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Avatar n tn I for awhile did not believe there was any wd associated with it but I realized I was so very wrong. After stopping my anxiety and depression went way up. I also lost about 15 pounds because I was no linger eating as much and started smoking 2x the amount of cigs. Weed for me was a antidepressant and it calmed me down a ton. I strongly believe in the medicinal values or marijuana and while there are many negative effects of it most were positive for me.
Avatar n tn As for the depression and anxiety, it seems to vary day by day, but generally it seems to be getting better. I still feel panic-like symptoms from time to time and instead of popping a Xanax, I just try my best to fight it off mentally. I've had to do that a few times this week. And the depression creeps in every now and then, mostly like Kikisu said, for no reason. I could be doing anything and all the sudden I'll wonder who I am or why I'm alive.
Avatar m tn ill be fine if i do have a problem because i want it to be dealt with, my mom told me just to relax and breath but sometimes that doesnt even work, i look anxiety up online and i look at the sypmtoms and thats what i have, and that worries me and i get anxious, but i dont want people thinking im crazy or that im mentally ill because im not, and ive asked the lord to help me stop worrying about it and i havent yet,so i think he wants me to work it out by myself, so if someone could help me out id
1692704 tn?1307215380 I noticed that depression and anxiety is a common occurrence with chronic lyme. Depression and anxiety can cause the exact same symptoms as Lyme. Undoubtedly, there are people that think they have chronic Lyme that suffer only from depression and/or anxiety. It is hard to tell whether or not they really suffer from chronic Lyme. As with all antidepressants, side effects are wide ranging. One has to be dedicated to taking antidepressants.
Avatar n tn It's so sad that so many people go through this and worse. so what other things can this be ?? and did anyone ever get told its anxiety and then found out it is not and it was something else causing it ? help would be greatly appreciated thank youu x0.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a Cavernous Malformation (CCM) in my right frontal lobe and it was discovered after my first known seizure. And I would like to tell you that my energy levels have gone away. Are you on any seizure medicine? that also might contribute to what you are feeling. I had surgery to remove it by Dr. Spetzler at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phx AZ. There is a great website that you can go to to learn more about CCM's it is www.angiomaalliance.
484508 tn?1290014144 I finally went to my family doctor, who stated that my testosterone level is low--170, and told me to make an appt to come in. Is depression/anxiety a symptom of low testosterone, and are the side effects of testosterone therapy ones that will increase hypomanic symptoms. I am a little worried?
1335749 tn?1277373021 Deanne Repich, founder and director of the National Institute of Anxiety and Stress, Inc., is an internationally known anxiety educator, teacher, author, and former sufferer. Tens of thousands of anxiety sufferers have sought her expertise to help them reclaim their lives from anxiety, stress, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, anxiety attacks and social anxiety.
560272 tn?1311353893 I'm in denial about the weight too and about the anxiety/depression, it's REALLY hard for me to believe that anxiety/depression/obesity can really make a person feel this terrible on a daily basis for years.
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Avatar n tn Is it possible to feel like this? Absolutely, and most people who go through such a devastating life changing event have some depression. Feeling and remembering what goes on in surgery is NOT supposed to happen - it happened to me also and I remember screaming STOP THE SURGERY! over and over and no one hearing me.
2203249 tn?1338994046 He's more like himself and not so down. He had actually gotten to where his voice was just a monotone it was almost like talking to a robot. Today he's had more spirit in his voice if that makes sense. Was just wondering if anyone else had the same experience or is he just having a good day?
Avatar n tn I quit taking care of my yard and my home and my kids (17 and 23) had to take care of me. I have had some mild depression that lasted a week or 2 in the past, but nothing like this! I don't feel sad or cry or feel suicidal or anything like that. It has now been 13 weeks since my last infusion and I feel quite a bit better. I started taking low dose naltrexone prior to stopping Remicade.
17160132 tn?1454207664 It sounds like anxiety, depression and maybe bipolar depression, but I'm not a doctor. I do have anxiety and depression and I totally get how you feel. It *****, doesn't it?
Avatar n tn These studies have demonstrated that consuming Tyrosine enhances the production of neurotransmitters and may, in fact, alleviate certain symptoms of depression and improve alertness and focus. Also, studies performed by the military have shown that consuming a L-Tyrosine supplement may enhance cognitive performance. What doses of Tyrosine should be taken? There are no definitive studies showing what doses of L-Tyrosine are most effective.
Avatar m tn In the last couple weeks I have had the oppertunity to be seen by an expert Psychiatrist in the feild of resistant depression and anxiety and i have learned a lot. he has informed me of cutting edge research into what is called Bi-polar NOS. (Not Otherwise specified) We are all familiar with Bi-polar I and II, but this is much different. It actually explains that very new insight and studies may indicate that there are up to 5 different types of Bi-polar.
4190741 tn?1370181432 Before the study, estimates for individuals having both major depression disorder (MDD) and PTSD had ranged anywhere from 20 to 80 percent. The research represents the first comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed literature on people with PTSD and MDD. PTSD is an anxiety disorder resulting from a traumatic incident in which flashbacks or unshakable thoughts about the trauma are common. MDD is characterized by an overwhelming and lingering sense of sadness and hopelessness.
Avatar n tn with extensive exercises I am a bit better with walking and muscular power and coordination, but the inner shakings, and what I believe may be anxiety attacs have only become worst. This does not really invite to a bright future, and I dont know what to do. Can it be a post traumatic stress disorder like-thing from doing my ph.d. in a place where I had not much support from my supervisor, only lots of pressures, and a high-performing research institute that I socially never liked working in?
Avatar n tn meanwhile i became even more depress that i started to develope health problems from depression and anxiety. not to mention i let people walk all over me. i figured ill be stronger when he and i get back together because this isnt the real life im supposed to be living. so i didnt care about nothing. granit, i manage to get a GED and 1 semester of collage because my life long dream was to become a graphic artist.
Avatar f tn Dear Ruby witch Hi I am sorry I have been asking too much I am wondering should I take any anti anxiety and anti depression medicine until I got tested if okay what is the name of good quality I am now suffering from brain fog I can't remember many things can anxiety cause I was also reading on Internet I found Fibromyalga that matches all my symptoms 100 percent and In my opinion I don't think it's hiv as I was told no body in the world been positive from receiving oral and if the symptoms
Avatar n tn Lexapro is an excellent medication for depression and anxiety, and is usually quite well tolerated. Be careful when you go off have to go off of it gradually as you replace it with lexapro. Have you tried psychotherapy... anxiety is a symptom of conflict, and resolving the conflict is really the best cure.
Avatar f tn I have anxiety disorder with depression since i was 21.(now i'm 35 >.<). But my symptoms are different ,or more intense. Of course as we know ppl with this disorder are always at the doctor's office.(well at least i am) But i never had muscle twitching ,or tingling in my arms. And of course i had to google it ,and this signs are exacty ,the signs of barin tumor. I know it's sounds ridiculous,but i'm so scared. I had an mri 4 years ago but that was negative.
1511164 tn?1301584382 So there was this scene in my life that caused me to be very depressed, during this depression I started getting these weird tics, and after a while these tics just got worse and worse. Later I got more control on these tics, and it got better after I wasn't really depressed anymore, but I still get these tics daily, there not really that bad anymore, but they happen at least once every 1 to 2 hours. Could my depression have caused me to have turrets?
Avatar m tn The thoughts gain momentum and grow larger and scarier to the anxiety sufferer, as they increase during episodes of intense anxiety. Common anxiety and depression can have serious symptoms of their own, but they do not cause patients to become delusional or hallucinate. This is the major difference between neurosis and psychosis.
Avatar n tn have you ever tried amino acids to help with your anxiety and depression? i a;so suffer from depression and have been on many antidepressants with no good results but since taking the aminos 5htp and L-theanine i am like a different person?they are all natural so no side effects or withdrawal.
Avatar n tn My 26 yr old nephew is suffering from depression w/anxiety and this seems to have resulted following a couple years abuse of pain killers to make life easier. He obviously became addicted and no longer has coping skills and thus has clinical symptoms of depression. Do you treat the depression or the drug addiction or both and HOW????? Does he need to see a drug counselor, does he need to go into an addiction program or see a psychiatrits/psychologist. Help! I know nothing about this.
Avatar n tn I am suffering from anxiety and depression from last 3 years. Recently I started doing Yoga. So I want to know that Is Breathing Techniques really helpful in curing the depression? If anyone here has a Yoga experience his/her comment will be valuable for me.
Avatar n tn Now I have had some major bouts of anxiety and know others who have also and I have never heard of coldness as a symptom. You may have some anxiety and you may have some depression, but I think there is something else going on with you. As a side note, have you tried a grief group? I know a woman in her 60's who lost all of her family in one year and she was alone and a grief group really helped out. Also, Some universities have graduate psychiatric departments that may be helpful.
Avatar f tn I had a really bad bout of anxiety back in Feburary and was on Lexapro for about a month. I got off of it and have been been keeping my anxiety well under control despite stressful situations for the past couple of months. Well yesterday, I was at home and started to feel jittery/nervous. I started to do things just to keep myself busy and my mind off of it but it didn't work. I got really jittery and caved and took a half of Ativan just to calm my nerves.