Antibiotics cause joint swelling

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572100 tn?1217125171 I am now experiencing joint pain and swelling in my left elbow. Sometimes the skin around my elbow itches but the joint itself is very sore. My fingers feel swollen as well. My hives are so bad that I have scratched the skin leaving scabbed over "sores' which I know sounds gross (and it is) but I have never had hives for this amount of time that leave sores on my skin that look like chicken pox.
Avatar m tn Swelling of the left thunb joint.
Avatar n tn Injury to the ligament, meniscal tears, fractures, tendinitis and bursitis can cause swelling and pain in the knee. Some degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, chondromalacia, arthritis due to rhematic fever, psoriaisis, infections etc can also cxause swelling and pain. In your case as there is no injury, I think it could most probably be due to infection or over use of the joint. Bursitis or tendinitis could be the cause. Get an x-ray and physical examination done by your doctor.
Avatar f tn Dr ran tests and gave me antibiotics. Swelling and lymphnodes went away. Fever persisted for 4 weeks. Infectious disease Dr tested for many things to no avail. Retested blood at 5 weeks most everything back to normal except platelets were high along with C-reactive proteins and my SED was extremely high. I have severe fatigue with joint/muscle pain headaches and eye strain. What could cause this. I have now been referred to a rheumatologist.
Avatar n tn Lymph node swelling head/neck, joint pain increase, feverish beginning in p.m.
Avatar m tn Swelling in left thumb joint Worse than normal back pain at night
Avatar m tn First it started swelling on my index finger, with a couple of visible red dots under the skin, and then it started on my ring finger, but the swelling was different, it got swollen at one point beyond the big joint of the finger and another swelling at the smaller joint of the finger. This time the swelling was hard to the touch. Like two red dots. And then my little finger started swelling too, but this one was different also.
Avatar f tn s IS an underlying autoimmune disease....... and yes, it can cause severe muscle/joint pain. It can also cause edema. I have swelling throughout my body, that may or may not be thyroid related; no matter how high my levels are, it never goes completely away. My fingers swell considerably and often hurt when I bend them. What are your actual thyroid hormone levels, with reference ranges?
Avatar f tn Woke up with a migraine.
Avatar n tn In January of 06, i injured my left wrist, 5 days later it swelled so bad that they felt it was cellulitis (though it was never confirmed) and i was put on IV antibiotics. After the antibiotics, i developed nodules on the base of my left foot right at the toes. Over time this has gotten worse. I've tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis. gout etc though my C reactive protien is high.
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear about your joint pain. I have a long list of ATB (antibiotics) allergies. In searching for one that I would take my PCP prescribed Levaquin. It made me stagger. I could not put one foot in front of the other and walk a straight line. It was not a slight stagger, it was extreme. It did not effect my concentration or thinking, just my ability to ambulate. I didn't take the next dose per my PCP direction.
Avatar f tn My father is 74 yrs old and suffering from joint pain. 7 months back Ortho Doctor advised for knee replacement(TKR) and admitted to hospital but because of hard swelling in right side of the knee they did a small operation and removed the the hard swelling. It got some infections and because of Diabetes it took long time to heal and Ortho doctors are not giving care for healing the wound. The joint pain got increased and my father is not able walk at all.
1870962 tn?1320280930 Joints hurt, stomache has hurt since I started antibiotics that I'm allergic to. long long three days.
6525845 tn?1382105483 Both can cause skin lesions, joint pain and swelling, fever and dry skin. Diabetes and hypothyroidism are the other possibilities. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar m tn I had a bladder infection and was given cipro during the treatment I started to get pain in my joints in both my hands in my middle knuckles as well as in my ankles. There is no swelling but the pain persist all day in my hands mostly. I am 44 and no one in my family suffered from any for of arthritis or MS .... any idea ?????
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks after the antiobiotics, I very suddenly (in a 2-day period) began to develop pain and slight swelling in the toes, wrists, elbows, neck and shoulders. I have never had joint or muscle pain before and am an avid tennis player of 55 years old. Prior to this I was playing tennis with 20 year olds and could move and run like a kid. I could climb a 40 foot rope, had great upper body strength and was very agile.
Avatar n tn I have noticed a pattern which I was reminded of recently, and that is whenever I take a round of antibiotics, it relieves the swelling for a while. I finished a 10 day course on Avelox about a week and a half ago, and so far have had no swelling. Does anybody have any idea why this happens? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/294253'>Unexplained Swelling of Left Foot/Ankle</a>.
Avatar m tn Swelling of the left thumb joint, Pain in the base of right thumb Left knee pain while walking
Avatar m tn Your symptoms could also be due to temporomandibular (TMJ) joint arthritis. This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pain on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpating behind the ear. Antibiotics need to be started if a source of infection is found, indiscriminate use is not advocated. In the meantime you can take OTC Ibuprofen pain medication. Ensure to take this medication after food to avoid gastritis. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who is experiencing low grade fever,exteme joint pain and swelling, we went to the emergency room the blood test indicated an infection with rheumatoid ?in quuestion. The family physician indicated he heard a mumer and had more blood test done to see if there is an infection in the heart valves. we are very concerned....can these two conditions be related and if so how.