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Avatar m tn Cefalexin is part of the cephalosporin antibiotic group and antibiotics from this group are used to treat gonorrhea .so will it not work for Chlamdia.
Avatar f tn No it needs to be treated with antibiotics, left untreated it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease
Avatar m tn The Doctor at first, gave me an injection to cure it, however 2 days later my symptoms (discharge, burning urination, very frequent urination) returned. The Dr. then called in a prescription for an Antibiotic 1-dose treatment (1st Rx=1 pill, 2nd Rx= 4 pills; all 5 pills taken simultaneously), however I'm unsure of the exact drug names but beleive it was Cefixime. This appeared to completely cure the symptoms by the next day, however 2 days later the infection again returned.
Avatar f tn ok. i was diagnosed with gonorrhea last friday and was givin the shot to cure it but a day after that i started having some vaginal itching and soreness, now my question is, Is this normal or is something else going on.( I also had a bacterial infection but i finished the meds for that the same day when i got the gonorrhea shot).
Avatar n tn It's time to accept that everything is OK. You shouldn't need to keep returning to various forums to keep asking about it. Let's make this your last thread, OK?
Avatar f tn No its not and if you did it would have cleared up on its own by now. Before the advent of antibiotics the body would naturally cure it. Antibiotics only help to clear it up faster.
Avatar n tn It won't go away on its own, and there is nothing else that can cure this except antibiotics. I would urge you to test, if for no other reason than to put your mind at ease. The test is easy - a simple throat culture - and if you are worried about it affecting your state of mind with the training and new job, I would think that worrying for nothing would affect it more.
Avatar n tn I just want to make sure that 1) i was not exposed to anything, and 2) that I did not give it to her if I was, hence the antibiotics. I took the chlamydia/gonorrhea test before i started the antibiotics. i started those this morning. Thank you again doctor, you are extremely helpful!!!!
Avatar n tn could you live your whole life with gonorrhea and not know it? is it possible for a couple who have been together for say ... a year or 2.. to both have gonorrhea without any symptoms at all[no sores or pain urinating,etc.] ?
Avatar n tn 1- how likely is contracting gonorrhea from receiving oral sex 2- Did the fact that I was taking doxy for a week before the test going to mess up the test? (I have seen some people say doxy does nothing to gonorrhea and others say effective just not drug of choice) 3- When should I start feeling better? I just got shot on Thursday but have been on Doxy for close or over 1.5 weeks?
Avatar n tn However, i have white/clear discharge in the morning two weeks after taking the meds and 9 days after testing negative for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Spoke to the girl who went to planned parenthood and said they looked at something under the scope and she doesnt have Chlamydia but will have to wait for the Gonorrhea results. I wondered if I gave to my girlfiend when I had sex with her 48 hours after taking medication and she re-infected me.
Avatar f tn @ teko!! They do!!! I mean I belong to the Teen pregnancy forum here and I SMH and cringe every time a question is asked b/c they are NOT informed. They get these "morning after pills" or antibiotics to cure itching or bumps or whatever may be the problem then come to the forum to ask how to use them....But then again, if the Dr's didn't just hand these antibiotics and pills out, they wouldn't make any money!!!! Why wouldn't they hand it out like candy.
Avatar f tn Both levofloxacin and roxithromycin are in the quinolone class of antibiotics and they cure most but not all cases of gonorrhea. There is geographic variation as to how common quinolone antibiotic resistance is around the world. My advice is that following therapy with either drug a repeat, "test of cure" test should be performed. 4. Sadly, the symptoms of gonorrhea can go away without the infection being cured. I would advise a repeat test.
Avatar m tn I am gay,I have anal gonorrhea I want to know that can it be treated on its own without antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Before you take any antibiotics, I would highly recommend that you get tested to see if you do in fact have chlamydia. Also, gonorrhea symptoms are similar to chlamydia smytpoms. However, to answer your questions specifically, 1000mg of Zithromax (azythromycin) will get rid of chlamydia. Also a 250mg IV injection of ceftriaxone will cure gonorrhea. However, I would get tested first. You might not have anything at all.
Avatar n tn I am aware that especially South East Asia has a reputation for drug resistant gonorrhea strings. But can it really be resistent to ALL existing drugs? I would really appreciate your help since this thing is starting to make me go crazy...
Avatar n tn do vaginal suppositories along with antibiotics treat gonorrhea? i feel the symptoms of gonorrhea and also my ex bf informed me he is positive with gonorrhea. i ask my friend and tell me to take vaginal suppositories and amoxiccillin, i feel better but im worried i still have gonorrhea. please help..
Avatar m tn They would cure NGU and gonorrhea...they might cure syphilis.
Avatar f tn Since then you have been on antibiotics which would have cured many infections (that azithromycin may have well cured your chlamydia or gonorrhea and the amoxicillin would cure some gonorrhea infections as well. Bottom line, there is no reason for you to be worried about gonorrhea or chlamydia in relationship to the exposures you mention. Now, syphilis. Again, not a concern.
Avatar f tn told me to, hasn't drunk at all. So I don't see why wouldn't the antibiotics work. So my main question, is this part to the healing process? Or is there a possibility she gave the wrong med, cuz I read that Doxycycline is not the most indicated, and that you usually get a shot plus azythromycin to cure it.
Avatar m tn After doing a bit of research, I've read where Cefexime was an effective source or treatment for urogenital and anorectal gonorrhea. However, it says pharyngeal gonorrhea is more difficult to treat and Cefexime is not recommended. After further research, I read that Azithromycin 2g could effectively treat pharyngeal gonorrhea for people with allergies to cepholosporins.
Avatar f tn As I said, nothing you have reported suggests gonorrhea - I told you this and so did your doctor. If you had gonorrhea, penicillin will cure some but not all infections because some gonorrhea is resistant to penicillin. It is time for you to forget about this and move on.
Avatar m tn is it possible that if it did spread to his joints that now they can't find it? is the swelling related to this type of gonorrhea? is there still a cure? If you can PLEASE HELP I'd greatly appreciate thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Typically what are the symptoms of oral gonorrhea? If someone were to develop oral gonorrhea, how quickly would those symptoms (typically) manifest? Could my sore throat one month ago be oral gonorrhea and resistant to the antibiotics? Could I have passed it to the guy who developed symptoms, even though one month prior I had undergone such a strong course of amoxicillin? Are these bugs resistant to amoxicillin?
Avatar n tn That same day I had sex with my wife but I then found out that I could be possible to get infected with Gonorrhea, NGU or Chlamyia, etc, so I self administered Doxicicline for 14 days and two 200mg Cefixime (second mistake, the first being the unprotected ********). For business I have been away from home since then, but two or three weeks later my testicles started hurting and have continued to hurt until now.
Avatar f tn When I finally got back to him to tell him my symptoms were returning, he researched the issue and learned that gay and bisexual males as well as heterosexuals of either sex in California and other states need a different regimen as directed by the CDC to cure antibiotic resistant strains of gonorrhea that are on the rise. He felt I dealt the infection a setback, but that it would be with me until I took the Cefixim.
Avatar n tn If Gonorrhea has spread to blood and joints , how can you find out? what are the symptoms?and what are the treatments for that ??
Avatar n tn it was the next day after oral sex, is that to early for throat cultures and will antibiotics still work if gonorrhea was not even incubated yet? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/245541'>Sore throat, Gonorrhea?</a>.