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Avatar f tn I am experiencing dizziness, nausea, ears fill like they are s topped up, sweating and headaches and when i try to walk i walk into walls, i can't walk in a straight line. This has been going on now for about 6 months or more/ I will be sitting around and all of a sudden out of no wear I will get really lightheaded, start sweating and feel really sick to the point of sometimes vomiting. My ears fill like they are going to bust, it's so much pressure.
421455 tn?1254079705 I have been having the same symptoms. In Febuary i had earache and was on antibotic. I went to dr for second dosage, he gave me allergy shot and allergy meds. This week I am noticing it is back. I have had headache for two days pressure behind right eye and pressure in my ear. I am just going to have to go back. It is freaky.
Avatar n tn Tagament (cimetidine) is in a class of heartburn medications called H2 receptor blockers. These are a special type of antihistamine which are more effective in the stomach, but they do have some effect on systemic allergic reactions. I have heard of using ranitidine for this purpose more frequently. You may want to talk to her doctor about supplementing the Allegra with benadryl when she starts itching.
Avatar f tn For a week I took all of this along with my flonase and added an antihistamine for good measure. After the week had passed, and still having the aches and pains, he's now sending me to a neurologist for good measure, but now it has me scared, that and I have NO health insurance, so fun. I started taking magnesium citrate twice a day to see if that helps.
Avatar n tn If not he will be sending me to an ENT for scoping and a CT scan. I am in the Tampa, FL area for those who are asking.
Avatar f tn Last Thursday I had a headache, runny nose, sneezing, and earache fill as if something is in it. Thursday night, I took some Benadryl and it help relieve my symptoms for about 6 hours. I couldn't take anymore of Benadryl because it was making me nervous. Friday, I took some Claritin 24 hours, it helps for about 4 days then I guess it lost it effectiveness.
Avatar n tn I am 27 and 7 months ago I had my tonsils out, as I was coming down with tonsillitis every month, with concurring earache, and in the few months before the operation, bad sinuses, and my sinuses were never a problem before. Now since I have had my tonsils out, I have had continuous problems with my sinuses. I keep on getting bouts of “almost” flu, where I am not actually sick but feel very congested. I have experience quite a few headaches, and I have been experiencing numbness in my left cheek.
Avatar m tn I seen doc and had ears flushed, but ringing still is constant and earache still comes and goes. I was given Augmenting for possible ear infection, but my right ear still still constantly rings and now I have pain in the side of my neck where the eustacion tube probably runs. The ringing is driving me crazy, and I need desperate help.
Avatar m tn Over the last month, I've had symptoms of what I think are allergies for the first time in my life (I'm 30). I have itchy, watery eyes after going outdoors, my nose is frequently runny, I feel my throat itch and then sneeze after nuzzling my little dog, and my tongue and lips and throat have gotten itchy and tight after eating certain fruits. In addition, both of my ears ache slightly all of the time. I've never had any of these symptoms before (except the earache, when I've been sick!).
Avatar n tn I would recommend some over the counter antihistamine like diphenhydramine (benadryl)and some Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) for allergy and inflammation. You sould go to an EMT for a check up. Benadryl also helps with the crackling sounds if its water or an allergy. If you have hearing loss it also helps with that. Try 25mg of benadryl three x a day and 50mg at night it wouldn't hurt. It will also help you sleep don't drive while taking benadryl it makes you sleepy.
Avatar n tn You should try steam inhalation, saline nasal drops and oral antihistamine medications for your complaints and see if it helps with the symptoms. You should see your doctor and get a clinical examination for a diagnosis and to evaluate if any investigations are required including blood tests, chest xray and CT scan of the sinuses. Are you allergic to any specific substances or have had allergic reactions in the past? You could read the following link - http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn sudafed that you have to ask from behind the counter works better than the phenelephrine **** they substitute if for now. Damn those methamphetamine drug makers for putting pseudephedrine behind the counter!
242516 tn?1368227505 When do I need antibiotics for a cold, as an adult? Never. Are you sick with a runny nose, sore throat, cough, possibly even goey green and brown stuff coming out? Well, you're not alone, you've got a cold like millions of other adults right now around the world. Colds are upper respiratory infections that are almost always caused by viruses in adults. They typically get better after a week to ten days.
Avatar n tn This inflammation can last for several weeks. Sometimes this inflammation may linger for 3 to 6 months. Eventually the inflammation will go away, and then the wheezing and coughing will stop. This is called reactive airways disease (RAD) and behaves a lot like asthma. When this inflammation is treated with an inhaled steroid, like beclomethasone, which is used to treat asthma, it often clears more quickly. When this continues, it is generally considered to be asthma.
Avatar n tn I've been exactly where you're at. You need a good Otolaryngologist that can do an ofc. endoscopic exam & schedule a biopsy of the polyp/cyst. A Coronal CT should have been done. Ask the ofc. for copies of reports for a home-file & ck-out films for appt. of evaluation. All top docs say, if it might be a polyp, remove or biopsy. I went 8 yrs. being told 'what you think you see on films, isn't'. I had 3 ear-tubes to dry out ear but infection clogged them. I had gone to Neuro's, ENT's, etc.
495402 tn?1220621003 I know this probably sounds crazy but I thought I read somewhere that those of us treating for HepC cannot catch a cold, something to do with the interferon, is this correct? I woke up this morning with a cough and have had a sore throat on and off for a while now. My boyfriend kept telling me that I was getting a cold, he has one and a lot of others I know have one. I would like to know the real deal, can we catch colds or the flu while treating with Peg and Riba? Many thanks!
Avatar f tn I've had the feeling of a popcorn kernel in what I thought was my tonsil, for over a year. No real pain most of the time, just extremely irritating and makes every swallow throughout the day noticeable and over exaggerated. Sometimes it becomes painful and feels as though there is something sharp, and have an earache and warmth but no fever. About three times it even felt like something was about to come out. I saw an ENT in the summer of 2016.
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Avatar n tn I have not been able to pop my ears in about 4 years, and after a while I think I got used to the pressure buildup. If I got on a plane one of my ears would crackle, but otherwise I would have an earache. A little while after this, I had a CONSTANT post nasal drip. Also, my nose would have a clear watery fluid come out of it every day. After saying that, I saw an ENT for the first time after a wave of sinus infections and antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Funny that the topic only lets you choose 1 option, because there would be about 3 or 4 that I could choose. I am a 17 year old male and have no health conditions except for a few allergies that bother my nose. During Monday (the day after the superbowl) I noticed that my left eye was producing a slimy green mucus during the day, and excessively. On Tuesday I basically just said I got pink-eye so I drove to the doctor and he prescribed me some eye drops (Toradex).
Avatar n tn I keep opening jaw and pushing through nose to try to keep them open but with no longterm success. This has been happening on a daily basis for the last for 4 years and it is really hard to live like this. The second problem is the head pressure and these weird feelings in my head. This is something that comes and go (or is bearable at least for some time), but when it is there I feel like there is constanly some pressure around my forehead, eyes, sometime at the back aswell and in my neck.
Avatar m tn The swelling is not consistient, some days it is bigger than others but never bigger than my thumb which apparently is a normal size for the gland anyways. It just feels firmer to me. It happens on both sides but the right side seems to get affected more when it does happen. it does not hurt really unless I play with it and sometimes it leads to a slight discomfort in my ears but never pain. Is this normal to have happen?
Avatar n tn In May I began to have dizzy spells which coincided with a sore throat and earache, which cleared up on their own. However, dizziness and fatigue continued for several weeks. The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue.
288415 tn?1231634102 Av, its horrible. Mine has been going on for three years. The only benefit is that I do not hear my husband's snoring. I lay down and they immediately clog. I did used to get really nasty smelling crud out of them every morning. I have had times when my jaw is so sore, or my ear, or below my ear. This has been such a pain in "the ear" for me. Richt now the itchiness is truly driving me nuts.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old daughter has had earache for 6 days , very sore with constant banging. She is very distressed , crying on and of, no up and go. She has been on anti-biotics for 5 days and we seem to be getting no where. Has anyone got any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I know any difficulty swallowing is concidered serious, but it only gets so bad, which doesn't impare my breathing, drinking, or eating. It is more annoying then anything. It is hard for me to go to sleep when it is swollen/tense. I end up staying up until I am so tired that nothing can keep me up. I always wake up in the morning and it is back to normal. I have tired drinking thinker drinks that kind of coat my milk and thinker juices.
Avatar m tn hei scud422, i went thru the same problem that you have...thanx to God that it was only for one night.what you have is muscle spam for real,i visited an emergenc doc.
Avatar n tn Hello. My fiance has been suffering with eustation tube dysfunction for a little over 6mths. now. We have tried numerous decongestants and nasal sprays as well as a round of steroids. His ENT did allergy testing on him, however, he did not have any significant allergies. Our last resort was to have PE tubes placed. This only made his symptoms worse and they took them out after a couple of weeks. Suprisingly after they took the tubes out and his ears were healing, he was symptom free.
Avatar n tn In February of this year I got a CT scan and the ENT doctor said I have a severe deviated septum with chronic sinusitis. I was treated for a sinus infection and that was it. I still felt bad so I went to a neurologist. He wrote it off as a vestibular problem. I did vestibular therapy for 2 months with almost no relief. In May when allergy season started, everything got worse. I have had nonstop sinus pressure/pain, headache, dizziness, major eye strain, my face is sore, my teeth are sore.