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Avatar f tn Recent events in the past couple of years perhaps lead to my panic/anxiety attacks. I feel more of the "physical symptoms" as mentioned. I deal w/it when it does come and learning how to cope and tell myself...i will be ok. i'm glad i joined the network.
1532322 tn?1292178743 I would like to know how you cope with anxiety of driving in snow & icey conditions! I am extremly fearful of the snow &ice .
Avatar m tn At this time i quit all drugs beside pot and drinking here and there to try to cope with my problems. I went to a tech school payed by the government but the thing was i had to have so many of hours a week, everyday was a battle trying to cope with my anxiety/depression. I could never hold a job so a few weeks after i was supose to graduate i was kicked out of the program.
16913158 tn?1452337003 im not on any medications for this as i try and battle with the anxiety myself...if i do have to go in a car i have to sit in the front i can not sit in the back as i have bad panic attacks. i wear seaband bracelets on my wrist and have ginger sweets that does work to a certain extent but not all the time.
Avatar f tn So I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for about 8 years. I used to be on medication for them for a long time til I finally realized I didn't want to be dependent on the medications. I had became addicted and eventually weaned myself off of them completely. It's been about 2 years and I've been fine without them. But here lately I've been having a bit of anxiety. My fear is when I go into labor I'll have a full blown panic attack and that scares me to death.
Avatar f tn Hi just wondering how you all cope and carry on with your lifes while sufferinf with anxiety? i would be helpful to many of us to see how others cope and maybe try a few of eachothers ideas.
Avatar m tn Ove never had any emotional or mental problems in the past and am not sure how to cope with all of this. I havent slept much in the past week and some of my symptoms are lightheadedness, tingling in my extremedies, fuzzy and faint feeling from time to time. slight chest pains and what seem to be "ghost" pains. I keep telling myself that im stressing over nothing, but no matter what I do i cant seem to get the thoughts out of my head and move past the anxiety.
Avatar n tn I had a lot around 15weeks. I ended doing a prenatal counseling session that my Dr suggested. I was able to figure out what was causing them and hot to cope better. It helped a lot and I've only had one since. I'm 26week now.
Avatar m tn There are many conditions that could cause those symptoms. It could also be anxiety attacks, but best to rule out any neurological or vascular problems first. Good luck!
Avatar f tn The BEST way to manage anxiety is by learning how to retrain the way you think and react. Learning how to cope. As for medications being part of a treatment plan, they absolutely can be very beneficial, but there are considerations. If you're set on using a medication, you'd be better off trying an antidepressant, or asking to be switched to something like Klonopin, for the reasons listed above. Xanax, when used as needed, for when anxiety spikes (here and there)....
1305767 tn?1361192676 ve been feeling under the weather so I seem to have more attacks. I think I had four or five today.
652671 tn?1353712165 But you have the power to control it. That is my point. Can be hard to learn how to control it. Best way to start is not to give your heart so much attention next time you imagine there is something wrong. The less you focus on it, the less you will notice. Every little ache and pain some anxiety sufferers tend to make a lot worse. They begin to panic. Thus making the situation a lot worse. Have you tried any form of theraphy? You'll hear the same things I am saying here.
Avatar n tn Hi there! I have also been a worrier and worse case scenario kind of person. I have PTSD from abuse as a child. but I also think anxiety is in my DNA.. I personally don't think there is medical proof that severe anxiety will go away for good. Everyone's story is different and I think we learn different methods on how to cope with it so it's not so intense. I had "severe" panic attacks at 15 and learned how to deal with them thru therapy and certain breathing techniques.
Avatar f tn i need some advice from those who suffer from panic attacks or panic/anxiety disorder...
900948 tn?1242022037 i just can't stand my anxiety attacks anymore...i get them on a daily basis even without thinking about has put a pause into my life...feel very abnormal...can't do the normal things a mother does with her children...sometimes the xanax doesn't even relief my attacks...when will this go away...i feel like i can't take another attack...and like i said they come daily...i try to relax myself and it doesn't seem to work...
Avatar n tn I think it depends. Some days I feel like the whole world has collapsed around me and I'm not sure how to cope, although most days I feel fine. I've not asked to be put on anything as I prefer not to take medication. Maybe talking about things with a friend or family member, no matter how trivial they seem, might help? Easier said than done!
Avatar f tn Go to some meetings and talk face to face to others who are in the same boat so you can learn how to cope with those triggers a big better (personally the fact that you posted at all shows me that you are trying very hard to cope with those triggers so huge congratulations to you on that!
Avatar m tn Hoping to be well soon. I do see improvement since about day 4. The anxiety and panic attacks are less often and less intent Thank you all for your posting about your own fight with this. It gave me hope that this would get better, and it is.
1357873 tn?1277344175 You need help to try to get to the cause of the anxiety you are experiencing. Some types of anxiety respond to counseling and talk therapy and others need to be treated differently. Medications are there to help you cope with the symtoms and keep them from interfering with your life. I suggest you sit down with your parents or guardians and speak openly with them about what you are going thru and that you need further treatment.
Avatar f tn Are you currently on any meds for the anxiety/panic attacks? if no you may want to look into getting on some meds to help you gain control back of your life. If you are on meds then talk to your doctor about changing your meds.
1601734 tn?1297794762 Does anyone else get these improve anxiety waves? How do you cope? They just appear out of nowhere. I get serious attacks, but I know the root of them, these waves, I can't make sense of. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Avatar m tn To answer the question about how i cope with panic is hard to say but my symptoms are easier to describe :crushing feeling in chest,pins and needles,dizzy, thinking my going to die or go crazy,mind racing..Hope have helped abit but not scared you..I have had this for about 15 years now..
Avatar n tn I was on sertraline for almost 2 months to help with anxiety and panic attacks. I was so heavily into the panic attacks I would go to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I still struggle with the anxiety and panic attacks on a daily/weekly basis as I had to stop taking the medication as I developed GERD from it.
Avatar f tn Im 38 weeks pregnant and just started having anxiety attacks which is a very scary feeling. lately i just feel depressed. Has anyone else felt like this during pregnancy? how did you cope with it?
Avatar m tn This sounds like classic symtoms of anxiety/depression. The best thing is to seek out a psychiatrist and let them determine what course of action you need to tak.
Avatar f tn Be sure to tell them you have "Panic Attacks", not just anxiety. Xanax is not usually the drug of choice for anxiety but is for panic attacks.