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Avatar n tn But I still have not been told by any doctor that an antibiotic is not neccessary for strep throat. They all seem to think there is no other cure. I tend to trust my doctor.
Avatar f tn This bug is called Group B Streptococcus and often also lives in the vaginal area - prior to childbirth a high vaginal swab may be done by your obstetrician and if you are GBS positive, you will be given antibiotics to treat this because THEN the baby is in danger of contracting GBS pneumonia (a very nasty potentially lifethreatening problem) which the baby can catch during a vaginal delivery if the mother is GBS positive (on high vaginal swab). I hope this helps. It is a very good question.
Avatar f tn Strep b is just a bacterial infection that some pregnant women get. My doctor said that it occurs in the vagina because it is so close to the rectum, which is where it develops. It will be no harm to you, but definitely get to the hospital as soon as you go into labor! The antibiotics will prevent your newborn from contracting group b strep disease.
Avatar f tn There are many women who are GBS+ (Group Beta Strep). Antibiotics should help with this. The concern is to a baby when it comes through the birth canal (vagina) during delivery. Women are tested when they are 36 weeks pregnant. If they are + or we don't know the results, they get antibiotics to treat the baby before delivery so they do not have an infection at birth. So, the antibiotics should help with your infection but it can come and go. Hope you get better!
Avatar f tn Risk to your child. The test is just a swab of your rectal and vaginal fluids from the outside normal. Its pretty quick and simple.
312616 tn?1197314926 They gave me two bags of IV antibiotics before I had my dd. I had to wait to get the epi until after I had the antibiotics. I also had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after I had her so they could observe her and make sure she didn't get it.
Avatar f tn We csn live with it but it csn be harmful to baby that's why they test sothey can ttreat with antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Sorry, it posted before I was done. The only thing that Strep B changed was that I had to have antibiotics running through me via an IV, and I had one extra night in the hospital so they could monitor my son to make sure he didn't get sick. It's only a threat when you give birth.
Avatar f tn It checks for a bacteria that grows in the vagina it's not harmful to the mommy but it is to the baby so this test measures to see if you are a carrier of strep b if you are a carrier, they treat you with antibiotics while you are in labor through iv so you don't pass it to the baby. It's nothing to worry about though. Also the procedure is 3-4 circle swab in the vagina and then you act like ur wiping your butt when ur swabbing your butt.
1145691 tn?1291481938 Do not let the internet stress you out to much you just need the antibiotics and I have known patients to get to the hospital to late to recieve it during labor so what they do then is treat the baby after birth and they maqy keep the baby an extra day to be safe and they will also do some blood work So don't stress EVERYTHING is going to be ok
Avatar f tn Your medical team are aware and will monitor you both and treat you with IV antibiotics at the time of labour. Try not to worryn you are in safe hands and looked after. It is only in extremely rare cases that the infection can move up into a womans uterous and case preterm labour, extremely rare. So please try not to worry. Ask for more information so you are aware but please do not panic or worry to much.
Avatar n tn thanks guys!
Avatar n tn and if the only thing found is an overabundance of strep B, then and only then should she get antibiotics to eradicate the strep. Penicillin and its derivatives are the usual choice. In order to prevent recolonization and infection, it is important to help preserve the normal vaginal ecosystem by avoiding douching, taking acidophilus supplements and reducing refined sugars in the diet. If she is postmenopausal, estrogen replacement should be considered.
Avatar m tn If so then the virudans strep could also be the problem and viridans strep are more resistant to antibiotics. But I would check with your doctor on this and see if the Strep group B and Viridans strep were sensitive to Levoflaxacin. If they are it may be a suitable substitute. Why do you want to stop the Ciprofloxacin or switch? Do you have another problem you want to treat in addition to the urinary tract infection and prostate or is the cipro not working?
Avatar f tn Its very common..I to was freaked out..but learned they treat you with antibiotics whole in labor..and everything is fine..
Avatar f tn Dont be so alarmed by it. They will give you some antibiotics to treat it before you deliver, like while your in labor.
Avatar f tn What was it like and how was your hospital stay? Did they treat you or baby for it? I'm terrified for my baby and I would hate to see him turned into a pin cushion so early but the nurse said they don't treat me they treat him which doesn't make sense to me. Any advice. I'm due in 2 weeks and after finding this out I'm a wreck of nerves.
Avatar f tn The urologist felt I was better off without antibiotics. Is it possible for the strep to go away just from flushing it out with plenty of water? Is there a vaginal cream that can clear it up? I feel hit in the vaginal area.
Avatar f tn Today I went to my appt and my midwife told me I tested positive for group B strep (GBS). I'm not sure if I should get antibiotics or try to treat it with natural remedies. Has anyone here tested positive? Were you able to treat it and get rid of it? Was your baby infected when it was born? I'll appreciate it if anyone shares their experience.
Avatar f tn Usually they treat strep throat with antibiotics . If you went to the doctor and they said that what you had , they should gave you a prescription . At home gargle salt water , drink tea and honey . Rubbing Vicks on your neck it might help and take Tylenol if your in pain .
11061831 tn?1418757737 There is a chance if you don't get antibiotics that it can be passed to the baby, and if it is passed to the baby it can be really damaging to their immune systems and possibly even fatal. They give you IV antibiotics during your labor and pay closer attention to the baby when s/he is born. I had it with my first born, and had the antibiotics and he was fine they didn't have to give him anything other than the usual eye drops and tests.
Avatar n tn What they do is when you go to deliever your baby they put antibiotics in your iv 4 hours before you give birth to prevent it going to the baby. As long as you get the antibiotics the chance of it passing is extremely slim.
Avatar f tn I had it with my second child and they didn't have enough time to treat me before delivery. Needless to say 2 days after we were released my baby stopped breathing we called an ambulance and they said she was fine. After they left she did it again this time we insisted she go to the hospital after a few days at children's hospital they found out she had group b strep in her kidneys if we had waited too much longer it would have spread to her brain and caused serious damage.
Avatar f tn Im not exactly sure how u get it or what exactly it is, but i had it with my first daughter. Youll be fine, they will just treat u with antibiotics and ur baby as well once born.
Avatar f tn My doc told me 40% of ppl have it on their skin. No biggie they will just treat you with antibiotics thru an IV when you gone in to have your baby... I have 3 girls and I had to have that with all of them... it's so you don't pass it on to the baby as their coming thru your birth canal...
Avatar f tn Even normal people have it but it's so minor that nobody ever notices and you don't get sick or anything. And if you're pregnant, you get the antibiotics attached to your IV while in labour and that's it. No harm at all!
Avatar n tn The results came back and he have gbs they are treating him with antibiotics for 10 days and after that they are going to run same more test to see if it is gone. All i want to know is will this infection harm him any type of way when he gets order?
Avatar n tn My doctor told me not to worry as I would be given antibiotics once I reached the hospital. He seemed to think that although it was a problem it did not warrant my going crazy with worry. Of course, this is not the case and I am wondering if any of you might have been diagnosed with this in previous pregnancies or are going through it now. This is my first child and I am scared of going through a lot of different situations for the first time and want to make sure that Ava Juliana is fine.
Avatar f tn Your doc tested you early because you were high risk. You doc till treat you with antibiotics now and probably test you again later to keep an eye on it. I tested positive during the 35th week screening at one of my regular prenatal visits. The doctor told me that meant I would have to have antibiotics on IV drip placed in my arm during labor and delivery which will minimize the risk of me passing it to baby. It worked an my baby is healthy.