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925572 tn?1246543631 Hi everybody i would like to know if any one uses antihistamine meds such as(Claritine) for eye allergy or any other form of allergy. my doc prescribed it and i have been searching for meds interaction on ( and nothing was listed there. however it is written that it might cause (( agitation, amnesia, anxiety, confusion, decreased libido, depression, impaired concentration, insomnia, irritability, paroniria.)) as side effects but in a very low percentage .
Avatar n tn I take gel lubricant and artificial tears, antihistamine + mast stabiliser eye drops; i've taken care for my matress, pillows and other »risk« material. (to cope with my allergy to mites). Sometimes it helps if i sleep on my back. (whats that about?) I've visited 4 ophtalmologists but they havent found anything problematic (pressure is fine, slit lamp also, im just waiting for CT). I've used several eye drops (steroid, antihistamine and antibiotic) but there was little or no effect.
Avatar f tn If it comes to it I will get him the other things she suggested (an antihistamine sp? to dry the snot and something else for his eye) but it seems that she will just keep suggesting things and 3 new payments down the way I don't want her to be like "oh well its not even pink eye!" Help!
612551 tn?1450025775 The doctor examined my eye and gave me a prescription eye ointment. I was told to put this prescribed eye ointment in both eyes as the doctor told me the eye infection can go into my other day. That's why it's best to put the prescription eye ointment in both eyes. The ointment worked and the eye infection cleared up in my right eye.
Avatar n tn My son was just stung by a wasp on his eyebrow and it has caused his eye to swell shut. The ice didn't really help the swelling but he is not complaining of anything besides it being sore. When should the swelling subside and is there anything in a wasp venom that could affect his vision? What should we look for as the night/a.m. progresses? thank you!
Avatar m tn In the meantime steroid eye drops can help clear the eye irritation. Sometimes, dry eyes too cause pain, light sensitivity, a foreign body sensation and itching. For this the therapy is using artificial tear drops and ointment to lubricate the eyes. But please consult an ophthalmologist for further guidance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I saw an ophtalmologist a year ago, he said I was allergic to an eye cream, should use Cetaphil instead, put cortisone ointment and prescribed Patanol drops. I followed the directions, the problem subsided, and after several weeks came back, again on the left only. In the meantime, I stayed away from any eye creams and only used Cetaphil or nothing at all. And it's been like this, off an on all the time. I did not use any eye make up at the time.
574219 tn?1217356018 So even though you are treating the condition, you are still putting an irritant into the eye. Optimmune is an ointment that contains no soap, and therefore it's much more soothing to the eye. Sometimes, depemding on the results of the Schirmer Tear Test, it's necessary to use it twice a day until a marked difference is seen, but I have seen miraculous changes with Optimmune, so it might be worth a try. If that's not what you've been using in your dog's eyes, ask your vet about it.
Avatar f tn I have recently returned to the lab approx a month ago and have had the same reaction again (hence the assumption that the allergy is to something in the lab) and took the same antihistamine and used over the counter antihistamine drops which had no effect. I have been prescribed fluorometholone eyedrops and tobramycin ointment which have cleared up the allergy. I am now faced with trying to figure out what I could be allergic to? and what can I do to manage this so that I can finish my work?
537731 tn?1268268886 B) use antihistamine eye drops to inhibit the allergic reaction if it's caused by allergies. or C) use a saline eye solution to keep eyes moist if it's caused by dry eyes. If it's serious (like you can't open your eyes or they're extremely red and agitated) I would recommend seeing a doctor soon. If you wear contact lenses then don't sleep in them and I would personally recommend letting them soak in the clear care contact solution as it does a better job at disinfecting and cleaning contacts.
Avatar n tn I have just been back and have seen a new young doctor who prescribed fucidin ointment for around my eyes and fucithalmic viscous eye drops. I have been using this medicine for 5 days and stoped wearing eye make up for last 2 days and it hes cleared up. this is the first time my eyes dont look wrinkly and flakey - hooray. Will have to see how i get on when i put my mascara back on - but at the moment its ok.
Avatar m tn My doctor looked in my eye and prescribed eye ointment and eye drops that were prescription. Good luck with this. I hope you find out what's causing your eye to swell up.
Avatar n tn i still use artificial tears and antihistamine with little vision power was 0.5 less in lt eye,and 0.25 less in the rt eye.they advised me to rechech after 6 months before changing the glasses.otherwise i am perfectly healthy ant on any chronic medications or father ,72yrs old, has macular degeneration dry type.i want to do intralase for vision correction but i want to treat this problem first. pls advise me.
Avatar m tn After making sure she has washed all of the detergent off her skin I would suggest applying an ointment such as E45 cream and maybe take an antihistamine to stop the itching.If it doesn't improve quickly she should see her doctor as she may need a prescription cream.I hope your wife is feeling better soon.
1840967 tn?1318635213 I woke up the this morning with a small patch of little itchy red blisters under my left eye on my cheek bone, I have never had this before in my life and they do not itch constantly just when they get touched or something. They are not sore unless i accidently rub them and it is very very small. I have been putting Cortraid ointment in it all day and it seems to help. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I recently had surgery on my left eye on 3 days ago and they put an eye patch on me for 24 hrs and then the doctor removed it and used some sort of adhesive remover. Then the next morning I woke up and I have a big rash all over my face where the patch was. I was wondering if anyone knows what it is or how to get rid of it or how long it will last. Any info would be great and I will also include a picture.
Avatar m tn She did culture the eye and prescribed two types of medication. One was an antihistamine eye drop (began with a P), the other mediciation to treat it if its the bacterial conjunctivitis is doxycycline. When I went home, I researched doxycycline and was surprised to learn that it treats chlaymdia! I am almost positive I don't have this and am wondering why she would prescribe this. Can this treat other type of bacterial conjunctivitis? Thanks!
Avatar f tn This is 15 years later and now its back, I have chapped skin under my nose and all around my mouth and lips and also under my eye, it almost looks like I have a black eye because of the redness and swelling. It is now on my hands and fingers. My symptoms are, itchiness, chapping, red and inflamed, cracked.
Avatar f tn You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I am a 21 year old male. Around May 7 2010 my right eye became irritated when it didnt go away we went to see an Ophthalmologist he noticed cobblestoning on my Palpebral conjunctiva as well as redness, my sclera was not that red anymore, some pus and slight swelling. Most of the time you cant even tell theres something wrong with it. He suggested it was allergic conjunctivitis and gave me an antihistamine and a steriod (drops). After a week it wasnt getting better so i went to see him again.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm also having this problem. It's called Blepharitis, and it's been really stubborn. My condition has been seen by my GI, PCP, opthalmologist, allergist, and dermatologist; still recently I've been more puffy than ever, and it even hurts. I've tried oral antihistamine (Benadryl at night/Tavist by day); elidel ointment; Patanol; FML ointment; erythromycin & olymixin opthalmic ointments; Vitamin E oil; Vaseline; and Tears Naturale Free artificial tears.
Avatar f tn There is a little crack in the skin, which is difficult to clear up. The skin doctor prescribed Protopic tacrolimus ointment, 0.03%. This helps, but as soon as I stop using it the problem returns. My ears also get the skin fissures and they are flakey. My mother had the same problem with her eyelids, so I guess it is an inherited thing. Lately, to help heal the fissure on my eyelids I've put a drop of liquid bandage on them using a cotton tip.
Avatar f tn i have yet to pay out of pocket you can also get it in an ointment or creme that if you dont have insurance I think it is fairly inexpensive . called clobetasol propionate 0.05%. It is a litlte harder to get spread around on large areas but it really works. I still have my rash but it is not irritated and when an area pops up I just put it on.
Avatar m tn With the watering nose, non productive cough, dry eye, sneezing and blocked nose is very much likely to be an allergic reaction. With acid reflux do not eat too much all in one go and cut out fried and heavily spiced foods. Make an appointment to see your doctor to check out the problems that you have so that you can get a correct diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. An antihistamine may help with your dry eyes, sneezing, etc.
1722607 tn?1335751458 Zofran 8 mg (3 X Day) (it has a generic form)f for nausea/vomiting Fluocinonide ointment for rash that would not respond to hydrocort. cream Xylocaine/hydrocortisone cream for the anal burning and itching Restasis eye drops The over the counter stuff can add up too (but not so much as prescription: Huggies baby wipes with aloe Preparation H supp. Preparation H cream Tylenol Benadryl caps. Loperimide tabs. Hydrocortisone cream Zyrtec That's my list.
Avatar m tn Fearing ocular HSV, I went to ophthalmologist, who said that it was not viral in nature, but a pinguicula, suggested an antihistamine eye-drop. I am now scheduled to see urologist on the 28th. The symptoms on penis calmed down quite a bit but still have irritated urethra. 1. do these symptoms sound like HSV? a 6 wk irritated urethra seems excessive for genital herpes symptoms without the characteristic blisters. 2.
1654058 tn?1407162666 If the cream is not working, get your doctor to order something like fluocinonide ointment. It is a steroid ointment but it sure works, whereas the hydrocortizone cream quit working for the more severe rash. I am not sure why the fluocinonide oint. works better. Perhaps it is a bit stronger or perhaps it is because it is an ointment and it stays on the skin (whereas the cream rubs off easily). Zantac is for the stomach so that would not have any effect on your rash or itching.
Avatar f tn If there is an infection on the eye lids your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic ointment specially for the eyes, or eye drops if you have dry eyes and also prescribe an antihistamine. Hope you get on OK with the MRI scan. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn i have similar problem few days back, Eye doctor prescribe ointment and drop for infection in eye. still i am feeling discomfort in the morning time.
2074552 tn?1331693642 The dermstologist prescribed fluocinonide ointment, Atarax for bedtime, and Zyrtec 1 in the am. They all helped a lot. I would have gone crazy without the fluocinonide ointment. It is really what stops the itching and it also clears the rash. However, it takes a while to clear the rash. I have been on fluocinonide ointment since Dec. 24 and I still have the rash. It will clear up in one area and then move to another area next door.