Antibiotics while trying get pregnant

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Avatar f tn A week ago, I got off a course of antibiotics (Augment) that I took for 14 days. It bothered me the entire time I took it. I gradually had bloating, distention of the stomach and tingling, numbness and a 'cold' sensation started later on. This hasn't gone away and has only improved about 30% since taking probiotics and eating a lot of fermented foods and coconut yogurt with live cultures. The Kevita probiotic drinks help the most.
Avatar n tn I just feel like if I get this tooth extracted, it could start labor, and i don't want to have a swollen jaw and open tooth socket while trying to be so happy about the labor and delivery of our 4th child. Needing some advise on what to do and how to cope. This is all I have been thinking about for the past couple days...and yes I''m still in pain.
Avatar f tn has anyone had any experience of having these injections while pregnant? do you know what happens if I am pregnant, is there an alternative injection?
Avatar f tn I'm 37W pregnant and I STILL haven't had it out yet because I can't until after he is born, anytime I get pain in my teeth I have to get more antibiotics to prevent preterm labor. Also, they might have you get more x-rays done on your teeth during your pregnancy to make sure the infection isn't coming back and cause preterm labor for you. The antibiotic also gets rid of a LOT of the pain of the wisdom teeth coming in.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. Me and my husband are trying to conceive but I am on antibiotics because of a gum infection.I have heard that antibiotics can dry the cervical mucus and I should take some Mucinex before I ovulate. Is this true?
Avatar f tn I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over 2 years now and I'm starting to think I can't have kids. I've always had irregular period as a teenager. I visited multiple doctors, they ran tests and found that my testosterone level was a little higher then it should be. They prescribed metmorfin and i began getting a period every month. Eventually I ran out and couldn't get anymore because I can't afford health insurance.
Avatar n tn I've read in my prgenancy books and on forums and I've been told by doctors to wait 1 to 3 cycles before trying to get pregnant again after having had a miscarriage recently. But there doesn't seem to be any research to back this one can tell me if there's a medical risk if I get pregnant sooner. Does anyone know? I am 36 years old and had a m/c on my first pregnancy last month and I'm eager to try again.
Avatar f tn If you get pregnant, all the meds you took to get rid of the acne will be pointless anyway! I get a new pimple everyday, and there's nothing I can do about it! It's all worth it though!
Avatar f tn If you can get pregnant while on the pill like I did, you can get pregnant with the so called "pull out" method. Absolutely!!
Avatar n tn there going top be removing 19 of my teeth while im pregnant and its perfectly safe in fact, it may be for the best, remeber baby feels what mommy feels and pain will not a happy baby make! go to the dentist check for infection and think happy!
Avatar n tn antibiotics do affect your pill and if i was you id go have another test done at a chemist to be on the safe side if its negative again and your period still not appear go and see your gp who will be able to advise you in confidence.your body can play tricks on you if your very worked up try to relax easier said than done i know but you might just find your period will come and things will be ok.
Avatar n tn I hate that women can get pregnant no problem but some take months or years to get pregnant. I've been trying for three months now and I have twice now had symptoms that made me positive that I was pregnant but it turned out that I wasn't. I'm so sad and frustrated all the time and it's just on my mind all the time and I hate it.
Avatar m tn LLMD wants me to start IV antibiotics, but I am uncertain. Got MS diagnosis (numerous white matter brain lesions) ~13 years ago, because no infectious agent was found. Decided to see LLMD after much research on what could be my problem (not usual MS course), and with continuing cognitive symptoms and great fatigue.
Avatar n tn If you have been taking the pill for over one month faithfully and not on antibiotics I would say I am 99% sure you are NOT pregnant.
6470732 tn?1439559892 We basically weren't trying to get pregnant but had the mindset that if we did, it would be amazing. I told my dr this and he said, "Were you trying to conceive?" and I replied, "No, but we weren't trying that hard NOT to," and he came back with, "So you were trying.
Avatar n tn If you are trying actively to become pregnant, get off of the getting pregnant ON the pill is potentially bad for your would-be child. (After all, emergency contraception is not much more than several big doses of birth control pills taken all at once. It was even advice my mom gave me in my teens. "If you get pregnant, take four or five of your birth control pills.
5264083 tn?1404669334 (my 17th day of antibiotics) I spotted again that lasted the whole day. I didn't experience any other symptoms aside from that. I can tell that my ovaries and uterus are quite as confused as I am. - 27th day of my cycle: (my 18t and last day of antibiotics) I am beginning to feel my usual tightness in the abdomen. I usually get this whenever I am about to get my period (estimated 4-7 days from the time the symptoms start).
Avatar f tn I can't get into my doctors for over a week and a half and I'm now getting worried. I am on the mini pill and have been for a few months now. My last period was on 29th April and was normal however today I am getting mild craping and (sorry if tmi) but very feint and sometimes stringy deep pink/browny discharge whenever I wipe but never notice anything in water when I pee so wouldn't know unless wiping with tissues.
280700 tn?1210287416 I'm just so scared I don't know what to do. I've been trying to get pregnant for a long time now!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Then I 'leveled' out and didn't get better, didn't get worse. Many years of many different kinds of antibiotics. I won't bore you with the timeline or a list of them except to say that one of them was 17 months of IV Rocephin. I was doing 'o.k.'. Just o.k. Then I started IM bicillin LA. Took it for about 4-5 years and achieved a marvelous remission. Then I moved to a state that will not treat for Lyme disease (unless you have a bulls-eye and then just for about a year.) I regressed.
Avatar f tn Pre semen can sometimes contain sperm which is what gets you pregnant. Him putting sperm back in you may also get you pregnant depending on how long it away from a moist environment. If he wiped it on a cloth and it was awhile before he tried to put it back in you then the sperm died.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the Lyme corner -- Sorry you are having to deal with all this, but you are wise to work through it as soon as possible, for yourself and for your baby, according to what I have read. Not all the blood tests done to detect Lyme are equally useful. The standard tests, called ELISA and Western blot (both are used in the same patient, first ELISA and then W.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get pregnant again while you are pregnant if you have abnormally functioning ovaries? Is it possible for the round ligament to tear the uterine lining? Just trying to make connections. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I try to move and stretch them away and it just flat aches. I am going to get some spinal tapping stuff done. Spinal cyst, checks. When I stand while trying to talk to someone, i find that I can barely take the pain. I must either stay moving or sit. I cant lean forward while sitting, things just feel wrong. I don't have any issues diagnosed as of yet, but i will figure it out.