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3060903 tn?1398568723 New Superbug Emerges Meanwhile, a strain of E. coli resistant to not just one but two of our last-resort antibiotics has now emerged in the U.S. The sample was collected from a patient in 2014 but was not tested and identified until 2016, when a larger analysis of hospital germs was performed. The E. coli in question is resistant to colistin and carbapenem, two antibiotics used when all other alternatives have been exhausted.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor but i know antibiotics kill all the good and bad bacteria in your body and who knows what else it distroys, probably a long food chain line in that too. but if i use some iniatitave with this i think if i go and buy some probiotics and take them a long with vitamine B and some calcium (known to have a calming effect on the nervous system) i should be right in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn Some people have trouble with digesting food because they do not have the bacteria necessary to digest this food. When doctors give you the antibiotics to kill the bacteria making you sick it also kills the bacteria which you need to digest your food. You can help with this by eating certain foods which supply the probiotics to your body. One product you can eat is yogard. They also have pills which are suppose to supply probotics for the body.
Avatar n tn Sometimes antibiotics kill off the pre and probiotics that our stomach needs, as well as the harmful antibodys. This might be what you are experiencing. Sounds more like it, than IBS. IBS is more or less a chronic problem, but this kind of problem can be alleviated with adding probiotics back into your system. You might want to try some yougurt, but not the fruity, high sugar kind, just the plain ole yougurt. Doesn't taste great, but it helps.
Avatar m tn Antibiotics can also cause anxiety in a very indirect way, but this would be caused by frequent doses. Because antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria in our bodies as well as the bad ones, they can leave the body's immune system open to infections, especially yeast. Yeast infections can cause a host of symptoms if it gets bad enough, including anxiety and fatigue.
Avatar f tn I'll be going to my doctor in the next few weeks (for a routine checkup) and thought I'd get her input. She has prescribed antibiotics in the past. The problem is that every type I take causes me severe gastic problems (stomach ache, esophageal spasms, etc.) Does anyone know of any antibiotics without those side effects or if any antibiotics come in a patch? I'd appreciate any input and wish you all well in dealing with your respiratory problems.
Avatar f tn While bacteria are critical to normal bodily functions, some types can cause illness. In humans, antibiotics are used to treat health conditions caused by bacteria, including ear and skin infections, food poisoning, pneumonia, meningitis and other serious illnesses. These are also used to treat or prevent it can complicate critical medical procedures including surgery, cancer therapy, and transplants.
1174225 tn?1269632321 Nuts are high in fat and calories, so only eat a handful. And make sure they're not covered in sugar or chocolate. We all need a little fat in our diet – about 25% to 35% of our daily calories. But the type of fat matters. Unsaturated fats -- like those found in canola, olive, and safflower oils -- help lower LDL "bad" cholesterol levels and may help raise HDL "good" cholesterol.
131817 tn?1209532911 A woman in my lab yesterday who has Fibro says there is a book, something like surviving Fibromyalgia? Anyway she says there is a section in there that talks about food triggering pain. I am really hurting today and wonder if it is something I ate yesterday. Any comments, please!
551343 tn?1506834118 I had a similar reaction to erythromycin many years back - broke out in hives all over my body - and I had taken it many other times in my life without troubles. Unfortunately, it's also difficult, if not impossible, to be able to tell if you'll have a similar reaction to other medications that you've taken before.
148588 tn?1465782409 "Companies have added thousands of ingredients to foods with little to no government oversight. That's thanks to a loophole in a decades-old law that allows them to deem an additive to be "generally recognized as safe" — or GRAS — without the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's blessing, or even its knowledge.
Avatar f tn Did you know that the American Heart Association pulls in huge sums of money each year from food manufacturers like Kellogg's and General Mills? In return, the AHA provides an endorsement for the food industry products made by these corporations. For each of the approximately 630 "heart healthy" logos on cereal boxes or other food products, the AHA gets a cool $7500 a year.
541150 tn?1306037443 Already two vets have told me nothing is wrong with him, so my guess here is he is either constipated or is having food intolerance. I feed him Science Diet. The food is high in fiber. When he eats dry food he does great but I really don't want to keep him on an all-dry-food diet. I know it isn't good for kitties to just eat dry foods. My husband suggested changing him to a raw food diet but I don't's not convincing me at all.
Avatar n tn This problem occurs mainy because excessive acid secretion in the stomach due to irregular diet, spicy food, consuming fruits which contains citric acid, alchohol intake, smoking, fast food intake and anxiety. ( In brief it is because of HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY) - You can overcome this problem, if you can discipline yourself on the above areas- Still if you find the problem, you need to consult the doctor.
Avatar f tn Also, avoid foods/drink with a great deal of sugar, as sugar feeds the yeast in your body and since the antibiotics kill the flora, yeast will grow like crazy (mainly in your vagina, causing recurrent yeast infections). I would encourage you to google and search for UTI. There are many suggestions from midwives on there and there is a TON of advice, I'm sure you can find something that would work for you.
Avatar f tn None of the others seem sick and they wont ever trust me again to capture them in the humane traps no matter what i try. I have some human antibiotics in capsule form of Amoxicillan 500mg and ciprofloxacin 500mg. Could I sprinkle a little of this on his food over a period of (how many days)??
1294995 tn?1330666336 not this rather depressing end to our time in Hawaii. I just want to move forward with a baby in my belly!!!!!!! I am so hopeful...
3726889 tn?1347982482 There's a lot of information about the rise of food allergies due to the increased amount of GMO's in our food supply. It's very interesting. We are trying to go GMO free in our house to see if it helps my allergies. Just wondering if anybody has watched the movie and what they think.
Avatar m tn Hello, in Dec. 2010 I got a pres for Levaquinn 500 and took this until around 12/17/2010, the sinus infection did not subside (I took levaquinn probably 2 - 2 1/2 years before always for sinus too). Therefore, I went back to an immediate care place versus my doctor and was prescribed Augmentin 875 2x day for 7 days.
1530171 tn?1448133193 However, no sound scientific studies to evaluate these health claims have been published in reputable medical journals. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has taken action against some manufacturers of colloidal silver products for making unproven health claims. "It's not clear how much colloidal silver may be harmful, but it can build up in your body's tissues over months or years.
Avatar f tn shortly after starting the Prevacid I noticed a pain on the left side of my espophagus. It hurts in that one spot when I swallow a larger size bite of food, when I apply a lot of pressure to my chest to get up a burp sometimes I can feel the pain there. It's a specific spot, not a general area. And I'm certain it's in the esophagus and not the throat, but it is up higher closer to the throat rather than lower into the chest, not in the neck. Of course my biggest fear is a tumor.
Avatar m tn Am trying to get to a nutritionist for some help on food, and not one who specializes in weight loss :) Merry Christmas, happy holidays.
Avatar f tn I did discuss the nausea/vomiting with my doctor while I was on the antibiotics, but we both made the decision to continue them because they seemed to be helping with teh infection and since this was my 8th round of antibiotics (including being on 3 different ones IV in the hospital).
Avatar f tn I knew it was probably hogwash But I am always hoping as we all are for an easy or should I say miracle to fall in our laps and take our MS away. My Neuro is great & has tried me on Copaxone, Rebif, Tecfidera and the Side effects for me are worse than dealing with the daily symptoms & pain. My last MRI showed at least 10 new enhancing lesions. I think it was just wishful thinking on my part to think I could just take antibiotics & viola!! MS would be gone.
Avatar m tn 5 yr son is virtually surviving without proper food infact the sight of any food make him irritable.He only eats chocolates,chips and milk.Nutritious food like vegetables,pulses,fruits,meat etc are never in his wsh list. We have referred him to numerous doctors and all have confirmed he doesnt suffer from any type of ill ness. Please advice how we can tide over this problem as with each passing day we are getting restless.
Avatar m tn Currently, she was released yesterday afternoon with three different medicines and special dog food. All the test showed normal. She is still not eating has to put in her mouth, will drink water thought. Does not seem the same her ears are back and is not barking at all. The vet wants to keep and I on this. This is the second vet location for her. I sugested to my mother that she should get a copy of the test results for her records, that did not happen.
Avatar m tn Friday we found that she once again couldnt get enough to drink and that she wasn't interested in the food that she so often eats. She accepted a hamburger treat later that night but we still rushed her to our vet first thing saturday morning. They sent us home and said to take her to the er if she collapsed, we went home, and saturday was mostly the same, but sunday, she stopped taking any water, she started to become disoriented and crash into furniture.
Avatar n tn Celiac disease alone affects one in every 130 to 300 individuals. Food allergies are on the rise in children.
374593 tn?1257883550 after throwing up throughout the entire c section (as i did the entire pregnancy!) our miracle was born 7 lbs and 11 oz!!!! : ) with big fat cheeks and lots of hair!!!! she is absolutely perfect!!! I had could finally eat food and not get sick, until we went home and the first day home i must have had the stomach flu or something, and was sick as a dog... then i woke up drenched in blood - i had torn my incision open!!!