Anxiety attacks lasting days

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Avatar m tn i went through the same thing @ the end of 04, i was marijuana everyday for around 2 years and one day i woke up and felt exactly how you were feeling i couldnt think straight and couldnt collect my thoughts and felt like i was losing control, a few days later i went to the doctor and they gave me some pills forget what it was but i only took it them for a day or two until friends who have anxiety told me to fight it without any pills or medication so did and eventually it got better but a few
Avatar f tn m not a medical professional, but it sounds like anxiety/panic attacks to me. Look on YouTube for breathing techniques for panic attacks and see if this helps. I am always here to talk too and have dealtwith this for many years.
Avatar f tn m reading says that panic/anxiety attacks only last 10 minutes so it may be something completely different. Does anyone know what this might be?
Avatar m tn I was just wondering, what might be the cause of the reason, why Panic/Anxiety attacks are so evident on my face? Its almost as if the muscle in my face, seize up completely when I'm having an attack. Is there some kind of chemical in the body, that regulates and controls the signs of stress and anxiety on the face?
Avatar n tn if youre meaning klonopins brand name for clonazepam, it is a potent long lasting benzodiazepine that is used for anxiety, panic attacks, seizures associated with epilepsy. it also eases opiate withdrawal and since its long lasting you dont need to take it as much. it is still very addictive because it is very potent 1mg is equal to about 20mgs of valium. it is in youre system for up over 50 hours.
689327 tn?1240229164 I have been on xanax for as long as I can remember, without I have the worse anxiety attacks on a daily basis, The anxiety is so bad I don't want to get out of bed socialize or leave the house, with the xanax I am able to live a normal life, I don't want to be by myself and have no life.
Avatar m tn Secondly, is this how you usually experience your anxiety attacks? I know this one is long lasting, but I mean when you get your attacks is this how they manifest themselves normally? If so, relax, find something to do for awhile, and when it's done try to think about what might have triggered it. As for the hospital, there's a big difference between giving you a few benzos for anxiety and putting you on pain pills.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had expereince with this? I could use some guidance. Has any one had anxiety attacks too, could the Adenomyosis be triggering the anxiety? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I've had panic attacks for over 20 years, and I can go for a year without one. But for the last few weeks I've had rolling panic attacks, some lasting over 24 hours. I've been given Lorazepam, but I'm just exhasted by the anxiety. Each time I think it's finished, back it comes. I start therapy in November, but that seems like a very long way away. Does anyone else have these rolling attacks?
Avatar f tn And to my ignorance, I was actually used it for several months when you were supposed to only take it for 3 days. After stopping for several months, severe anxiety attacks started to occur. I'm thinking now it might've been a rebound effect of Afrin. But I've read somewhere that Afrin is one of OTC medications you should not be taking(as a warning). Might be best to talk to your doctor first and foremost before using it. I wouldn't recommend using it at all.
Avatar f tn Has anyone looked for a physical reason for your anxiety and panic attacks? This problem is not necessarily emotional. In my case (the same symptoms)I was in the early stages of adrenal fatigue with high cortisol. Xanax worked wonderfully, but I only took it to abort an attack, did not take a maintenance dose, and the dosage was very small (.25mg). Xanax can work miracles with these attacks, but it is very nasty stuff and highly addictive.
Avatar m tn how long one anxiety/panic attack lasts.and what is the mimimum time diffrence for second anxiety/panic attack?
1419479 tn?1285980520 Lets say it was laced with something then yes it could have lasting effects however tho you would not still be in a trip thats physically impossible that is just your mind telling you that I smoked weed for years and when I stopped I got my anxiety attacks and paranoia I used to be so bad that I couldn't even walk to the shops for fear of being stabbed ( why stabbed I don't know ) but your mind is a powerful thing it can make you think / see / hear and do anything you need to try and con
Avatar f tn Zoloft is a great drug, I have had panic attacks and anxiety for years and they went away after being on Zoloft and xanex as needed. It does take some time to find the right dose and the side effects to go away but stay with it!! Before I started the Zoloft I was taking 2-4 mg of xanex a day, after some time I was not taking any, and my life was normal again. Unfortunately after 12 plus years on Zoloft it pooped out on me a year ago...
Avatar f tn Why? I have severe panic attacks a lot and the xanax 1mg numbs me for 5 mins then im back to panicking.
1500294 tn?1290272209 has anyone experienced an anxiety attack for days?? ive lived with anxiety and panic for years and years, im 29 weeks pregnant and 29 years old... im having tingling thru my body, twitches all over my body (randomly)....and racing thoughts all for 4-5 days now. Im also a serious hypochondriac, so now i think i have MS, ALS, and other horrible diseases due to these symptoms ive been having.
Avatar f tn i have a heart dr and had a ekg in march and it was fine but that was before i was put on adderall............would pain lasting a week be the heart or my anxiety,im on xnax for anxiety and prozac for depression..i have had these pains in previous years but not as bad and im having anxiety bad so i dont know if that amking it worse,,,,my blood presure and heart rate is good i do have slight ischemai of the heart and high colerstrral.......
Avatar f tn I've had anxiety so bad I'm in tears for two days straight now and I'm only on day three!
Avatar f tn They are thought to be panic attacks but I just know something more serious is wrong. Because I have health anxiety and have run to the doctor/ER many times for the last few years, I've become "the boy who cried Wolf" to my friends and family. Recently I had a biopsy on a mole that truly was acting suspicious (crusting, bleeding, different from others...) which made me very anxious.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from what I think is anxiety for about 6 months now and have not been to a doctor about it yet. I have a constant fear of pretty much everything all of a sudden and I'm afraid to go out in public because I'm afraid of having an anxiety attack. When I have these attacks I get this sudden dizzy, light headed feeling as if I'm falling and my heart races and I get jittery and shaky and I just want to get out of wherever I am as fast as I can.
Avatar f tn I feel I have symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder and not sure if they are panic attacks as such but at times I feel sick, my heart races and my chest feels tight and I feel sudden urge to pass urine or open my bowels. It has got worse during a recent period of stress. When you pass urine, is it a large amount? It is with me, even when I haven't been drinking that much water.
1175891 tn?1265728013 Hi. I suffer from panic attacks and GAD, with the attacks lasting around 30 minutes. Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night a few hours ago with my heart racing around 140 bpm, and when it was over I wondered to myself, if an otherwise healthy human heart reaches that speed for 30 minutes a day, does it count as cardio?
9114072 tn?1401766588 I have been on EVERY Antidepressant there is out there im pretty sure. My problem when I got my anxiety and panic attacks was that I thought I was going to pass out, I felt sweaty and heart beating fast. I had it pretty much under control with medication until 4 days ago when I woke up I had a panic attack right away and it was lasting all day. I cant sleep right, I cant eat, and my symptoms are a little different ( feeling like I cant catch my breath ).
Avatar f tn Just plain Anxiety everyday. I have basically been like this for 18 yrs oh there are good days and bad days. I have been on meds for along time but I think some meds lose their effectiveness over a long period of time. And I understand your frustration when others tell don't worry about or don't dwell on it but that seems to be our nature. Are you on any Medication for your Anxiety? If not you probably see your Dr to see if they can help you.
Avatar f tn I also suffer from terrible anxiety and with my first pregnancy with twins I was so terrified of the whole process as well as scared I would have an anxiety attack while in labor but once I actually got to the point, I didn't have a whole lot of time to focus on my actual anxiety. Now that I'm expecting again, I'm having the anxiety all over again and even more because I feel like I will fear the process more knowing exactly what I will encounter.