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3148906 tn?1343699395 Thank you Smiley2000 I had the tooth pulled but the oral surgeon did not pack it with antibiotics so now food is in the extraction site and my gum have swollen. Now I have to go back and they will flush it out then pack it. Let's see what happens next.
Avatar n tn This is the Chlamydia forum. Do you have Chlamydia ? What medication are you asking about ? Give us more information so we can help. Take care.
Avatar m tn I think you should take the antibiotics. You don't want to not do something in the likelihood that you MIGHT get the flu. I just finished up taking antibiotics for a sinus infection. Mine got so bad my whole face hurt and I lost my voice. My doctor gave me the 5 day antibiotic regimen and 6 days of steroid pills to help with inflammation and I felt better within days of taking them.
Avatar f tn However when the time came for me to take my pill, I realized I was unable to swallow it, even if I break it in half. I couldn't swallow partially because of my post-nasal drip and partially because of my problem with swallowing larger pills (I have no such problems with smaller pills). I cut it in eight pieces and ingested them. My post-nasal drip was almost completely eliminated after the first dose. However, later that day I learned that the pills were coated and that they shouldn't be cut.
Avatar f tn I believe that antibiotics play a role in contributing to autoimmune disease. Thanks for the tips. I did buy a big bag of lemons.
Avatar f tn It is not so good unless you have been using under prescription of a Attending Doctor.Use of various antibiotics in a given period of time with less intervals may lead to Bacterial resistance which is often difficult to manage.
4451049 tn?1387157037 Most common bacterial infections are cured in a couple of weeks or so, but there are others like Lyme and tuberculosis in which treatment time is counted in months, not weeks. TB treatment is often a year or more.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor but i know antibiotics kill all the good and bad bacteria in your body and who knows what else it distroys, probably a long food chain line in that too. but if i use some iniatitave with this i think if i go and buy some probiotics and take them a long with vitamine B and some calcium (known to have a calming effect on the nervous system) i should be right in a few weeks.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Mercola The featured video is a fascinating visual demonstration of how bacteria develop resistance to increasingly high doses of antibiotics. In this experiment, E. coli bacteria develop increasing resistance, ultimately surviving antibiotics at a dose 1,000 times higher than they could initially survive, and they do so in a matter of 11 days! Tami Lieberman, Ph.D.
Avatar m tn from a tooth infection 2 months gut hasent broken down most food in 2 months.what can i expect?.have appoiment with gasenteroligest on july 31..i feel an ergency to do more..I have no insurance,paying out of pocket ,dont know what to there any help out there for this goverment or other?
Avatar f tn I never recommend steroid shots in dogs due to side effects, and in general steroids are minimally helpful in cases of food allergy. The flaking of the skin is most likely due to a secondary bacterial skin infection, which should be treated with antibiotics; steroids will worsen skin infection. The diet change alone will not resolve infection, but the correct hypoallergenic diet should prevent itch and infections from recurring.
Avatar m tn Also medications - especially antibiotics - gives me reactions, so does Benadryl and Zyrtec. The reactions are everywhere in the body, headache, serious sinus problems, boils in the face, skin rashes, dizziness, light headed, low back pain, anxiety and trouble urinating. My tonsils are always red, but not swollen and I am always extremely tired and experience difficulties in concentrating at work. The allergic reactions comes and goes, sometimes I can eat soy, but not right now.
Avatar f tn Now, ever since she has better she is perfectly fine except now she inhales her food. I feed my dogs Purina Beneful. Can this behavior hurt her in anyway and if so how can I make her slow down? Her food will be gone in about 30 second and she only gets about 1/3 of a cup 3 times a day. She started gaining a lot of weight when she got better. Also, I saw that Purine had prepared meals, which wet dog food but it's more like real food, with beef, chicken, pasta, rice, green beans, etc.
Avatar n tn Omg! I feel so sorry for you I caught food poisoning at 18 weeks it stayed for at least a week! It got so bad the nausea and the dirreah that my doctor ended up putting in the hospital due to dyhydration and lack of eating. The only thing I tell you is get zofran prescribed from the doctor and also don't go w/o eating or drinking for more than two days. Sorry to hear this news get better soon!
Avatar f tn I have been on those same meds in the past, and I just looked at the labels on them. The Flagyl says "Take With Food" and the Zith says "Take With Or Without Food". That's what I remember doing: taking them with food. Two hours after eating, I think you stomach may have emptied out already, so you are in effect taking the meds on an empty stomach. Have you tried taking the meds WITH meals or a sizeable snack?
Avatar f tn Yes, food poisoning can cause harm to your baby, and it can be a very serious issue that requires antibiotics, so if you think you may have gotten food poisoning make sure you see a doctor! Usually it happens quickly after, and you have diarrhea, vomitting, sharp pains, etc, it could definitely be morning sickness if it's just vomitting. Is there anything you've eaten that concerns you??
483733 tn?1326802046 Let me know if you feel a return to equilibrium once you are finished with the antibiotics. In the meantime, hang in there and at least you know you're knocking out your infection!
Avatar m tn If you have a viral food poisoning it will resolve in a couple of days.This is the most common kind (norovirus). Try to drink water and/or gatoraide. But if you can't drink water or it lasts longer you will have to go to the ER. You can get a culture done from your doctor for bactetrial food poisoning. Some things to watch out for are high fever, blood in the stool, watery diarrhea. Anything that lasts for more than a day or two.
Avatar m tn I live in Germany and this is the first time I have been prescribed antibiotics in Germany. The dentist, the chemist and my partner all told me not the eat or drink milk products whilst taking the antibiotics. The medicine is Clindamycin AbZ 300 mg tablets. I have spoken to my family in the UK and searched the internet and can nothing about taking milk based products and antibiotics together. Is this a German idea? Please can you offer some information.
Avatar f tn Some people have trouble with digesting food because they do not have the bacteria necessary to digest this food. When doctors give you the antibiotics to kill the bacteria making you sick it also kills the bacteria which you need to digest your food. You can help with this by eating certain foods which supply the probiotics to your body. One product you can eat is yogard. They also have pills which are suppose to supply probotics for the body.
Avatar f tn I'll be going to my doctor in the next few weeks (for a routine checkup) and thought I'd get her input. She has prescribed antibiotics in the past. The problem is that every type I take causes me severe gastic problems (stomach ache, esophageal spasms, etc.) Does anyone know of any antibiotics without those side effects or if any antibiotics come in a patch? I'd appreciate any input and wish you all well in dealing with your respiratory problems.
Avatar f tn I was unable to secure an appointment with my regular doctor quickly enough, so I originally went to Urgent Care in my town. At that office, I was diagnosed with an acute respiratory infection and, without even taking any kinds of tests, was prescribed a Z-pack. I completed the Z-pack treatment with no results. I then finally had an appointment with my GP, who also did NO tests, and am currently taking 875 mg of amoxicillin twice a day.
1174225 tn?1269632321 If you're eating healthy food at home to keep cholesterol in check, don't blow it when you eat out. Restaurant food can be loaded with saturated fat, calories, and sodium. Even healthy choices may come in super-size portions. Try these tips to stay on track: Choose broiled, baked, steamed, and grilled foods – not fried. Get sauces on the side. Practice portion control by asking for half your meal to be boxed up before it’s brought out.
Avatar n tn I developed a lot of gas and although I don't get sharp pain in my esophogus, I did in my stomach, and I feel like food gets stuck in my esophogus. I would suggest you start taking probiotics (available from health food shops) and fresh aloe vera juice- these have helped some of the people here with effects of antibiotic use. All the Best.
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Avatar m tn And realize that what most doctors know about medication would fit on a thimble. Antibiotics can also cause anxiety in a very indirect way, but this would be caused by frequent doses. Because antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria in our bodies as well as the bad ones, they can leave the body's immune system open to infections, especially yeast. Yeast infections can cause a host of symptoms if it gets bad enough, including anxiety and fatigue.
1738039 tn?1310735866 She was lethargic when i took her to the vet, had swollen feet, swollen around mouth, pus in eyes, ear tip crustly, Pustles all over back with no hair, crusty thick. Would like to know how to get the crusts to lift? She moans at night and is shaky so i don't know if she is in pain. Does the prednisone stop pain because once she has a pill i notice she seems better? How long does prednisone stay in your system? Im afraid to clean her back it looks so sore. She has pimples on her back.
Avatar f tn Some people do feel this from antibiotics. Go to your nearest best health food store and buy a multi-spectrum probiotic from the refrigerated section of the supplements department. This might help, but should be taken regardless to replenish the beneficial organisms the antibiotic killed off.