Anxiety attacks lasting days

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Avatar m tn i went through the same thing @ the end of 04, i was marijuana everyday for around 2 years and one day i woke up and felt exactly how you were feeling i couldnt think straight and couldnt collect my thoughts and felt like i was losing control, a few days later i went to the doctor and they gave me some pills forget what it was but i only took it them for a day or two until friends who have anxiety told me to fight it without any pills or medication so did and eventually it got better but a few
689327 tn?1240232764 I have been on xanax for as long as I can remember, without I have the worse anxiety attacks on a daily basis, The anxiety is so bad I don't want to get out of bed socialize or leave the house, with the xanax I am able to live a normal life, I don't want to be by myself and have no life.
Avatar f tn But everything I'm reading says that panic/anxiety attacks only last 10 minutes so it may be something completely different. Does anyone know what this might be?
Avatar n tn When it started, I was tested for thyroid and had EKG done, normal results. Dr. at the time ruled it as anxiety attacks. But the attcks are very short- lasting 30 seconds-1 minute. Attacks feel like: sudden jolt starting in head, quick blurred vision (sec), weird sensation of warmth spreading down my left arm, left side of body, to left leg and out my left foot. Feels like I'm going to faint, but after 12 years, never have.
Avatar f tn I'm not a medical professional, but it sounds like anxiety/panic attacks to me. Look on YouTube for breathing techniques for panic attacks and see if this helps. I am always here to talk too and have dealtwith this for many years.
2120085 tn?1344769510 and that my chiari is getting worse within the space of a few days I have been having anxiety and panic for years now, and since my diagnosis in Jan I have done nothing but worry about my chiari and stress over it, and I have worked ALOT lately... Could these be stress related incidences or something much worse?
Avatar n tn Maybe , I don't have Anxiety but a actual problem and this is making me Anxious and causing my Panic Attacks cause its impossible to sleep at night! Thanks for reading and giving you input, Ill be watching this frequently and re-posting on anything new that happens!
Avatar f tn but it all started before i went to florida last year i was so looking forward to it as soon as we were there....bang i couldn't leave the room for a few days, had panic attacks which ruined my whole holiday!! I'm sorry to hear about your dad. If you don't mind me asking what sort of physical symptoms do u have??? Anxiety is a strange thing but your right it is hard to wrap ur mind around the effects it has on our mind and body!
Avatar n tn I have a huge fear of cancer due to my grandmother's death a few yrs ago, I was there with her when she died (she was only 59). I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks, OCD and boderline hypocondriac and no depression. I've tried Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor. Last year my GP put me on Xanax .25 mg to take when needed. I did good for a while on taking only every now and then except back in March a lot of things was going on and I started taking it more often.
Avatar n tn The simple act of taking my pulse triggers my anxiety. I've had panic attacks for 4-5 yrs now and have been on zoloft. I started to feel much better, even after stopping the medication. Once in awhile I would get a flutter (once a year?) and just dismiss it. Recently though, after the initial panic attack Friday, the flutter happens a few times an hour. And I find myself thinking about it from morning to night.
Avatar m tn Throughout the night, I some bouts of heartburn and apparently some anxiety attacks, which I am not used to. This whole head thing might just be me being scared and anxious, but I'm not entirely sure. I have been spending a lot of time researching and worrying online. The next day (today) was like the last and I have almost given up on the idea that it is sinus related. I am the most anxious I have been and the pressure has never been worse.
398624 tn?1266273049 Everyone here holds you in high esteem and wishes that everything turns out alright for you. I haven't much to add only to say in relation to anxiety lasting 24/7 Well, it's crystal clear from eveyone else too. Yes it does. I suffer with it so badly that my entire body becomes rigid. It's the most uncomfortable experience, there's a worse word but I'm withholdong
1570981 tn?1295834955 I dont know whether it is just an anxiety attacks or worst, heart attacks. Do you have pain in the left chest? Do you have pain in your left arm and left shoulder and neck? Do you have shortness of breath?? coz i do. I went to the doctor, and they say i am fine, and my ecg,blood,x-ray,urine test says my heart are okay.
Avatar m tn Had I read online about how common anxiety attacks after a night of drinking are, maybe I could have started my road to recovery sooner, and maybe some of you can. Anyways, I am a 25-year old college student (receiving my 2nd BA tomorrow actually :D) who had never experienced anything related to anxiety or panic attacks ever in my life. I've always been a laid back, easy-going individual.
Avatar f tn I have had lasting anxiety almost 2 months since i took lsd. i quit weed about a weed ago, because every time i smoked, it felt like i was going to have a bad trip again with anxiety. i’m only 18 and did lsd 3 times. i didn’t this last time by my self and maybe that’s why. i only smoked weed everyday for a year. no other drugs. some days are better then others. but some are hard to deal with. i haven’t had a panic attack in a month.
Avatar m tn s have said i have everything from virus,cold,bronchitis and finally anxiety attacks then gave me ativan which made me more worried..i dont know how to get better ..will go next week and explain how i can not function anymore..thanks for letting me vent and know i am not alone and losing my mind ..
Avatar f tn it would start within 2 minutes of waking up and was relentless. Since that one, I have had several multiple-day headaches; 7 days here, 3 days there, 1 week no pain, and now I am on day 6 of this headache. As a teen I had migraines, and it seems to be in the same area, forehead/behind eye, usually left side. ALSO I have been having, only in the last few months, sudden sharp excruciating pain near my temple, sometimes further back above my ear, sometimes more to the front closer to forehead.
Avatar n tn About a year ago I started to have severe anxiety which lead to panic attacks that I would have everyday. My doctor put me on Zoloft and Xanax until the Zoloft kicked in. I am just starting to come off the xanax and almost completly done however jst recently I have been having panic attacks again. I feel anxious and sorta like an "off" feeling as if I am walking on light feet....... sometimes I feel out of it like I am smaller ....
Avatar f tn Not only are the headaches so bad I can hardly function on 8 Advils/day and can't go jogging, I started having panic attacks. As a 33 year old female with no prior anxiety issues this is truly scary!! My neurologist prescribed Xanax but is there any other long term medication that would help? I'm scared to go shopping alone and am supposed to start a new job in 2 days. Any advice from fellow sufferers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn But for the last few weeks I've had rolling panic attacks, some lasting over 24 hours. I've been given Lorazepam, but I'm just exhasted by the anxiety. Each time I think it's finished, back it comes. I start therapy in November, but that seems like a very long way away. Does anyone else have these rolling attacks?
334848 tn?1206704288 Over the last few days ive been having sudden panic attacks. My anxiety started about 6 or 7 weeks ago, tonight i had a panic attack that lasted for around an hour. and went to the doctor who did an ECG and this came back normal. Has anyone here had a panic attack lasting this long?
Avatar f tn Menopause can be a "Catch Twenty-Two" when it comes to panic attacks. For some women, it is the time of their first attacks. For others, it brings an end. And for many of us, we just keep having the damn things no matter what our bodies are doing. I believe it's about our hormones raising havoc.............add in the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, exhaustion, etc., etc., it's a bit like rolling puberty & pregnancy into one fun event.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to let you know about something that helps me with my anxiety attacks when i get them and just my overall anxiety. you can of course try valium and xanax, but considering that you're in detox it's probably not a great idea. Though if you're having really bad ones, a small scrip of them might be necessary.
416625 tn?1203292598 I am having major anxiety/panic attacks. It is day 9 for me. I feel really good physically...sleep is a little weird...I feel like I am in a light dream state all the time....but I can deal with that. Sweats are going away...but still cold.... BUT I have major anxiety and panic attacks. I can't watch anything sad on TV I can't deal with it. Last night I was watching 60 min and go upset. I feel like I am pregnant (I am not) and my emotions are out of control.
170935 tn?1225374676 In both times I was exposed to a stressful situations 1-2 days before the attacks. So far - same as in Tinusch's case- relaxation works best.
Avatar n tn Going to bed at night used to be a very comforting and relaxing experience for me. Over the past year, however, night time is accompanied by bouts of panic and sleeplessness. The best way I can describe it is I just get near sleep (usually after about 30 minutes in bed) when out of the blue my whole body starts to tingle, my breathing and heart rate speeds up, and my thoughts start racing. It's like the feeling you would get if somebody came up behind you and scared you...
Avatar f tn You are definitely still having anxiety attacks due to the drug. I would drink copious amounts of water to try to flush the rest out of your system sorry I can't be of more help.