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174483 tn?1327629077 The doc suggested I try to give her some yogurt to counteract the antibiotics in that form. Id call your pediatrician tho. The white stuff in her mouth could very well be thrush and the longer you let that go, the worse it'll get.
Avatar n tn Now for the yeast infections with antibiotics - this happens because the antibiotics have killed off so many of the bad bacteria and they start attacking the similar good bacteria that control the yeast population "down south." so then the yeast over grow and you're left in misery - i know it sucks, and it happens every time i take ANY antibiotic that isn't for a UTI. Penicillin, Biaxin, Augmentin, you name it - if i have to take it for more than 7 days i'll get a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn It is also likely that you had this imbalance before taking antibiotics because sinus infections can be caused by yeast overgrowth. Curing yeast is only done by changing ones diet, taking anti-fungals and certain supplements. I know a lot about this condition because I have been fighting this for years.
1524662 tn?1291424687 Hi there, If you've been treated for Thrush, there's a yeast over growth in your body. If you've ever taken a course of antibiotics, you will have a yeast over growth. When you take antibiotics to kill the bacteria that are causing an infection, you kill the beneficial bacteria as well as the infection causing bacteria.
Avatar f tn Now I've never had so much as a cavity, thouh my oral hygiene could be better, my gums were rotting and my mouth was in a lot of pain. The doc prescribed some antibiotics and it cleRed right up. My question is, can you transmit gingivitis? An added note, about the girl I had unprotected sex with, I also had oral sex with her. So wouldn't anything on my penis also be in my mouth? Thanks in advance for the answers! P.s. I'm 24, male, and athletic if that helps to weed out anything.
4573996 tn?1356695523 The possible causes of your symptoms are oral thrush which is an overgrowth of yeast in the mouth causing white spots to occur on the tongue, gums, roof of the mouth and the inside of the cheeks. It is usually seen in people with poor nutrition, who use inhaled steroids or are taking antibiotics and individuals with suppressed immune systems. White patches can also be due to a condition called leucoplakia seen usually in those with weak immune system. It is best to get these bumps examined.
Avatar f tn The zinc hasn├Čt totally resolved the problem, there is still a neurological issue, but for me it has reduced it by, I would say, about 80 percent, so it is certainly worth trying. Another thing, some antibiotics give you a nasty taste in the mouth. When I was on Azithromycin I had a bitter taste all the time, which was completely unbearable. If that is the cause then i don't think there is anything you can do about it, other than change antibiotic.
Avatar m tn Before I took those antibiotics my body was in perfect health, always atheletic and no problems. After that yeast infection i got staph, which i never had before, and my nuts itch although not red or anything, I just never had itchy nuts before that. So my question is. Did those antibiotics totally mess up my bodies system, and will i ever have a normal groin again? And I am also wary about having sex if my groin itches. What do i do?
Avatar f tn A yeast infection is when the yeast in the vagina, mouth or skin grows out of control so it causes redness and itching. A vaginal yeast infection is usually triggered after the person takes antibiotics, as they also kill good bacteria in the vagina that normally controls the yeast numbers. Natural yogurt with no sugar is the best treatment for it as if contains the bacteria bactillophillus adicophillus (spelling) which feeds on the yeast and regains that natural balance. Hope that helps!
Avatar f tn If this is the case, your doctor can prescribe you a drug called diflucan barring no interactions or allergies to anything else you are on. Also, if this is thrush (in your mouth), you may have to take nystatin (same warnings with the meds). It may be a bacterial infetion. Do you have an OB/GYN?? They can culture you for any other bacterial infections?? Other vaginal bacterial infections can mimic a yeast infection, so make sure you are being treated for the right thing. I hope this helps...
Avatar f tn Yea they gave Me antibiotics which I'm scared to take cause I don't want a yeast infection ...
Avatar n tn So what I'm wondering is could this all be one big yeast infection that started in my mouth and has spread through my body? Is there anything else, other than yeast or mono, that it could be? My doctor appt is later today, FINALLY, but I'd just like to hear what others may think. In my book, two opinions are always better than one. Thanks in advance to those who reply!
Avatar m tn I have ongoing issues with thrush on the back of my tongue, with small white spots and burning in the mouth. The belching I suffer from is severe and uncontrollable at times. I am taking various medications including omaprazole, 20 mg morning and night, and domperidone. I do not feel this medication has helped at all. 1)Does anyone else suffer from the tongue symptons as a result of acid reflux. 2)Any ideas on how to gain relief. 3) Can anyone advise on the success of hernia surgery.
2020005 tn?1476662562 Wear cotton bra's, wash bra's (an nursing pads if they are re usable) in very hot water and hang them in the sun to dry as UV rays kill yeast. In fact if you have somewhere private enough expose your breasts and nipples to the sun for 10 minutes every day.
Avatar n tn I also get the funny feeling in my forhead(tingling tight feeling) the thrush symptoms come and go in my mouth, dizzy spells and headaches and anxiety attacks when I have a yeast infection. My doctor has test for everything STD wise and I have come back clear. My test for yeast came back as heavy yeast. The yeast can cause all those symptoms you are having when it has overwhelmed your body like mine. I have been treating it with some pretty heavy stuff and it still comes back.
Avatar f tn You're probably going to think this is nuts but try eating yogurt with active cultures in it, or swish with acidophilus milk (yogurt is better because it coats). As we go through treatment, our body's PH changes slightly, messing with our body's natural bacteria/yeast balance. When the good bacteria gets killed by antibiotics or the yeast overgrows because of other imbalances, we are more vulnerable to yeast infections that cause mucosal burning and sores (especially inside the mouth).
Avatar n tn Also don't wear tight clothing like tights or tight trousers. Thrush can also thrive in skin crevices and also in the mouth. If you are diabetic, make sure you control your sugar levels. If not, reduce the amount of sugary items you consume. Natural yogurt can be applied to the area and is also good to consume as it contains the good bacteria that keep the bacteria that causes the fungus overgrowth under control. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn It is possible to transfer yeast to a sexual partner. Until the yeast are gone, they can take up residence in your urethra and/or mouth and throat (in a healthy adult, oral yeast is very rare). You could then, in turn, pass the yeast back to your girlfriend. An oral yeast infection is called thrush. It typically causes creamy colored sore patches in the mouth. You may also have a sore throat. Genitally, a male yeast infection may cause itching, dry skin, and burning when you pee.
Avatar f tn Also, avoid foods/drink with a great deal of sugar, as sugar feeds the yeast in your body and since the antibiotics kill the flora, yeast will grow like crazy (mainly in your vagina, causing recurrent yeast infections). I would encourage you to google and search for UTI. There are many suggestions from midwives on there and there is a TON of advice, I'm sure you can find something that would work for you.
Avatar f tn Acidophilus is the more commonly used probiotic, but it is killed by the antibiotics you take if taken too close together in time. How much time is needed between taking the acidophilus and the antibiotics? At least a couple of hours, as I recall, but a pharmacist could answer that more accurately. The advantage to S.boulardii is that it is *not* affected by the antibiotics you take, so S.boulardii can be taken at any time without conflict. [Side note: I had a reaction to S.
Avatar n tn have had mouth sores off and on now for about a year in the roof of my mouth no blistering or sores just pain in the roof of the mouth please help
Avatar f tn Taking antibiotics can absolutely cause a yeast infection - in your mouth and also in the genital area. Although probiotics are a good idea, with some antibiotics you should not have any whilst taking the antibiotics. If you have a problem, you can make an appointment to see you doctor who prescribe for you an oral gel called Daktarin (may be called different in your country), sometimes he may prescribe antifungal mouth drops.
Avatar n tn and they said it was thrush - yeast infection in my mouth....YICK! Anyway, they put me on antibiotics and it cleared up..
Avatar f tn Every few months I get a rash in my mouth and on my lips that lasts a few days.i ts mostly pink and feels like a pizza burn. but when ever I get that I get horrible anal itch and that lasts up to 2 weeks..
388038 tn?1203703020 Could someone please describe the symptoms (in detail) of yeast infections in cats and what a cat foster parent can do to relieve her discomfort while enlisting the services of a vet. My poor Daisy (4 yr. old Mau) is miserable. Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn your son, if he is not taking acidophilus-type probiotics or is taking it not at a sufficient time distance from the antibiotics, may have gotten a fungal infection from the antibiotics wiping out the 'good' bacteria in his body, so the fungus moved in and took over ... like a v*aginal yeast infection can do, only through the body.
11814884 tn?1424237474 The roof of my mouth hurts sometimes but there are many times that my tongue hurts. In my case it was due to a yeast infection. I took nystatin pills which helped a lot.
Avatar f tn A yeast infection (thrish) can be in the mouth, vagina, under skin folds and under forskins. Its basically where the good bacteria or 'flora' for your body has been disturbed or destroyed and the yeast over grows causing the discharge and discomfort. It sounds like you do have a uti so when you go to your doctors, get them to dip your urine to look for white cells and blood etc and then you can get antibiotics.....