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167 tn?1374177417 Do any of you have anything that you used to relief the discomforts of a UTI? I have one and could not sleep last night because I was going to the bathroom every 10 minutes with only a trickle. I realize I need antibiotics and will get them but until the prescription is called in I am so uncomfortable!! My bladder is contracting over and over again and I feel like I have to pee so bad but can't. I think there is some blood there, too. It's not spotting, it's in the urine. Any ideas??
Avatar f tn I have a question i had protected sex my first time 3 days ago and the next day after sex i was having a lot of pain and burning and i was felling nausea now it seems they those symptoms are gone but now everytime i pee lilttle blood comes out and it burns so bad and at night i cant sleep because it either its the burning sensation or i feel really itchy in the vigina entrance and i can say im itchy from the inside too its really bothering me i need help i cant go see a doctor since my parents a
Avatar f tn Sometimes UTI tests can be faulty, it is important to let some urine escape b/4 you collect-your sample should be mid-stream. It is a good idea to eat yogurt or take probiotics while on antibiotics to keep intestinal flora in balance. Good luck, I hope you find an answer soon.
1348938 tn?1276672434 I officially have found the cure for my UTI after not responding to antibiotics for one and a half months. I decided to go the natural r...oute and this is what I have found. I wanted a cheap and easy to find natural cure. Cheapest option: Drink garlic tea 4 time a day for 7 to 10 days to kill the bacteria(make fresh and hot each time 1 clove per cup of purified water. Boil water then pour on chopped up garlic let steep for 15 mins).
Avatar f tn firsttimemommy is right. I had 2 kidney infections with my first pregnancy. My only symptom was back pain. I didn't even know I had a UTI that had gotten worse. With this pregnancy, My doctor wanted me to be on antibiotics the entire pregnancy just because kidney infections are so serious and dangerous during pregnancy. Talk do you doctor about how the benefits outweigh the risks.
Avatar m tn I have extremely similar symptoms to you. I had a bad UTI for a guy and while several tries on antibiotics helped, the symptoms have never truly gone and I relapse into them from time to time. In my case I go into a detox mode for a few weeks before visiting the doctors as they are convinced I have an std or something. Either way, I find the following helps me: cranberry justice, flax seed oil, plenty of fresh fruit and veg, lots of water.
Avatar m tn Ampicillin and Erythromycin can e used to treat both. Yes, the antibiotics used to treat E.coli can be used to treat the infections caused by CT/UU. However, it depends on the culture report whether the organisms are sensitive to the antibiotics or not. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn Have you ever taken any over-the - counter 'worm' treatment - the one that springs to mind is 'mebendazol' - it is used to treat different species of worm - not sure on all the details - it is given to children as well as adults - perhaps ask your doc. I guess you have researched - vitamin/mineral - deficiency. Here is a list of poss. symptoms of 'parasites' Inability to gain/lose weight - chronic candida - yeast inf.- chronic sinus or ear inf.- urinary tract inf.
2020005 tn?1476662562 I used antibiotics around 8-9 weeks and read thongs about what was given to me. I freaked but took it anyway and put it in Gods hands. Im now 33w3d along. Your doctor wouldn't give you something to hurt you or the baby.
Avatar f tn I was given a prescription for Norfloxacin to treat a UTI, diagnosed as cystitis. Based on information I've read online, this looks like a strong and potentially dangerous antibiotic to take for what I understand to be a common UTI. I am not completely comfortable with the circumstances in which I was given this antibiotic, which may be contributing to my doubts. Is this a reasonable antibiotic for me to take?
Avatar f tn As specialmom said, the antibiotics used to treat UTIs can cause a rebound yeast infection, but it's really hard to get a yeast infection of the urinary system. Sexual intercourse can cause both, though. If it's just the outer area that hurts when you pee and you also itch, it's probably a yeast infection. If your urine is cloudy, you have a fever, and you have belly or low back pain, it's more likely a UTI (UTIs don't have to present this way though). Go to the doctor's and get it checked.
Avatar n tn I developed a UTI on 23rd December. I used to have a history of UTI. I used to get them 2 or 3 times a year. On 2 occasions the UTI went to my kidneys and I was hospitalised and given IV anti-biotics. (On one of these occasions it was during my pregnancy). However I have been UTI free for 5 years, until this week. I saw my doctor who suggested I take a course of Cipro antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Anyone ever treat a uti with home remedies? I'm 18 weeks i have a uti but the antibiotics i got from my doctor is killing me i just threw all my meals from this morning. I threw up soo much that i am sweating I have never felt soo horrible in my life.
1027524 tn?1259037377 delivery, they ran a few tests and found out i have a UTI. they prescibed me Macrobid (a lot of other drugs used to treat them contain Sulfa & i'm highly allergic) well here's the thing. i looked some stuff up and i found this link, along w/ many others ^ i guess Macrobid is linked to birth defects. should i ask for a different med? is there any way to get rid of a UTI w/out medication? (maybe a lot of water?
Avatar f tn They can try something else and hopefully it won't make you feel so bad. Most common antibiotics used to treat UTI's are: Macrobid, Augmentin, Cipro, Amoxicillin, etc. It really depends on the type of bacteria that is present in the urinary tract. In general, Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin), is used specifically to treat UTI's. Holding your urine too long can cause you to have a UTI or urethritis. Also, having the urge to urinate frequently can be a sign of overactive bladder or a UTI.
Avatar n tn Could you please tell me if Trimethoprim is normaly used to treat Chlamydia? I read about Tetracyciline and Doxiciline which are normaly given to treat chlamydia and i know that Trimethoprim is to treat urine and chest infection. Thank you very much again.
181364 tn?1213287101 When i went to the ER they told me i had a UTI so he prescribed me pills Amoxil to take to get rid of it my step mother told me to eat yogurt and that should help not get a yeast infection. But lately I've been real dry but i still have discharge and i'm itchy to it doesnt burn to pee just feels itchy and dry when i wipe but i'm still having discharge so is it possible that i could have a yeast infection anyways? and how do they treat it while you are pregnant?
Avatar n tn How good does cranberry suppliements( im not a big fan of drinking the juice) work? Also should I go on antibiotics, and hope it helps both or treat each seperatly over the counter? Any recommendations? Thanks!
Avatar n tn UTI How I now control UTI. I used to get UTI often and took the usual antibiotics treatments. The problem is that bacteria builds resistance to them and it gets tougher and tougher to fight them. It was a nightmare. Now I drink D-Mannose powder. Make sure is 100% natural. When I feel the ITU is starting, I empty my bladder; then I take a 1g (3/4 tea spoon) dissolved in water. I wait 30 min, prepare about a litter of rooibos tea (1 bag) and drink it within the next 30 min.
551604 tn?1333986735 Hey Jen, Macrobid (as they say the yellow and black pill) is also for UTI and is not harmful to baby unless you breast feed or you take the drug in the last 2-4 weeks of pregnancy. Its actually a class B drug. Bactrim is a class C drug, which means you would have a higher chance of harming the baby, although, there are many women who doctors prescribe bactrim to.
Avatar f tn BV is hard to treat and flagyl is the drug of choice which is a different class of antibiotics used to treat UTI's. But they are all antibiotics and will all have an affect on pathogens. Unfortunately though, be on the look out for yeast overgrowth which is common after taking any antibiotic. good luck and glad you are feeling better.
1253197 tn?1331212710 On another matter please can anyone advise what is the best thing to do about probiotics? I assumed that it is best to take them in a week's time when antibiotics course has finished so would appreciate some input. I have made an appointment to go to see GP in a week to make sure infection has cleared up and review steroid position. I don't often have a rant and am probably known more for my calm, reasonably happy outlook but watch out this sparkysarah feels a little close to igniting.
Avatar n tn I have not yet found on the Web where this drug is used to treat my condition. My Dr. says this drug is good for a number of things. I explained to him in the beginning that I may have step throat. I had the flu back in the winter and could never get rid of the cough. Since I have been taking the prescribed medicine it has cleared my cough. Can someone kindly reply. In my Pap Smear I was DX with Strep 2 I need to know how did this occur. This only happens with women that are pregnant.
Avatar n tn Since my post I got another UTI (about 3 weeks ago) and stmptoms are the same. I guess I just got used to ignoring the feeling when i knew for sure i didnt really have to pee. I noticed the feeling of needing to pee was more frequent when i was stressed or anxious so I learned to calm myself down and occupy myself when i felt it. It's not easy but i learned to live with it i guess.
Avatar f tn You could check the sensitivities of the organism in the urine to see if it is sensitive to Flagyl or Clindamycin--if so, one antibiotic would treat both problems--that seems very reasonable to me. You may need to be evaluated for why you are having so many UTIs too. Have you tried vegetable oil as a lubricant? Sounds a little silly, ( I wouldn't mix with vinegar!) but it rarely causes reactions!
Avatar n tn As far as the medications that they give you to treat the UTI, those would be anitbiotics. I had another UTI very early in this pregnancy, fortunately presenting with symptoms that I could recognize. I took the anitbiotics and the UTI went away and my baby is doing fine. These are just my personal experiences with this topic. I know nothing about fertility issues in general.
560501 tn?1383616340 Basically it is where you get burning and discomfort and it feels like you have a UTI but you don't, I also was getting the urethral spasms that were very painful, I am now on a drug called Vesicare and it has helped, my urologist thinks my problem will eventually go away ( I hope so), he said some of my problems are neurological as well. Vesicare is also used to treat bladder urgency in MS and bladder spasms in MS.
Avatar n tn Most of the times that I used to get treated my wife used to as well. It is not just a female problem, males get it too. All the best.
Avatar n tn At this point I think that the most reasonable way to proceed is to obtain a renal ultrasound from a facility that is used to doing ultrasounds on children and, if the ultrasound is normal do a series of urine cultures. Here a PUC urine every month or two with a cath specimen obtained before treatment for any positive PUC samples would seem reasonable. If she does have a definite urinary tract infection, then she should undergo a voiding study.