joint pain) even though the dosage remained the same. My prescription was 75 mcg. T4 and 25 mcg.T3. I made sure that the generic was from Mylan labs every time. My doctor cut the T3 dosage in half and I crashed...severe depression, edema and 15 lb. weight gain in 3 weeks, visual and cognitive problems.
246577 tn?1202741376 Told me I had MVP and panic attacks. Was worked up by cardiology and heart function was ok. Shortly after that episode, I went on the bith control pill. Never had another problem with it until I went off it 5 yrs ago... progressively getting worse along with my periods. I'm not a candidate for the pill anylonger, due to age, high BP etc. Could this be a real cause of these attacks? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm in the Phila area and I love my DOC.
Avatar n tn YES, anxiety can play a major role in heart symptoms. I've had anxiety problems for years and my heart goes way too fast, so I was put on tenormin which slows it down beautifully to a more comfortable rate. Skipped beats can also be a sign of anxiety. Check things out with your doctor, of course. Good luck.
Avatar n tn There are so many theories on panic attacks, anxiety, it's amazing when you start to research it. And, I did later on have panic attacks, but I know what you are describing, and that is different, and that is also what I had years before any panic attacks. You would think now, with my twitching problem, that I would be able to relate my experiences in the past with now, and try to relax about it.
Avatar n tn long time ago I had anxiety attacks (we're talking over 20 years)....but real anxiety attacks, so bad that I'd have to lie down on the floor at a shopping center....went to the er a few times, I mean really, really bad and I was at college and I had a hard time with my studies....Went to 3 very prominent Beverly Hills doctors, all telling me the same thing, to take tranquilizers, which I did, but I was nodding out in class not - to mention I hated being drugged up feeling all the time...
Avatar n tn She dealt with people just like me (anxiety and panic attacks) the therapists on the other hand I've seen in the past had absolutely NO clue. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn For me I knew something was not right when I had been kicking butt at the gym and I thought my heart rate would be low (that would show great fitness level for most)--my resting heart rate was 108. I kinda dismissed it till my hands got shakey..then I thought gotta stop that morning cup of coffee--this concerned me because I need steady hands for my job. I had an inkling that it was my throid because I googled high resting heart rate up popped hyperthyroid.....
Avatar n tn I used to have them every so often but now get them more frequently, I think because my anxiety has gotten so bad~ leading to panic attacks over the past yrs. I too asked my MD about the relation but was told not sure. I have had an holter and it picked up pac/pvc's. So I definitely can relate.
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Avatar n tn I was to my gynecologist last week and she thinks I'm having anxiety attacks. Wants to put me on Xanex. I just don't know where to turn next!
605458 tn?1539232408 I believe that specific combination was the most beneficial for me, and although it didn't stop the panic attacks completely, instead of getting 8-9 panic attacks a day, as well as general anxiety and irrational fears, my anxiety/panic attacks were slim to none. Because I have been addicted to drugs since I was 12 years old (ice/heroin main aggressors), after I got released from jail at 18, my doctor decided to cut me off the Largactyl/Valium as he was concerned I would overdose.