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Avatar f tn Lately, she seems to sleep almost 3 hours in the afternoon, and still seems sleepy. - She is still energetic, runs, plays etc. But she always seems to be yawning, and occasionally she wil just lay her head on the couch for 5-10 minutes at a time. She also seems to be cuddling up to lay around and watch tv alot more lately. Otherwise, she is pretty healhty - knock on wood, just your typical colds and recently HFMD. She has been on antibiotics x2 in her life.
Avatar n tn I believe I have been experiencing severe panic attacks/ anxiety as a result of a combination of antibiotics I was on for an UTI. I have stopped the antibiotics, abou 36 hours ago, and am wondering how long before they are out of my system? and when they are out, will the anxiety go away? My GP prescribed a mild anti-anxiety drug and it has helped but not completely.. My heart is pounding and anytime I think of leaving the house I get sick to my stomach...
605458 tn?1265086851 Don't seem to be making me feel as yucky. Infection seems resolved (fingers) and done with antibiotics. Don't feel goofy like when I was dehydrated.
173820 tn?1224939758 and for the past month i have felt him every day very strong...does anyone know if these antibiotics can make baby sleepy??? im sure im just being paranoid..but i cant help it..
Avatar f tn Obviously, I cannot stay on antibiotics. I have tried probiotics, which were somewhat helpful, but the results were nothing like this.
320329 tn?1297772552 Use the neti pot if you haven't can do it 2 times a day starting in OCT when the fronts come thru.....drink LOTS of fluids. I've flushed many sinus infections without using takes longer of course, but can be done.
Avatar n tn drink plenty of water, salt water gargle. Antibiotics, antihistamines, cough syrup will help you but to be taken against prescription. Identify the environmental factors you are allergic to like dust, pollen, pets etc. and avoid further exposure. I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
798555 tn?1292791151 Some of the antibiotics for it can greatly increase anxiety levels too making you edgy, plus the herxing affect of the bacterial die off. I guess you get worse before you get better. For now I need to deal with this and make it more tolerable during the work day. I discovered coffee is now suddenly a big no no! I do take adrenal support but I hope I can benefit from some herbal supplements and vitamins for calming during the DAY that wont do the opposite and make me sleepy.
Avatar m tn A couple of phone calls and talks to pharmacists suggested that it was a reaction to the antibiotics, that it was common, and should pass in a few days. Here it is over another month later and I'm still itching. It's the worst on my feet (both the bottom and on toes) and backs of my hands, but also spreads to the back of my arms, top of knees, and the sides of my back when I'm not on diphenhydramine.
Avatar m tn After a few bad weeks, I am now seeing the benefits of the antibiotics. I had what's called a neuropsychological herxheimer reaction, and it was the scariest weeks of my life. Lately, my heart hasn't been acting up, and I am not nearly as fatigued. I feel physically ok. I make it through the day without needing naps, and the night before last I was feeling so good that I had insomnia. I found out that taking 100 mg of COQ10 at night was probably causing the insomnia though. Oops.
Avatar n tn If it is lyme, in my opinion, do not mess around with the "natural antibiotics"in the beginning stages of lyme. Go right for the real antibiotics and see an Lyme Literate MD.
1584712 tn?1296764813 August 4: Azythromicin 1g in the evening. Being better after few days. August 25: Strong pain started in the right testicle so i took again 1g of azythromicin in the evening and for seven days erythromycin 500 mg 4 times daily. I was on a vaccation in Greece so I had plenty of sunbathing. From time to time I felt strong pain in left testicle but generally I was improving. Also I noticed that I easily get suntanned, and sunburned though I was using the highest UV protection creme.
536969 tn?1297471264 The pill meds call was all over the place from them and ended up being to take the Dexometh until Ovidrel (trigger) shot day and take 2 antibiotics (Zitho something) the day before egg retrieval. I was so out of it this time that I forget to take the 3rd shot that suppresses early ovulation... Ganirelex?? Work is very stressful right now but I don't feel stressed. I'm just focusing on getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn I can't sleep at all I'm sleepy but I seem to stay awake and alert at all times and toss and turn in bed a lot
1801864 tn?1318101593 8 or something. but instead his temp says 95.8 he tummy hurts a little bit and he's really sleepy. does any one know what could be wrong with him?
Avatar n tn I'm currently on antibiotics for a bladder infection but I don't feel like I have a bladder infection. I'm constantly sleepy and get light headed when standing. What else might be causing my symptoms?
Avatar n tn dear my total thyredoctomy surgery done 15 days ago. after that doctor gave me antibiotics. five days ago i completed the antibiotics corse. before the surgery i tested tgab and tmab that was high but last test of antibody said befor surgury slightly high tgab but increase tmab. after total thyredoctomy, i thought the suffering is gone. but again i suffered faitigue and sleepy head and broken sleep. i cant understand what happened to me. steel now i am not taking any extra hormone.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks after my last unprotected encounter, i have been experiencing drowsiness, and between 7pm and 8PM i start to get really sleepy which is not my usual. It's 4PM and the whole day today i feel like i wanted to lie down and sleep. i remember going to sleep last night at 8pm and waking up at 4am today. I think that is enough sleep, yet it feels like i wanted more.
Avatar n tn I took her to the vet and they gave me antibiotics and took a scraping for fungus but the results will take two weeks to come back. Yesterday she was scratching and I know she can have Benadryl, so I have her half a tablet morning and night, but the poor thing was so sleepy! Today she seems much better and there seem to be fewer sores, so I was wondering if it would be okay to give her Alavert instead since it is non-drowsy? She weighs 12 lbs.
Avatar f tn So I've had strep and upper respitory infection and I'm on antibiotics. But, now my chest is hurting and having trouble breathing. I go see my OB tomorrow so I'll figure it out. My question is...I know I can take benadryl...can I take two tonight so that I can get a little relief and SLEEP!?! Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I was on antibiotics for an ear infection and now have a yeast infection. The GP gave me a RX for Diflucan. I took that much earlier tonite. I just happened to read the Prescription info sheet & it has Xanax as an interacting drug but it doesnt say how. I tried googling and cant see why it shouldnt be taken.. I did see where under Xanax it says one of the drugs to avoid is Diflucan. Why would an antifungal med interact with a sedative?
Avatar f tn just for the note this was a surgical extraction due to the tooth being broken. the dentist had given me one weeks worth of antibiotics 3 weeks before the extraction so I had two weeks with no antibiotics before the extraction. on the day of the extraction I told my dentist that I thought the infection was starting to come back. he went and pulled the tooth anyways and that was 2 weeks ago. he did not write me a prescription after the extraction.
Avatar m tn My question is that should I continue day 4 with the same dose or try 200mg 3 times or stop as probably the medicine worked on me already. Please help on this as I am super sleepy and paranoiac and this effects my job. I read horrible brain issues and probably i should reach out to ask other doctors for different method. It is very hard in Hong Kong. Thank you very much for your help.
Avatar n tn well I now have four swollen lymph nodes no pain other then my kidney (i have a stone) I have been feeling sick to my stomach, sleepy all the time, wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats, eating more than normal but no real weight gain. I just feel horrible, they keeep taken blood and everything comes back normal. They are testing me for parathyroid but idk I havent lost and weight. I only weigh 100 lbs so if i lost anymore I would probably fall off the earth lol.
Avatar m tn But doctor said there were bacteria in my urine, but not sure what were they. He gave me antibiotics and Omeprazole for my stomach. My stomach just burns, there is no pain or anything. I also feel really sleepy all the time. There is no weakness in the body or fever. I do get chills sometime when I think about it. I have also tested for HBV the result will come in few days, but doctor said there is minimal chances for that Also I took Vaccine while testing.
Avatar n tn I took her to the vet and they gave me antibiotics and took a scraping for fungus but the results will take two weeks to come back. Yesterday she was scratching and I know she can have Benadryl, so I have her half a tablet morning and night, but the poor thing was so sleepy! Today she seems much better and there seem to be fewer sores, so I was wondering if it would be okay to give her Alavert instead since it is non-drowsy? She weighs 12 lbs.
Avatar n tn that pain is now gone, but now I have a sharp pain right below the breast and I have been feeling really sleepy especially when I go out to places. It is somewhat hard to go to sleep and exercise because when I move its painful and gets hard to breathe. I can't go to the doctors until like a month from now because everyone is on vacation..and if i go to the er, that will cost me like $10,000 and i'm only 17.
Avatar n tn i had a very bad kind of chest infection caused by virus. i had 4 types of antibiotics in the last 2 month, and i still cough. last 3 weeks i been experiencing weakness, blurriness and dizzyness. first day it started i was convinced it was migraine. as i nearly fainted and i had loads of pressure on my forehead. also i lost vision i one eye at the time,so i took aspirin and it was a bit better, but i was sleepy and slept for about 12 hours a day.
Avatar n tn Have been to the doc, was given antibiotics. Had a test done for cervical cancer, came out clear Usually get the popping sounds in the morning before i eat so i don't know now what could be the problem. Thanks for your help though. have to go back to the doctor.