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Avatar m tn I have gum disease. Recently got a gum access around loose tooth . The dentist gave me antibiotics and said the tooth may stabilise. I have completed the course of antibiotics but swelling is still in my gum although the tooth feels a little firmer . Would more antibiotics help? I can't see my dentist for a while. Help please?
Avatar f tn I'm 35 years old, female, I brush my teeth every day yet I somehow got gum disease. I visited my dentist on Friday and has me on anitbiotics and an oral rinse. The swelling has gone down a bit (my two front teeth) but my teeth haven't gotten back into place. I do have to see a periodontist but the appt. isn't until Feb. 11. I want my teeth back the way they were...I now have a huge gap between my two front teeth, looks very bad.
Avatar f tn The reason for this is because if a cat stops eating, it runs a chance of developing fatty liver disease (feline hepatic lipidosis), and while it usually takes a week or more of not eating for a cat to develop this, some have been known to break with it after fasting for only two or three days, so it's extremely important to try to wipe the nose as much as you can, making sure any dried, crusty mucus is removed and not blocking the nostrils.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I just found out today I have gum disease. The periodontist found 3 spots that are 5-6 pockets. I originally went in for concerns of recessing gum on my bottom front teeth. Then I found out this bad news that I need to see a periodontist for the rest of my life to monitor this disease. I need to go back to get a root cleaning and some antibiotics to get rid of it. She said I have naturally thin gums and the recession just happens for some people.
Avatar n tn Go back to your dentist, have them take xrays, and clean around these teeth well. If there is gum disease, then it must be taken care of also.
Avatar f tn I am seeking this advice for my daughter(23) has been diagnosed with gum disease that may cause her to lose her teeth in the future. .The problem seems to be caused from having an orthodontic bar behind her teeth to keep them in place from past braces, that apparently traps food; hence causing easier plaque formation. She does not have any cavities. She has always been an avid brusher but found with tight teeth formation and the orthodontic bars; found it hard to floss.
Avatar n tn What you have described sounds like bone loss (periodontal disease) in that area. I'm am a bit confused by your comment "all of whom cannot find anything wrong." Evidently someone referred you to the periodontist for care at some point. Periodontists treat gum disease and that explains your symptoms. Teeth with severe bone loss can cause the exact symptoms you have clearly described. Unfortunately tooth removal may be required to eliminate your symptoms.
Avatar n tn cavities, fillings, more fillings, splitting teeth, root canals, infections, gum disease, root scaling, extractions, bridges, implants, etc, until dentures. And thats not the end... dental procedures cause aging trauma. A pulled tooth can result in numb toes and leg cramps, an overdose of anesthesia can last for two weeks and cause stomach problems or more. Root canals and dental infections can affect heart rate. Antibiotics can problem digestion.
1229039 tn?1267412311 He did a root scaling in the area and at first I felt a little better but then it startet smelling,bleeding and tasting weird and got a little swollen. So I went to a Perodontist. He said I have some mild gum disease and he did a scaling in my whole mouth and applied antibiotics on 6 areas of my mouth. (I also got a new nightguard with no hooks cause the old one broke.) That was 4 month ago.
Avatar n tn Hep C and treatment (both, independent of the other) can contribute to and aggravate gum disease, which is also called peridontal disease.) Not only can this condition be extremely painful, it can also lead to something more dangerous than just loss of teeth, bleeding gums, inconvenience, or pain (for some.
189372 tn?1219836958 ) Roughly ten years ago I had my first set of veneers fitted, was really happy with them and have had new sets fitted over the years, anyway, in that time I have had persistent Gingivitis in only the areas where the veneers are fitted. Antibiotics take the infection away aswell as the bad taste and bleeding gums. Problem is that after the antibiotic has finished the bleeding gums and infection comes back.
Avatar n tn My upper one (front tooth) seems to start hurting around allergy season. I have had this implant for almost 3 years. I am not sure if he did a sinus lift or not on this tooth. I don't think he did but I will check if I need too. Last year he xrayed the tooth and found no problems. I was put on two rounds of antibiotics. It seemed to help and then it would start hurting again. He then cleaned it really good and after awhile the pain stopped.
1644117 tn?1300978433 However, it's not affecting the whole gum, it's just as if someone took a scratchy red marker and drew a intermittent width line along the gum line where his teeth meet the gum. I started him on Clavamox antibiotics that my Veterinarian gave me for another cat that has just passed from heart failure. I was wondering if there's anything natural I can do to help him.
Avatar f tn For clarity: White rice, compared to brown rice, converts to blood sugar more quickly. It is better to eat brown rice for this reason.
Avatar f tn You may have gum disease (gingivitis) and the only thing that help will be to go to a dentist. They may do scaling, depending on what stage your gum infection is. Scaling helps a lot in the earlier stages. Results are pretty quick. See a dentist about your toothaches, your teeth may need to be removed, filled, etc., See a dentist before you get an abscess, which could cause earaches, headaches, toothache, and a bunch of other issues.
Avatar n tn The bump was an abcess but he thought it was tied to my sinus cavity and was painful for that reason. He gave me surface meds for the gums and antibiotics but it never worked and the pain persisted, and the bump did not go away. I switched dentists and immediately he knew it was an infected tooth due to a crack and needed to be removed so he pulled it and of course the issue was gone but I lost the tooth.
Avatar f tn The vet and I are keeping an eye on it to see if it grows, at which point she would recommend removing it for a biopsy, but she has had it for over a year and it has stayed the same size. Try not to worry and please let us know!
Avatar n tn They started about a day after my last dental visit, where I had x-rays and all of the other usual dentist checkup-y things done and they didn't find any abscesses or any signs of oral cancer, or anything wrong except for some cavities that needed to be filled and early signs of gum disease due to poor dental care when I was younger and lack of checkups for a year or two.
Avatar m tn I was told at the GUM clinic that swabs shouldn't be taken for 'test of cure' for 6 weeks after taking antibiotics as they can interfere with results which is also the reason that they didn't test me for gonnorhea as they said I could get false negative results. Hence the reason the gonnorhea concern is still in my head. Do u know if this is accurate information?
Avatar f tn My gums don't bleed Gums are pink and not red and inflamed as pictures I've seen Gums are receding mild and I see very little yellow on a few teeth One tooth gum has separate but not receded One canine tooth has receded into a V shape where yes I can see bone. But that tooth is stuck like a rock, no movement Where I'm getting confused is in advanced perio your teeth are loose and the pics I've seen at this stage all have worse symptoms than me.
Avatar f tn Oh I forgot to mention that my bf was put on docy too for the chlamydia that he thought I had even tho he didnt test me for it. Sooo now after this last time that it came back I am having real bad problems with cramping and I'm frustrated that this horrible disease keeps coming back. So my question is, has anyone had their PID recurr over and over again or can this be maybe trich and since my bf wasnt treated with the right meds for it he keeps giving it to me?
Avatar f tn While the test may not be 100% specific for Lyme disease, it does appear useful for monitoring patients with chronic, persistent Lyme disease who are receiving immune supplements. " Hmmm.
Avatar f tn This disease started four years ago, it periodically shows up 2-3 times a year and lasts for a week my gum below my left nostril begin to swell with a itchy feel and slowly disfigures the left side of my face due to the swelling after 3 days it of using antibiotics and it has reached its full shape it bursts and mucus comes out... Please do anyone have an idea WHAT CAUSES THIS ?? Or ANY TREATMENT THAT WILL PREVENT THIS FOR LIFE??
Avatar m tn I was recently diagnosed with Bartonella & Lyme. I've been sick for a real long time (25 yrs) one of the previous diagnosis I received was CFS which my lyme doctor says is a common misdiagnosis for Lyme & Bartonella. There are days where I have difficulty waking up. My doctor also tested my cortosol (sp?) levels & they're completely reversed to what normal levels should be. So yes, Bartonella can cause all kinds of problems & fatigue is certainly one of them.
Avatar n tn The Lyme bacteria are very good at hiding in the body where antibiotics don't reach them easily. Lyme specialists can be internists or infectious disease doctors or other types of MDs, but the key is that they understand that Lyme is a tricky disease to deal with and approach each patient flexibly. These drs are sometimes called as a shorthand term 'Lyme Literate MDs', or 'LLMDs'. You can google 'how to find an LLMD' and you also can look at the ilads-dot-org.
Avatar m tn In that short time I had 3 crowns in the back, 3 in the front for cosmetic reasons and a few gum infections requiring antibiotics. Also have had extreme tooth sensitivity to heat and cold since then. My mom had all of her remaining top teeth pulled and got false teeth a few years prior to her death from ovca. Interesting, Alan.