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Avatar f tn I suffer panic/anxiety attacks as well, the only thing that helps is anti-depressants, take a small dose or half to a quarter of the dose if you dont like taking ADs, just enough to take the edge off. I tried stopping ADs after tx, but the attacks were still there. Its now 3 yrs since tx. I take prozac, half tab every 3 days and it helps.
Avatar f tn 30 am -4:45pm the next day Normally my panic and anxiety attacks hit me like i said on an everyday on an everyday basis especially at night. normally i think something is going to happen to make family beyond my control thats when my migraines flare up again and I cant breathe. Thats why I overly protective of my son and wont let him leave the house really. and i use to love taking him to the park. I wont be able to see my Pdoc for another month I believe. but i will try a walk in on Tuesday.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping that someone out there may be able to give me some pointers on what to do next or share similar experiences with me... 4yrs ago I stopped taking Depo Provera injections as I was admitted to hospital 3 times with suspected thrombosis; on the 3rd visit a vein in my leg had "popped out" and had to be surgically removed.
Avatar f tn Only the problem, I believe, is that it was just exacerbated by my taking birth control pills. I thought it would help. But instead of making the PMS go away, it was like I had PMS ALL THE TIME. I was moody, cranky, and annoyed at just about everything. We had started out with a good relationship, but eventually, I hated my boyfriend, I hated myself, and I hated everything. Until I stopped taking the pill. But now I have anxiety over the breakup of the relationship.
1132818 tn?1260328941 I started taking birth control again for about a seven months now and just recently experienced anxiety attacks that wont go away. I honestly believe that it comes from the birth control so i have stopped taking them, but the first time i was put on birth control when i was about eighteen, i didnt experience anything like this. So my question is...... are there any women out there that have experienced what i have and stopped taking the pill.
1129232 tn?1360803958 I feel like my heart is beating faster when I get anxiety attacks. Maybe the hormones at that time of month are causing anxiety attacks. You can get these even when there is nothing in particular you are anxious about. I didnt always have them either.
Avatar n tn Then a gynecologist, PMS was queried as well as depression. Due to embarrassment, I paid cash for a private psychologist for 3 sessions- PMDD was the diagnosis along with stress associated with my employment. I enjoyed flying airplanes recreationally, so would not succumb to anti-depressants. Since I smoked, my gynecologists would not give me a birth control pill due to my age of 36. The gyno agreed with PMDD and prescribed Sarafem.
Avatar f tn I have fibro and CFS and all my symptoms of pms and period pain has been much worse since I was diagnosed 9 years ago. But now, in the days before my period starts (if it does or it just thinks it is going to) my body feels like it has been struck by a truck. I am swollen, crampy, achey all over, sad, crying, sleepy, irritable, can't get comfortable, unsteady when I walk around, feel confused and it just gets worse and worse until the damn period finally starts (if it does).
Avatar n tn Doctors also told me I was experiencing panic attacks. It could be anxiety related to PMS. I get spooked very easily and get the dropsies about a week before.
5744341 tn?1374244179 I obsess trying to find something to help me it just started bad when i started my period and I went to the doc and he gave me zoloft which I will never take again it kept me up all night! I have strange symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, feeling detached,hopelessness, obsessive thoughts I have no appetite . I have felt this way for about 10 days can someone help me. could it be hormomal? Will it go away?
230625 tn?1216764664 I learned the hard way, Xanax should not be used regularly unless you really need it, which is primarily to control severe anxiety. I took it when I was DXd with MS because of several severe anxiety attacks. I got physically addicted and it took along time to get off it. I would really hesitate taking it for any off-label reason. Physicians like it because it is very effective but I believe many are not aware or downplay the dark side of this drug.
Avatar f tn 5mg q hs, which has helped alot. recently i've noticed more pms symptoms, anxiety,, agitation, mood changes prior to my period and an increase of the night attacks. my family doctor prescribed me zoloft 25mg per day. i was going to do day 15 thru 1st day of menses. i started zoloft last week and after 5 days felt awful. i was tired, foggy, and actually having anxiety episodes every night. i stopped the zoloft on sunday and haven't taken any since.
Avatar n tn I have SEVERE anxiety about 3-4 days before and throughout my cycle. It is horrible!!!! I totally understand but haven't found a way to deal with it yet. Although, I had my horomones checked and I have no estrogen so they put me on HRT, which did help a little bit so far. I will keep you posted. Also, I have heard that Soy helps??
Avatar m tn I lost my dad about 12 yrs ago and that hit me hard but i coped i had just recieved promotion and threw my self into it.About 5yrs in i suddenly started getting anxiety attacks from nowhere and my doctor prescribed proprananol.This helped a little but my anxiety started to grow worse and was prescribed initially seroxat which did little for my sex life so i moved on to venlafaxine.
18070169 tn?1463179514 I had a partial hysterectomy (uterus and cervix - both ovaries remain) the end of February. I was fine for the first 6 weeks and then after I would have occasional panic attacks, but not consistent. I had bladder pain and a pretty intense side pain so went in to be checked. No UTI, no infections in any of the organs and no stones or anything in the kidney or gallbladder. At this time I was also taking zolpidem every night.
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Avatar n tn ago started having strange anxiety like attacks in the middle of the night. Severe shaking ice cold skin limb weakness fear etc. sev.appetite loss. KAISER:Saw Psycho.Nurse for anxiety they put me on Ativan (never telling me it should be short term)then had Several ER visits Saw Dr.s,GYN, Neuro, Endocron,then went to Psychiatry.I was told I had Prozac Poopout. Over several months they tried me on 8+ different SSRIs and a couple of others Xanax etc. while I was still on 10mg, prozac.
Avatar f tn It can be difficult to distinguish between the original anxiety, stressinduced anxiety and the medication-induced anxiety(if there is any). The hormon system is complicated as such and I know from my own experience that stress(increased stresshormone levels) causes me to become more emotional labile during the menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn Anyways, I'm 22 and i'm supposed to start my period on Feb 4, exactly three days away. Let me tell you, i'm feeling awful! Despite the regular physical symptoms and my increased anxiety i'm feeling really "dreamy" and "dazy", like i'm really trying to concentrate on my school and study hard and focus but i'm just not feeling like I can.
Avatar f tn Anxiety, panic attacks and OCD are symptoms of serotonin deficiency. My OCD was particularly bad due to severe vitamin B12 deficiency but also showed up to a lesser degree with hypothyroidism and extreme stress. My anxiety/panic attacks were particularly of note with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, magnesium deficiency. Exercise also helped drastically with my anxiety. My heart rhythm issues were severe due to severe magnesium deficiency. There are many reasons for serotonin deficiency.
Avatar n tn I have written a couple times on this forum and am trying really hard to accept anxiety as my diagnosis. My symptoms, after my initial panic attacks and few month afterwards, have almost always been chest pain related. I have had very thorough cardiac workups. My cardio is 99 percent sure it is NOT my heart. I was at a friends house today and we walked into another room and as I walked I became really light headed and then started seeing "sparks".
11025355 tn?1416999157 after a week of thinking i had a tumor from pain behind my right eye and a lack of emotions i got told its normal only stress and everythings temporary so thats a reilf feeling happiness again but anxiety kicked in and i cant stop self analysing self i know its prob normal to make sure im fine but its really wearing me out guys can anyone give me some tips ?
Avatar n tn not even generalized anxiety. I had another child (My kids are 21 months apart) and I nursed this child for 9 months. As soon as I 3 days after..I had another panic attack out of nowhere. Ambulance/ER workup..the whole deal. Again it turned out to be anxiety and since that time ( 8 months) I have been having episodes that vary in generalized anxiety throughout the day.
Avatar f tn Ive had more blood tests a month ago which only revealed low iron stores again, despite the fact that I'm almost 2yrs on iron tablets!!!!! I get really bad PMS and I notice that I suffer from all the sympoms listed in the 1st paragraph around "that time of the month"; my period now lasts 7days and is fairly heavy since all this began. I suppose my question is "Do I really have anxiety/ panic disorder" or are there other things that I should looking into, i.e.
394991 tn?1214259507 now i stopped doing all the activities i use to do for leisure all together because of panic attacks and anxiety. but i never gave up on my work. after a 5 months i decided to start going out, as my wife was not feeling happy at all i could see, because we use to do lot of fun. We went to the mall and then we went some more places and then we went to see friends we haven't spoken to in months. I tried driving, first day was bad, second day slightly better, third time slightly more better.
Avatar n tn I wish all I had was typical anxiety attacks they are simple compared to this........I guess I just has to rattle on a bit......any thoughts?
Avatar n tn For the first 5 days, I paced around the house - crying my eyes out. Severe anxiety/panic attacks. I lost 12 pounds. Couldn't sit still for 10 seconds. Couldn't eat or sleep. The good part: Although, on the 5th day I did start to feel better, I still wanted some help. I found an herbal suppliment that really helps. It's called Kava Kava. It is great for the anxiety and restless feeling. I can actually sit down now! It just promotes a feeling of calm and mild euphoria. Not addictive.
1094370 tn?1317138425 Hi all, When I first started out with symptoms, my anxiety was over the top....couldn't hardly function. Over time and especially after starting treatment, it abated to almost nothing except for the moments when I get scared that thisis MS and not lyme. Anyhow, about two weeks ago, I'm feeling horrible anxiety again and having periodic "attacks" of anxiety. I will admit, that I'm feeling very overwhelmed with work/college graduation/wedding.
Avatar f tn After the birth of my first child i suffered from PND, mine was more of an anxiety issue rather than the rage but i went to my GP and she put me through a test to find out my mood e.g how many times in the past seven days have you laughed, cried, felt hopeless etc. I didn't do very well on the test and i ended up going on an antidepressent called zoloft. I started on a low does and then moved up to 75mg which is one a half tablets.