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Avatar m tn how do you guy's cope?! and how do you deal with everyday anxeity? I just recently started to accept it my anxeity and im not afraid of it, I accept that it's something I made up and I let it run free, I try my very best not to let the symptoms get to me I try to do stuff keep myself busy etc, but in the end its just driving me nuts and I cant help to think about it.
Avatar m tn Sorry your experiencing anxiety. I've had it for many years. Go speak to a psychiatrist they can give you something and they also speak to you about ways to cope. If you need further or more counseling a psychologist can add more talk therapy. I went to both for 5 years and it has really helped!
Avatar f tn I've been under a lot of stress lately to the point where I'm getting anxiety attacks and I know it's not good for the baby. Any teas or things to do to cope with this situation? I feel like I don't have control over it anymore.
900948 tn?1242025637 i just can't stand my anxiety attacks anymore...i get them on a daily basis even without thinking about has put a pause into my life...feel very abnormal...can't do the normal things a mother does with her children...sometimes the xanax doesn't even relief my attacks...when will this go away...i feel like i can't take another attack...and like i said they come daily...i try to relax myself and it doesn't seem to work...
Avatar f tn Easier said than done. Panic attacks are not fatal, once you accept that you're half way there to being able to cope with them. Decidedly unpleasant, but surviveable. You need to see someone that's qualified in Psychiatric/Psychological studies. As you can see on this site panic/anxiety/bipolar/depression affects lots more people than is generally thought. You are not unique in that respect.
652671 tn?1353715765 But you have the power to control it. That is my point. Can be hard to learn how to control it. Best way to start is not to give your heart so much attention next time you imagine there is something wrong. The less you focus on it, the less you will notice. Every little ache and pain some anxiety sufferers tend to make a lot worse. They begin to panic. Thus making the situation a lot worse. Have you tried any form of theraphy? You'll hear the same things I am saying here.
Avatar f tn Hi just wondering how you all cope and carry on with your lifes while sufferinf with anxiety? i would be helpful to many of us to see how others cope and maybe try a few of eachothers ideas.
Avatar f tn I don't know how to deal with my family. It is most likely that we are al infected since birth. Now, how come a virus can get active?? are there any suggestion to keep this virus inactive ???... any good words are welcome. I need support. I;m so stress out. I can not talked to my friends and I'm having depression.
Avatar m tn There are many conditions that could cause those symptoms. It could also be anxiety attacks, but best to rule out any neurological or vascular problems first. Good luck!
470885 tn?1326332637 -) Anyway....basically, I just want to know how you deal with health anxiety, for those of you who experience this? I lost my mom to kidney cancer nearly 6 years ago and thought I'd dealt with my grief (never sought counselling at the time, though)....had a few OCD-type incidents since and very mild health anxiety that always went away after a couple of days. Only now, after becoming a mom myself - my son is now 18 mos.
1532322 tn?1292182343 I would like to know how you cope with anxiety of driving in snow & icey conditions! I am extremly fearful of the snow &ice .
Avatar n tn Some days I feel like the whole world has collapsed around me and I'm not sure how to cope, although most days I feel fine. I've not asked to be put on anything as I prefer not to take medication. Maybe talking about things with a friend or family member, no matter how trivial they seem, might help? Easier said than done!
Avatar f tn Recent events in the past couple of years perhaps lead to my panic/anxiety attacks. I feel more of the "physical symptoms" as mentioned. I deal w/it when it does come and learning how to cope and tell myself...i will be ok. i'm glad i joined the network.
Avatar n tn How do you cope mine are all day everyday and wake me up at night X
Avatar f tn So I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for about 8 years. I used to be on medication for them for a long time til I finally realized I didn't want to be dependent on the medications. I had became addicted and eventually weaned myself off of them completely. It's been about 2 years and I've been fine without them. But here lately I've been having a bit of anxiety. My fear is when I go into labor I'll have a full blown panic attack and that scares me to death.
Avatar f tn Be sure to tell them you have "Panic Attacks", not just anxiety. Xanax is not usually the drug of choice for anxiety but is for panic attacks.
1348086 tn?1370786785 How can I convince myself that my shortness of breath is my anxiety. I usually have an attack and then by the end of the day I get over it. This one has been going on since yesterday and I have it in my head that since I have been feeling short of breath that I have something else wrong.
16913158 tn?1452340603 im not on any medications for this as i try and battle with the anxiety myself...if i do have to go in a car i have to sit in the front i can not sit in the back as i have bad panic attacks. i wear seaband bracelets on my wrist and have ginger sweets that does work to a certain extent but not all the time.
780253 tn?1237559519 I know how you feel, I am hypothyroid but found when my dose was increased to 100mcg after a TSH 7.1 that i suffered almost constant anxiety and palpitations, (which i have never suffered from before) I was tested again and my TSH was down to 0.84 which for me is too low. I have now found that I suffer from anxiety when my TSH is too low and too high.
746230 tn?1232925447 The weird thing is I didn't have a label for these attacks then and I didn't find out what they were medically called until 13 years later. My internist explained to me that I suffered from anxiety attacks and that it is hereditery. After talking to different members of my family I found out I wasn't alone. All of my siblings, my mother, some aunts, cousins and one grandmother all suffer or suffered anxiety attacks. And we've all tried different ways to cope with it.
Avatar m tn Now my main question is, how do I cope with these attacks? They are really starting to block me doing daily activites. Is there anything I can take? Like I've heard "weed" can help, but I'm not very keen on drugs. I do have phases of large alcohol consumption. I sometimes go with 4-5 glasses of wine a day, then stop because I realise it's getting really expensive. Also, is it possible to have depression at the same time as Anxiety? If not, I'm sure I have one of them.
1357873 tn?1277347775 You need help to try to get to the cause of the anxiety you are experiencing. Some types of anxiety respond to counseling and talk therapy and others need to be treated differently. Medications are there to help you cope with the symtoms and keep them from interfering with your life. I suggest you sit down with your parents or guardians and speak openly with them about what you are going thru and that you need further treatment.
Avatar f tn i've tried counciling but that didn't work for me i'm terrified of dying i just want the anxiety,panic attacks and all the symtoms to leave me alone and let me get on with my life please help if you can. also can anxiety make your legs go weak and can it cause you to have pains in your chest as i've had my heart and chest checked and there's nothing wrong?
1570981 tn?1295834955 Can you describe to me, what and how the anxiety attacks are. Im confused. I dont know whether it is just an anxiety attacks or worst, heart attacks. Do you have pain in the left chest? Do you have pain in your left arm and left shoulder and neck? Do you have shortness of breath?? coz i do. I went to the doctor, and they say i am fine, and my ecg,blood,x-ray,urine test says my heart are okay.
Avatar f tn The children's hospital where I was initially admitted showed me how to convert it by using the Valsalva technique to slow it, and by using that method, I never once in all those years had to go to the ER for chemical or electrical conversion. So what does this mean for you. I means that you may not have to wait until it subsides on its own; that you may be able to control it. It doesn't work for all though. If you haven't been shown the technique, you shold really learn it.
1601734 tn?1297798362 Does anyone else get these improve anxiety waves? How do you cope? They just appear out of nowhere. I get serious attacks, but I know the root of them, these waves, I can't make sense of. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Avatar m tn Psychiatrists gave him alprozalam ( like Xenax) and forgot to mention how addictive they are and there is a need to see a therapist to try to work on anxiety. At the end of the last year it became much worse. He started having hard panic attacks almost every day. He goes to work, he has small attacks there because he is busy but when he is not working he is having attacks all the time (not once in a day but almost all day long).