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Avatar n tn May be an abscess, infection, swollen lymph node. Either way, yes, you should have the Vet check it. May have to be lanced and the dog given antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Maybe a wash in a medicated shampoo containing ketoconazole medication may help and ear drops. If an infection is present the dog may need antibiotics prescribed by a vet.
Avatar n tn Some people (especially if they want to breed their dog in the future) opt for treatment with antibiotics, which can help, but usualy doesn't solve the problem once-and-for-all. But Pyometras which are treated medically, rather than surgically, are very much inclined to recur, and can recur very quickly...most likely at the next "season".
Avatar n tn He has been on denamarin and a liver friendly diet of royal canin hepatic kibble. We tried several rounds of antibiotics and the alp just kept rising. Two months ago my vet put him on ursodial. Within 4 weeks, his alt was back to normal and his alp had dropped to 3900. 4 weeks more and the alt has continued to drop and his alp is now down to 3400. Don't know why it's working but it is a relief to see the numbers drop for a change.
Avatar n tn When I checked the antibiotics listed on the web available to dogs, it seems that we have not tried a sulfa based antibiotic yet. Any other ideas?
Avatar n tn C Diff is Clostridium difficile. Clostridium difficile is resistant to most antibiotics and it can therefore thrive when common antibiotics are given. This bacterial overgrowth that can occur with C Diff can lead to a serious disease called pseudomembranous colitis. If pseudomembranous colitis is suspected, current antibiotics must be eliminated and appropriate antibiotics for C Diff must be prescribed. C Diff can be diagnosed with a special test performed on a fecal sample.
Avatar n tn Some decongestants (phenylpropanolamine for example) are given to incontinent dogs to control urination. In that case, then your dog should not be leaking urine. He may have a urinary tract infection, and if so, he'll need a vet's diagnosis and treatment with stout antibiotics.
Avatar n tn An infection of some kind? (as antibiotics were prescribed) In which case it's possible the male dog has got the same infection. The best thing would be to take him as soon as possible to a vet. It might have been too late to save her, but it might not be too late to save him.
Avatar n tn Bladder cancer usually results in large amounts of blood in the urine and if there is a generalized thickening of the bladder then chronic UTI is more likely. A urine culture ( off antibiotics for 72 hours) and 8 weeks of the appropriate antibiotics may be the answer.Bladder cancer is usually pretty obvious in the the hands of an experienced Veterinarian . There is no blood test for bladder cancer but there is a very safe medicine that can help treat this disease called peroxicam.
Avatar f tn We are not in a position to do invasive diagnostics due to our dogs age, so we are just hoping the antibiotics work. We are finally going to repeat his bloodwork later this week, but our vet has said not to expect a miraculous recovery on the blood counts this soon. That it can take months for them to drop, and that he may need at least another month on the antibiotics before we see real progress.
Avatar f tn Microscopic skin parasites such as demodex can also cause a rash such as you describe. You dog needs immediate veterinary care, with antibiotics and medications to kill the "worms" as well, please get her in today.
Avatar n tn He responds well to antibiotics and recovers but it has never gone away, it comes backk a few days after finishing the course. He has been to the Vetinary Hospital (very expensive) colonoscopy, with many probes taken from throughout the intestine. HE is on the Steroid Prednisolon now with Metronidizal (anti biotic) and also ant acid (Ranitidin) He has been on this anti biotic and steroid before. But I think it is going to be a long term thing though the vet expects a cure.
Avatar m tn I get more antibiotics go throught it again, it heals , stop the antibiotics and its back yet again.Four times now over four months. Its frustrating and anoying but all I am interested in is my dog being healed and ok.. I am going back again tomorrowto the vets and trying to be delicate , I have asked to see another vet, second opinion I guess youd call it. I have insurance there so cannot realy afford to go somewhere else.
Avatar m tn Great question. First off, this will be her second or third heat. Heat cycles start at 6 months old. This is potentially a uterine infection called a pyometra. It is very serious and needs a veterinarian's attention asap. She will need to be spayed.
Avatar f tn I have tears in my eyes as my dogs and cat are my ‘babies”, I can’t have children, I feel like they are mine, yet I can’t help her/them! I already know one needs $3000 level 3 dental! (My husband has a cracked molar and my teeth need checking……etc! no dental plan here!) No my baby chihuahua went in for ingrown nail and when Vet checked her mouth, WOW. Her left front molar is wrapped around by “hair, etc.” at root, loose it is huge!
Avatar f tn Returned the next day for blood work to check for uterine infection, diabeties and kidney function. Doing the course of taking the antibiotics she began to improve some wanting to kinda play alittle and wanting to go outside on her own without having to be picked up and taken out. Her stool sample showed she had hook worms the blood work ruled out diabeties ,he said her kidney function was normal. She acts alittle better, but she is not eating like she was before she got sick.
741877 tn?1265953800 The scratching is likely due to pollen/dust allergies, since it got so much better with prednisone and antibiotics; if he only needs prednisone occasionally, then treatment of allergic symptoms is fine, but if he needs prednisone often, then I would recommend talking to your veterinarian about referral to a veterinary dermatologist for allergy skin testing and desensitization injections, to identify and treat the cause of the itch and infection, rather than just treating symptoms with medication
Avatar f tn Welcome.....Any blood from any area is NOT normal (Unless it's a heat cycle in a female).....So, yes there is cause for concern......Panting hard is usually associated w/pain! My first thought is your guy has a UTI and needs to be treated....Left unattended, these infections can migrate to the Bladder & Kidneys which are harder to treat....Oral antibiotics will be given & a recheck of urine in a couple of weeks to make sure the infection is cleared......
Avatar n tn The vet initially put her on antibiotics which knocked out the infection and all was good for almost three months and then the lump reappeared. The vet decided to operate and removed a fibrous mass, she went back on antibiotics for 30 days and 7 days after the final antibiotic dose the lump reappeared. Upon consultation from another vet a dermoid sinus was mentioned. I looked up dermoid sinus on the net and it fit to a tee..
Avatar n tn DOGS CANNOT TAKE DECONGESTANTS!!!! They cannot metabolize them. If your dogs ears are that bad they are in need of antibiotic and antifungals. You can ask your vet to prescribe an antibiotic like cephalexin and an antifungal like fluconazole both which can be called into a walmart in your area and they are on the $4 generic list so it keeps cost down. As for itching they can have antihistamines WITHOUT DECONGESTANTS in them.
1629404 tn?1299632441 Due to the severity of what you have described, you really must take him to the vet. He may have a serious infection which may require systemic antibiotics, other therapies, and his ear may require surgical repair in order to save his ear. Please look into Care Credit, which is a low to no interested credit card which can only be used for medical and veterinary bills. You may be able to apply at your vets office or online.
Avatar m tn Once it was removed, the swelling went down immediately.....We did give a short round of antibiotics because of the location......Let us know what happens......
82861 tn?1333457511 Chica had been obsessively licking her vaginal area before and shortly after the renal failure diagnosis. There is no UTI requiring antibiotics, but she was obviously very uncomfortable. I figured if cranberry juice helps humans with a UTI, why not dogs? It worked wonders with the first dose, and I've had her on one pill a day with no further licking. Thanks!
Avatar n tn The vet wasn't very helpful in the area of the bad breath or gas, said both dogs need to lose a few more pounds but otherwise their ok. I don't agree, both dogs just haven't been themselves for the past couple of months.
Avatar f tn We have three dogs- 2 Great Danes and a Basset Hound. Our girl Vida is a 10 year Dane and some months ago got an infection and nearly died. The cause was never really established but we believe taking them to the Dog Park was the source so once she recovered, we stopped that. Two weeks ago a family friend had the Danes for the weekend and took them to the park. Monday night, Vida exhibited the same signs as last time---very lethargic and NO appetite.
Avatar f tn I have taken him to the vet and he has had antibiotics steroids and has tryed Claratin,Zyrtec,Benadrill allergy meds and still sneezes etc. He is eating and at times drinks more water than usual. The vet says I can try x-rays. And I am considering allergy tests all of these things are spendy and I am feeling confused as to what to do. I am afraid of spending almost 300.00 for allergy tests when he is a indoor dog and if he is allergic to dust I can get a air purifyer for alot less.
Avatar n tn She has been sick since Sunday and has been diagnosed with pancreatis, which apparently is a common problem in dogs with Cushings. Currently she is in the hospital on IV fluids and IV antibiotics. We are very fortunate to have a very good local vet and her condition does seem improved, but we always have the option of taking her to University of PA veterinary hospital. They are wonderful compassionate people there and have been life savers for some of our other animals.
Avatar n tn that are made for dogs and insert a feminine napkin. These are used for incontinent dogs as well as females in heat. Try posting your question to Dr. Cheng on the Ask a Vet forum here at Med Help. She practices holistic Chinese medicine as well as western veterinary medicine, and I'm certain she'll have some great ideas for you.
Avatar f tn My dogs bun level in at 122 up from 85 in December. He is a Laasa Apso age 16. Liver and heart are fine. Phosphorus level is 9.6. My vet has only said this will get worse. So far he is not vomiting but has loss of interest in food and it is a real challenge to get him to eat anything. He sleeps most of the time. My vet has me giving him B12 shots every 3 days. Other than suggesting a low protein diet and Standard Process renal support he hasn't offered me anymore suggestions.