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Avatar f tn My doctor put me on amoxicillin for 7 days because of small infection. Is it okay to be taking this while I'm pregnant.?
Avatar n tn I always heard that you should not take any anitbiotics during your pregnancy (amoxicilin is an antibiotic). I had an infection last year and the doctor refuse to give me antibiotics and prescriped me cranberry capsules (concentrated of cranberries proven to cure cystites) just because I was TTC could have been pregnant. Of course this should depend on how big is your infection, the doctors should measure risks, if it was me I would ask this question to another doctor just to be sure.
Avatar f tn But I also got a yeast infection after I started it but both pregnancy and antibiotics cause them so yeah!!!
Avatar f tn Has anyone bn in antibiotics during pregnancy? If so how far along were you? Had anyone taken azithromax 250??
1472764 tn?1287591786 I was just put on amoxicillin for a dental infection. Both amoxicillin and the medication in your z-pack (I'm assuming that is what you are taking?) are both Pregnancy Category B and considered safe during pregnancy. I even specifically asked my Pharmacist and she assured me it is safe. Much better to treat the infection before it gets out of hand and you have to use a stronger (and possibly less safe) medication to address it.
9771234 tn?1405797408 Most antibiotics are safe during pregnancy. If you told your primary Dr that you were pregnant they would've chosen meds safe for you. I've been on them twice so far and I'm almost 29 weeks and baby is great.
Avatar f tn That's why at every ob visit they test your urine for one. Antibiotics are very low risk during pregnancy. With my first pregnancy I was on them 6 times.
1840402 tn?1355436165 Left untreated it can travel to the kidneys and cause a kidney infection that can be dangerous to both you and your child. Amoxicillin is one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics during pregnancy and has not been shown to cause any harm to a human fetus. Take the medication to clear up the infection, the last thing you want is for it to get worse.
Avatar f tn I have a pending root canal but am both worried about the dental infection hurting baby or the antibiotics... the doctors have said the antibiotics I have are perfectly fine for pregnancy but I would feel better to hear all went well by someone else :) Thanks for the read through!
Avatar n tn Is it safe to take amoxicillin during pregnancy. I am 24 weeks. My dentist prescribed it, but it seemed like he had to confer with all of his colleges before writing the prescription. What do think?
Avatar f tn I was on plenty of antibiotics while I was pregnant. I delivered a healthy baby. Take your meds.
Avatar n tn i've never heard of a man's antibiotics interfering with a woman's birth control but when in doubt it never hurts to use condoms for a few days
Avatar n tn I know that there is always a possibility of pregnancy, but I wanted to know how much a couple of amoxicillin pills would affect her birth control. considering her birth control and withdrawal(which i know isn't completely effective), how likely is it that she is pregnant?
914672 tn?1243089324 I called my gyno and spoke to the nurse there I asked her was amoxicillin safe to take during pregnancy (I am 26 weeks) and after asking me why did i get priscribed that and few other questions, she said "Amoxicillin is OK" Still not so convincing. So I'm better now, of course, and still have more then half the bottle left. I am nervous to keep taking the pills over and over, especially now that I don't need it anymore to make me feel better.
Avatar f tn NO!!!!!
1697869 tn?1306770443 Amoxicillin is said to be safe during pregnancy. It is often prescribed for first trimester UTIs.. Ideally, they wouldnt want yo uto have to take antibotics.. but if your doctor is prescribing it for you it is because the risk assocaited with taking them is less than the risks associated with letting it go untreated.
Avatar f tn I recently had an ear infection (June 27) and was prescribed a 10 day round of amoxicillin trihydrate (500mg) and ear drops (ciprophloxacin/dexamethasone). I was on my period/placebo pills from June 30-July 6. I took the amoxicillin the best I could every eight hours three times a day but ended up having to go two days over and took one amoxicillin pill on July 7 and one amoxicillin pill on July 8. July 7 is when I started my new pack of birth control pills.
1697869 tn?1306770443 I'm freaking out because I found out a 4 weeks I was pregnant, then at 5 I got strep throat. Dr. prescribed Amoxicillin and I took it. Now, looking back I'm really really afraid I may have hurt my baby (I'm 9 weeks now) I understand that I had to take it or it the strep could have hurt the baby. Now, to top it all off, I got a yeast infection from the antibiotics and I don't know what to do. I'm mortified at the idea of taking another medicine. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn So I had to take antibiotics twice during my pregnancy. One time it was the pack you take for like 4 days I believe and its because I had a virus/flu going on then the second time which was like 3-4weeks later I had amoxicillin because again I had came down with a cold but with an ear infection. I was suppose to stay on the amoxocillin for I think was like 10+ days but everytime I would take it I felt my baby move alot and just felt nasty so I ended up taking it for only 2-3 days.
Avatar n tn She is on the pill but has been on strong antibiotics 500mg (amoxicillin) for about 2 weeks leading up to that point. How safe do you think we are in regards to pregnancy? I understand that any time you have sex, you take the chance of pregnancy but just wanted to know people's thoughts under these specific circumstances? Do you think the chances are good/bad etc?
Avatar f tn Today (Tuesday) I went to the doctor and have a sinus infection and she prescribed an antibiotic (amoxicillin) and an over-the-counter (pseudoephedrine) for me to take. I know we should use a backup method while I am taking the pills, but I just want to know if having the sex we did on Friday night and it being "unprotected" will mean I will get pregnant if I start taking the antibiotics tonight/tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Keep taking it. Antibiotics work only if you take it as prescribed. If you have a bacteria infection and stop now you will have to restart the whole prescription all over again. I too have suffered from a bacteria infection. Not trying to scare you but my Dr said if the bacteria is in your urine and if it gets severe, you can lose baby due to a kidney infection. Try taking it with food. I have been on Amoxicillin for 5 days and haven't had any nausea. Only 2 more days to go.
2020005 tn?1476662562 I was prescribed ciprofloxacin for a UTI today, and am a little nervous about taking it because it says "It did not cause birth defects but it did appear to increase the risk for miscarriages when given to pregnant rabbits." what?!?! My Ob suggested it, and the pharmacist said it doesn't sound like it will be an issue and if the OB suggested it, then it's probably fine.. Ughh I hate taking medicine. Did anyone else use oral antibiotics during early pregnancy and turn out okay?!
Avatar f tn Yes, antibiotics do make oral contraceptive pills ineffective and for that reason, there's a chance of pregnancy occurring since you used only withdrawal method and no other backup contraception (such as a condom). It may be best to test with a home preg test kit or better yet, a blood test if you're not sure about your cycle.
Avatar n tn I'll be 12 weeks on Thursday and I'm a bit apprehensive about taking Amoxicillin. The doc prescribed 875mg twice daily for 10 days. He says that it's relatively safe. What does everyone think? If I don't take it, could this cause an upper respiratory infection?
Avatar f tn depends on which IUD....if it's the copper one, no effect. and even if it's the one that releases hormones the effect should be minimal because not only does the IUD use hormones to prevent pregnancy but the placement of the IUD itself can actually affect ovulation and the chances of pregnancy.. but the truth about risk of pregnancy due to taking antibiotics concurrently is iffy.
Avatar n tn Have heard of Amoxicillin being used. I have only had to use antibiotics on a couple of my females post-whelping. Depends on what you are treating and maybe no treatment is necessary. Please understand that none of us are Vets here. Under these circumstances, you should rely on the advice of a Vet as to what antibiotic would be the safest to use. There can always be a risk in pregnant animals.