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Avatar f tn For a variety of reasons I cannot provide you with contact information, but phage treatment is being used on a number of HIV patients with anti-biotic resistant infections with good results.
Avatar m tn Hi there. I have o problem with my penis. After a treatment with antibiotics it appeared lesions, wounds. After one month the lessions was healed but the glans remained very dry, sometimes sticky. I suffer from 2 years from this disease. This is the only symptom, the dry. Please help, i'm desperate. I will attach a link with some photos. Thank you.
3060903 tn?1398568723 It has well-established benefits for your skin, and is commonly used in personal care products.3 It also is used to ease gastrointestinal problems and strengthen immune function, and as both a spermicide and an insect repellent.
5133061 tn?1374984125 Indian Sofosbuvir and Chinese Daclatasvir By Greg Jefferys on August 16, 2015 7 My personal opinion of the current situation only. Jefferys at his website seams to minimize to potential import problem for US citizens if any with his interpretation of the FDA "guidelines and rules".in my opinion.
Avatar f tn I started getting these round bumps on my ankles which have spread to the calf area. They itch terrible - especially at night. Last night, I started getting them on my back area. We don't have pets, bugs, plants in the house. My husband does not have these symptoms so I don't think it is any kind of bug in the bed or carpet. I have changed soaps and now use a non-perfumed body wash. No improvement. I have dry skin.
Avatar f tn I do not come in contact with any plants or animals, I don't wear makeup or put facewash or lotion on my face. These bumps are just very irritating and certainly look very strange. Do you have any idea what they are or what I could try to remedy them?
Avatar f tn I started getting these round bumps on my ankles and now the calf area that itch terrible - especially at night. Don't have pets, bugs, plants in the house. My husband does not have these symptoms so I don't think it is bugs in the bed or carpet. I have changed soaps and now use a non-perfumed body wash. No improvement. They start itching with a little redness, then progress quickly with a bump in the middle. I try to control it but sometimes I scratch in my sleep.
Avatar n tn He prescribed a steroid ointment that i have used twice on my palms now and they already look better. I have to invest in some really good hand lotion and work on not using the alcohol hand sanitizer so much. I was so relieved to find out that this is all it was. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn EVON J Australia Day 4 of spots & more appeared. Am going to take multivitamins to see if that helps. I should have mentioned in my comments yesterday that I do a lot of gardening & often do not bother to put gloves on & am handling compost, manure in the soil, bark chips etc. Is this something sufferers may have in common. If doctors don't have an answer we had better find out what we have in common that may cause the spots.
Avatar n tn my lips feel dry no matter how much stuff I put on them, and they feel scaly because of all the teeny tiny bumps. I used to have problems with seborrheic dermatitis around my nose when I was a kid so the only other thing I can think of is that. Is there something else they could be? If they are forcyde spots, is there a way to make my lips feel moist again? I don't care about the appearance, but they are very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn @da16424 I think I know what’s he’s trying to get at. Most people with laptops use the wireless connection rather than the LAN. I think I’ve read a paper somewhere where Wi-Fi can affect epithelial cells negatively which I presume will worsen leaky gut. The problem here is that many people had PATM before laptops were available. I personally believe Wi-Fi from both laptop and mobile can worsen leaky gut and immunity in some way but not the cause.
Avatar n tn Her doctor put her on Antibiotics, where she responded very very well to them, and also on cortisone (for a 5 day dosage for the emphysema) where there was also improvement. Her physical examination went very well according to the Doctor (no sounds from the lung, no coughing,...
Avatar m tn There is an infection called Bartonella that is carried by over a dozen insects that can cause little reddish bumps on the skin. It used to be thought that Bartonella was a "self limiting" disease and that your immune system took care of it. But we're learning that isn't true. In some people it ican be wuite serious. It would be worth a round of antibiotics to get it early.
Avatar n tn I felt like I was being poisoned but I think it is the canned air - I used it recently on my desk, keyboard and mouse. The can 3M brand doesn't say there is a bittering agent in it. So I am still wondering if that is culprit. If so, I won't buy anymore canned air. I am still worried about this.
Avatar n tn Now this is utterly impossible since the last 2 times this occurred was while working on a ship and there are almost no plants of any kind on the ship so I doubt a crop of poison ivy in the ship's atrium would go unnoticed. I am an otherwise very healthy 24 year old girl. I have been to 4 General Practitioners and 1 Dermatologist. Not 1 diagnosis has been the same as the last, even though I keep documented records including photographs of every outbreak.
Avatar m tn The only other things I have going on that MAY be related, is an upper back pain/numbness... unknown cause. Been going on for years though. No diagnosis. So basically I'm out of ideas, and about to go insane. It's terrible at night not being able to sleep because of that feeling, and not being able to sleep with my girlfriend because I keep her awake with my constant moving around and itching...
Avatar n tn I've delt with flea infestations and bites before. MAYBE,,, we used flea shampoo and flea spray on the cat and I'm not 100% sure but I believe it was either the night before or the night after that I noticed the wake me up at 2-4am itching. I plan on going to a GOOD doctor soon if it does not go away. I will keep you posted.
280891 tn?1261016650 I have not been to this forum in awhile mostly due to the fact that people here seem to be stuck in the PROBLEM and not the solution. I've continued my education and reading and researching into autoimmune issues etc. I feel that i am very well educated on this subject overall. I challenge you all to go back and study what "health" really means.
Avatar f tn They put on intravenous antibiotics then a strong course of antibiotics for two weeks. I was well in no time and a side effect of this treatment is the recurring bumps I had been getting for almost twelve years went away. I believe that it was lime disease and treating this infection also rid me of that in the process. I have not had them return and it's now been just over a year.
Avatar m tn I know that they hate smell and the poison that is used come from plants anyway. Also buy a mattress cover to cover the mattress. Maybe pour baby powder or something that smell before sealing the mattress up. Remember the they breath and will not like it. When I get back home, I sleep with a cheap quilt and will be soaking it in a tub on water/liquid smoke. This will help them in case of them start back up. Here is some more info to help with doctors.
Avatar n tn There are many agents that have numerous uses, for example benadryll. Its used for allergies, sleep aids, colds...and on and on. Now read my whole next sentence before you fly off at me...hcg will not make you lose weight. (hang on dieters, I am getting to it) It will release the nutrients and water from fat cells (adipose), a natural occurrence in pregnant women, but in doing so, it reduces the size of those fat cells.
Avatar n tn There are a lot of plants out there that do have an effect on hormonal balance, such as cohosh, vitex, tang kwei, etc., but they are best used in combinations. But if you have bleeding problems, that will complicate the use of plant medicine as well, and you'll have to consult an expert, though I'm not sure what bleeding problems to which you refer and how they are affected by hormones.
Avatar f tn The dizziness was accompanied by a sense of numbness on my left arm to the point that when I slept on my right side I woke up with my left arm completely numb. The symptoms have varied during this year and the numbness in my left arm was nearly gone till about a month ago, when I started feeling pins a needles on the left side of my face and jaw (and my left arm again). The dizziness has remained during all this time but I have periods of a few days when it disappears.
Avatar n tn I have had attacks of itchy hands and feet several times but the one connection I made is that I was on antibiotics at the time of the 2 worst attacks. It's weird because I started itching today on my right hand around my thumb. It was really intense but went away on it's on. A couple of hours later my left hand started itching in the exact spot the right hand had itched. Then 2 hours later the inside of my left foot started itching. It was so bad.
3726889 tn?1347982482 And all those antibiotics as well... I can no longer eat most meats due to this. I've asked a friend of mine that works in a science department, and he says that the penicillin and all the other antibiotics that are used in everyday cow, chicken, etc consumption CAN linger in the foods we eat. For most of us, this can cause bloating, gas, constipation/diarrhea, heartburn, etc. Even though I can die from certain antibiotics, I ONLY suffer those ( and other ) symptoms after eating meat.
Avatar f tn sedatives (eg, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, narcotics, some antidepressants, alcohol). Caution should be used in individuals having known allergies to plants.
Avatar f tn It is usually characterized by an uncomfortable burning sensation around the mouth. Itching is not a common symptom.Treatment consists of oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. A mild soap or soap substitute, such as Dove or Cetaphil should be used for washing. Scrubbing should be avoided. If the symptoms are not controlled by topical antibiotics,then oral antibiotics may be needed. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).
Avatar n tn Are there any treatments other than antibiotics that are helpful with prostatitis? I have been the urologist several times for re-current symptoms, and he always prescribes Cipro, which I despise. Seems to be very recurrent and I am not able to eliminate the symptoms no matter what I do. The Cipro does help, but should I really be taking this for extended periods of time. At one point I was on it for months and believe I became immune to it. The side effects are also terrible.
Avatar m tn The researchers found that the tainted water had a much greater impact on soy plants than drug-laced dirt. In fact, once the crops matured, the researchers found triclosan and triclocarban inside the soybeans themselves. Those are the same beans that are found in everything from common packaged foods to cattle feed. And if the cows are eating it, so are you if you eat their beef and drink their milk.