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Avatar f tn After recovering from breast cancer, I was prescribed a series of medications to treat depression and anxiety. I was put on Zoloft at first and then switched a few years ago to 40mg of Paxil along with 25mg of Xanax daily. I still feel anxiety and depression, however, and am afraid these drugs no longer work or that I have become immune to their effects. Should I be expecting the dosages of these medications to change over time? Is it normal to prescribe these drugs together?
Avatar f tn Hi! Thank you for the reply. I have bed anxiety and depression, I'd say they're both equal grounds of bad. I've made progress in my depression before on prozac, but have yet to start taking an anti-anxiety med. Thank you again for the insight! It's calmed me down a bit as far as medications go.
Avatar m tn Now, I’m few months away from getting married to the girl. We’re going to go ahead and get tested together but above incidents paired together with no “yearly” testing is what got me worried. What obviously worries me the most is #5 razor incident and #4 going down on a girl. I understood that getting sucked is close to zero risk and condom protected vaginal sex is zero risk despite some vaginal flood present at the base of the penis.
Avatar m tn Hi Anxiety and depression often go together, at least that's what my shrink has told me. However, as one response you received already said, they don't necessily have to be together. I've had anxiety and depression ever since I was a child and can't tell which came first - kind of a chicken and egg thing. The advice regarding signs of anxiety and depression sound like a good beginning. I wish this Forum had been around back in the Stone Age when I was a kid. Hugs ....
Avatar f tn The two go together in most people. Sometimes depression causes anxiety, sometimes the other way around, and sometimes, probably most of the time, we have both to varying degrees.
433485 tn?1321813390 I saw my pdoc yesterday and discussed my meds and breakthrough depression and anxiety. He upped my lexapro to 30 mg ( 20 is supposed to be the highest but he said he has patients and knows other pdocs that go even higher than that). He also put me on Deplin...gosh I feel like a walking medicine cabinet. I told him how I felt and he compared it to someone with diabetes 2 who are usually on 6-7 meds. Any feed back? I guess I will have to see how I feel.
1398259 tn?1280537573 5 of Seroquel, which seemed to work good together. My mom passed away 3months ago and my anxiety and depression have been bothering me, which is to be expected, but over the weekend I had another breakdown and I've been a mess since then. My doc is wanting me to add celexa 10mg in the morning for a few months. He said that they work well together.
874521 tn?1424116797 Before I was put on my combination I was on the effexor on its own, however I suffered from anxiety and depression at times severe bouts of it. The epilim came into it when we realised that I did have bipolar tendancies and therefore my pdoc has said that i have bipolar II. I hope this helps in some way.
Avatar f tn I think meds are very helpful when given under the appropriate circumstances. As far as anxiety and depression working together...I know with depression, I worry excessively, which in turn, makes me have panic attacks (anxiety). They are linked... I think it's best to start with the more normal meds...lamictal, celexa, ect rather than jumping to the more potent cymbalta and effexor. See what your doctor says when you go in for the appt.
319532 tn?1250988576 When those started subsiding, i became weak all over with depression, difficulty swallowing and anxiety. However I have a histor of panic attack so the depression and swallowing with choking sensation is most likely due to that. The biggest worry is my muscles. Don't know when it started but i just know it was there after the first attack and remains. My muscles have tremors when i do eccentric contractions.
Avatar f tn I had an allergic reaction to zoloft about a week ago and it amped up my anxiety. So ive been taking .5mg lorazepams when needed. I used to be on 150mg bupropion but stopped when i got pregnant. Anyways Im scared now to take them both at the same time. I have post pardum depression and ive been exercising to help but its not fully helping. Any thoughts? The Zoloft reaction was the worse thing ive ever experienced with medicine. Severe hot flushes for over 24 hours.
Avatar f tn My doc gave me Ritalin for ADD and Effexor for depression but this last one gave me too many side effects and I stopped taking it. Now he switched me to Wellbutrin (150 mg once a day) and 30 mg Ritalin. I have felt sick but am not sure if it is the withdrawal effects from stopping Effexor or the mixture of Wellbutrin and Ritalin. I feel brain spasms, especially in the back of my head. Today I did not take the Ritalin and felt no spasms.
Avatar f tn I was treated many years for depression and anxiety...when finally one doctor found the problem. It was my THYROID all along. I suspended all drugs and just took Levothryroxin and all my problems were gone... Now I am on Novotiral and life is MUCH MUCH BETTER!
Avatar f tn Recently began having recurrance of severe insomnia and anxiety/depression despite medication for both and synthroid as well. PCP ordered hormone levels FSH was normal. T3 total 115, T3 uptake ws high (41) T4 total was normal (9.5) but free T4 index was high 3.9. Dr. said tests were normal. Is this true? If not what does it mean? I had severe stress from job and quit it just last week but still miserable with sleep disturbance and night sweats, rapid heart beat etc.
Avatar f tn The doc put me on Zoloft a week ago for my IBS, depression and anxiety and as of today (6 days into it) i've started to become very anxious and jittery. I was just wondering if this is normal or anyone else has experienced this? I'm 20 years old and am used to being very happy and carefree before I got the IBS which induced the depression and anxiety which is a vicious cycle.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to take Melatonin and amitriptyline hcl together? My doctor suggested trying Melatonin a couple of weeks ago to help me with my sleep pattern. I've been taking it for about a little over a week now and it's helped some. I've been having a lot of stress and anxiety due to working two jobs and also having a broken nose and not knowing what's going to be needed done. I have major cartilage damage to the point where it's starting to deteriorate.
Avatar m tn Hi. I've been on a whole slew of meds for bi-polar none of which have been helpful for combating the depression stages which have escalated recently. My psychiatrist is starting me on Zoloft to help with the somewhat overwhelming depression. However, my research says it can cause Serotonin Syndrome, which can lead to death and that's pretty scary. My psychiatrist says that it's very rare and shouldn't worry about it, but I'm still concerned.
Avatar f tn Trying Curcumin bcm 95 and holy basil for depression and anxiety disorder. Is it safe to add rhodiola rosea to this?
Avatar n tn I have to say that I do feel better. I read on webmd that anxiety, nervousness, and depression are all side effects of this medication. Is it possible that this med lead to my panic attacks?? I never had one until I started on this med. Thanks so much!!
Avatar f tn I am wondering if you are seeing a Medical Doctor or Therapist for your depression and anxiety. A healthy diet certainly can make your body run smoother but if you do suffer from the dual diagnosis of depression/anxiety first you must get together a treatment plan that in many cases will include a well balanced diet. You do ask about staying motivated and I have found that depression drowns motivation in most cases.
Avatar n tn Cna long term chronic pain cause/ trigger anxiety and or depression? I also have TMJ, can that be a cause?
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor. If you are suffering depression and anxiety now chances are high you will suffer after.
Avatar n tn I currently take celexa and clonazepam for depression and anxiety. Is it safe for me to take extra strength tylenol with the clonazepam.
Avatar f tn After couple months, instead of clonopin I was put on xanax and i had to take it everytime I felt anxious. I was never a big fan of meds and even though they helped somewhat with anxiety and panic I still felt anxious at times and not myself. I dont wanna go out anymore and I dont want to do things that I used to do. I stopped taking my meds in May, the withdrawals were pretty bad, but the anxiety was even worse.
Avatar f tn Yes im 24 weeks. I had the worst anxiety and depression. Im on zoloft now.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl is an extreme opiate if I remember correctly and you quitting that CT will for sure give you some anxiety and depression even when taking the perks (IMO). I to suffer with anxiety and depression and have been on and off celexa for years while abusing perks 10mg as well. What I have done recently is quit the perks via suboxone, currently at 1mg dose from 6mg, started that about 2 weeks ago. Before that, about a week before, I started back on my celexa.
543959 tn?1301315419 I started fluoxetine about two months ago and my anxiety got worse but depression got better so my psychiatrist added 10 mg of buspar 5 in the morning and 5 at night (just 2 weeks on that) it has helped me get through the day and helped me get out of the house a little I see my psychiatrist on Tuesday so I will let you know what happens but I would try the two together because they do seem to work well together
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tried this combo? Did it work for you? My doc wants me to take Lexapro 10 mg for panic disorder and depression but I get sooo tired and told him that I'd need something more energizing to keep me going and get me off the couch, Wellbutrin XL works wonders in that regard. I haven't heard from the doc yet...maybe he thinks I'm crazy lol.