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Avatar m tn O n top of all this I got fluid in my ear and sick lol.I went to clinic put me on these pills made it worst stopped them.I try to take slow deep breathes relax in my mind say stop it!Well I know I am not crazy it seems always something else will occur to hurt or think I am lol.
Avatar f tn This was something that was suggested to me by two separate MDs - a cheap, $10 co-pay, family doc in '99 (for my panic attacks) and a much pricier shrink in '03 who helped me while I was doing IFN. It worked for me so I'd say it was worth a try.
1330691 tn?1275457004 In a strange way I'm relieved because I have been having abnormal things going on with my body and doctors previously did not figure out the hep c. I just new something was not right for between 1-2 years. Panic attacks and anxiety. frequent bouts of mild-severe brain fog,that makes me feel mentally ill. So I hope I can be seen soon. waiting to find out all the info of my specific case seems to be worse than having it.
Avatar n tn i was working as a waitress in a restaraunt for railroad men when i found out that i was 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. I was harrassed so much by a few of the men for months that i couldnt take it anymore. one day i left work early not feeling well and by 9pm my husband was taking me to the hospital. I had shortness of breath, my left arm went numb, my chest felt like i had 100lb weight sitting on it, and my blood pressure was 167/121..i thought i was having a heart attack at 21 years old.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Hey Y'all, My son suffered terrible anxiety attacks and was put on meds that made him feel very heavy and dull. He tapered off of them, and started taking MAGNESIUM AND COQ10, and has not had any major anxiety since. Hope this helps. Magnesium, a vital mineral nutrient, is perhaps one of the most important natural anxiety remedies because of its effectiveness, record of safe use, availability and value.
1434731 tn?1382725984 It freaks me out and makes me feel like at any given time I'm gonna have a heart attack or just die. I get that little fluttery feeling in my chest. I have a pressure in my middle chest between my boobs but it's not really my chest, it feels like my back and I want to crack it. I took my blood pressure cuz that helps me sometimes. 131/70 not bad! I don't know why I have it but it's annoying! It's been like a week of generally not feeling well. I'm not sure what a doc could do.
Avatar f tn As I moved up with my medication, the panic attacks and anxiety I was going through went away completely. I hope you can get yours under control. As far as T3, I know some people do better adding it to their T4, however it may be that the dose you are on is not the correct one. I strongly believe hypothyroidim causes anxiety and panic attacks. It's a very scary symptom and my heart goes out to those who suffer from this.
Avatar m tn Panic disorder is twice as common in women as in men. Symptoms usually begin before age 25, but may occur in the mid 30s. Although panic disorder may occur in children, it is often not diagnosed until they are older. Symptoms A panic attack begins suddenly, and most often peaks within 10 - 20 minutes. Some symptoms may continue for an hour or more. A panic attack may be mistaken for a heart attack.
Avatar m tn Perhaps every time I ejaculate, my serotonin levels drop even more thus causing the increase in anxiety? I appreciate your feedback on this issue, thank you.
Avatar f tn These can be learned by seeing a psychologist who specializes in treating stress and anxiety. As for sleep, there are natural methods that aren't addictive, such as melatonin, and relaxation techniques as well. If they work, and there's no guarantee, they won't interfere with REM sleep and won't put you into rebound insomnia, which long-term use of drugs to sleep can.
Avatar n tn This makes things worse of course, because the fear of the disease brings on more anxiety which brings on more symptoms. When you are deep in this mind set, you usually will not listen to anyone's reassurances. Hopefully though at some point he will turn the switch in his own mind and begin to believe that he is OK. For me it took six months from the initial anxiety to finally tell myself that I don't have MS or a heart condition and so on and so on.
Avatar m tn This problem is more frequent in women than in men. Panic disorder usually begins between ages 25 and 35, but can also occur in children. Find out what anxiety is and what its symptoms are There are citizens who do not be acquainted with that the symptoms they experience are cause by anxiety." The first step to recover is to know what is happening to them and to realize the symptoms. Tachycardia, sweating, increased temperature, difficulty sleeping, digestive discomfort, etc.
Avatar n tn Well, I'm in the middle of testing now but what I can tell you is that you are supposed to sleep less as you age. This is something you cannot ignore so please look into it even if it has nothing to do with the thyroid. One of the symptoms of hypothyroid that I know of is that your digestion slows down, this means you get more constipated and more time passes between bowel movements (which can lead to all sorts of problems by itself).
1155933 tn?1262355065 Everytime i try to tell my b/f however i chicken out. I start having panic attacks and back out of it. Which results in me telling this other guy i cannot see him anymore, and once the panic attack passes im left still feeling in love w/ him and missing him like crazy. I cant keep doing this. Im only hurting this other man, myself , and the person im w/. I almost feel like my current b/f is some sort of security so to speak.
2068341 tn?1331268972 I have had many in the past. I would like you to post this in the anxiety forum, as you will receive all the help you need there. I wish you the best.
Avatar n tn Now having had 2 heart attacks in less than 2 years, with no risk factors, I'm thinking it has to be something very rare causing this. The first MI was from a blockage (yet, I don't have high cholesterol or a family hx). But no one can figure out why I had the recent MI. I'm a 41 yr old female and I'm feeling like a ticking time bomb. My symptoms are not getting better and I'm getting really frustrated. I am to return to school this Fall so I'd like to figure this out soon.
Avatar m tn But if you must only possible risk is Syphilis-6 weeks, Herpes-3 months and HPV-no test in men 4. No risk Suggest you seek a therapist to help you deal with anxiety and guilt.
1348086 tn?1370786785 Anxiety bites!!!! I keep a journal each day (yes, it's a diary for men :) ) and I rank my level of anxiety from 0 to 10, whereas 0 is awesome, 1 is daily anxiety (normal) and 8 is panic attack, 9 is severe panic attack, and 10 being health issues and/or passing out. Well, surprisingly, I had been at a 0 for most of 2 months now, even though I usually suffer from SAD. Today I was in a meeting at work and I got up to about a 6 and then I went home and on my way home I hit an 8!
1482256 tn?1288624154 that something was wrong with it soo i thought i was gana die n i got really bAD depression n then i got another panic attack that night soo in the morning i went to check what that was about soo thats wen they said there was nothing wrong with my heart that wen they did my cat scan i moved n my heart came out diformed lol men i felt relive but they said i had anxiety panic i was like ok what ever then i was home i had it everyday i thought it would stop but antil this day i have it n i still h
Avatar f tn Now that I'm pregnant I have the dumbest fears of dying during birth due to anxiety attacks..
Avatar m tn I have been checking for lymphnodes but cannot feel any, it is common to feel heavy shoulders and aching upper arms in anxiety? (my knees have stopped aching since the shoulders have started!
186166 tn?1385262982 I know about HIV and I knew I had almost zero chance f being infected but reading about it and thinking of it got me worried bad! I had anxiety attacks! Its true. Its all in the head!!!!! reaching people who'll make you relax is very helpful, also, trying to work on something or do something that will take your thinking off the subject helps a lot. thanks Lizzie.
Avatar m tn I know it's scary, but part of growing up is facing scary stuff. Remember when you thought there were monsters under your bed or boogey men in your closet? grew up. No monsters. Talk to someone about what's going on.'ve grown up a little more. No fear. I'm sure you'll be fine, jacob, Please write to us anytime you want to, OK?
758077 tn?1282599161 pretty much in panic mode thats why you feel more anxiety than usual because of the chemicals in your body already out of wack because of the anxiety disorder... when I go out drinking I make sure to have a long recovery time the next day... Before you pass out drink lots of water that helps a lot then in the morning I take 3 mg of xanax when the anxiety is getting pretty bad and 2 min. later the anxiety is gone COMPLETELY and I am fine the rest of the day after a 2-3 hour nap...
Avatar n tn Did you ever fear that there was something wrong with you, besides anxiety? I have feared that I have MS because I started having anxiety attacks that left me with severe nausea, when I started searching on the internet nausea, it came back as a symptom of MS, I just went today for an MRIof brain w/contrast, I've been worried so long that this is what is wrong with me, I have to put this to ease.
780665 tn?1239030149 Just remind yourself when you're having an attack, that it's all in your head because an anxiety attack will not kill you or harm you, despite being discomforting. When you continue to dwell on it, it will continue to linger. "My question is 'does anyone ever REALLY make a full recovery from anxiety/panic disorder and if medication is taken do the symptoms just re-appear once withdrawl starts?
Avatar n tn I believe I have been experiencing severe panic attacks/ anxiety as a result of a combination of antibiotics I was on for an UTI. I have stopped the antibiotics, abou 36 hours ago, and am wondering how long before they are out of my system? and when they are out, will the anxiety go away? My GP prescribed a mild anti-anxiety drug and it has helped but not completely.. My heart is pounding and anytime I think of leaving the house I get sick to my stomach...
Avatar n tn Have you tried in-home therapy? I have a therapist who comes to me once a week through the clinic that I go to. You should call a bunch of mental health clinics and see if they have a program that can do that for you to help you. The program I am in is called Total Family Strategy by Suncoast Mental Health. It sounds like you may need someone to come with you to your doctors just to get on medicine because the doctor will not prescribe one to you over the phone...
Avatar m tn no single day gap in last 37 years........i m also having severe panice attacks and anxiety disorder,,,, i m not even able to offer pray.....not able to walk...not able to severe stress on mind in while walking...i cant stand up for a while as i stand up heart beat increases no control....when i try to quit from masterbation the symptoms get more sever......plz tell me anyone what should i do now...