Antibiotics to treat bronchitis

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Avatar f tn My chest hurts and I get sharp pains in my lower abdomen when I cough. Any advice on how to treat it. My doctor wants to put me on antibiotics but I'm not so sure it's safe.....
Avatar n tn As for the antibiotics, STOP taking them as they don't really cure bronchitis. Doctors wrongly prescribe antibiotics to treat Bronchitis, which is caused by a VIRAL infection not bacterial. Your chest pain could be aggravated by the antibiotics too. I suggest you get a second opinion. Unless your bronchitis is bacterial, antibiotics will do no good. GOOD LUCK!
Avatar n tn If you have noticed that EVERY TIME you have this pain, you get bronchitis and will need antibiotics, WHY do you wait to go to the doc instead of going right away? When we treat our infections promptly, we generally can treat with less medication for a shorter period of time & it doesn't cause our asthma to flare as badly or any other lung conditions to get as severe.
Avatar f tn Have had bronchitis when I was 19 and dr said it developed from sinus infection. Gave antibiotics and inhaler. Healed perfectly. Got sinus infection 3 yrs later and dr referred my to allergy/asthma specialist. Allergy specialist says even though my sinus infection cleared up, i still had nasal drainage. i couldn't afford allergy skin test, just left it alone. I rarely cough, only mucus when i have a cold (maybe 1x a yr) and during pollen season (spring time not as bad as with cold).
Avatar f tn I had it about 2 months ago with a sinus infection. They gave me antibiotics and put me on breathing treatments twice a day for two weeks. Worked wonders.
Avatar f tn It is definitely time to consider asthma as a possible root cause for your repeated bronchitis. An allergist would also be able to help treat any allergies that are causing the sinus issues that most likely lead to the the lung issues. Allergist almost always treat asthma as well since it frequently occurs with allergies. Feel better and praying that you find answers.
Avatar f tn It's like it seems clear, then all of a sudden it's mucusy and I have to cough - but nothing really comes up. (sorry to be gross) I've never had bronchitis so I'm not sure if I should try to get in to see my doctor or if I should just wait it out. I know everyone has been sick lately so things are going around but I don't want to wait if it's something that needs attention. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or input!
Avatar f tn I say have a doctor check it out. but most acute bronchitis are viral caused. so don't expect to be put on antibiotics unless a microscopic examination of Gram stained sputum shows large numbers of bacteria present. The treatments for it are mostly symptomatic. meaning you treat the symptoms and wait for it to go away. but even untreated it tends to resolve itself fairly quickly. Just make sure it isn't a form of Chronic Bronchitis. that is why a simple check up should be done.
Avatar f tn I had what started out as a cold, then a lingering cough and was started on antibiotics during which I developed chest tightness, shortness of breath and wheezing. I was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis, given a breathing treatment and sent home with a prescription for an albuterol inhaler. My doctor never really explained except to say that I had bronchitis which turned into asthmatic bronchitis. I do not have a history of asthma. So what exactly is asthmatic bronchitis?
Avatar n tn My husband sister is a Pediatrician and she said that I had Bronchitis and perscribed albuterol inhalation aerosol. I want to get your opinion because I'm not so sure that I have it since I don't have a constant cough and I don't cough up mucus. Thanks In advance!
Avatar f tn I am thinking of possibly moving state to avoid getting another one! I absolutely can not afford to take more antibiotics. I don't want resistance! Such a relief to hear I probably do not have Gastroparesis. This was very worrisome to me! I don't have any of the problems you outlined that lead to the problem. I do have another question. Should I be drinking water with each meal or wait awhile afterwards and then drink it? I feel the water I am taking in is bloating me up the most.
Avatar n tn I did more research, and began to understand what antibiotics do to your digestive system. I, having never taken supplements before, began to take probiotics, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and even kava (for the calming effect). I only took a total of three "Zpac" and two weeks later I finally began to feel a bit more normal. It took awhile longer before I felt 100%, about 3-4 months, but the worst was definately passing after the first two weeks.
Avatar n tn I have been to my general practitioner, 2 different ENT doctors and a lung specialist all with no solution to the problem. Where do I need to go to next for help to resolve this issue? HELP PLEASE!
Avatar f tn Does anyone out there have common issues maybe with some answers? Or lead me on the right path to what to investigate next. I don't want to just say this is as good as it gets, cause this *****.
Avatar f tn While in-patient I was seen by a pulmonary specialist as I was having severe chest pains (eventually diagnosed as Costochronditis and possible pleurisy as well), I was changed from Doxycyline to Moxifloxin for about 7-10 days and had NSAIDS (firstly Voltaren and then Indocid) added to the mix to treat the supposed Costo/ Pleurisy. Got results of one of my blood tests that said I had Mycoplasma (or had had it) and was kept in an extra week after this.
87651 tn?1259606003 Hi Mk- I am so sorry to hear you are sick with bronchitis! Yuck! I had it about 3-4 months ago. It takes a while to overcome it. How long have you been on the antibiotics and what kind? Usually as the antibiotics kill off the bacteria (if it's bacterial) you will feel worse before you start feeling better. I always treat medicine the same as supplements and take 2 hrs apart from my thyroid meds. I have been on a lot of antibiotics and don't seem to recall it affecting my thyroid.
Avatar f tn I went and got him antibiotics 2 days ago but now I am getting worse and am wondering if I need to do the same for me. How does taking antibiotics effect MS?? Should I notify my neuro or just call my PCP??
Avatar n tn Luckily I noticed it early so its not all that bad right now, plus I already have an over the counter treatment but here is the problem - I still have about 7 days left on the antibiotics which everyone knows, I need to finish taking. If I treat the yeast infection while still on the antibiotics, will it be effective or do I need to wait until the medicine is done (and the infection is worse) and THEN treat it?
Avatar n tn Anyone have any advice, help? Any further ways to minimize the damage of taking antibiotics or other ways to treat mycoplasma? I have tried taking olive leaf extract, but it doesn't seem to help much and I am kind of nervous about taking stuff that hasn't been clinically tested....
Avatar f tn The campus DR told her she has it again but this time suspects walking pnemonia with it. Because of the recent Mono no antibiotics were perscribed. Any suggested as to which inhaler would work best? also, would a nebulizer - Ipratropium Bromide 0.5mg and Albuterol Sulfate 3.0mg help? Finally what is the difference in inhalers Albuterol, Alvesco. Combivent?
Avatar f tn Usually the stool is a liquid and dark green/dark brown. There are only two antibiotics to treat c-diff, Flagyl and Vancomycin. Now when I get an antibiotic for routine infections, I also take a run of one of those drugs. The c-diff tests are three stool samples over a period of time. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn Now, the question is, what do we do about it? They cannot seem to come up with anything to treat my pain, which interferes with my life daily.
Avatar f tn The risk is not great but it is real. There are other antibiotics that can be used to effectively treat acute bronchitis and, given your concerns, you should ask your doctor if you should require antibiotic therapy, might it be reasonable to substitute another antibiotic for the Levaquin, especially since you do not have X-ray evidence of pneumonia.
384896 tn?1335297931 so I gatta take those things. And I'm on antibiotics to treat that symptom-free infection and now I feel like SH*T. It's like wtf. I think I would have rather just stuck with the original problem. Jesus. I hope I don't go into labor while I'm on this medication. I feel so crappy and weak, I don't think I'd have the strength to deliver.
349463 tn?1333575176 What I thought was just a head cold turns out to be a sinus infection and a serious case of bronchitis. Good thing I went in or it could have turned into pneumonia. I had it two years ago so it puts me at risk for having it again. Apparently that type of illness has some lasting effects on your body. So I'm on antibiotics, an inhaler, and I have codene cough syrup (that I don't think I'll use).
Avatar f tn So, a cold --- that IS contagious that caused 'gunk' to get thick in sinuses, bronchial tubes or lungs and then that festered into an infection that you need antibiotics to treat. The initial virus is contagious and for how long varies. Usually a week, I'd say. Pneumonia can be contagious until about 48 hours into antibiotics (the viral kind that some will have treated with antibiotics any way). So, does that long winded info above answer your question?
Avatar f tn altough have had previous what was called a big lung infection 4yrs ago which initially has started this roller costerof respritory problems numerous antibiotics to treat also presidone in which only temporarly helps then all symptoms return . Spiromotey test at gp each test had loewr peak plow 350 -i think 275.
Avatar f tn Treating Lyme patients, or feed lot antibiotics? It'd be really interesting to get at the numbers of how much antibiotics are used in a feed lot cow versus a Lyme patient undergoing aggressive treatment. I can't resolve the conflict between the two camps. As a Lyme patient, all I know is that I want to get better. I spent over a year seeking my diagnosis, and know that is not long on the relative scale of Lyme patients.
5264083 tn?1404669334 I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks to treat a harmful bacteria in my stomach and I was required to take 4 in the morning and 4 at night. I missed about three days so I had to finish it. Now I am 6 days late and have a yeast infection. I am convinced it is the antibiotics for the simple fact that it is a ridiculous amount for a 16 year old. My mom has accused me of being pregnant but I know for a fact that I am not even without a test.
Avatar n tn Like cuteus said make them treat your symptoms as soon as they happen. On tx it takes a much longer time for healing to happen so be prepared for that. The end of sx from tx vary form person to person and depends on how long you were on tx. I was on tx for 18 months and still have problems almost a year later but I did feel better after about a month and continued to get a little better each month.